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Sarah Crowning

"Indeed. I wish you and your people good luck. The Captain will show you back to your people." The Governor stood.

10/12/2009 #91

"Farewell, for now at least."

10/12/2009 . Edited 10/12/2009 #92
Sarah Crowning

((Hrm. I might need to put some kind of ratio up for gold and iron.))

After the captain had guided Zire-te and the other Whitefoot back out of the city, Amith made several more orders. Two more scouting parties were sent north into the mountains, military groups of four Urlanin each. Their orders were to scout out the presence, numbers, and intention of the demons in the north. Another diplomatic party was sent south, to Valbadu.

Still, the Governor was nervous about the number of potentially hostile powers around. Survaek would stick by its treaty for now, but the others were unknowns. Luckily the mines to the east were now kicking into full gear as more than a thousand laborers were put to work, an entire town springing up around the site. Moving the stone was more problematic, but work was already underway to turn the outpost over the newly christened Anthir Pass into a true fortress capable of blocking any landlocked army from marching into the Imeren Peninsula. The fortress was close enough to defend the mining town and easily haul the stone. Eventually Amith planned to build a road east, but for now the plains were well enough.

Sitting down again, he wrote a reply to the Survaekom governor, stating that he would accept a 20% decrease in price if the payment were made in iron.

10/13/2009 #93

Governor Haerk wrote back stating that he would agree to Amith's terms and would have sixteen pounds of pure iron sent to Imeren the next day.

Indeed, a steamer arrived the next day, and after it had announced its approach with a flare and docked into port, a group of sailors unloaded from the ship a crate of iron bars and set them by the nearest official. After lining up and bowing to this official, they returned to their steamer and proptly returned to New Survaek.

10/13/2009 #94
Sarah Crowning

The iron was immediately put to use forging swords and spearheads, as well as stone-mining tools for the mines to the east. Without iron mines of its own Imeren couldn't entirely equip more soldiers, but with spears and blades the Governor at least had an emergency levy within the city.

It was some time later that the scouting parties returned with shocking news: The demons were all dead, and there was gold in the mountains. Springing into action, Amith ordered a contingent of four hundred soldiers north to the mines, to accompany any civilians who wished to go; a number that ended up at around five hundred.

The mountains were could and rough terrain, but the Ivisk were at home in the weather, if not the terrain. Many were near exhausted when they arrived at the bare flag, but all in high spirits. Gold! This could make Imeren rich, and possibly solve all its problems. The civilians immediately went to work staking out tents and claims, panning or sifting for gold in the cold stream while the military commander began scouting the nearby area. Cavalry were looking for an easy pass back to Imeren, but the mountains were rough, and it looked likely there was no easy road.

10/15/2009 #95

Ambassador Gaunu entered Imeren territory on horseback, having managed to travel all the way from Audejjai in less than a day. He called to the first soldier he found,

"Greetings, good sir! I come from the colony of New Survaek bearing a letter for Governor Amith!"

11/10/2009 #96
Sarah Crowning

((Just a geographical note, doing that entire trip in under a day is probably not possible, mainly because he'd have to go around the mountains and take a substantial detour.))

The first Imeren settlement the messenger ran across was the fortress at the pass. Standing near the peak of what was almost a mountain, it watched over the entire pass. The nearby town was flourishing, and the fortress itself was slowly rising as work went on every day to improve the large stone walls. At the moment it was likely better fortified than Imeren, and when complete it would provide a steadfast obstacle to any land army that wanted to use the pass.

As the Survaekom approached he had been spotted, and two Ivisk on Uram intercepted him. The leader of the two nodded succinctly at his statement. "Very well, if you'll come up to town for a moment we'll provide you with an escort to take you to the city."

11/10/2009 #97

((Very well then. By the way, how did you manage to haul so much stone onto a mountain peak and shape it into a fortress in the little forum time that has actually passed? It's hardly been a single season yet.))

"Thank you," replied Gaunu. "Lead the way, noble sirs."

11/10/2009 #98
Sarah Crowning

((I think it's been two, and the mines are right there at the base of the mountain, which makes construction so much easier.))

After a quick stop so that the scribe at the fortress could record Gaunu's arrival, the two soldiers were assigned as his escort. The short trip across the plains was accomplished relatively quickly on their mounts, and soon Imeren was seen on the horizon. Gaunu was allowed into the palace relatively quickly once they arrived.

The Governor was reading reports at his desk when the ambassador entered. "Welcome, ambassador." He said as Gaunu entered. "Please, have a seat. I am told you have a correspondence fr me."

11/10/2009 #99

((There is no way that two seasons have passed. We've mentioned no more than a few months of time passing. If two seasons have passed -by some executive decision of yours- then I will have to post some major advances to make up for the fact that I thought we were still only at about 3 months.))

"Greetings to you, good and noble Governor, and thanks to you for accepting me in," replied Gaunu. "You have indeed been told correctly as to my purpose here." The ambassador withdrew a letter from his great coat and extended it to the Governor. The letter read,

From Governor Haerk of New Survaek to Governor Amith of Imeren,

I am obligated to inform you of the coming arrival of a convoy of freight steamers from the motherland of the Survaek Empire into our shared bay. They come for no reason other than to acquire a supply of lumber to ferry back to Survaek, and thus I implore that you do not take their arrival as any sort of threat or transgression against your territory or your people.


Governor Jiien Haerk

11/11/2009 #100
Sarah Crowning

((Ergh, looks like I am going to have to set up some kind of timeline to link map updates to time passed. I'm a little worried about making things too thorough and hamstringing actions, but being too vague could be bad too.))

Amith read the letter briefly in his embroidered hand.

"I see. It is certainly most courteous of Governor Haerk to inform me before these ships pass by Imeren. I assume this is what the incident up north was about?"

12/2/2009 #101

((I don't think a timeline is necessary. We've all seen each others' posts and can probably deduce their respective times.))

"Yes indeed," admitted Gaunu. "It is imperative that the coasts our cargo ships pass be clear of any potentially hostile peoples before they arrive.

Now, there are other matters we may discuss, if you have the time. In particular, my Governor wishes to convey to you that he would find it agreeable if a joint summit among our two nations and the Valbadu be organized for the primary purpose of a road-building agreement. He also wishes to convey an inquiry as to whether your colony has any proposals of trade such as provided for under our New Survaek-Imeren treaty. We are willing to offer steel and lumber on our part."

((By the way, would you mind if I had my cargo ships deliver just one load of handy goods to the colony? It would be of technology I forgot about in my nation description but that would nevertheless fit into your requirements: telegraph lines and machines.))

12/3/2009 #102
Sarah Crowning

((Machinery is somewhat implied by your nation's tech, so it can be assumed you already have that. Telegraph lines are a somewhat gray area; give me a couple days to consider.))

"The legislation has been drafted and is currently under review." The Governor explained, but unwilling to let the subject slide away so easily, he continued. "However I don't believe you understand how your conduct up north has affected our considerations. Now I understand the necessity of assuring your safe trade route, and the treaty was not violated, but your fleet did forcefully evict several Ivisk. Had you simply contacted me I would have been quite willing to handle the matter for you, but your hasty conduct has prompted some, shall we say, reservations, about Survaek's trustworthiness."

12/3/2009 #103

((Remember that telegraph lines were not only around, but prevalent long before the American Civil War in Europe and the United States.))

"We would have contacted you earlier if we had had the time," answered the diplomat earnestly. "However, our time was severely constrained. We did give your Ivisk fair warning and, ultimately, did not fire on the settlement. Indeed, our means of resolving the matter were not ideal, but they were necessary in our extenuating circumstances. The cargo ships are due to arrive any day, possibly even today, and no precaution for their safety can be spared, lest we wish to betray our Emperor and the motherland.

Thus, do know that we mean no animosity towards your people, nor would we ever act in any way against you. I know that it may seem inadequate, but our word is all we can give at this moment to assure our integrity.

However, if you will allow us to proceed in negotiations for trade and road-building, we may have more ample opportunities to prove our trust."

12/3/2009 #104
Sarah Crowning

((Alright, wired telegraphs are a go. Wireless will be a no though.))

"Very well then." The Governor spoke in the tone of one making a concession on behalf of good faith. "If your Good Governor will stand behind your words and provide us with an official apology for threatening to interfere in Imeren territory, I will send a delegate to this road-building conference and see about pushing through trade legislation."

12/4/2009 #105


"My greatest thanks to you, on behalf of Survaek. An apology will be made. In fact, I must convey that my noble Governor wishes your permission to come personally to your colony and give a public speech of apology and reconciliation. If you would so allow, I will need to be here for his arrival, for I may translate his Survaekom into Byrnian. He has only a partial knowledge of my language."

12/4/2009 #106
Sarah Crowning

"A public appology? Most commoners do not speak Byrnian. If the governor wishes to come I will host a banquet on his behalf. The Arun have been somewhat bored around here without their token political squabbling to indulge in." The Governor admitted.

12/11/2009 #107

((Ha ha, more cultural discrepancies.))

For a fleeting moment, the diplomat could not suppress a slightly quizzical look at the Ivisk, but quickly formed his expression back into a formal smile. "This would be most gracious of you, noble Amith," replied Gaunu with a short bow. "When do you suggest my Governor arrive?"

In Survaek, it was increasingly commonplace for nobles to regularly make speeches to their commoners, and even to hold feasts with entire towns invited. The decrees of the previous Emperor, Yvor's father, freeing all peasants from bondage, coupled with the many new decrees of Yvor himself including a ban on the crop-lien and sharecropping systems had left nobles subject to a rise of populist sentiment from below. Inherent noble power now only extended to militia command (which relied on peasant recruits and was regulated by the crown), political leadership, and the ownership of ten percent of farming produce (not land)in their domains. The only way left for nobles to deal with the peasantry was to appeal to them, however much the prospect was hated at first. By now, however, a new generation of nobles had taken to accept and even take pride in their public displays.

12/11/2009 #108
Sarah Crowning

Amith noted Gaunu's response calmly, finding it somewhat interesting. Once trade and travel became more commonplace the Survaekom would doubtless learn the truth, but for now the Governor let them believe that he was not the only one with official authority over Imeren. The deception let him delay and learn without appearing hostile, and when the Survaekom learned the truth more genuine relations would already be established. Besides, there were others with much de-facto power in the colony, even if they didn't hold commissions.

"I suggest we have the banquet in six day's time. It will take some time to prepare for your honored Governor's arrival, but in eight days a religious festival for which it would be better if foreigners were out of the city will begin."

12/14/2009 #109

"Readily agreed," stated Gaunu. "The noble Haerk will arrive at five hours past midday, if this is an acceptable time for you, and will likely bring with him some of the more illustrious noblemen of our colony, if this is also acceptable."

Indeed, many noblemen were intrigued by the medieval people to their North, and the entire Senate had expressed an interest in accompanying Haerk to visit the Imeren, with the significant exception of Pekhai Sujjid, who was nominally busy minding his business operations, but truly was waiting for an opportunity to meet alone the Imeren lords closer to their subjects and assets than a distant governor.

12/14/2009 #110
Sarah Crowning

"They are welcome to attend. However, I would appreciate if your people exercised discretion with their attendants- especially guards. Let us put up good show of this without the suspicion of soldiers and others loitering about. I will do the same." He suggested.

12/14/2009 #111

"We will leave our sailors to their vessel, and bring only two guards with us, for the Governor himself," Gaunu proposed. "We will trust that you have no excessive soldiery at the banquet either." The ambassador did not mention, however, the absolute certainty that each and every noble to attend would not only be carrying a ceremonial saber, but packing at least one revolver as well. Speeches and ceremonies alone were not enough to quell fears of Populist violence, and thus the carrying of arms had become commonplace for Survaekom noblemen.

12/14/2009 #112
Sarah Crowning

"Very well, I look forward to meeting your astute Governor in person. Will that be all?" Amith querred.

12/15/2009 #113

"I believe so," the ambassador replied. "That is, unless you have any propositions you wish to convey."

12/15/2009 #114
Sarah Crowning

"Then we are finished here." The Governor stood, "I look forward to meeting your astute leader in person. Bring him my regards when you return."

12/19/2009 #115

"Thank you. My governor will be joyed by your acceptance of his offer." With that and a bow, Gaunu exited the building, mounted his horse, and rode off.


At the appointed date, the INS Haerk's Wind arrived at the Imeren port with it's namesake aboard, announcing its approach with a flare.

12/19/2009 #116
Sarah Crowning

Preparations for the banquet had been going on nonstop since the appointment, and the last day in particular had been hectic. Chef and decorators together bemoaned the lack of exotic supplies that they felt were their right when hosting any event, from the simplest banquet to the grandest ball. Alas, they had to make do with the supplies they had. Despite the seeming lack, the preparations went along magnificently. Imeren itself was budding to life as farms were beginning to yield crops and stone made its way from the quarries. Stone buildings and paved streets were spreading, and a solid stone quay had been completed for the Survaekom to dock at.

The Governor himself waited at the beginning of the quay for his guests, along with a handful of soldiers. He had kept his word about soldiers, and so had naught but a handful to salute the foreigners. Some others had ventured down to observe, but most of the guests were already gossiping away at the Governor's mansion.

12/20/2009 #117

The first to exit the Haerk's Wind was the governor himself, clad in gold-embroidered crimson robes, a bronze scale cuirass, and a dark green tall-hat over a red silk headdress, meant for formal occasions. Behind him came his two guards, completely girded in antique steel scale armor and carrying eight-foot sword-staffs (as well as concealed revolvers). Governor Haerk did not consider himself a flamboyant person, but neither was he one to stray from convention. Following the Governor and his guards came ten noble senators, Duke Opaelu among them, all wearing crimson robes and bronze scale cuirasses, but sparing the Governor the embarrassment of total resemblance by keeping to metal helmets and mail headdresses rather than flashy tall-hats. Ambassador Gaunu followed in similar dress but of less fine material.

Finally, there came Jheut Klau, the half-Byrnian Grand General of the New Survaekom Army. He represented his station by being the only guest in modern military dress: an army-brown Great Coat adorned with surprisingly few medallions for his rank (unlike Haerk, Klau was one to stray from convention) over army-brown robes with so many spacious pockets and pouches that he was able to conceal a sawn-off, stockless double-barreled shotgun and three revolvers without significantly altering his outer appearance.

Governor Haerk made a salute to Governor Amith as he approached. "Greetings, good and noble Unaram Amith!" he spoke. "It is an honor finally to meet you in person!"

12/20/2009 . Edited 12/24/2009 #118
Sarah Crowning

"As it is to finally meet my correspondent in person." Amith agreed, brushing aside the improper greeting as a good attempt by a foreigner. "Welcome to Imeren, good Governor Haerk." he stepped aside, symbolically allowing the foreign governor his first step onto Ivisk soil. Although the welcoming party was sparse, no lack of extravagance was apparent. Overhead the flag of the Reaching Empire flapped in the wind, a red and black glove holding a glowing globe of magic, and the six soldiers stood in glistening armor. The Governor himself wore clothes to suit his rank: a beautiful silken coat embroidered in red and gold, every button and accessory forged from freshly mined gold.

As the Governor stepped aside, so did his two escorts, although they spoke nary a word and simply watched with appraising eyes. They were Imeren's only two Inmakar, and although their black and gold apparel could be considered fitting for the event, it failed to distract from the two short swords each kept strapped to his back, as well as the powerful magic each could conjure.

12/21/2009 #119

"Thank you, noble Amith," replied Haerk, smiling. "I am most overjoyed to be here." He took a few steps forward to accept Amith's symbolic door-opening. "So do tell me, before we proceed further, do you good Ivisk drink wine?"

Meanwhile, General Klau drifted silently towards the Imeren guards -not the Inmakar, for they were too close to the Governor for him to approach without drawing attention, but the regulars-.

"Greetings, good Ikun," he spoke plainly, but softly, in fluent Ivisk. "What brings you on such an honorable duty as protecting the high Arun of Imeren among foreigners of a different race?" The stresses and tone of Klau's speech demonstrated that he knew well what Ivisk thought of such "foreigners."

In his youth, Jheut Klau's Byrnian father had determined his course of life, including the traditional pilgrimage abroad; his had been a near-death experience among the xenophobic Ivisk. It was only when his military career demanded it that he had begun to adopt the Survaekom customs of his mother at all, although even this had not been enough to effectively rise through the ranks until the reign of Yvor, to whom Klau became a trusted friend.

12/21/2009 #120
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