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Name of Colony: Valbadu

Name of Founding City: Forgehall

Location of Founding Colony: 7-19. The subterranean city-complex of Forgehall is cut deep into one of the larger mountains in the mountain range east of the gulf. It also established a medium-sized hamlet by the river to the near east (7-20).

Administration: Valbadu's central government system is largely clan-based, with the heads of each of the most powerful and prominent clans meeting with the government head to discuss matters of industry, economy, and, during times of war, defense and military organization.

History of Expedition: The secluded and distant dwarves, far to the east, realized that staying exiled in their mountain empire of Valkroma was both a boon and a curse. Being surrounded by nigh impassable and treacherous (to non-dwarves) mountains, Valkroma was a centralized nation, having to sustain its own crops, lumber, metals, and the like. To alleviate this burden, the Mountain King set an expedition to the nearest mountain range with ease of access to new farmlands, livestock, and building resources. The expedition was three-fold: to obtain more resources for the nation of Valkroma, to establish a secondary nation (should Valkroma fall), and most importantly, to forge alliances with other nations in the new area. For thousands of years, Valkroma was an isolated empire, and now, it would be in need of friendly presences.

Population: 6,781

Composition of Expedition (What kinds of people were sent, How prepared are they?):

-1,000 miners/excavators/tunnelers/demolitioners

-Duke Balor Coalfist and his family (4 people [wife, three children])

-16 diplomats and their families (73 people total, diplomats included)

-560 blacksmiths

-422 stonesmiths

-200 carpenters/woodworkers

-19 engineers/architects

-2,051 peasant farmers

-4 cartographers

-156 sailors

-4 naval captains

-One battalion of basic infantry (467 men)

-Two company of ranged infantry (440 men)

-Three field artillery battery (615 men)

-One platoon of saboteurs (57 men)

-City defense regiment (201 men)

-110 runecasters

-101 paladins

-116 clerics

-158 wizards

-30 bards

-One troll emissary

Equipment Upon Arrival (Anything out of the ordinary like ships, weapons, machinery):

-One steel-plated wooden steam broadship

-3 steel-plated wooden steam battle frigates

-60 city defense artillery pieces (cannons and ballistae)

-10 city defense machine guns

-2 prototype city defense steam guard patrolsuits

-45 field artillery pieces (cannons, ballisate, and catapults)

-45 field machine guns

-Tons of field equipment (rifles, crossbows, bullets, bolts, gunpowder, shells)

-Carts and carts of seeds

-Necessary worker's equipment (miner's picks, farmer's shovels and hoes, hammers/anvils for smiths)

-120 pack rams with carts, barrows, and wagons

-62 cattle/oxen

-Brick, mortar, spackle, and such for stonesmiths

-A few carts of coal and lumber leftover from the expedition

Technology Level: Industrial Age (with a light touch of experimental steampunk from the gnomes)

-Important Technologies:

*steam-powered mining drills

*steam-powered farming plows

*steam engine (with a few overclocked steam engines produced by adventurous/crazy gnomes)

*prototype battle submarine (in embryonic stage of development)

Magic System: The magic system of Valbadu is divided into two schools: divine and arcane. The dwarves tend to focus on the magic classes of cleric, paladin, and runecaster. Gnomes are usually of the wizard and bard classes.

-Capabilities: Clerics are adept at healing the wounded and fallen and protecting the soldiers of Valbadu from harm. Paladins are masters of inspiring prescence, as well as the basic abilities of the cleric. Runecasters use ancient mystical runes to unleash power and fury upon their enemies. Wizards bend the element of the unseen arcane to perform spectacular feats. Bards are an arcane equivalent to the paladin, bolstering their allies morale with song and dance.

-Weaknesses: The wizard, runecaster, and cleric are physically weak, and the bard and paladin, though strong in combat, have smaller magical energies to utilize than the other casters. A runecaster is powerless without their runes, and a wizard is of almost no use without their spellbook.

-Effects on user: Wizards, though the most powerful of the spellcasters, are also the most drained of them, and so cannot cast spell after spell without a neccessary rest, usually half a day at most after exhausting their full arsenal. Without the rest, wizards suffer arcane burnout and lose both magic power and health. Paladins and clerics, if they break their code of morals, lose all powers and can henceforth never become a paladin or cleric again.

Basic Info: The majority of the Valbadu population is comprised of dwarves, stocky stout individuals who may have been born of the earth itself. Recently, a race of similar diminutive humanoids allied with the dwarves. These were the gnomes, smaller than dwarves, but less stocky and more agile. These gnomes are an inquisitive and curious race, partly responsible for the many technological advancements in Valbadu's history. On the way, the expedition happened upon a strange woman, who claimed to be lost. After helping the individual along and offering them a place in the new colony, the female happily obliged, revealing herself to be the daughter of a troll tribal leader in the nearby plains. Through this chance meeting, Valbadu forged another new ally.

9/2/2009 . Edited 10/9/2009 #1

Hmmm...the highest level of technology yet seen in the game, the highest number of heavy artillery pieces yet seen in the game, the highest number of warships yet seen in the game, the most extensive and easily defensible starting settlement yet seen in the game, the most powerful magic yet seen in the game, and the least debilitating effects of magic yet seen in the game.

Smells like power-playing.

9/2/2009 #2

((Sorry, but as you've seen before in the old Nations RP, I really don't have that well a grasp on how to properly play full nations rather than single characters.))

((Maybe I should just not join before I make things worse for myself...))

((You know what? Why not just give me some small colony out of the way, as it's obvious I suck too much to properly play a balanced nation... ever!))

9/2/2009 . Edited 9/2/2009 #3

((My comment was meant to be a little stinging, but not that much! You clearly don't suck, being that you did just fine in the other nation RPs. This is a new type of nation RP which all of us have to get used to. I myself had to edit my colony to be a little less overpowered. While before the rules were vague, this time they are better defined. In addition to there being a map and limited resources, there is an understanding that a player will balance his/her four aspects of power: technology, population, magic, and debilitating effects of magic. One cannot have high ratings in all four.

For example, my nations has very high technology, near the limit for this type of roleplay, but has absolutely no magic and only a moderate-sized colony population. MW's colony, on the other hand, is at a medieval tech level but has powerful magic abilities, with modest but important side effects, and a somewhat larger population than my colony.

Does this help?))

9/2/2009 #4
Sarah Crowning

Let's not get hasty here, especially considering how desperate we are for new people. Besides, I happen to remember a certain someone who had to curtail their fleet four times and it's still the largest one in a certain RP...

Anyway, this looks like an intriguing nation. There's just a couple issues I'd like to mention.

First off, you have seven ships, but only four captains. Now I don't really like people starting off with big fleets of massive warships, so how about reducing the number of ships to 4? You can build more later, provided you get the resources and a city with a harbor. The submarine is fine as long as it's in the civil-war level, meaning its hand-powered at this stage. Not really an issue since you can't use a steam engine underwater anyways.

Incendiary shells I'm going to have to say no to, sadly. You can have primitive hand grenades or something of the like, maybe some of those big old field mortars if you want. I'm going to have to say no to the tank too, since it's not civil-war era. Not to mention that it would have an incredibly hard time driving around the mountains. You can keep the steam-patrol suits.

The last issue is magic. You've got some pretty powerful spell stuff here. That's fine, but I need to keep things balanced. For that reason I need you to put some detail into what your different mages can and can't do, and provide some serious limitations or tradeoffs to having magic. My Ivisk, for example, can only do certain things with their magic, after which they actually go "magic blind" and have to rest for a few days before casting again.

So in summary:

-4 ships

-no incendiary shells or tank, may substitute mortars, hand grenades, or some-such if you like.

-Clear limits and tradeoffs for magic.

Those are my only issues. Once they're cleared up I'll be more than happy to approve you. Welcome to the forum, and I hope you have fun.

9/2/2009 #5

((It helps, but it doesn't help me much on deciding what to get rid of and still find my nation interesting enough for me to continuously role-play.))

((Ugh, hold on. And your comment wasn't biting. I just naturally curse myself whenever I'm in the presence of better role-players.))

((EDIT: and to be fair, I wasn't planning on using the tank much. in fact, it's destined to fail miserably and the whole program would be abandoned. it isn't important, though.))

9/2/2009 . Edited 9/2/2009 #6
Sarah Crowning

((Just gotta have a concrete limit to things. If I don't people will just keep making better and better nations with tanks, armored airships, spaceships from outer space, ancient relics that kill all their enemies... You get the idea. General technology rule of thumb is "Civil War Tech". If it was used in the American Civil War it can be allowed here.))

9/2/2009 #7

((Um, I editted it. If it's good enough, cool. If not, just delete it and I'll leave this forum in peace.))

9/2/2009 #8

MW, we may be desperate for players, but think this over. The Valbaudu have a higher military tech level than New Survaek and also have extremely powerful magic. I am not opposed to either, but I am to both at once. Given their relatively low population, I am willing to accept Valbaudu with magic and technology working together, but not to such a great extent.

Biblomancer, this is not to say that your Valbaudu do not have their merits. I very much like the idea of an underground city, for example, and would stick with that. Your magic system also seems to be well-done, except for a few technicalities that need to be sorted out, which MW mentioned. Fun in a nation is not defined by the ability to beat other nations in fights. My nation takes the role of 19th century-Europeanesque imperialists, and MW's of feudalists expanding their population. Find a role to characterize your nation!

9/2/2009 #9
Sarah Crowning

((It's good. Welcome to the forum. I look forward to RPing with you. I'll start work on the renovated map ASAP, although it may take me a few days to finish.))

9/2/2009 . Edited 9/2/2009 #10

((Whoah there, Biblomancer! Don't jump the gun! If you are that loyal to your original setup, then keep it! I will not bother you with my complaints if they will mean the loss of a player!!! DON'T LEAVE!!!))

9/2/2009 #11

((It's alright, AspenIvan. I think you'd rather be one RPer short than have said RPer be an over-power pompous a**.))

((Not that that's me, but I'm saying, you shouldn't be willing to set standards a little lower because you're desperate for fresh blood.))

9/2/2009 #12
Sarah Crowning

((*facepalms* Magitech is a legitimate fantasy form and I have no intention of limiting its use on this forum. The same rule that applies to technology will apply to magic: Namely, Their combined effects cannot outstrip that of a Civil War era power. I am going to take it on faith and honor that Bibliomancer isn't going to summon balrogs to crush armies or hurl meteors down upon his enemies. I hope he'll work on refining the limitations and abilities of his magic users (specifics are always nice), but I'm willing to give him a chance. We all have to learn somewhere.))

9/2/2009 #13

Actually, MW has a legitimate point. I just realized that everything does balance out, because of your low number of soldiers (a total of around thousand as compared to my 4,000-odd soldiers).

9/2/2009 #14

((Okay! So... how should I start?))

9/3/2009 #15
Sarah Crowning

((Just making a starting post introducing your people. We assume that your city has been colonizing for a few weeks, and is just reaching the point where it's established enough for the rulers to start turning their attention elsewhere. You might also send out scouts, explorers, or whatever to find resources or other peoples.))

9/3/2009 #16

((Welcome aboard, Biblomancer! I again have more comments, but rest assured that these are not meant to be critical, but rather to point out a few logistical issues that you might want to sort out, for your own good. Firstly, the square 17 by 19 is jam smack between Imeren territory and New Survaekom territory, and those two are just coming to terms on a land division treaty. Survaek also has a fortified mining outpost at 8 by 19, just below Forgehall, so you won't have much room to expand to the South unless you take it by force. This could be a big hassle for all sides, especially yours, but you might have planned that from the start, since hassles can be fun :).

Lastly, why do you have ships if your city is in the inside of a mountain? How do they resupply? Not to say you should scrap the ships, but rather that you might want to consider, if not changing locations, at least adding a coastal outpost.))

9/3/2009 #17

((Well, actually, AspenIvan, I'd already thought of that. Currently, Valbadu is digging a tunnel from Forgehall to the coastal mountain base at 7-18. Once completed, they're going to establish a small coastal settlement to bring in fish and to more easily travel.))

((As for the ships, they're currently being kept near the tunnel site entrance, being stored on massive wooden flatbeds to haul them to the coast once the tunnel is complete. I hope that sounds reasonable.))

9/4/2009 #18

((That sounds reasonable to me. By the way, how do dwarves tunnel? Do they use magic? And how do they keep a hollow mountain from collapsing?))

9/4/2009 #19

((Dwarves tunnel the old fashioned way: by pick-axe and dynamite! And as for how they keep the mountain's foundation from collapsing, they are expert stoneworkers and architects and, combined with the gnomes' knack for engineering, they've managed to devise a city plan and structure system that allows Forgehall to survive even the roughest earthquake.))

((and, to be fair, they don't hollow out the whole mountain.))

9/4/2009 . Edited 9/4/2009 #20

((I don't think dynamite would be the safest way to tunnel through a mountain, and pickaxes would probably break before they could get through a fraction of the distances from one side of a mountain to another. I think magic, or at least magic-assisted technology, would be a more viable option.))

9/4/2009 #21

((okay, magically-tempered steel pick-axe heads and some kind of arcane dynamite. I don't really want to make magic too much of a thing in the building of Forgehall.))

9/4/2009 #22

((Okey-doke. Sounds good.))

9/4/2009 #23

"Charges loaded!" the foreman boomed, his booming voice echoing through the stone tunnel. "Move yer arses, lest you want a face full o' pain!"

The dwarven miners scattered back as the demolitionist held up three stubby fingers. He lowered one finger, then a second, and finally the third.

"Blow the charges!" the foreman commanded. The little gnome in charge of detonating the dynamite charges cackled eagerly as he pushed down the blasting trigger.


As the arcane dust and stone bits settled, a few miners went about pulling away the larger rocks, while the rest went back to picking at the stone with their mining picks.

"Just a few dozen more yards, lads," the foreman boomed merrily, "and the tunnel will be complete! Duke Coalfist will be pleased with our labors!"

9/7/2009 #24

((By the way, I believe MW stated that you couldn't have that tank, which is still in your nation info.))

The Survaekom cartographers and their expedition of sappers and slave porters had found some obstacles in a recent landslide which had killed three slaves and injured five more and a packhorse. Fortunately, all the injured except one slave recovered with basic medical aid, and advancement was underway again in just a few days.

At this point, after five hours of travel, the leading eleven-man squad of sappers came across an oddity: a hole in the mountain, from which faint noise was coming. What made this even more unusual was that the hole was not rough, but rather looked as if it was a well-crafted entrance way. The platoon sergeant hesitantly called out into the opening,


The other sappers had already taken cover by nearby rocks and shrubbery, rifles raised and ready in case of danger.

9/7/2009 #25

A pair of dwarven guards emerged slowly from the entrance, a large heavy war-axe strapped to their backs. "'lo!" one of the guards responded. "What kin I do for ya?!"

The other guard scoffed at the first. "Forgive my younger counterpart," he muttered. "G'day! Who are you?!"

9/8/2009 #26

The sergeant stood frozen in confusion as two extremely short, stocky men emerged from the opening, speaking quickly in a foreign language.

"Ehr...we come in the name peaceful exploration from New Survaek, colony of the Grand Survaek Empire," he stated, despite his strong doubts that the foreigners before him would understand.

9/8/2009 #27

((By the way, wouldn't oxen and pack rams be terribly inefficient modes of transporation in a cave and mountain environment? Wouldn't simple foot travel be more viable? Or do you plan to find flatlands for framing?))

9/8/2009 #28
Sarah Crowning

((The only thing I'd have to say about the tunnel is that it's going to be a lot of work. Just keep an eye on how large your labor force is, and remember that people have to be farming to feed your people too. Personally I'd have just sailed the ships up the river to the hamlet, but if you want to spend your new labor that way, I'm no one to complain. Working on your map, hopefully it'll be done by this weekend. Oh, and Aspen, Rams and goats are about the best mode of transportation you can get in a mountain.))

9/8/2009 #29

The two dwarven guards mumbled to each other in their strange language, before one of them rushed back into the cave.

He soon returned with an even smaller humanoid, the same height as a small human child and almost the same physique. The impish being waved warmly to the strangers.

"Greetings!" he said, hoping the strangers understood his arcane tongues spell. "Do forgive my dwarven friends. They only speak their native tongue. Um, and you are?"

9/8/2009 . Edited 9/8/2009 #30
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