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Lead a colony as it struggles for its place among others in a virgin world.
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Sarah Crowning

((Just a note here: resources are finite, so if Survaek and Valbadu share that iron there is going to be less for both of them.))

9/25/2009 #121

((I suppose that's how its going to have to be...1/2 of an iron for each of us!))

"But let us not conclude this treaty now!" objected the cartographer. "We should include at the very least a clause of non-aggression, and possibly another sanctioning trade."

9/25/2009 #122

"Well, that is a given," Giovann said, before he was silenced by a raise of the hand by Balor.

"Indeed," the dwarf said. "Do forgive me." He coughed, and Giovann took back the parchment and held a quill ready to jot down the details. "I shall let you, as our esteemed guest, Aesthis, have first say."

9/25/2009 #123

"Well...I suppose our two colonies should agree officially to refrain from violence and respect each other's borders. We should include a clause allowing free trade between our colonies as well, or at least an obligation to consider such legislation. Is this acceptable?"

9/25/2009 #124

"Of course, but first we'll need maps drawn up to establish borders," Balor said. "I assume ye and yer men have been mapping the area already, but I may need to send some of our cartographers yer way to properly map our borders. Does that sound alright?"

9/25/2009 #125

"There is no need, I assure you. I have a map with me at this very moment." Aesthis pulled from his overcoat a rolled piece of paper, which he unraveled to reveal a map. "This," he said, pointing to a red dot on the map, "is where I have set the flag."

9/26/2009 #126

"Ah, this saves us some time," Balor said, looking over the map. "Rest assured, I'll be sure that my men are aware of yer presence in the area, and they'll not do anything to bother ye." He then ran his hand through his bear as he looked back at Aesthis. "Now, shall we begin discussing trade?"

9/26/2009 #127

"On that matter, I cannot bring forth any specific proposals, only an agreement of free trade. Deals will have to be made between our private merchants. Is this acceptable?"

9/27/2009 #128

"Aye," Balor said. "The Elders and I will have to bring this matter up with the mercantile clans, but it shouldn't be any trouble."

9/27/2009 #129

Throughout the discussion, Aesthis had been writing on his parchment with a swift and precise hand. He quickly finished up his document, and then reiterated it.

"Therefore, the conditions of the treaty are firstly, a drawing of the boundary line between the colony of New Survaek and Valbadu at a latitude parallel to the flag emplaced, except for a semicircle of one mile radius, with the flag as the center, extending directly above this line. Secondly, our two colonies will agree hereafter to refrain from violence and respect each other's borders by refraining from sending any military forces into the other's territory without its consent. Lastly, our two colonies agree to free trade across our borders, to be facilitated by our respective merchants. Is this all acceptable?"

9/27/2009 #130

"Aye, 'tis," Balor said. "I shall read these conditions back to the Elders, so they may tell their clans, and so forth." He held out a stout sturdy hand to Aesthis. Though they'd already established everything on paper, a personal touch always made negotiations more valid to a dwarf.

9/27/2009 #131

The cartographer hesitantly accepted the dwarf's hand and shook. "Shall we sign, then?" he added.

9/27/2009 #132

"Of course!" Balor said. "We dinna do all this jumping through hoops just to accomplish nothin', did we?"

"Balor sir," Giovann said softly. "Now's not the time for dwarven wit."

"Aye, yer right," Balor said, taking his quill. "I'll just..." He looked over the paper Aesthis had written up and scribbled in his name, albeit in Dwarven script. "There we are."

9/27/2009 #133

Likewise, Aesthis wrote his name in Survaekom on Balor's document ((I assume he wrote one too)).

"It appears now that all necessary business has been concluded," the cartographer commented. "As much as I would wish to stay, I must bid you farewell. Good luck to you and your noble people, good Balor."

9/27/2009 #134

"And to ye as well, Aesthis," Balor said. "And give my farewell to the good Captain Haie." He then called for Giovann, who took the document and went to inform the Elders of a meeting to conclude the matter of the Survaekom visiting group.

9/27/2009 #135

Aesthis gave a bow of farewell and then left off with his guards. He and the mountain expedition, having reached what was now the legal border of their operations, turned back and headed for Audejjai, except for the thirty-four soldiers, led by the sergeant who had first contacted the Valbadu, who set camp by the flag along with a large amount of rations and supplies, to stay until proper colonization forces arrived.

9/27/2009 #136

A Survaekom party including around twenty men and a draft horse carrying a heavy wagon laden with supplies approached the Eastern Valbadu farming village, announcing its arrival with the firing of a flare into the sky.

10/11/2009 #137

The town guard saw the flare and alerted the mayor. In turn, the mayor sent out a gnome emissary to greet the Survaekom team.

"Greetings!" the gnome said delightfully, having cast a tongues spell to avoid language barriers between the gnome and the taller folk.

10/12/2009 #138

"Hail to you, citizens of Valbadu!" announced the man atop the horse, a Survaekom in leather attire in which several tools and weapons were fitted. "We are Survaekom from the South, and come as traders to your good town. We would be much obliged if you would most kindly lead us to the marketplace of your settlement." Surrounding this man and his horse and wagon were two-dozen peasants in simple robes carrying heavy packs. All were armed, most with muskets but a few with rifles and even revolvers.

10/12/2009 #139

"But of course!" the tiny gnome said. "Please, follow me to the market square." The gnome then scurried off back to town, gesturing to the guards, who nodded and stood aside to let the Survaekom through.

10/13/2009 #140

"Thank you," replied the lead merchant, nodding his head respectfully. He then gave a quick whip to his horse with a flick of his wrist, setting the heavy cart creaking back into motion. The rest of the party followed, maintaining their positions at the flanks of the cart.

10/13/2009 #141

The gnome emissary led the Survaekom party to the center of the town, where the busting trade quarter was situated. The soft buzz of people haggling in Dwarven, carts clattering down cobblestone paths, and various livestock making noise as their owners bartered wages was aloft in the air.

10/13/2009 #142

The cart pulled in to the center of the market area and stopped, along with the party surrounding it. The lead trader dismounted from his horse and retrieved a loudspeaker (a large double-open-ended cone) from a peasant beside him.

"Citizens of this good town, come now to your market center, for an opportunity has come which will soon depart! We traders from the land of Survaek come with many exotic goods to sell, and only for six hours, until four o'clock this day! Hasten your step to Erdhei Kjae's Grand Mobile Store of Genuine Survaekom Goods!"

10/13/2009 #143

Many of the traders stepped out of their shops when the trader barked his wares. And many of the patrons stepped over to this stranger man shouting in an unfamiliar language.

Sensing the town's confusion, the gnome emissary stepped up. "Fellow nationals of Valbadu!" he called in Dwarven. "This is the chance of great deals! Our newest allies, the Survaekom of the south, have come to sell us their fine and exotic wares! And I'm sure, my fair merchants, that this is a great opportunity to show the outsiders your own fine goods! Step right up, come now! Don't be shy!"

One by one, a crowd of dwarves and gnomes, both commoners looking for wares, and merchants eager to see the foreigners stock, gathered around.

The gnome emissary turned to the lead trader. "I've got their attention," he said in Erdhei's language. "Keep barking a storm, I'll translate."

10/13/2009 #144
Sarah Crowning

A party of Ivisk ventured south into the mountains where the Survaekom had indicated Valbadu was. At the head was Arun Inkan Arrilun, the Governor's right hand and the appointed ambassador, followed by six Urlanin guards and several civilians, all riding their great cats.

10/13/2009 #145

The outer sentries noticed the Ivisk approaching. Two guards stepped up, crossing their axes to prevent passage through the road to town until the strangers explained who they were and what they wanted.

"Hold," the first guard bellowed.

"State your business," the other guard resounded.

Of course, the guards doubted the Ivisk would understand Dwarven.

10/13/2009 #146

"On this fine day, we bring for your purchase the following goods: fresh venison, cloth, satin, silver, gold, iron, iron cookingware, iron hammers, iron shovels, iron picks, iron pitchforks, iron scythes, iron axes, iron hoes, iron daggers, and even iron swords! In addition, any man who offers a pack animal and cart to our company will receive a masterfully-crafted longrifle with fifty paper cartridges and a genuine gemstone!"

10/13/2009 #147

The gnome emissary translated the proposition, and soon numerous dwarven merchants stepped up. One yelled something out, and the gnome turned to translate the Dwarven question.

"The merchants wish to take a glimpse at the gemstone," he told Erdhei.

10/13/2009 #148

The trader complied and withdrew a gemstone from the wagon, holding it out for all to see.

10/13/2009 #149
Sarah Crowning

The Ivisk halted at the strange tongue, eying the strange creatures they had never seen before. To the Ivisk they seemed like incredibly short humans, but whatever their appearance there was a job to do. With a slight tap of the reins, the leader urged his Uram forward a step.

"I am Arun Inkan Arrilun." He said in Byrnian, the human language the Survaekom spoke. If the Survaekom could speak with these people, it was hoped the Ivisk could too. "From the Imperial province of Imeren to the north. The Governor has sent me here to become acquainted with your people."

10/13/2009 #150
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