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Name of Colony: The Whitefoot

Name of Founding City (if different): Kintep

Location of Founding Colony (Latitude by Longitude and description): 2-18

Administration (how its run, what kind of government): A single leader and an set of advisers.

History of Expedition (how it got started): The Whitefoot tracked and mapped fish, hunted, and lived in an island which had it's own original ecosystem. Due to an extremely long winter, plague among the animals, and the destruction of the foretold ecosystem, they followed the trails of their prey "fish" to a Tiaga forest where they are still settled today.

Population (remember that a food icon supplies enough food for 7500 people): 5000

Composition of Expedition (What kinds of people were sent, How prepared are they?): Prepared, to an extent. They took the necessities "food, water, ect.", and some building materials. All of the population that could make the journey did so, although many were lost.

Equipment Upon Arrival (Anything out of the ordinary like ships, weapons, machinery): General equipment "blankets, clothing, food, water, weapons, artifacts, ect."


Overview: The Whitefoot have named their species Nakka, which would mean "people of the land of ice". They evolved from a top-predator feline, into bipedal, strangely humanlike creatures. They are omnivorous, although they do eat meat as a majority of their diet. Average height is 5'9" for males and 5'6" for females, although cases of mild giantism and dwarfism are relatively common. The intelligence of a Nakka is the same as a human, although they do lack slightly in math concepts. The lifespan is about sixty-five-years on average, longer for females and males. A Nakka is about 45% stronger than a human, as well as more agile and with better balance. But because of this, they tend to lack in endurance, being 15% less capable in that field than a human.

Differing Anatomy: The head of a Nakka resembles a human in shape, although it may seem horizontally squished. Hair does grow, normally about shoulder length, and is the same color as the fur, which is normally light brown. The eyes are the dominant facial feature, being very large and very bright. The most common color is yellow, although green sometimes occurs. The nose is like that of a human, although flatter and ending in a more felinized shape "that triangle shape". Eyebrows stand out less than those of a human. The mouth of a Nakka does include lips, with a slight bifurcation of the upper one. The cheekbones are high, and the ears cat-like, normally sitting atop the head and able to swivel to some extent. The teeth of a Nakka are sharper, with pronounced canines. They do have slightly heightened smell and hearing, and have good night vision, although it is inferior to some other races. Most Nakka do have a short, flat furred tail, which is slightly prehensile. It cannot show mood, and is an evolutionary leftover, much like the human's tailbone. The hands have three fingers and one opposable thumb, growing slightly sharper nails at a fast rate. The feet are a little rounder as well.


The highest rank for a Whitefoot would be a leader, a Te "pronounced Tey" which means "one who guides". Most of the Te are descendants of the powerful A'owa Clan, which took control of the other, lesser clans during the merging of the tribes. Leaders are self- chosen, but must show promise in order to be accepted as an apprentice. During this time, a complex tattoo is given as a coming of age, and a new name is given to the Whitefoot that mirrors that of the leader, with a single letter differing.

The Ta are the spiritual leaders of the tribe, being equal to shamans. They hold about the same amount of power as the leaders, but they can only override the Te during a greatly spiritual event. The Ta are not self chosen, and are often selected from children who show the required traits. They reside in a building known as Hadamaya-Ta "meaning: Spirit home of shaman." They are responsible for actively interpreting the will of the spirits, which contrast the Naga.

The Sae "Pronounced Sa" are the warriors of the tribe, and the second largest rank. Warriors differ from hunters by using mystical artifacts in battle, and summoning powerful Pyrokenetic, Hydrokenetic, and Summoning magics. Each of them live and train in the Smokehouse, which is names for the wartime arson, something that was very common between the tribes during conflicts. Among the tribe, they are one of the most highest respected, and many hail from the Ika Clan, famous for their warriors.

Naga "pronounced like it sounds" are the passive, more lowly ranked shamans. They have much of the same responsibilities, but deal with the spirits on a more personal level, aiding induvuduals instead of entire groups.

Waas are the hunters "It's pronunciation is obvious" of the tribe, and the temporary warriors due to the absence of hunting prey. Back in the old land, most of them brought ack meat to their clans, using bows and arrows as their main weapon. After the migration, most Waas became warriors due to the heavy reliance on fishing. Waas come from all backgrounds, and are trained like warriors would be. They are very skilled in their chosen armament, being able to hit a target with great accuracy.

Zor are the "forgotten ones" of the tribe, including children, disabled Whitefoot, or elders. They serve no true purpose, but are taken care of by the rest of their clanpeople "with the exception of the warrior Ika." Most injured hunters and warriors end up here, much to their annoyance.

Clans: There are five individual Whitefoot clans, each one unique in it's heritage. They merged into one people long before the great migration, in order to avoid war and keep the majority of the population alive.

A'owa: The A'owa "meaning people of the eastern sea" are the most powerful clan in the tribe, but also the one of the smallest. They carry about 20% of the tribes people, and are the origin of the Maku tattoo. They appear less humanoid then the other races, but more so than the most felinized. A'owa mapped the routes of fish, following the patterns year after year before the famine. "Examples: Zire, Mixa, Seeta."

Ika: The Ika "meaning sharp point bringers of fear" are the least humanoid and most warlike of the clans. They were the only true hunters on the island, and invented the bow and arrow hundreds of years ago "earning them their name". Ika were ruled by a Co-kingship by the two greatest warriors in the clan "examples being Xala and Ata". After the joining of the clans, the rulers acquired military power over the other hunters and warriors in the newly formed tribe. "Examples: Tamu, Ka, Arow, Xala, Ata."

Aroha: The Aroha "People of the sight" were the first among the Nakka to use magick, creating many mystical artifacts that the Whitefoot use today. They were a hunter/fishing group, living deep in a forest, near a river. They summoned the first spirits, and introduced magic into the Whitefoot world. Before the merging of the clans, they were a large group, ruled by a democracy. "Examples A'eta, Nita, Mah'a."

Eba: The Eba "meaning sky people" are the most humanoid race, who lived as hunters on the plains. They introduced the spirits Mauja and Marali, along with the mentor-apprentice system. They also created many of the myths "such as Aymokryia ".They are the oldest group, having lived on the island for 20,000 years. Unlike the other clans, Eba were a peaceful Anarchy, who functioned this way until the clans came together. "Examples: Akan, Anami, Oka,'"

Ma'ra: The Ma'ra "name meaning division at the origin" are a caste divided people living in wetland. They are the youngest of the clans, only exitsting for five years before the migration. They were ruled by a tribal cheif, and make up less then 1% of the population due to their wars with the Ika and their limited food supply. "Exampled include: Miuri, Okata, Suri, Nakta."

Technology Level: Low "prehistoric"

-Important Technologies: Stone knives, bows and arrows, stitching, tattooing, building, other prehistoric technologies.

Magic System: Very high

-Capabilities: To summon various, powerful magicks from holy staffs. These capabilities include pyrokenisis, hydrokenisis, spirit summoning, healing very minor wounds.

The spirits: Summoning includes the animal-like spirit of a Whitefoot, which is thought to be a past life by most tribespeople. They, regardless or the size of the species, are all about the size of a horse. These take a lot of energy from the user, and if used for to long, will dissolve into the air.

-Weaknesses: Rapid use could weaken the user, making them unable to fight, exhausted. In order to counteract this, villagers must train for years to be able to fight for extended periods of time.

-Effects on user: Users might have moderate to severe fatigue when they begin training, but eventually develop an immunity to it as they ascend the ranks.

Basic Info: These people originated from a tiny polar island, which is off of the current map by a very small distance. They are a Matriarchal, elusive group, who use prehistoric technology, but very powerful magick. They originally have had no knowledge of other species, and tend to be anxious around foreigners "unless trusted."

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Sarah Crowning

Alright, finally someone who's not on the eastern side of the map. While we're all quarreling you'll probably have the west all to yourself.

This seems pretty good, just a couple little things before I give you the OK. First off, you should edit your post so that the thread title is the same as your colony. That way people will know which thread is yours.

Five hundred is a very small community, but that's entirely your decision. If you want to have it that way it's fine by me, just keep the relative sizes of the different nations in mind.

So essentially, magic is the only issue. It seems fine, but I'd like a little more information. Exactly how much magic can someone wield before they're exhausted? Can everyone summon storms and other very powerful magics, or only especially trained or gifted people? And exactly what do these animal spirits do? Most importantly, how can the magic be countered?

That's about it though. I just need the title edit and more information about magic. Once that's done, you're in.

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((You should know that 7-4 is not a forest. 8-4, on the other hand, is.))

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Sarah Crowning

Approved! I'll add your city in the next update. Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks! :)

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Thanks! :)

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More History: Zira Te was sprinting through the snow, not even heaving bothered to throw on a coat in the polar weather. The star house was just ahead, smoke floating in dark puffs out of the roof. Zire Te has to hear this... Zira shouldered her way through the screens, coming face to face with the Tribal Leader. Old and wrinkled, Zire Te was a stubborn, yet kind woman, who had taken Zira on as her apprentice five years ago. She sat upon woven mats, with her second in command Miuri poking at the fire. "Zire Te...." Zira huffed, bowing onto the floor, heaving in huge gasps of air. Zire stared at her before a minute, before becoming her forward. "Zira, what is it?" She inquired, her long whiskers twitching in anxiety. Only the camp elders had them. "Zire Te, Miuri Te, something horrible has happened!" Zire looked at Miura, who returned with an expressions that seemed to say that he knew exactly what Zira was talking about. "Someone has died again... yes?" Zire asked. "Asuka... the child... she starved..." Zira returned, eyes watering. Zire sighed, knowing that this famine had taken an impossible toll on her people. "That's the problem with living on an island like Boa-Te... Whenever the animals die out from the cold, we do too." Zire said, softly. ((This I made to try and explain the WhiteFoot reason for a migration.))

9/18/2009 #7

((Nice description, and nice nation!

Sorry to make another correction, but although 9-18 is a forest, it is sufficiently South not to be cold, and in addition making it cold could possibly infringe on my nation, since I have an outpost in that forest and have always assumed it to be temperate. Declaring it cold would put limitations on me that I haven't anticiapted. That being said, I myself have no issue with you being located at 9-18, but be aware of the already-assumed weather conditions there.))

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Sarah Crowning

((The entire map's assumed to be temperate at this point. If you want a measure of scale it's about the size of the baltic sea area. Temperature may vary a bit, but terrain matters more than latitude. That said, I am letting people specify much of the weather as their colonies are established, so Aspen does have a bit of a point.))

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Yea, I think If you wanted to be cold you should go to that large island or at a place farther from everyone else, than we would be more open to it

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The journey had been long and cold, so many had been lost, but if there was any good that would come of this expedition, it was the promise of a new beginning. Thousands of starved WhiteFoot poured in, bony and so emaciated that they looked like the walking dead. People lugged along old supplies in wagons, so exhausted that their faces were red. "Zire-Te." Zira called. "We have lost another hunter." Zire stared down at her young apprentice, and sighed again, coming to terms with the hundreds of deaths that had occurred along the way. "We set camp here..." I don't want to risk losing anyone else to the cold. " Miuri, whose face had shrunk into a bony mass, nodded and began to set up camp in the clearing. People began hammering at the wooden frames with stakes, spreading animal hide over the wooden walls. "Zira. go scout around the area for a source of water. We cannot be risking our health by eating snow." Zire ordered. Zira nodded, and began to stroll out through the camp, feeling a nervous feeling come over her. As she approached the hill, Zira could have sworn she saw something shimmering in a distance. Staring out into the night, several shadowy forms were making headway through the forest. "Were not alone here.. are we?"

9/22/2009 #11

((Did you see the posts behind? You need to specify a new location before you can have a snowy forest, which is also important for knowing what foreigners might be approaching your party.))

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((Yes, just putting your new location in the map section isn't enough, just edit your nation to reflect your new location))

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((Wait, I take back my comment now that I've seen your post in the map section. I would suggest, though, that you put your new location in your nation info. Plus, if you are encountering the Zoso, who are your nearest neighbor, you should post in the Zoso section.))

9/22/2009 #14

((I changed the post to the new location, though I am a little scared of living so near to the Zoso, but I finally settled, so here I stay.))

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Zira-Te was sprinting back to the makeshift camp, yelling out for Zire in the half finished camp. "Zire-Te... I saw.... others out there!" Zire snapped around, staring Zira back in the eyes. "What?!" She growled, her braid frizzing out from fear. "They were far away, so I could only make out the silhouettes, but I swear that somethings out there!" Zira stared down for a second. "Anami-Sae!" A master warriors appeared out of the smoke of the campfire, instantly knowing what to do. "Go and check the borders with Nita-Sae and Aro-Sae, Zira just observed some outsiders!" The three nodded, jogging out of camp as fast as they could. "Miuri... set up some defenses! Use the extra workers to collect some stone!" Zire barked, not even bothering to call Miuri by his formal name, Miuri-Te. Whatever was out in the forest, zire was determined to find out what.

9/23/2009 #16

((Hey, I have no problem with you collecting some stone, but without a stone resource near your settlement it would be more like a collection of rocks, you won't be able to build anything substantial...))

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Xala-Sae approached Zire-Te with an air of disappointment. "Zire-Te, there are no stone resources near here, It is impossible to build the walls you wish for." Zire nodded, saddened by the next dissapointment in their wide range of such things. "We live in a forest don't we? Build them of wood, Xala-Sae." Xala nodded, knowing that wood was his second best option. "I'll get started right away."

9/23/2009 #18

((very creative response of my out of topic post, I haven't seen someone respond this creatively, I applaud you))

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The morning was just begining to peak over the horizon, warming the village to a comfortable temepeture. Zire-Te had no sleep though, since she was pacing constantly, trying to figure out what to do about the outsiders. Our walls wont be finished for another week... I have to make peace with these people as soon as possible... I will send out scouting parties tomarrow...

9/23/2009 #21

((Please do not mix up Zira and Zire Te, Zira is Zire's apprentice.))

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9/23/2009 #23

((can i start attacking?))

9/24/2009 #24

((Attack? okay.. if you wanna, but I was hoping for diplomacy.))

9/24/2009 . Edited 9/24/2009 #25

((too bad. note I am assuming your village doesn't have a wall due to its age. if it does i will edit this post but because you have not mentioned it i am at liberty to assume you don't.))

General Page smirked triumphantly. He did it. He led his people to the non-believer's camp. "How quaint. A tiny wooden village. All it needs is some elves and a toyshop." It was nightfall, and no doubt they were peacefully sleeping. Blissfully unaware of the destruction that would soon be upon them. He then told his brethren his plan.

In ten minutes they were rallied. In the dead of night, 40 Rovers transformed into their Air Screamer form and on their backs were 40 Level 3 Black Dogs. Immediately they took flight and began to bombard the tiny wooden structure with fire. It was then that 2000 Black Dogs 1000 Heartbreakers, and 100 Rovers charged the burning village, laughing as the snowy ground became littered with ash, blood and corpses.

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"Zire -Te!" Zira screamed, sprinting along the bloodied snow in horror. "Zire-Te!" Corpses littered the ground, of her friends, her family, and even young childeren were not spared fro the slaughter. Without yet a good army, this village was doomed. Hideous demons roared all around her, making the blood of her ears pulse. Zire-Te was fighting off a charred black creature, summoning a miniature earthquake. Flames licked the entire village, the wooden structures crumbling to peices. It was so hot, that even the Maku Tatoos on Zira's cheek burned as if it were freshly marked. The remaining WhiteFoot people were fleeing the remains, many slaughtered at the outskirts.

The remaining warriors fought with their weakened animal spirits, which were uncharged by the tri-annual ritual which occurred on Boa-Te. Zire swiftly commanded her people to flee, leaving the tiny makeshift village to the demons and monsters that haunted them so.

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((Ouch. Looks like you'll have to cut that population number down by a hefty fraction.))

9/24/2009 #28

((Yeah, ouch alright.))

9/24/2009 #29

I'm going with... 5000, it's only fair

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