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Lead a colony as it struggles for its place among others in a virgin world.
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Zire thought over the Governor's request for minute before responding. Most of the tribe-members would rather stay elusive in the north than take a risk an venture into an unknown world. But, becoming more known among the peoples of this world could protect the tribe from more relocations and wars, if another unfortunate encounter occurred.

"Please, tell your leader that I agree to a meeting between our two peoples, and perhaps an apology with the Survaek, whom I assume are the people who forced us from Akata."

12/19/2009 #151
Sarah Crowning

"Err, yes miss." The sergeant said, saluting quickly and retreating from the building. calm down he told himself once he cleared the ordeal, it's not like there was anyone important around. Just that... cat-thing.

The visitors left after a couple hours, packed with food and supplies and their pockets a bit lighter. They were not, however, the last Ivisk to visit the village. The nearness meant that prospectors from the mines began coming down at regular intervals, sometimes as often as once a week, to purchase goods and supplies.

12/19/2009 #152

Hunters were meant to kill prey for food, not to act as temporary warriors who patrolled the forest every now and then. But with so little prey, they were officially the new warriors of the clan, not that most were happy about that. It was Midday, and five hunters were wandering around the south, three males and two females.

1/11/2010 #153
Del Vento

The ironclads of the Sesabans pulled into the waters of Kintep, the smoke rising from the steamers' columns and wafting on the air. The Whitefoot could have already contracted the disease, but would not contract it from the Sesabans, in that Chaenaw...Chaenaw had been executed.

Now it was mid day and the Carbon Regiment was silent as they went about their duties onboard. Inverses--the customary funeral attire of the military--were blindingly white, pale ghosts of the black uniform with inverted symbols as well, a tribute to the deceased. His sword had been shattered by the third seat of the regiment, for all of his harsh words the man was good at heart, and Chaenaw saw that. He had been appointed as the Carbon Regiment graduates did after the cheerful celebration--when the reality of the occupation was realized and they chose their equivelent of a pallbearer.

It was now that Sohn Sineer waited in one of the halls, wordless. None of the regiment had spoken to her very much after they had left, and her friend's death was a constant pain. She sat a hand on the rail against the wall, feeling the ship lurch to a stop as it was moored.

"All Officers and Seated Officers are to report to front deck immediately." Sohn headed up the stone stairs and waited, listening. "As you know, the natives here may or may not be friendly. Prepare as if they are not. Treat them as if they are." Lercet waited, his tone firm, "Maintain diplomatic relations and do not impose. I will not hear remarks on them or their culture in any way. You are officers. Disperse."

Sohn stomped, listened, and found the location of the loading dock after a few moments of analyzation. She headed down the dock and refreshed herself silently on the native language before she spoke, wondering if she would be heard. "Hello."

1/11/2010 #154

The village was mostly closed during the day, since it had to be repaired and warmed almost constantly, due to ice and heavy snow. Two warriors noticed the Sesabans from afar atop the wall, nearly mistaking them of familiar demonic origins, but later gathering a band of hunters and warriors to investigate the strange, white clothed creatures. Most of them were pyrokenetic, which showed as their staffs glowed with a bright crimson, ready to attack if nessescary. "Be brave as Amanti." Their leader cautioned, before venturing out to the ironclads, which were about a mile from Kintep. "Hello!" He called, a little nervous about so openly responding to strangers.

1/11/2010 #155
Del Vento

Sohn recognized the voice as male, but it wasn't nearly as sharp as the voices she was used to at the beginnings and ends of words. "Hello," she said, making a small, welcoming gesture. "Hello. I am Sohn Sineer, and I come as a delegate of the Confederacy of Sesaba. There is a potentially deadly plague spreading through the continent. Have your peoples been infected?" She waited for the answer, standing her ground.

1/11/2010 #156

The warrior was silent for a second, "We have not experienced any plaugue Sohnsineer..." He paused for a moment, assuming her a warrior "Sae. Are you a Sae?"

1/11/2010 #157
Del Vento

Sohn blinked, ruffling her hair with one hand. Sae...Sae...warrior. It had taken her a moment to remember, but then she spoke. "I am a warrior, yes. However, I am more of a foreign relations officer." Realizing that they would more than likely not have an officers-and-enlisted system, she explained, "Officers are similar to the head of a hunting party, or a patrol." She sighed lightly, frowning. She missed speaking to Kaul and she missed Chaenaw's gentle presence.

1/11/2010 #158

"I am Ata." He returned, summoning the rest of his party out of the underbrush. "We come from the Whitefoot tribe. Why are you come to us?"

1/11/2010 #159
Del Vento

"Ata," Sohn repeated to herself, seeing how the name felt to speak. "We have come to give help to the sick, to the best of our abilities. It is good that your people have not come into contact with the disease. We hope that it will eventually fade, but at this point in time, we do not know what will happen..." I would have been enjoying this, a few months ago. Sohn had come to the realization that she was alone, after the others had dispersed.

1/11/2010 #160

"We will need to bring someone to our village... to show our leaders." A female interrupted. "If you could send someone, or come yourself, then it would be good."

1/11/2010 . Edited 1/11/2010 #161
Del Vento

Sohn thought for a moment. I don't know how long this would take, and they may not know where I've gone. I've been trained, though...they know that I can take care of myself adequetely. I should be fine if I go with them, as they seem pleasant enough. "I would be pleased to visit your village," she said with a slight, false smile; she was not feeling happy right now but she would try to hide it. She recognized the voice as female, although it, like the male's was quite different from a Sesaban's.

1/11/2010 #162

One of them came up and tugged Sohn in their direction, staring suspiciously up to the great ironclad "Come, we cannot leave someone with metal eyes to navigate forests as thick as these."

The group set off quickly, but slowed down enough to talk with Sohn, whom they were rather interested in understandably. "You are like the Ivisk and the Seapeople." One commented, smiling slightly enough to show a sharp canine. "So many foreigners have no fur, and strange ears." He who had spoken received a sharp elbow to the gut, for worry of insulting a stranger who could potentially attack. "Ignore him, he doesn't even know what he is saying." The one who spoke was the same female as before, bright yellow eyes twinkling with interest.

1/11/2010 #163
Del Vento

Sohn chuckled slightly, despite her current emotions, and smiled gently. "I suppose that you are right. It is an adaptation for us to be in our enviornment, as fur would get dirty very quickly." She followed them, continuing with a small gesture, "I'm able to see, but thank you. The metal is a covering to protect my eyes...they are very sensitive to the light, so they have to be covered until dusk, when it gets a bit darker. I think the best analogy would be to say that I see with my ears." She thought that, seeing as they were more of an anthromorphic species, they would understand the reference. She had to assume that they would have acute senses.

To demonstrate, Sohn tilted her head and stomped, listening for a moment before she bent down and picked up a rock from the ground, holding it gently in one hand before she set it back down where it had been.

1/11/2010 #164

The group nodded, a little nervous in the presence of a stranger who's body language revealed negative emotions. Most of the group was silent until they reached Kintep, which stood in a clearing, mountains clearly visible in the distance. They were able to bring their guest within the walls without much trouble from their fellow warriors, taking Sohn to the leaders of the tribe, who looked her over with apprehension. "This is Sohn Sineer, she says that her people have come from Sesaba, Zire Te."

1/11/2010 #165
Del Vento

Sohn was able to easily keep up with the warriors due to her long stride, and thus didn't have much problem as they headed to Kintep. She nodded in response to what the warrior had said, wondering dimly what time it was and if she could take off her blinders yet. As the days went on, they had begun to feel more weighted, cold, unnatural, as they were. She bowed, as most of the cultures she had experienced that were similar to this one did that. "Greetings. I am Sohn, as you have been told. It is an honor to be allowed into your camp and I extend the greetings of my nation to your people."

1/12/2010 #166

The leaders looked Sohn over, unsure if or not to trust an stranger. "We are the leaders of the tribe, and I am Zire-Te." An unease washed over the Whitefoot as the introduction continued, their kind being wary of all foreign peoples.

1/12/2010 #167
Del Vento

"Greetings, Zire-Te," Sohn said, smiling faintly. Sensing that it was beginning to grow dark, she brought her haws over her eyes for protection and carefully lifted the blinders a few milimeters to be sure. After a moment she took them off and put them in her left b*** pocket. She looked around at the feline sentients, taking in their unique physical appearances for a moment. They were beautiful creatures, quite like the Ashvin in that regard, but they had more of a feral appearance to them, a surviving one. Admiration rose in her upon looking at their village, she made eye contact with the hunters for a moment. I am a friend. Her pupils were small, about the size of a dilated human pupil, to absorb minimal light.

1/12/2010 #168

The leaders agreed to allow Sohn to stay as long as she wanted, hoping to create a good relationship with the Sesabans. Outside, many pieces of plentiful firewood were being piled up high, ready for a nightly bonfire that brought the tribe together. Someone fired a pyrokenetic shot to the logs, and set it to flames after a few tries. "You shouldn't stand so close." A Whitefoot cautioned to Sohn, holding a painfully withered arm.

1/12/2010 #169
Del Vento

Sohn watched the fire wide eyes as she saw the pyrokinesis in use. Magic... My mother always told me that it existed with our people, long ago...but I never assumed that it was real, and still existent... Chaenaw would have wanted to see this...A stab of hollow pain thrust itself forward in her chest at the thought of the late 13th seat. Her heart had, in the past week, been a thin glass ornament that had fallen and shattered into razor sharp shards that repeatedly cut at her whenever the areas of her pain were mentioned.

She looked up when she heard the Whitefoot with the withered arm and looked over at her, blinking for a moment with sympathy before she nodded. "Your people...they are very interesting...I never knew that magic still existed," she said quietly.

1/12/2010 . Edited 1/12/2010 #170

((Sohns actually talking to a female, who lost use of an arm early in the game because of infection.))

"We have three types of magic, although I'm not to fond of Fire." Nita looked down at her handicap with regret. "There should be a gathering soon, if you would like to join."

1/12/2010 #171
Del Vento

Sohn nodded quietly towards the female. "I would enjoy that very much," she said, smiling. Her gaze momentarily moved back to the fire, still in a certain awe at the power behind their abilities. Fire was...strange, to her. It seemed that of all of the was the one used to kill, to harm. Once fire had touched something...It would never return to its previous state, and would never be the same again...

1/12/2010 #172

Gradually, members of the tribe began to join at the bonfire, bringing the freshly caught fish from Mey'at. Some gave less than relaxed looks to Sohn, but none said anything. "What is your name?" Sohn's new acquittance asked, nibbling on some cooked meat.

1/13/2010 #173
Del Vento

Sohn, posessing a reptilianesque metabolism, tended to eat sparingly over a course of one or two days and thus did not ask for any. Even if she had been hungry, food wouldn't have appealed to her at the moment as few things did right now. She tried to return the almost frightened looks with a calming one, but it was difficult. Her body language was very readable and poorly masked.

She had been watching the bonfire, distracted by the flames until he voice brought her out of the trancelike state. "Sohn. And yours?"

1/13/2010 #174

"Nita-Zor... no Sae." She replied, picking a tiny bone out of the flesh. "I am still a warrior at heart."

1/13/2010 #175
Del Vento

"It is good to meet you, Nita-Zor," Sohn said with a slight smile. By now the CR would be talking amongst themselves before they headed back to their cabins to unwind and sleep with the luxury of doing so without their blinders due to the enviornment on the ship. Well, they could do that without her...I need some time to think...away from them...

1/13/2010 #176

Sohn's emotions were masked poorly, which was obvious to Nita and many other members of the tribe. "You are sad?"

1/13/2010 #177
Del Vento

Sohn closed her eyes for a moment as she looked for a phrase to describe how she was feeling. "Nita...Have you ever...been taken away from something, or someone...?" There was a mournful look in her eyes as she felt a painful, shattered coldness blossom in her chest like a white glass rose.

1/13/2010 #178

"Yes." She replied. "I have been taken away from my family when I was young, my friends in war, my arm, and my old life as a warrior." She clutched her useless arm, ravaged by deadly infection. During a massacre, she had been bitten by a demonic dog, who's foul saliva had dissolved the muscle.

1/13/2010 #179
Del Vento

Sohn took a rasping breath through her nose, looking away. Insensitive of her, and...wrong. Biting her lip slightly she looked down at her gloved hands. It would be nearly impossible to explain the details of what had happened to her in the past week because they all had so much to do with specific details of her occupation.

However, she still had to say...something. "I had...made a friend, before we had to leave another nation. The plague then hit, and...we had to leave two days after. On the way, one of our men..." She became slightly choked up and looked up at the night sky for a moment, a chill wind blowing her hair. "was taken, by the disease."

1/13/2010 #180
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