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Name of Colony: Freedom Settlement of The Mystic Spring

Location of Founding Colony (Latitude by Longitude and description): 12,6 on the bank of the river and also an outpost on the edge of the forest in 13,6 in order to grow crops, and an outpost on the edge of the forest in 13,9 to grow cash crops for Survaek. They also have a small lumber camp at 11,6. They have also started building a settlement for foreigners to interact at 13,5.

Administration (how its run, what kind of government): It is run by a group of three chieftains, one for each magic guild. All worship and follow the wisdom of their great god Ferocitas.

History of Expedition (how it got started): The Neonites were once slaves in a far off country, until those who could use magic, approximately 10% of their population of 100,000, organized a revolt. Their revolt weighed heavily on the normal people rising up with them, but when none did they were trapped and fled to the docks where they stole their captors ships. They took sail, using their command of nature and the elements to summon wind and fresh water. They traveled aimlessly for over a year, summoning fish to eat and summoning water from the air, but even this wasn’t enough as many died after they ran out of food, but then they found the river delta, and sailed down the river until they found a new place to settle. There they found a spring which they believed had been endowed by their god Ferocitas as the animals were plentiful. They used their control over nature to disguise the mystical spring from view, moving large trees and shrubs but allowing animals access through secret paths. They built their city up in the trees by manipulating their growth and creating an entire city just beneath the canopy to disguise it from travelers along the river. Though soon they realized a very large problem, even though animals were plenty, they would not eat the wild animals unless in times of hardship, so they sent scouts to look for places to plant crops which they found on the slavers ships, and they found a place on the edge of the forest. Using the wood and materials from the ships they built a large settlement on the edge of the forest and began farming. They created a large wood wall 7 feet tall and 3 feet thick on the side of the settlement with open field and on the forest side they created a nearly impenetrable wall of vines, shrubs and fallen trees. One day travelers came up the river and found one of the paths that led to the mystical spring and they began to pollute it with their filthiness. The Neonites realized they needed to fight and they armed themselves with manipulated vines and branches to create bows, arrows, and slingshots. They used the element of surprise to slaughter the small party of men. That night the Chieftain was possessed by the spirit of Ferocitas and placed a mystical blessing upon the spring, charming all animals who drank from it with the spirit of Ferocitas and could now be endowed by the Neonites and their spirits can be infused within all who were pure and drank from the spring.

Population (remember that a food icon supplies enough food for 7500 people): 4742

Composition of Expedition (What kinds of people were sent, How prepared are they?): Magician slaves that brought whatever was on the 7 ships they stole.

Equipment Upon Arrival (Anything out of the ordinary like ships, weapons, machinery): Within these ships were large amounts of tools and seeds for crops, vegetables, and fruits. They have also stripped the ships and used the wood and cloth from sails, the sails have been set up as traps for humans around the river and hidden passages to the mystical spring, though much of the cloth has been stored.They also found a large amount of gunpowder, though since they do not know what it does they are just storing it in a secure treetop hut.

Technology Level: virtually non-existent, as they use elemental and nature based magic to create most of their buildings and weapons which consists mainly of longbows, spears, and very large slingshots when they are used. They have gained some level of technology by using the tools on the ships they stole.

-Important Technologies:

Vine Slingshot: This is there take on artillery, it is a very large variation on a slingshot, but using intertwining vines to create extreme strength that can fire as far as artillery if pulled back enough, ammunition varies.

Magic System: When youth come of age they are allowed within one of three magician guilds, the Guild of Air, the Guild of Fire, the Guild of the Earth (water, ground, and plants). Every one of them can disguise themselves as animals whose spirits they have endowed, but only the certain guilds can control their elements, although all guilds may mark wood for use of writing and maps, and command their types of animals.

Guild of Earth; 3076 members: This guild encompasses most of the members as it is the guild of the workforce as they can manipulate the plants and the lumber needed to grow crops and build cities and buildings. They also command the majority of animals as they can command the majority of land animals and water animals. Even with these advantages, they have very little magical attack power, they can escape by controlling water and creating diversions but little more, they most rely on manipulating nature into weapons. Their reigning Animal Spirit is the Great Sea Serpent. These people’s skin has a slight green tint.

Guild of Fire; 686 members: This guild is nearly the opposite of the Guild of Earth. They do very little with manipulation of nature and instead have some of the fiercest attacks known, with their command of fire enough to stop even the fiercest attack. They have been known to light bows leather from over a mile away, though this takes much dedication and skill. They are also the only guild that can be endowed with the spirit of the dragon, though when they turn into dragons they are small, no more than a human, though they are extremely quick and have thick scales, almost as strong as metal armor, as well as sharp claws and teeth, there fire is also much more concentrated and deadly, know to melt the entirety of flesh and skin off the skeleton within seconds, with only charred bones to remain. This power is seldom used in close combat and is used more for large amounts of soldiers who must be attacked quickly and from very long distances. Their reigning spirit is the Great Dragon, different than the smaller dragons, this great dragon is more in tune with what we commonly associate with dragons, with skin that can resist cannons from mid distance and is over 20 feet tall while on all fours, with the concentrated fire that spreads over fields wide, or so the legend goes. Only one man, Chelden the Wise, has ever been endowed with this spirit and he has never revealed this power. These people’s skin has a slight red tint.

Guild of Air; 904 members: This guild is the middle ground, an embodiment of both guilds. With their control over the air they can attack with nature effectively, but they can also control many of the animals around them, those that fly anyway. They have also been know to use nature as weapons, some have had the ingenious to hollow out large rocks, not truly hollow but just a small empty core, and fire and fight with them by controlling the air within. Their reigning spirit animal is the great Golden Eagle ((If you’ve ever seen the movie “Rescuers Down Under” than it is much like the one in that, if not it’s big enough to easily grab a man in full armor and fly away with it, perhaps even two, and it is extremely fast as well.)) These people’s skin has a slight gold tint.

Youth; 76 members: The low amount of youth is due to the fact that most youth were born here after they settled and that not many could escape. This number is increasing exponentially. These people’s skin is just plain, if one cannot use magic than their skin never gains a tint.

Weakness: Their magic can still be used without movement, but it becomes greatly diminished. For much strength to be placed in an attack it must be accompanied by movement, differing based on the attack. not much can be used to counter hurled boulders, but it does take much energy out of the users. With practice the amount of energy that can be spent can be improved, also with certain enchantments it can be improved but those are mainly for coming f age and becoming an elder. Also, while disguising themselves as animals, if disguised for too long than they can be consumed by the animal, thinking they are the animal. This has been know n to happen most often to youth who have just recently turned, and if not caught quickly it is often impossible to identify let alone reverse. In concern to the Great spirits, as they do not exist in this new world, the only way one can be endowed by their powers is to transfer it through death, but if one dies while being a great spirit than that endowment is lost. This is dangerous as there are only 14 people who can turn into Sea Serpents, 5 Great Eagles, and 1 Great Dragon. Also, only very powerful magicians may be endowed by these great spirits, it is often only elders who can control them but sometimes younger ones are able to do it as well.

Basic Info (Since I can’t think of much else I need to describe I’ll use this to create a scenario like a post I hope will be informative): Chelden walked into Elder Gentodo’s house. He hoped this would be about his title, even after many years as his apprentice, Gentodo had denied him his own title and kept him an apprentice. But when he got into the house he saw a sight he never expected. The Ferocitas Priest of fire was there, performing Gentodo’s last rights while Gentodo lied in his bed under a death shroud. “Elder Gentodo, what is this?” “Come close my child, I have something that is for your ears only.” He waved his hand towards the door and the Priest left. “My child, I apologize for denying you your title, but I saw something in you I had not seen for many decades. In you a saw wisdom beyond your years. You are just shy of a decade beyond youth and yet I see wisdom in you that surpasses that of some of our elders.” “Sir, are you sick? You look fine, why are you having your death rites performed?” “Because Chelden, you are to be my successor. As you now, I am the only one who escaped to this island being endowed by one of the Great Dragons, and as there are none in this new land I must endow another with its spirit. I have chosen you Chelden, not for your prowess, which most definitely does not lack, but for your wisdom and patience. I know you will not act rashly with this power. I entitle you… Chelden ‘deep inhale’ The Wise.” And with that his eyes rolled back into his head and out of his open mouth smoke arose and the spirit of the Great Dragon arose before Chelden, and suddenly attacked him with a Ferocity he had never known before. Chelden awoke in his bed with the priest over him, “So begins your reign as a chieftain, Chelden the Wise.”

9/18/2009 . Edited 10/3/2009 #1
Sarah Crowning

Ok, I need to see some weaknesses for this magic system. How can it be blocked or countered, does it have any negative effects on its user, and what limits are there on its use? I don't mind magic, but other nations need ways to counter and fight it.

Also, you don't get to start with tons of resources. No coal, stone or gunpowder, especially not on wooden slaver ships which the users had no time to prepare.

Those are my two concerns.

9/19/2009 #2

Alright, added weakness and deleted stone and coal, but I think I should be able to keep the gunpowder, I mean the high tech nations get to start out with it and I can't even use it or know what it is. And remember that my magic is going to be extremely powerful for the complete lack of technology.

9/19/2009 . Edited 9/19/2009 #3

((Hey, since the only thing we still don't agree on is the gunpowder, and since that won't be a major point in the start of my nation, would you mind if I start interacting? I'm just gonna write a post that doesn't interact yet but if you okay it I'll start interacting.))

The air was whistling as it ran through his feathers. Yelm was very proud that he had been chosen for this mission. He knew he was the best scout, but he was still surprised when they chose him to search for other civilizations. He couldn't control his excitement, he let out a large screech such that a hawk would, and was immediately ashamed. He had been flying for hours, and even as a member of the Guild of Air he was still susceptible to Animalia, ((how they described being absorbed by an animal and thinking you are that animal)) he knew he had to rest. He landed in a clearing and turned back to a human. He foraged for twenty minutes, enlisting the help of a few sparrows, and sat to eat. As it grew dark he could not sleep, and continued as an owl. Now he could see bright lights in the distance, what seemed to be large fires. At first he thought they must be small forest fires, but he soon realized that they were not spreading. He continued on, hoping to investigate further.

9/19/2009 #4
Sarah Crowning

((I'd prefer if you'd wait for approval, but your colony seems fine now, so approved. The only this I hesitate on is the great spirits. Since I don't allow tanks I'm unsure I should allow gigantic dragons and eagles. If you want a special ability like that, it's got to cost something important. Perhaps the leader who summons it dies, or if the spirit gets killed while incarnated it's really dead. I'll leave the details to you.))

9/20/2009 #5

((Oh yea, I was planning something like that already, I'll put it in the weakness section))

9/20/2009 #6

"This is unacceptable! We must respond with the request for their immediate freedom! What if they come for us next." Shouted leader of the air guild Agtar. "No, we cannot respond with violence to our first contact here, we must send a diplomat and bargain for there freedom." Stated Earth guild leader Feros. This was when Chelden spoke, "Gentleman, internal strife brings us no closer to resolution. It is true, we cannot act violently towards our first neighbor, but we must be wary of slavers, for they may come for us." Send Yelm with two of our fire guild as bodyguards, they will negotiate for the slaves freedom, tell them to initiate no violence. In the mean time we must form a professional army, we mustn't keep just our defense force, we must create an actual army. Our men are trained, it will simply be a matter of organizing them. We must hope for the sun, but prepare for a monsoon." "Agreed" "I agree as well" "Than it is settled. Court page, please inform Yelm of our decision and notify my apprentice Gunter to summon our best warriors available as bodyguards. In the mean time, Feros. Have your most skilled mages take the forest tree seeds they have acquired and manipulate their growth around our walled crop settlement so as to make it look like a natural part of the forest. As of now secrecy is our most valued defense.

9/20/2009 . Edited 9/21/2009 #7

This discovery of new people in this land as well of the creation of a professional army spurred a new need for mapping lands beyond the forest. The great map in the trees had been copied many times, but it must be expanded to lands past their large forest. They split into two parties, one cartographers from the guild of air were sent to map the land between the great forest and the Survaek outpost and a team from the guild of Earth were sent to investigate the coast and map it.

9/21/2009 #8

Imnon had stopped at the beach for a rest, they had swam for hours up the river, why they didn't fly he knew not but these elders preferred the water. As he rested his feet and ate a fresh carrot he noticed something shiny wash ashore. He stepped closer to inspect it further, and noticed it was much like a shell, perhaps a large egg. He couldn't tell what it was so he brought it to elder Gen. Gen gasped as he showed him the shiny piece, stumbled back. "Young Imnon, go now for a Fire elder, the most powerful one available. You must go now. You can float downstream until you are rested enough to fly. We will wait here, go now!" Imnon went off, sensing the urgency in his voice as Gen turned to Huntro, "If this is what I think it is there may be dragonkin in this land. This appears to be just a small egg, but by the looks a small dragonkin laid this egg, not large but this could be very important to our people if this came from lands nearby. It is worth investigating. Go record the tides at the place Imnon found the piece."

9/21/2009 #9

((A dragonkin? What exactly is that?))

9/21/2009 #10

((it's a small version of a dragon, much like the ones my fire soldiers turn into))

9/21/2009 #11

((Isn't giving yourself new war machines at no cost just a tad bit on the verge of power-playing?))

9/21/2009 #12

((They are just looking for now they only found a piece of a shell. And the Neonites would not move them from their homes unless in a time of war or need. And they aren't war machines, though they are powerful, and if I ever find them I wouldn't take them at no cost))

9/21/2009 #13

((Still, finding dragonkin seems a bit too convenient. Perhaps you could agree that of dragonkin are present in New Sovereignty, other nations have a right to tame or capture them.))

9/21/2009 #14

((We never actually found them, I'm not saying you can't either! Of course other nations could try to tame them, but the slave owners attempted to enslave them and out of many of them very few were tameable and many died trying to tame them so they stopped trying.))

9/21/2009 #15

((Would the Neonites themselves have the same problem?))

9/21/2009 #16
Sarah Crowning

((Natural resources like Dragonkind can be found, but there are a few rules regarding them. They have to be found on the resource that would match. E.g. exotic animals like dragonkind would be found on a wild game resource. Second, everyone has to be able to use them, they can't inherently follow one colony. Finally we're not going to have any game-breaking creatures here. If it can hold off a hundred soldiers on its own, forget it.))

9/21/2009 #17

((No of course not, they would be more supplemental than anything else))

9/22/2009 #18

Jentu, the regional expert on dragons of all kinds, examined the shell closely, "Yep definitely dragonkin, though a smaller breed." "Based on the southern tides we believe it came from the faraway island to the north of us..." "I know the island of which you speak, but I do not share your hope, much of it is forest and that is not dragonkin terrain. Come, let us fly north and investigate the tides there, perhaps they will lead us somewhere." And they did, they followed the tides until they reached the island, Jentu confirming this is not a natural dragonkin habitat, and so they followed the tides to the East until they reached a mountain range along the coast. "Now this is more like dragon territory! Let's investigate." After half an hour of searching they found a group of rocks that were extremely charred and stuck together, "This is a dragon nest, but it seems old. My opinion is that they exhausted their food source, there doesn't seem to be any large game here. Let us go south, cartographer, can u keep up?" "Yes sir." "Than let's go!" They went south, resting only once out of necessity, all of them were quite excited. farther south they spotted a herd of bison. They swept down behind them and noticed a nearly fully eaten carcass. They saw footprints heading off in a direction and bent grass that signified a dragonkin takeoff. "This is fresh, follow me" They followed until they reached a rocky outcropping with many caves. "This is it, let us wait. We must go into the cave while they hunt and steal some eggs from their nest, most likely 8 or 9, all from different families and continue on this legacy. Our fire mages can support their growth with warmth, and this late in the mating season the eggs are most likely ready to hatch." They waited for hours, and at nearly dawn many dragonkin stirred and left. They were no bigger than the ones the fire mages transform into. As they went the Neonites went down into the caves, placing the eggs carefully into padded bags. "Okay, that's enough, how many do we have?" "Approximately eleven." "Well than let's head back." ((They are at 12,1))

9/22/2009 #19

Yelm and his bodyguards returned to much excitement. They told their stories through much celebration as many new mages signed up to volunteer as mercenaries, with their master's permission of course. After much celebration they were called to the chieftains, "So Yelm, we have heard much of your adventures and the wonders of this civilization, and of the deal you struck without permission, which by the way will honor, but we mainly wish to hear of their use of slavery." "Well, they enslave only criminals, people who have done wrong, and they treat them much better than how the stories state they were treated." "If this is true than we will not take dire action against them, though we do predict some backlash by some of the other elders, though hopefully it will not be bad enough to impact our decision. We have also decided that you shall become a permanent emissary in the foreigners land, if they agree of course, and that your bodyguards shall also accompany you to ensure your safety. Say your goodbyes for you will leave in just past a week."

9/22/2009 #20

"I have called this meeting of chieftains in order to discuss foreign policy. It seems that we do not have anything to trade for services and valuables of other nations. As of now I propose multiple scouting missions to look for valuables and things we can trade, on land and in the sea. Also, we have much lumber through our forest I propose we use Mages of the earth to remove trees and store wood. We would of course plant a new sapling for every tree we cut down, but we could use the river to transport the lumber to a new place we can build at a select point, that way we can offer foreign ambassadors a place to stay without divulging the location of our crops or the mystical spring. I was thinking we harvest lumber directly to our north at the river crossroads (11,6) and perhaps build our new base farther south than our crop settlement but along the river, we can choose the exact location later when we have enough lumber to start, and perhaps we can ask for aid from our new friends for better tools and such."

9/23/2009 #21

The Neonites began planting their new tobacco crop, the palisade was over half done.

9/24/2009 #22

((Since a month is quite some time, I will wait until at least one other player has reached a month's course of events before posting the weapons delivery. Is this okay?))

9/25/2009 #23

((that's fine, but if no one does, post it by Monday, is that all right?))

9/25/2009 #24

((No, Monday is too soon. Let's say October 1st or 2nd, by which time MW should have just updated the map.))

9/25/2009 #25

((I don't believe Monday is too soon, but how about before Wednesday))

9/25/2009 #26

((I'll think about it...))

9/25/2009 #27

As the Neonites patiently awaited their supplies from the Survaek, they began surveying the ground around the river. After a few days they noticed something particular in a mountain just to the west of the river (12,3). The survey team went down for a closer look and discovered some reliable stone. "This could be worth much, I'm sure the Survaek have some use for it. But hod do we get it out of the ground? Unlike the trees we cannot just uproot it like the trees?" "Send a message to Yelm, perhaps our good Survaek friends can help us with our problem." They marked their location on their map and began flying down the river towards their foreign outpost, their walls skeleton and support was done and the wall was almost one third completely done. Structure skeletons are being built throughout the compound and many members of the guild of Earth were preparing thick mud and sand mixture filled with rocks that they were plastering thick on to the completed wall, nearly 5 feet thick of mud on the outside and 3 feet on the inside,on top of the already 2.5 foot thick wooden wall. The mud on the inside was slanted so that people could run up the side and on to the top of the wall, though the outside was perfectly straight to protect against attack. The mud would dry to be nearly rock hard ((This does actually happen)) and would be especially useful at repelling projectiles and easy to repair and maintain. The disadvantage to having this type of wall was the lack of a gate, but they thought of an ingenious work around of this problem. 1/3 of the wall was the forest itself, an impossible maze of vines, thorns, and interlocking trees, but one path of plants could be removed to allow travelers through. This path could be closed and opened by a a member of the guild of Earth and a large path was being cleared to the entrance so that large supplies could be moved into the city, though trees could be collapsed onto this path if they were ever attacked. The survey party landed and relayed a message to be sent to Yelm.

9/29/2009 . Edited 9/30/2009 #28

As agreed, a Survaekom steamer arrived at the coast of Neonite territory at the first point where habitations could be spotted, and the arms were dropped off in blocks tied together by rope.

10/2/2009 #29

Since the Neonites had been able to begin mining stone they decided to build a wall around their mystic spring. It was to be disguised by vines but still acceptable to all animals and those who knew the secret paths.

10/12/2009 #30
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