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((How do you build a wall without masonry? Also, Survaek hasn't sent the tools yet. It has to actually make them first. However, simply mining stone does not give one the ability to shape it into blocks, paste them together, or even devise viable wall architecture.))

10/12/2009 #31

((No but we do know how to stack stones on top of each other while placing hardening mud, which can be just as god as mortar if made and used right, on top of each other and they can turn into the large animals to do it, and they are just planning it right now))

10/13/2009 #32
Sarah Crowning

((Indeed, not all stonemasonry is equal. The Romans used dry masonry, as did the celts. Of course, description of what's being built is always better, but I understand not everyone knows every form of masonry.))

10/13/2009 #33

((Given the Neonites' lack of masonry and experience with high technology, their wall would have to be a low one. Unless you have near-uniform square blocks to pile on top of one another evenly, a high wall will be unbalanced and thus structurally unstable.))

10/13/2009 #34
Sarah Crowning

((I'll agree with lack of experience with high technology, but you are incorrect. Believe it or not, Roman masonry was unanimously dry, but I'm sure you're aware of the prowess of Roman architecture.))

10/13/2009 #35

((How exactly does dry masonry work, and how could a civilization with technology far inferior to that of the Romans do so?))

10/13/2009 #36

((Yes, I am not too familiar with dry masonry, and I was going to build my wall around trees, weaving them almost into the wall to give support for a higher wall.))

10/13/2009 #37

((I think stone would be too heavy for any tree to support in such large quantities.))

10/13/2009 #38

((A large tree can easily support a stone wall, especially when spread out and when supported by multiple trees around the wall))

10/13/2009 #39

((How high of a stone wall? What kind of tree?))

10/13/2009 #40

Along the coast of Neonite territory, where the first shipments of goods had arrived, came a steamer bearing a cargo of two-hundred-and fifty shovels and the same number of pickaxes. From the ship disembarked sailors carrying the crates of goods as well as a mason Jhi Raedai, knowledgeable in mining as well as his own craft, to give basic instructions as to use of the tools and surface mining.

10/14/2009 #41

The men came out to the coast and the Survaek were thanked and the axes were taken to the site of the stone mining.

10/14/2009 #42

The mason and several sailors followed the Neonites to the stone mining site. The rest of the sailors retrieved the now empty cargo crates and returned them to the steamer.

Once at the mining site, the mason instructed in detail the use of a shovel and of a pickaxe. He then proceeded to explain the basics of making a quarry for stone. After he had finished, he bowed to the Neonite miners-to-be and took his leave along with the sailors. Minutes later, the steamer was on its way back to Audejjai Bay.

10/14/2009 #43

((Oh and by the way, you probably sailed your ships down the river through the forest to get to the stone site, unless you're ships are too big...))

10/14/2009 #44

((No, the Survaekom just walked after the Neonites.))

10/14/2009 #45

Okay, but know we would have probably taken some canoes of sorts.

10/14/2009 #46

((Why would they have to? They were on the coast and simply followed the Neonite miners-to-be inland.

Of course, this is an insignificant point, so could you please respond?))

10/15/2009 #47

((Because the stone mine is pretty far from the coast and carrying that much equipment would most likely have to be transported by river))

10/15/2009 #48

((Oh okay. The steamer could easily fit in the river, so I'll say they took that.))

10/15/2009 #49

((Okay, we can just assume it happened like that))

10/15/2009 #50

((Main point is that the Neonites got their supplies and mining instructions. Now Survaek needs its lumber.))

10/15/2009 #51

As the Survaek were nearing the lumber camp they prepared to load the lumber onto the steamer.

10/15/2009 #52

The steamer picked up as much lumber as it could, about half of a ton, and left.


The next day, four of Survaek's ironclad steamers came down the Neonite river to load the remaining two tonnes of lumber and ferry them to New Survaek.

10/16/2009 #53

"The Neonites waved goobye as a small rat unkowningly boarded the Survaek vessel."

10/16/2009 #54

Or perhaps less unknowingly than it thought. As the rat tried to scurry onboard, a sailor caught sight of it and immediately drew a sword. With a flick of his wrist, he sent the blade sweeping down towards the pest, which was known to spread disease on cramped steamers.

10/16/2009 #55

((Alright, all ships of this time had rats, and one going aboard with the lumber would never be seen))

10/16/2009 #56

((Maybe a big ship would have rats, but not a small steamer. Also, a moving rat is more visible than one who is hiding away in a corner on deck.))

10/16/2009 #57
Sarah Crowning

((I have to concur with Kross here. Rats were prolific and night impossible to eradicate. However, I must remind Kross that I allowed his magic with the weakness that transforming can cause the mage to get caught in the form if they stay to long. It's not a weakness if the timescale for that to happen is long, so try to keep it reasonable.

Although now that I read Aspen's post I am prompted to ask how large the steamer is.))

10/16/2009 . Edited 10/16/2009 #58

((Fair enough. I've just got a feeling that Kross is going to try and go assassinating senators and generals just because he can.))

The steamers left off, the sailors all ignorant or indifferent of the new rat onboard.

10/16/2009 #59

Helt had been chosen for this mission, but he knew even with all his intense extra training he couldn't stay in the state for too long. He searched for a place to hide, waiting until t was dark enough that less people would be walking around and less people would be looking for stowaways. He saw the stacks of lumber and thought that would be an excellent hiding spot. He crawled his way to just behind the lumber, a space that he could cram into in his original form but where it would be nearly impossible for someone to stumble upon him by accident.

10/16/2009 #60
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