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((Continued on New Survaek thread.

I do find it interesting that the Neonites would put forth a clandestine operation so early in relations with Survaek. Such action has the potential to do some serious harm to the Neonites' relation with Survaek as well as their general international standing.))

10/16/2009 #61

((Well, they really don't trust the Survaek all that much, they believe that they might turn on them. They are a little paranoid of becoming slaves...))

10/17/2009 #62

Representing the Iquo Clan of the Kudaf Confederation, the warrior Redidie Klodu, carrying only an iron knife and several small gourds of potion, entered the land of the mysterious Eastern people, the yet-unknown Neonites.

11/24/2009 #63

The tobacco for New Survaek had been finished and was loaded into bags to be transported.

12/8/2009 #64

((Could you respond to my post in this topic?))

12/8/2009 #65

The Neonites closely watched the warrior, waiting for him to pass.

12/9/2009 #66

Redidie Klodu cuatiously turned his eyes from place to place, looking for any sign of human activity. He found footprints and stone fragments, but could not detect anything else. Growing frustrated with his lack of progress, he shouted out,

"Hark, to anyone in these parts! I come in peace, from the Iquo Clan of the Kudaf Confederacy, to meet with the people who reside here!"

12/9/2009 #67

((Aspen, your people would not find such evidence of human activity, perhaps near the entrance of the forest, but the Neonites are careful to guard their presence as secrecy is their strongest defense.))

The Man was too close to the Mystic Spring to engage him. The Neonites let him pass without engaging him for nearly three miles until he reached a bend in the forest. a party of three Neonites dropped to the forest floor around the bend so that the man would not know they had been hiding in the trees. When he came around the bend they were prepared for violence, but the leader calmly introduced himself, "Hello, I am Yur. Why have you come here?"

12/11/2009 #68

((Sorry, but eliminating every footprint and every stone fragment left by several thousand people is nigh impossible.))

Redidie Klodu had been losing hope, but was suddenly relieved by the surprise of three people before him.

"I have come here on behalf of the Iquo Clan of the Kudaf Confederacy," stated Klodu. "I come with a request that we may engage with your people as friends, through trade and great meetings of our masses. We wish to have a neighbor we may trust, and in turn be trustworthy neighbors, so that our peoples may live in peace together without any fear or suspicion. Would you be ready to assume such a role, or to at the very least begin friendly relations?"

12/11/2009 #69

((Umm... not when they live in a city above the forest. The general populace don't usually step on the forest below, and remember they are in tune with nature, can control much of nature, and can turn into animals, which makes staying stealth much easier.))

"Indeed, but we are simply scouts. Please, let us take you to our settlement to the south of here." The Neonites had the intention of taking the man to their settlement for foreign trade.

12/13/2009 #70

((Okay. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

By the way, there is only one Iquo delegate.))

"I will follow," replied Redidie Klodu. He allowed the Neonite scouts to lead him South.

12/14/2009 #71

((ummm... okay, I never said there was more than one))

They led him through the forest, and after two days hike they reached the settlement. They showed him to a dining hall where they could eat and gave him a small room in one of the newly constructed buildings. "We apologize for the noise, our settlement has all of the basic components it needs, but we are trying to upgrade to the likeness of foreigners such as yourself. Please, we will continue negotiations in the morning after we have all had a good nights sleep.

12/15/2009 #72

((The Neonites have the architectural techniques to create a dining hall?))

"There is no issue with your settlement. In fact, I am impressed with your work, as well as with your courtesy," spoke Klodu. "Thank you, kind Neonites. No, if you do not mind, I wish to retire to the quarters you have most benevolently lent to me."

12/15/2009 #73

((All they have built is a large wooden structure with a table in it, and they build huge magnificent buildings out of living trees, but since this is out of lumber instead it is quite simple, almost no decorations either, same with the sleeping chambers))

12/17/2009 #74

((Okay. So can you reply to Klodu?))

12/17/2009 #75

"Well by all means proceed."

1/8/2010 #76

The Neonite Palk, who had been spying on New Indroie, was relieved from his shift after 2 and a half weeks of spying. He was flying back with a fellow Neonite, as they were entering the forest Palk collapsed from his form, though luckily a large tree slowed him down as he hit a bush on the ground. His companion flew down, he was happy that Palk seemed to be not seriously injured, but as he leaned down to inspect the minor wounds Palk coughed blood right into his face and the coughing didn't stop. "Stay here Palk, I will fetch a medic." The medic arrived with Palk's companion and after analysis concluded he was dying. He came to him with a scared look on his face. "I've never seen a disease like this before, I gave him some herbs to stop the bleeding in his lungs as well as to dull the pain, but this seems like the plague the elders describe from when we were from beyond the sea. Even with the herbs, I doubt he will survive the night, this is very dangerous and we must take example from the animals. When one is sick he leaves the pack and we must do the same, we cannot risk destroying our pack. In animal form most disease cannot be transmitted so we must send the tribe a message through our animal form, I was stationed at the lumber camp so we must warn them, and the Mystic Spring village must not be infected, no one must enter or leave." Palk's companion immediately took flight to warn the lumber camp and have them warn the spring village.


Golt was preparing for his ambassadorial mission to New Survaek when he saw Palk's companion frantically entering the camp. As he caught his breath Golt clutched Palk's companions hand, the same hand he had use to wipe the infected blood from his face. As a medic came to greet him Golt made the final preparations for his journey and left before Palk's companion returned to warn of the true dangers of leaving, and as Golt headed towards New Survaek the virus took hold in his body.

1/8/2010 #77

Redidie Klodu nodded to the Neonites and proceeded to his lodgings. The building where he was to stay was of unusual construction: akin to Indroien works in lumber construction, but much more rustic. He nevertheless appreciated the room he saw made for him. Once inside, he closed the door and, with this brief moment of privacy to bring a potion-bottle to his mouth and drink. His earlier drink of potion of tongues had nearly worn off, and he needed another to continue.

Then, the warrior returned to the Neonites after his monetary leave. "I needed to drink more potion to keep my ability to speak in your tongue," he explained honestly. "But, it is impolite for we Kudaf to eat or drink when dealing with official matters. Now, let us move on. What sorts of goods of ours could your people benefit from? I assume that you already have ample food and lumber. We Kudaf do produce well-crafted tools of stone and iron, as well as potions to give extraordinary abilities to men, although only temporarily."

1/8/2010 #78

"Well perhaps potions, Iron and stone we have no need for though."

1/8/2010 #79

((Really? I would think that a few hundred iron tools would not be considered a very great supply for several thousand people.))

"What sorts of potions would do best for your people?" Klodu asked. "What needs do they have, or where can matters be most improved?"

1/8/2010 #80

((It's not, but the Neonites still do not think steel as of extreme importance))

"Well some potions that can extend magic would be well accepted, and actually if you have tools that can cut and transport stone we could trade for that as well."

1/9/2010 #81

"We can provide you with shovels and pickaxes, but we are unfamiliar with how your magic works, and thus what could extend it. We do have potions which can greatly increase physical strength, and ones that increase the strength and speed of healing."

1/9/2010 #82

"Well those potions do sound useful, but perhaps a potion that extends mental ability would also extend magical abilities?"

1/10/2010 #83

"We do have some of these, as well as potions that improve focus, awareness, and stamina." Feeling that he had given a good response to the Neonites' questions, Klodu decided to proceed with his own statements. "Now, in terms of what my people need, we could use food, above all, as well as any construction materials or ready-made dwellings you could offer. If you grant us trade rights, these exchanges would be made not in the great imperialist nations' means of raw numbers, but in the traditional way of bartering, albeit on a massive scale. Knowing each other's needs is helpeful nonetheless, so our traders know what to bring. Would you agree to such trade rights?"

1/10/2010 #84

"Well raw numbers are useful in such great quantities. We have much to offer in the way of lumber and food for your people."


Within a few days many people in the lumber camp had developed symptoms of the disease. Ket, a young medic, was not expecting the sight he witnessed here. He gathered herbs for those who were sick, but it did little more than ease their symptoms. He gathered information from all he could and separated the sick from the non-sick. Many of the people who were getting sick now had been in contact with the Erethea Tribe or those who had. He didn't know the significance of this but he sent a quarantine animal runner((a runner with a message that stays in animal completely when he is near the Mystic Spring in order to not spread the disease)) to the mystic spring for further instructions.

1/10/2010 . Edited 1/10/2010 #85

"As we also have much to offer in tools and potions. Yet, I find the ways of the imperialists disillusioning. We may be allies with the Indroiens, but this does not mean that we wish to emulate them. For large quantities of goods, we need only send a large quantity of men to barter. We will bring five-hundred next week, laden with tools and potions, if you will be ready with foodtstuffs and lumber."

1/11/2010 #86

"This will not work with us, we do not live for the individual, all is shared and nothing is stored by the individual. We negotiate as one for the good of all, not individually for the good of one. Sometimes emulating your enemies is a good thing, because it can give you an advantage you otherwise do not have."

1/11/2010 #87

"You misunderstand me, good Neonites. We also do not hold the individuals over the whole. By bringing our tribes together to barter, we encourage wholeness. But, if we maintain our distance from one another, we encourage seperateness. Also, simply because one barters does not mean that he owns what he barters. We supply our traders -they are not actual merchants, but rather regular citizens assigned to trade- with the supplies from the whole community, and they come meet with the other tribe in one great exchange. We prefer this to trades decided by a few individuals, where one flawed argument, rhetorical twist, lie, or miscommunication can influence the fate of thousands."

1/12/2010 #88

The Neonite sighed, "We do not have the manpower to barter individually, nor do we have the time. The Neonites here are still all working hard on the city, please, bartering is not something that is efficient or practical."

1/13/2010 #89

Redidie Klodu felt insulted at the Neonite's rebuff, but did not give any harsh words in return.

"Very well, if you insist," he gridgingly acquiesced. "But we must arrange for some sort of mass-meeting between our tribes, perhaps for a celebration or festival. We could also arrange for an open border, so our people could walk freely to one another for whatever small barters or exchanges suit them. But as for a trade deal to be made right here, I can agree to nothing. I may agree to trade rights, but only a shaman may make any specific trade deal."

1/13/2010 #90
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