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Name of Colony: Zoso

Name of Founding City (if different): Kashmir

Location of Founding Colony (Latitude by Longitude and description): Latitude 3 Longitude 20. Series of animal pelt tents. NOTE THEY'RE NOMADS SO THEY WILL BE MOVING.

Administration (how its run, what kind of government): Vikings lead by a general.

History of Expedition (how it got started): They came from the land of the ice and snow, known as Bron-Yr-Aur, where they were given orders to conquer new land. They then over the hills and far away in their three rowing boats: the Crudge, the Royal Orleans and the Gallows Pole.

Population (remember that a food icon supplies enough food for 7500 people): (pre accident) 10000 (post accident) 6000

Composition of Expedition (What kinds of people were sent, How prepared are they?): Vikings; so all trained, powerful, primitive, savage warriors.

Equipment Upon Arrival (Anything out of the ordinary like ships, weapons, machinery): 3 rowing ships (destroyed during "the accident"). Swords, spears, knifes, shields. "The accident" destroyed most of their weaponry, but they still have enough to arm 3000 men with one weapon. The shields were salvageable.

Technology Level: Viking.

-Important Technologies: Swords.

Magic System: Demonic magic ranging from firecasting, to possetion, to transformations.

-Capabilities: Different classes with different powers.

Black Dogs: Firecasting soldiers that carry shields and a sword or spear. They can shoot a flamethrower-esque pillars of flame from their hands and can absorb fire into their charred bodies. Level 1 Black Dogs can shoot a 6 foot long pillar for thirty seconds in a strait line of fire. Level 2 Black Dogs can shoot a 7 foot long pillar for a minute and curve the fire to their liking. They can also will a ball of fire, the size of a golf ball, anywhere visible in a 10 foot radius. Level 3 Black Dogs can shoot a 8 foot long pillar for five minutes and can either will a tennis ball sized ball of fire anywhere (visible or inside something visible) within a 20 foot radius or can create a bowling ball sized ball of fire within a 10 foot radius. The population of Black Dogs is roughly 4000. Of those Black Dogs, 70% are Level 1, 25% are Level 2 and 5% are Level 3.

Heartbreakers: Telepaths that have a varriety of powers. They can catch small enemy projectiles, i.e. rocks, arrows, and single bullets. ((because your using loud, civil war technology they can hear a bullet being fired, but it is at such a force that they can stop it by focusing solely on that bullet.)) They can throw projectiles back at the force of a bow. They can also teleport themselves and a party of up to 20 a distance of 100 feet, if they are familiar with the area. In close combat they can mentally rip the enemy's insides. There are roughly 2000 Heartbreakers.

The Rover: Rovers are shape shifters. They can transport into more reconisance creatures (bats, serpents, rats, ect.) for up to a week. They can also transform into more demonic, fighting creatures (hydras, gargoyles, wyverns, demons) for a day. There are only 500 Rovers.

Codas: The final Zoso type, Codas are shamanistic healers who can heal nearly any wound though ritualistic tattoos called physical graffiti. They can sacrifice animals for glimpses of enemy's or can sacrifice sentient beings for clear glimpses of the future. They can also fill animals with a rage that makes them attack enemies and finally can posses captured soldgiers through a complicated ceremony. There are roughly 500 Codas.

-Weaknesses: Weapon fire (multiple shots to a Heartbreaker), artillery, heavy machinery, snipers. I.e. they work best in physical fighting and are not accustomed to warfare. 30 second magic recharge where they are weak and vulnerable.

Basic Info: Vikings sent to concur new land. They set camp in the new land''s forest when they came across the ruins of long gone people. They had an artifact called the stairway to heaven, which supposedly would give them immense powers. They activated it. They were engulfed in fire. Half of them died. The rest got magic powers.


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Sarah Crowning

Interesting. This seems alright. I appreciate your attention to detail when it comes to magic capabilities (a lot). The only requirement I have is that you have some kind of cost or weakness for your magic here besides simply shooting the caster. It doesn't have to be something excessive, but there needs to be some kind of consequence for it.

Also, I'm going to say right off that bat that heartbreakers can't stop a bullet they didn't know was coming until they heard it. No foiling assassinations by freezing the bullet. If they see someone aiming a gun at them, it's fine, but at the sound of the crack it's a bit late.

Did these people bring food or crops, or even anyone who has skill at farming, by the way? Or do they intend to simply conquer and enslave laborers to do their work for them?

9/21/2009 #2

Yay! Crazyconnor! This nation sounds like it will be fun to interact with. "Hey there, we want to trade for the bettering of both of our nations!" "Great! We're gonna sacrifice you to our devil god!" Oh and I think that we have enough people to update the map soon.

9/21/2009 #3

I don't understand the magic cost. I told you that my people cant use magic constantly, when they need to recharge that's their weakness.

I meant to put that in my heartbreakers thing, your right that they can't stop the bullet if they don't see the person.

The Zoso are planning on enslave people as they temporarily live off the land.

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As for the weaknesses, I have the same thing but I said it as "it does take much energy out of the users. With practice the amount of energy that can be spent can be improved" Which is basically a way of saying you tire from using magic like you would from normal fighting as well but it can be conditioned, just like your normal energy

9/21/2009 #6
Sarah Crowning

Alright, your magic is detailed and restrained enough, so I'll let it stand. However, I do expect there to be food issues. If they don't get food or slaves within a reasonable timeframe they will begin to starve.

But anyway, welcome to the forum. You're approved.

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General Page took a sigh of relief. After months of rowing and salted pork he led his people to the new world. The foreign sand squished between his pelt boots as his brethren stepped from the floating wooden prisons. They were dazed and confused. Getting the land legs back. But the sooner this land sported their wolf pelt flag, the sooner the weak ones would come and build them a colony here.

It was much warmer here. The distant pines sported green needles and the sun's rays were blocked by no clouds. Gulls cried in the distance and crabs scuttled by his feet. Good this shore would provide food, along with the other prey in the strange warm forest.

"Move it you featherless chicks, do you wish for your mother to push you from the nest?" General Page laughed to his fellow men.

"I will once our proud leader will chew our food!" joked Plant. (Page's 2nd in command and the best healer they had) He then began to make bird calls and danced around flapping his arms.

Suddenly Bonham (the gigantic savage known for his intensity, bear-like fighting) grabbed a palm full of sand and shoved it it Plant's mouth. "Does that fill your toothless beak little healer?" he laughed.

"Quit joking you two, the we are not playful wolf cubs, we are powerful warriors." said the always stern tactitian Jo Han Jone.

General Page then told his men to break up the boats and follow him to the forest.

He men then began to pack and began to drag the boats onto shore.

They til the sun began to go down and turn orange.

"Alright men. We will set up camp here. Now who will come to find some fresh flesh?"

The moon was bright that night. He, Bonham and 4000 of his men were searching the forest for any animal. Suddenly a buck deer stood in the path of General Plant. He was calm and silent. then he struck. The deer ran off with him chasing it, zipping though trees until they reached a large stone cave. The deer stood at it, staring. It was fearful. It then ran off the opposite direction as fast as he could.

General Page had lost Bonham while chasing the deer. "What could possibly be in that cave?" he thought. He then stepped inside. It was pitch black and he blindly serched for any artifacts. Suddenly the cave lit up and sitting there was an ancient stone doorway with a great stone in it that was engraved. Page stepped closer. On the stone was engraved with ancient writing, but suddenly the cryptic symbols began to rearrange themselves to form words. It said:

Only the Brave may enter the Stairway to Heaven

General Page had only laid a finger on it when suddenly the very earth began to shake. He tried to scream but nothing was heard. There was only fire. And then nothing.

9/21/2009 #9

((Let's see...

"Kashmir," "land of the ice and snow," "the Crudge," "Black Dog," and "Stairway to Heaven" are the references I see. There may be more, however.

Crazy, for your information, you should edit your nation post to include the editions MW wanted.))

9/21/2009 #10

((Aspen, you got like half of them.

Also I edited my weaknesses and location.))

9/22/2009 . Edited 9/22/2009 #11

((I spotted Plant, Page, and Bonham as references.))

9/22/2009 #12

((I think the more important edit was that Heartbreakers can't stop a bullet unless they see the gun pointed at them first. Simply hearing it isn;t enough, since by the time the sound reaches an ear, the bullet will be more than halfway through its course.))

9/22/2009 #13

((no. i won't change that. having a guy use all of his energy to stop one bullet seems just as fair as a civil war robocop or giant animal spirits.))

9/22/2009 #14
Sarah Crowning

((I'll grant you that, but at least try to be civil when you have a disagreement. If you have an issue you can raise it without being bitter.))

9/22/2009 #15

((i was being civil.))

9/22/2009 #16
Sarah Crowning

((Good, it's hard to tell when there's no way to distinguish what's sarcasm and what's not. Keep it up.))

9/22/2009 #17

((I just thought I'd let you know that my new location is at 2-17, since the other guys in my forum advised me to. So.. viking's huh? I never really thought of them as nomads. Pretty cool idea.))

9/23/2009 . Edited 9/23/2009 #18

((I just thought I'd let you know that my new location is at 2-17, since the other guys in my forum advised me to. So.. viking's huh? I never really thought of them as nomads. Pretty cool idea.))

9/23/2009 . Edited 9/23/2009 #19

((One probblem though, you and I live closely together, but your forest is warm and mine is COLD!!!!!))

9/23/2009 . Edited 9/23/2009 #20

((Just a tip Silver, when you have an out of character post, just put double parentheses around the statement.))

9/23/2009 #21
Sarah Crowning

((Obviously a result of the mountain chain which blocks cold northern air from reaching the mainland. The eastern side of the map is infertile plains and desert for a reason.))

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Anaimi, Nita, and Aro Sae searched relentlessly in the forest, looking for any sign of the outsiders that they had spotted earlier. "This is a waste of time." Aro spat. "Zira may be a smart girl, but shes quick to jump to conclusions. I'll bet you anything Zira just saw shadows." "Shush up Aro!" Nita snapped. "If theres one thing I know about Zira -Te, it's that she's honest and dependable. I doubt that she saw some dark shade." "Quiet!" Anami returned, staring out into the trees with his eyes half shut. "Someones... near..."

The warriors brought out their totem staffs, ready for an attack which they believed would come. "Do you see anything?" Aro asked. "Just strange figures." Nita replied. "Forget the fight!" Anami said. "We must obey Zire and return to camp with the news."

9/23/2009 #23

General Page was immediately absorbed in a ray of burning rebirth. It was shining darkness. It was the sparkling abyss. It was in the pit of God himself. No words were exchanged. No words needed to be exchanged. It was simple. This being was perfection, and this world must be purged to bring forth its arrival. The God would give his people divine powers to accomplish this. Go forth and do this.

General Page awoke in the cavern dazed and confused, he stumbled out. His flesh was burnt to a black crisp. It was black as charcoal. He notice shaply horns had sprouted from his skull, no doubt a gift from the God. He continued to see dead bodies scattered before him. He then continued to limp to his former camp. There he saw Bonham, Plant, Jo Han and about 6000 of his men.

Plant was pale and hairless, covered in glowing red tattoos. Bonham was bulkier and his pupils were completely black. Jo Han looked as though he had merged with a bat, but had his same skin. And the men looked either like Plant, Bonham, Jo Han or himself.

"Brethren, I know you have seen this vision of the God. You know what to do." said Page and his men scoured looking for traces of other civilizations.

Page and his three friends however stayed at camp and plotted.

"Sir. We have enough food to last us one more weak here." Plant reported.

"Then we will find more." Page replied.

Suddenly three of the Zoso who resembled Page without horns approched.

"Sir," said the Black Dogs (as the God had named them) "We saw foreign scouts to the west. They spoke in strange tongue and ran off to the west."

"Then west we shall we go." Page replied.

((Now white foot guy, I will be at your base in three literal days.))

9/23/2009 #24

"Zire-Te!" Anami called, bursting through the gate of the starhouse. Zire looked up for her starchart, staring at the obviously shaken trio of warriors. "Zire-Te... we saw some outsiders while patrolling the forest." Nita explained, her hair standing up on end. "What kind of outsiders?" Zire inquired. "We couldn't see very well," Aro began. "But we were able to make out some silhouettes. I think that they may have spotted us!" Zire sighed. "Alert the rest of the village. Salt the rest of the fish that we've just caught. Ready the warriors, in case they wish to attack. We are not aware of what these people are capable of." Nita bit her lip staring at the ground. "But what if they do not wish to do so?" Zire silenced her. "If you are correct, than I will see to it that we figure out a way to coexist with these people. If not, then we will fight for our land. We didn't come this far from Boa-Te to be conquered now. Though I hope that we may figure out a way to use this confrontation to our advantage."

9/24/2009 . Edited 9/24/2009 #25

((mistake post please delete))

9/24/2009 . Edited 9/24/2009 #26

((I found these images which I based my solders.

Black Dogs: (the image on the right obviously. Some have horns though.)

The Rovers:

Codas: (but covered in the red shoulder tattoos.)

Heartbreakers: (without wings)

Also here are a few things you'll see Rovers turning into...

Thats it.)

9/24/2009 #27

Thats just creepy!

9/24/2009 #28

Thats just creepy!

9/24/2009 #29

((which one))

9/24/2009 #30
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