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Name of Colony: Amestris

Name of Founding City : Briggs

Location of Founding Colony: Briggs is located at 5,9 (5 down, 9 across) with outposts located at 4,7 5,8 5,10 and 6,7

Administration: lead by Fuhrer Armstrong, but the classes are ranked on how skilled a person is at using alchemy and skill are listed for top to bottom

Requires no transmutation circle or the aid of tatoos to preform alchemy (3000)

Reuires the aid of tatoos to preform alchemy (3000)

requires the use of transmutation circles to preform alchemy (6000)

and finally has not learn or can't prefrom alchemy (500)

History of Expedition (how it got started): tired of the countless wars and the more deaths, Armstrong rebelled to escape and traveled here to start anew but beacuse of this some of the people traveling with her have disbanded from her group and form their own renegade party lead by their leader Havoc. this new group is most nomadic

Population:12,500 (Armstrongs) 2,500 (Havoc)

Composition of Expedition: the majority of the people are alchemist with very few being incapable of using alchemy, sense being able to transmute most of all the materials around them with was was brought with them. instead the consitrated more on food and water as supplies to allow them to cross the great sea

Equipment Upon Arrival: ships food, water, cloth, lumber

Technology Level:

-Important Technologies: automail full-steel prosthetics (kinda like robotic limbs), mithril, philosopher's stones

Magic System: alchemy

Laws being "the law of the conservation of mass"(5 pounds of iron = 5 pounds of steel, Mass stays the same no matter how its changed) and "the law of natural providence" (this more or less means that if i has water i can change it to something else that has attributes of water)

Example they can not turn water into gold, but they can turn silver into gold, rubes to emeralds, and iron to steel and vise versa

-Capabilities: being able to tranmute the battle field to the wants of the alchemist and to attack with the weapons they have transmuted from the surronding materials,

Example they can make a spear out of a raw iron or rock or whatever, but once the have it then they can change it say from iron to steel, brass, copperAlso if a more advance alchemist were attacked with a steel sword they could have the metal,shape,form of the sword into something else

they can maniulate the elements (fire water earth wind) but they have to fallow the laws

Example for fire, fire it dependent on the amount of oxygen in the air. so by changeing the mixture of the oxygen content of the air one could give direction to the flame

-Weaknesses: if use is continued of a long period of time without rest a severe drain on the user energy and stamina

-Effects on user: based on the skill of the user the effect can severly drain the stamina of an alchemist

Basic Info:though some cannot use alchemy, meny have learn the art hand to hand combat and armed weapon combat

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Sarah Crowning

Okay, interesting, but I'm going to need a little more information on alchemy. I think I get the ranking tiers of ability, but how many of the higher-class alchemists do they have? Don't need an exact number, just an estimate. Exactly how effective is this alchemy? Can they turn anything into anything? Can they use alchemy to form objects, or does it simply change the composition of a material? When they transform something, does it maintain the same material density?

The last questions a bit of a physics one, so I apologize, but perhaps an example would help. Gold is three times as dense as iron, so if they transformed iron into gold, would they only get a third as much gold, or would they get more or less? Also, what is automail?

10/7/2009 #2

ok i think i've answer all of your questions but if i haven't please tell me

10/7/2009 . Edited 10/7/2009 #3
Sarah Crowning

After much agonizing consideration, I have come to the conclusion that Amestris is not acceptable as it is. Alchemy is interesting, but it removes one of the key principles of New Sovereignty: resource management. Part of the purpose of this forum is to force players to deal with limitations and restrictions. There is only so much gold, or wood, or iron available for use. If a nation lacks something it has to fight, trade, or manipulate other nations to get it. Alchemy destroys that whole premise by allowing the mutation of resources. No longer would there be a finite amount of gold, iron, gemstones, or wood.

So, in its current state, I cannot allow Amestris. You're free to apply with something different if you want. If you'd rather stick with Amestris, I can work with you to make it something acceptable.

10/9/2009 #4

I suggest that Amestrians only be able to change a substance to another substance of equal value "Gold-Silver, Ruby-Emerald, Granite-Marble ect.."

10/10/2009 #5

Or how about being able to change one substance only to another of its category? For example, metals can only be turned into metals, stones into stones, textiles into textiles etc.

10/10/2009 #6

Pretty much the same thing, but good idea anyway.

10/10/2009 #7

isn't that how i said it was?

metal to metal and so on

yes i did

"the law of natural providence" i which i explained in poor grammer

10/12/2009 . Edited 10/12/2009 #8
Sarah Crowning

While the law of natural providence is a step in the right direction, it still allows a lot of violation. Turning iron into gold, wood to coal, stone to gems, and of course the reverses.

10/13/2009 #9

I suggest it be used in a more strict way. Gold is more valuable than iron, so they are not of equal value. Therefore, Iron could not be turned to gold, and vice-versa. Equal value would be more like dividing the material into sections, like wood, metals, minerals, and such. Something of equal value would be a gem to a gem, not a stone to a gem. It could also only change the prior slightly, nothing nearly as drastic as wood to coal or stone to gem, which would require millions of years of heat and pressure.

10/13/2009 #10

thank you SliverBlue for your post

as i was about to say before i read your post i don't think that wood could be changed to coal and it never occurred to be that i could change a stone to a rube though i would have gone with rube to emerald but not stone

10/13/2009 #11

ok i have an idea

as a set rule for alchemist

you can not change any metal to gold just so we don't whack out the world economy

10/13/2009 #12

Good idea, seeing as how the real world economy is ***. Just keep modifying your nation and you'll get in eventually. And by the way, what sort of metals would you be able to turn into gold?

10/13/2009 #13

I don't think gold is the main issue, I think Mindwarp wants you to have to trade and interact to get certain materials

10/13/2009 #14

honestly i was thinking all of them

but since i forbidden myself from doing it, it doesn't really matter

10/13/2009 #15

You know, maybe you could only use a very large amount of certain material "note: we don;t know what it is, let's just say that Amestris brought it, and it has no form" to change it into other substances. But for each change, a certain amount of the population dies out, or some other penalty.

10/13/2009 #16
Sarah Crowning

Kross is correct. However I think SilverBlue's suggestion would work. Alchemy restricted to goods of roughly equal value, along with the two rules already in place, would be acceptable. So gems could change type, or gold to silver, iron to steel, etc. That would keep the integrity of the resource system while still allowing a unique magic advantage. If you go with that option I will approve it.

10/13/2009 #17

Please delete

10/13/2009 . Edited 10/13/2009 #18

like a philosopher's stone

10/13/2009 #19

So yeah, if your brought like a ton of philosopher's stones, and had to use a lot of them to create another material, that could work.

10/13/2009 #20

i like mindwarp suggested i change it to that

10/13/2009 #21

there i changed it

i hope its clear enough now :)

10/13/2009 #22
Sarah Crowning

Alright, approved. Welcome to the forum, and thank you for being understanding with the adjustments.

Might I ask what Mithril and the philosopher's stone are, since its under unique technologies? I won't make you wait to start after all this, but I'd like to know.

10/13/2009 #23

the philosopher's stone is more of a tool used be alchemist, it more or less an inhancer of alchemic power, like speeds up the transmutation, less resources need for the transmutation,

example of use

a lower class alchemist wants to make a house and his skill is very poor the philosopher's stone corrects that

mithril is a really stong light weight metal mostly used for armor and the more expensive automail, unbreakable

but these 2 things have there drawbacks

1) the philosopher's stone is incredably hard to make because the resources nessasary makes the one think twice about makeing it. hence there are very few im going to say that we have 5

2) mithril takes alot of time to refine and purify so its not readable available all the time. mostly used for automail but as an armor it prevents pircing damage (like stabs and bullets) but if hit by a bullet in its chainmail form the air will get knocked out of the wearer

10/13/2009 #24
Sarah Crowning

Alright, just don't make mithril too strong. There are some things, such as high caliber bullets at close range or a lance rammed at full speed, that are pretty much unblockable.

10/13/2009 #25
Sarah Crowning

Oh, and what color do you want?

10/13/2009 #26

well we kinda desided on pink so ill be fine with that

10/13/2009 #27

Armstrong tour the recently finished Fort Briggs.walking along the vast corridors she inquired to her secratary as to the process of the iron refinery and the wellness of the coleonies. "the coleonies are fairing well and the refinery will be up and running in a day or 2". Fort Briggs is the cental hubb for the city of Briggs.protruding from the face of the mountain, it towers over the city. leaving though the main door of Fort Briggs, Armstrong and her secratary move toward the 1st of the 3 walls the protect Briggs from the relentless snow storm.trugging though the snow Armstrong passes though 1st Gate.

"i'd like to have a scotting party sent to the east along the coast to see if we can find a bay in which to build a harbor" said Armstrong

"ill have my men sent in the morning sir" replys hawkeye

Armstrong and her secratary continue forward as hawkeye marches off to inform his men

10/26/2009 #28
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