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Lead a colony as it struggles for its place among others in a virgin world.
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"Indeed. Thank you for your time, Lieutenant."

1/18/2010 #31

"You're quite welcome," the Lieutenaint finished, throwing a hand-signal to the soldiers behind him. The marines and their commander subsequently climbed down back onto the crowded rowboat and proceeded to return to the Lady Rouk.

1/19/2010 #32

As The Fury took heavier and heavier tools on Fort Rouk, the first signs of the plague began to appear in New Indroie proper. The food cargo from the Eretheans had contained some infected foodstuffs, and news of the disease reached Onparle too late. Duke Genroye ordered that all foods be washed in boiling water before consumption, but already over ten-thousand of serfs had eaten unwashed and uncooked grains and squashes. Hundreds of these were infected.

It took more than two weeks before the first symptoms appeared. After this point, matters rapidly degenerated. Entire peasant villages were afflicted with the Fury, and no herbalist or apothecary outside the villages themselves would take a victim, especially one who was but a serf. It was left to the limited knowledge of the farmers and their varying natural immunities to halt the devastation of the plague in their communities. This proved relatively unsuccessful. Whole communities of serfs, already overworked and underfed, were wiped out.

Meanwhile, cityfolk, soldiers, and nobles were hardly affected by the epidemic. The few cases among these groups took the lives of ten soldiers, a seamster family, and a royal bureaucrat, while scarring some dozen craftspeople and soldiers and having infected but not yet fully manifested in a few more, who stayed away from others due to their nascent coughing fits (which were known symptoms of the plague). Yet, these upper classmen were not unthreatened by The Fury. Class anger was on the rise among the serfs, and this pandemic was ready to throw them into open revolt.

1/22/2010 #33
Huai Xin

Tramping through the undergrowth Prince Kael sorely wished his steed hadn't died on the voyage to this new land. He looked behind him, the baggage train winded a fair distance back, 1000 underclassmen, 300 of them militia, 100 guardsmen and 100 elite guardsmen with enough supplies to rebuild his principality. "looks like I put everything into one basket" He thought to himself.

"My Prince," the sickly looking man behind him inquired,"Why such a long march over the river and through the forest."

"father Luc, we can only settle once and I am looking to expand before we find any opposition."

"and evade tax and the inquisition" Kael thought to himself

He looked onward to the mountain on the horizon.

(taking place in square 10 across, 9 down)

2/13/2010 #34

Along the outskirts of the coal-mining town of Chirbenne stood a handful of wooden watch-towers bearing the flag of Indroie. From one of these posts a soldier caught sight of the approaching train. The force looked huge, over one-thousand strong, and the men seemed to be armed.

Immediately, the soldier sent up a red flare, the signal for the Royal Army to prepare itself for combat. Other watch-towers gave the same flares as confirmation, and within minutes the authority of Chirbenne was aware of the presence of an approaching army. The town had a garrison of one brigade of about one-thousand musketeers. Five-hundred of these soldiers were assembled to meet the oncoming force either to halt its advance or fight it in defense of the town.

Meanwhile, the soldier on the tower yelled out through a loudspeaker (simply a large, empty, open-ended wooden cone) "YOU, FOREIGNERS! HALT! YOU HAVE ENTERED THE TERRITORY OF NEW INDROIE!"

2/14/2010 #35
Huai Xin

((I assume everyone speaks the same language to save time))

Kael halted at the sight of the flares in the distance and the watch towers, the baggage train halted.

"Looks like we aren't the only ones that live here, send the underclassmen and civilians back and prepare a retreat. Soldiers hold ground and don't provoke them but be ready."

*regimental officers sound the order through bugles

"Chief Officers and father prepare to accompany me to meet whoever these people are, ceremonial dress on the double, bring me my vestments."

*troops stand in formation but weapons holstered at attention

20mins later Kael, 2 staff officers, father Luc and the standard bearers (carrying a white parley flag, the colours of the prince and seal of the archon) step 100m from the troop line and call for parley.

2/15/2010 #36

((Actually, we've already established that each nation has its own language -Survaek has two major languages, in fact-. But, you could say that Kael is well-educated and learned Indroien in his studies.))

It seemed that the foreigners had followed the order to halt, but the soldier in the watch-tower was still nervous. These people were forming a battle-formation, it seemed. However, he was somewhat relieved when a small party of the newcomers marched ahead of the formation bearing a white flag.

Moments later, a bright-white flare rose into the sky from far behind the tower. It was the signal that the army battalion was approaching. The echoes of five-hundred marching men could be heard indistinctly.

The watchman replied by loading a blue flare into his flare-gun and firing into the sky, signaling that the foreigners were not taking hostile action. Minutes later, the battalion reached the vicinity of the tower and stopped about one-hundred meters from the closest foreigners (Kael and his party) and situated on the same low slope as the sentry post. An officer and two hussars on horseback rounded the side of the battalion from behind and galloped towards the foreign heralds and stopped abruptly about ten meters from them.

"Greetings, foreigners," the officer stated flatly. He was clad in royal white leggings, shirt, and coat with golden buttons and embroidery on the latter. On his head rested a black, wide-brimmed officer's hat. "Where do you hail from, and what is the purpose of your being here in the lands of Indroie?"

2/15/2010 #37
Huai Xin

As the messenger approached the retinue in formal gear stepped one pace back except Kael.

Prince Kael straightened stiffly in his formal clothes befitting his rank. "We come from the United Principalities of Rothe," He recounted with some difficulty, "I am Prince Kael, these are the citizens of my principality and we were seeking a place to settle." Just seeing the horse the officer was riding reminded Kael of how accutely small he felt. 'Indroie' he mused in his mind.

"We pose no threat to you, I was not aware you had settled here as well... could I request an audience with the governor of the area?"

2/15/2010 #38

"You may see him," the horseman offered, "but only if you leave your army here. I will allow you a half-hour to prepare yourself and to send a runner to ensure that no additional forces arrive. If more soldiers come, they will be seen as invaders and met with force of arms." He lifted his brim slightly in ackowledgement. "Be ready to leave as soon as possible, sir Kael." With that, the officer and his guards turned their mounts and galloped away, stopping at a small slope fifty meters Southwest of the Indroien battalion. From there, the officer watched the foreigners through a telescope.

Meanwhile, the battalion was supplemented by the arrival of a battery of ten six-pounder cannons, which were emplaced four-hundred meters behind the main force and set to fire a barrage seven-hundred meters forward upon command. The army and the artillery were kept in contact by a hussar serving as runner and spotter.

2/16/2010 #39
Huai Xin

As the Officer galloped away Kael felt a sinking feeling. "Father Luc I will have to send you back the other princes won't dare shoot at a priest even if sent by me."

The buglers belted out the order to make camp.

"Get me my general's clothes, Elite officer standard bearer you will be my escort in place of Luc."

10 mins later

Kael and his officer in their best uniforms made their way across the field followed by the standard bearer with the seal of the Archon (White flag with golden crown held up by 2 angels) and under it his personal colours (purple flag with white handprint).

2/17/2010 #40

The officer and his guards stood ready to receive Kael and his men.

"Greetings again, sir Kael," the officer spoke with a tip of his hat. "Follow me." The horsemen then turned their mounts and began to trot at a measured pace towards the town several miles away.

2/17/2010 #41
Huai Xin

As they started walking Kael really wished he still had his horse, walking so far in his formal gear seemed like a good way to kill himself. He however kept composed in a dignified manner befitting of rank.

2/17/2010 #42

The journey to Chirbenne, along a dirt road and past multiple army encampments, took about a half-hour. All the while, the officer and the hussars remained comfortably-seated on their horses and made no move to slow down or otherwise alleviate the growing exhaustion of the foreigners. They did not even speak to the foreigners along the way. Kael and his men were regarded with suspicion as well as not being thought worthy of service given their rude, heavily-armed entrance en masse into New Indroie.

At last, the town came within sight. Chirbenne was completely encircled by a tall palisade from which royal white, gold, and blue flags flew and guns protruded. Around the settlement were dozens of surface mining sites emitting the audible clanks of pickaxes and shovels doing their work. The gates of the town opened as the party approached.

While the group had been on its way to Chirbenne, another hussar runner had informed the mayor of Kael's approach. The horsemen, once inside the town, lead Kael to the mayor's mansion, a recently-finished lumber house painted beige and built on a stone foundation. The mansion was donned with a small tower and tile roofing, and included some of the only glass windows in New Indroie. At the door stood two guards carrying halberds. Each wore royal white tunic and leggings, a steel plate over his chest, and a flamboyantly-feathered hat on his head.

The horsemen stopped at this doorway. "This is the Mayor's house," the officer finally informed Kael, as one of the halberdiers proceeded to open the door. "As a guest, you are expected to show the great nobleman the utmost respect." With that, the officer and his hussars trotted away from the foreigners.

"Come on in, you," one of the halberdiers then spoke to Kael. "The Mayor awaits you in the atrium."

2/18/2010 #43
Huai Xin

Kael took a moment to straighten his uniform and take a few deep breathes. Walking in confidently Kael readied himself to meet the mayor, he new right now he was at their mercy. As he entered the atrium he composed himself and put on a diplomatic smile.

2/21/2010 #44
Kael entered into a spacious rectangular room with velvet-lined benches all along each of its four walls. The center of the atrium was illuminated by light both from the windows at the entrance and a square cut in the roof above the atrium which sent a beam of light into the very center, in which stood a small plot of colorful, tropical flowers. In the next entranceway, facing Kael stood tall man in a long, black coat embroidered with gold and silver, and wearing a wide-brimmed hat donned with a single, thick red feather. "Greetings, newcomer," the mayor spoke. "I am Baron Jenneke Vanderri, Royal Bureaucrat under the illustrious Duke Genroye, Mayor of the town and Chief Administrator of the estate of Chirbenne. Whom do I have the honor of meeting?"
2/23/2010 . Edited 2/23/2010 #45
Huai Xin
After diplomatically smiling and giving the governor a courteous bow Kael spoke, "I am honored and grateful that you have decided to meet with me after our rude entry into your land for that I apologise," Kael grimaced as he was pretty sure he was butchering the language,"I bring greetings from the United Principalities of Rothe, I am prince Kael." Kael bowed slightly again before taking a seat on one of the couches next to the mayors desk.
2/24/2010 #46
"I accept your apology and am happy to speak to you as a representative of my nation," Vanderri spoke. "However, I am not entirely convinced that you have come as a true representative of your own nation." The Baron stood up and began to pace from one side of the room to the other. "I am a well-educated man, sir Prince Kael. I know of the Empire of Rothe, and I know about its civil war, its Great Schism. I know of you rebel-princes, exiled from the Empire. I also know that the usual Prince of Rothe, whether of the Empire or the Principalities, does not venture out with one thousand men and a train of supplies aimlessly searching for land to settle. If you are not an invading commander, you are no Prince of Rothe. You are a Free Lord, or a tax-evader, depending on whether it is your supporters or your foes that describe you. I have met the same types of nobles myself, in my own homeland. I do not know where exactly you came from, nor what taxes and governance you are evading, but I know well that that place, those taxes, those governances are a good distance from the borders of New Indroie. With this in mind, allow me to speak to you properly. I speak as a representative of my nation, while you speak as a representative of your assets and your self-interest, for you have no nation. However, this does not mean that I have no use in speaking to you. In fact, this is quite an opportunity for the both of us. You are a feudal lord with armies at your disposal, and my nation has the land and resources for you to consolidate your power. So allow me to offer you a deal. I will allow you to settle in my lands, in the region of Chirbenne. I will neither tax you nor impose any oversight over you. However, you will be required to supply my nation with military forces when needed at a proportion of one-half of your current force. This is generous considering that you would enjoy the protection of New Indroie's borders simply by the location of your residence. So, does such a deal interest you?"
2/26/2010 #47
Huai Xin
Kael narrowed his eyes wearily this man was no fool and his offer was tempting "freedom from taxes, freedom from his competitors and freedom from the dreaded inquisition." Kael thought, however there were problems with this plan. "Now is see you are a learned and perceptive man, and your offer is most appreciated, but there are more complex matters at hand," Kael spoke the words seriously and put on a grim face, "the Archon's declaration of independence was a great shock to us all, however years of civil war has changed our people, left with nothing people turned to the power that be and we princes took loans of religious authority from the Archon." Kael wiped his face with his sleeve if the inquisition knew of this discussion he was dead, "We enjoyed kingly power over our underclass men, however we had to pay our debts to the Archon in taxes... oathes of fealty... and finally being forced to follow him on this mad journey. Countless numbers of us died on the journey here.... but the point is my authority is on the behalf of the Archon, the underclass men are his people, the soldiers are his, he holds our families in the cage of his court. Worst of all his inquisition is everywhere waiting to strike at dissidents and ensure the loyalty of the lower classes. Distance delays taxes and harsh judgement but if I openly rebel from the Archon nothing will stop the wrath of the inquisition and his faithful among my flock."
2/27/2010 #48
"But how is this Inquisition to know of your current location?" Vanderri countered. "And would it be willing to breach the borders of another, sovereign nation to reach you? However, if you are committed to remain a subject of the Archon, as you call them, there is another arrangement we could work out. You could 'sell' half of your forces to New Indroie as 'mercenaries' -to be called when needed- in return for the payment of a lease of land for your estate. You would technically still be a Prince of Rothe, insofar as the term is accurate even now, and you would fly the flag of Rothean colors, but you would reside within the borders of New Indroie. In fact, your settlement could work to the advantage not only of you and New Indroie, but also the Principalities of Rothe. Given its position, it would be an excellent link between our nations for the purposes of diplomacy and trade. This could also mean that your settlement would expand, perhaps grow into a city given its powerful location, and with this attention would come taxes, but by that point the amount of wealth you would draw in by commerce would far exceed what you make now even without taxes. Does this arrangement seem more palatable to you?"
2/27/2010 #49
Huai Xin
"If they could not reach me in person the archon still holds my family in his court, however your compromise is a good idea however I would need to have this approved" Kael thought a moment. "If the Archon allows this deal to go ahead it could lead to greater things, I will send a messenger back to bring tidings."
2/27/2010 #50
"Excellent!" Baron Vanderri excalimed. Returning to his more measured tone, he added, "Do be sure to emphasize the benefit this plan will offer to the Archon itself through convenient diplomacy, taxes on commercial wealth, and, most importantly, a move towards friendship with the powerful colony of my noble Duke, under the even greater power of King Iro. We are a people with too many similarities to let an opportunity to grow closer slide away. And," he added slyly, "you are too intelligent a man to let this opportunity for power and profit slide."
2/28/2010 #51
Meanwhile, far to the West of Chirbenne, serf resentment was taking shape. In the midst of the plague, harvests were taking place, but nearly half of New Indroien villages did not send their crop taxes to the city, keeping their harvests in their own communal stores. Some of these villages, mostly those watched by smaller army camps, entered open revolt, attacking local garrisons with torches, farming equipment, and stones. Every one of these revolts was successful, as soldiers fled masses of rebelling serfs for fear not of weapons, but of the plague. These victories quickly brought the rebellion momentum, and within a week over two-thousand serfs were marching on the gates of Onparle, lead by elected representatives from each village involved and carrying the unanimous demand for an end to serfdom.
2/28/2010 . Edited 3/1/2010 #52
Duke Genroye was enraged at the news of serfs revolting and marching on the city and quickly decided on the use of full force against the rebels. A regiment of musketeers backed by a battery of cannon and two cavalry companies met the rebel procession four miles from Onparle. One volley from the one-thousand musketeers and a round of grapeshot from the cannons effectively routed the march and left nearly a thousand dead, dying, or injured. The retreating serfs were then pursued by the hussars until they surrendered. Afterwards, with the momentum of the rebellion lost, this army was easily able to force double the unpaid crop duties from every village that had not sent them. The nobility had won this battle, but the reality of serf resentment was not gone. All garrisons were doubled, so every village was now watched by at least a company of soldiers. The Duke also ordered the serfs captured after the battle and their families to be put to work in mining while the miners they replaced were sent to the farms, and that a specially designated artillery foundry be built in Onparle for the creation of light cannons for village garrisons.
3/1/2010 . Edited 3/2/2010 #53
Huai Xin
"Yes Isee things going my way" Kael relaxed a bit, "I'll set up a temporary camp within your territory until a permanent area can be agreed upon, I'm sure the Archon will be agreeable aswell, we'll need allies anyway."
3/2/2010 #54
"You are quite correct," Vanderri agreed. "Now, is there anything else you wish to discuss? Or would you like me to send a servant for refreshments? Your long journey shows in the weariness of your visage and form."
3/2/2010 #55
Huai Xin
"Some refreshments would be nice," Kael relaxed a bit and leant back on the bench, "Now more serious matters are over with I would like to inquire about the land, what other factions lay claim to the land?"
3/5/2010 #56
"'The land' is a rather vague term," Vanderri replied, waving his hand to a servant, who left the atrium to fetch refreshments. "However, I can tell you the names of our neighbors. To the West of New Indroie is the Monarchy of Ashvinau, a nation ruled by an Empress and known for its flying ships. Further West is the Erethea Tribe, a collection of villages and bands of simple, hostile primitives. To our Northeast, on another landmass, live the Umenites, of whom we know little."
3/5/2010 #57
Huai Xin
"Hmmm... what is your opinion on these other factions, any stance you recomend on them."
3/7/2010 #58
"My stance is that you deal with them in the best interest of your nation," Baron Vanderri replied ambiguously. "I would not suggest hostility, except with the Erethean primitives, who are to be neither trusted nor depended upon in any case." As he spoke, the servant silently returned with a plate carrying two glasses of wine, two glasses of water, and a small selection of sliced breads and cheeses. He extended the plate first to the Baron, who took his two glasses and one slice of bread and rye bread and a mild cheese, and then to Kael.
3/9/2010 #59
Huai Xin
Kael took a glass of wine and sipped it politely, "well then... if there is anymore business to attend to before a diplomat from the archon, would you like to accompany back to my camp."
3/10/2010 #60
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