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Name of Colony: The Eerethea Tribe

Name of Founding City: Galandal

Location of Founding Colony: 12-1. The settlement of Galandal, a large series of burrows, animal hide dwellings, and wooden watch towers.

Administration: A tribal clan oligarchy, run by the head chieftain of the main clan and the chieftains and elders of the lesser clans.

History of Expedition (how it got started): The tribe of Eerethea don't have a proper nation from which they came from. They are a close-knit coalition of clans who emigrated from their ancestral homes in the southwest when the game in their region moved northeast. The Eerethea followed the game, and they found the new lands so much more welcoming and fertile, that they decided to make the area their new tribal homeland.

Population: 3,385

Composition of Expedition:

-Chieftain Cyrroyon Honorheart and his personal clan (24 people, himself included)

-Tribal chiefs (19)

-Animal handlers (84)

-Farmers/Farmhands (380)

-Farm overseers (75)

-Leatherworkers (36)

-Woodworkers (33)

-Burrowers (66)

-Weaponsmiths (19)

-Noble family [relatives of the chiefs] (219)

-Common folk (672)

-Warriors (400)

-Cavalry (300)

-Priests (341)

-Druids (326)

-Shaman (415)

Equipment Upon Arrival:

-Hundreds of spears, tomahawks, bows, and arrows.

-Hundreds of leather armor sets and leather hide shields.

-500 domesticated deer, used as pack animals and war mounts

-Dozens of caravan carts

-Hundreds of animal hide and wooden pole dwellings, collapsible and able to be reassembled for ease of transport.

Technology Level: Tribal (Late Native American) with a few Colonial American woodworking, mining, and farming technologies

-Important Technologies:

-Support column architecture (used to support their subterranean burrows)

Magic System: The Eerethea have only three types of spellcasters, yet they hold a high status in society. The priest relays the word of their gods, the druid communes with the forces of the elements and nature, and the shaman speaks through the ancestors of the Eerethea and the spirits of the elements and nature.

-Capabilities: The priest is the penultimate supporter, healing the wounded, blessing the faithful, and helping those in need. The druid is the powerhouse of Eerethea magic, using the elements and nature itself to blast the foes of the tribe and gain the blessing of nature for the tribe's survival. The shaman is a potent mix of magic and might, a warrior and a priest, bolstering their allies and striking fear in their enemies.

-Weaknesses: The priest is a person on peace and non-combat. A priest may not use his powers to harm another, and he may never take up arms to fight in combat. Those that do deeply offend both the tribe and their gods, and they may be exiled from the tribe or even sacrificed to return the holy power within to their gods. The druid is the scion of element and nature, and as such must make sure his allies keep a firm balance of nature and community. Druids who do nothing to defend nature or willfully harm nature suffer a horrible backlash of their powers and all of nature seeks to punish them until they atone for their sins. Shaman are the voices of the ancestor spirits and the spirits of nature. If the shaman does something that offends or dishonors the spirits, he must be punished by the tribal elders and sentenced to a period of self-reflection, isolation, and recommuning with the spirits to make amends for their offenses. They are prohibited from speaking with any of the tribe or participating in any tribal affairs.

-Effects on user: Communing too much with the gods, nature or the spirits can have severely adverse effects. The Eerethea teach moderation in the use of their magicks. However, some younger or unstable spellcasters choose to ignore such warnings and blatantly use and abuse the god-given powers granted to them. An overuse of magic affects different casters differently. Priests who call upon the name of the gods too often and with little practical need slowly have their soul tainted. This soul taint soon manifests physically, creating brittle bones, blackened splotches on the skin, weakness of body and, if not stopped, eventual death. A druid who bends and abuses the elements and nature too much slowly devolves into a primitive debased abhuman, and if not helped and unable to stop the abuse, eventually becomes a mindless, savage beast, who must be killed before he escapes into the wild and infects the pure untainted animals with debased natural magic. A shaman who manipulates the spirits for his own personal gain or who uses their powers frivolously and too much, has their own life force slowly ebbed away by the angry spirits. Soon, his body becomes an empty husk, his life completely drained, and his soul becomes an angry wandering spirit, condemned never to rest.

Basic Info: The Eerethea are a tribal group of halflings who have settled in the west to hunt their game and form a more-permanent settlement for their future generations. They are not very technologically advanced, using stone spears and tomahawks, leather hide armor and shields, and wooden bows, though the head chieftain has a few iron items, iron being a rare luxury in their ancestral home. They are, however, paragon farmers and animal keepers and master diggers, as a majority of their homes are in semi-subterranean burrows, a trait borrowed from their close animal friends from their ancestral home, the badger.

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Exactly what is a halfling? Is it a human-animal hybrid like mine?

10/9/2009 #2
Sarah Crowning

Approved. Have fun with the halflings. One of them wouldn't be named Bilbo by any chance? I guess there's no Sauron here, so he can't exactly find the ring of ultimate power.

10/9/2009 #3

Exactly what is a halfling? Is it a human-animal hybrid like mine?

A halfling is a small humanoid, about 2-1/2 feet tall, proportioned exactly like a human.

One of them wouldn't be named Bilbo by any chance?

Actually, my halflings are based off of the v3.5 version of D&D halflings, not the earlier AD&D halflings or Tolkien's hobbits. But nice witty comment anyway. And thanks for the approval!

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The sun was high in the sky as a herd of bison grazed on the low grasses of the western plains.

Suddenly, a soft galloping, followed by the guttural cries of the hunt. The bison quickly took to the retreat, pounding away as they ran. Dozens of deer-mounted hunters, armed with spears and bows, rushed after the bison, whooping and hollering. The hunters were a strange figure, with the bodies of grown humans but the size of a child.

Soon, arrows flew and rained upon the bison. Some struck their targets, either slowing them or felling them then and there. Other missed, and the bison kept running. As it seemed they evaded the mounted hunters, more hunters pounced from bushes and underbrush, overpowering individual bison while their badger companions bit at the legs of the fleeing prey.

Finally, the herd was felled, and the hunters cheered in honor of their gods for the bounty granted to them today. A druid emerged from a nearby hill, raising her hands and chanting in prayer to ask the winds to assist them in transporting their bounty back home. Strong winds blustered about, small whirlwinds lifting the bison not able to be carried back on the carts.

The hunting party made their way back to their settlement. Tonight would be another plentiful night.

10/10/2009 . Edited 10/10/2009 #5

Soon, the hunting party returned to Galandal, the Burrowhome. The watchtower guards hailed them.

"Hail, hunters!" a guard called. "You have returned with the spoils of the land!"

"Yes, we have," the leader of the hunting party called, as the druid set down the bisons being held aloft by the winds.

One of the elders emerged from the council lodge. "Hail, hunters," he said. "You've returned with great spoils. Tell, have you encountered any bodies of water on the way?"

"I'm sorry, elder," the leader called, "but we have not."

The elder sighed. "It is alright," he said. "The druids are divining the surrounding lands for any pockets of underground water. No success yet though." He shook his head. "Let us forget those worries, though, and give praise to the ancestors and the Great Mother for a successful hunt!"

"Praise Yondalla!" the halflings cheered.

10/11/2009 #6

As the sun began to fall behind the distant horizon, the whole community was gathered outside a large series of roaring fires. The hunters were preparing the bison they'd caught earlier. The elders were discussing the water problem. And the rest of the tribe was waiting for the feast to commence. The feast to commemorate the finishing of the building of Galandal, the new Eerethea tribal settlement.

Though not all of the tribe was participating in the feast. Surrounding the entirety of Galandal, dozens of watchtowers stood aloft, a group of guardsmen ever alert in each one. This land was a strange and new frontier for the Eerethea, and they did not know if they shared this land with any other people, civilized or otherwise.

Meanwhile, a few druids and shaman were scouring the surrounding area, divining and searching for any nearby water source. The druids sensed a vast subterranean network of aquifers, but they couldn't pinpoint the exact spot.

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A few hundred yards from the main settlement of Galandal, a group of druids were dowsing the area when one of them stopped.

"Fellows," she called. "I sense it. I sense water. The Earth is whispering to me and I hear her words. We must dig here." She drove her staff into the ground in front of her.

One by one, the other druids gathered around the staff and sensed to very powerful natural water energies emanating from beneath the ground.

"Call the burrowers!" the female druid who first sensed the water proclaimed. "By high sun tomorrow, we will strike water." Quickly, one of the druids called upon the spirit of the swift deer, taking its form and speeding off back to Galandal to inform the chieftain.

As the remaining druids took a moment to pray to the benevolent Yondalla for her blessing, one of the younger ones broke from prayer to point out something. "Brothers," he called. "Look at these."

The young druid pointed his staff towards a series of clawed footprints nearby. They were reptilian in appearance.

"What in nature's name could have made these?" the most elder druid questioned.

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The Neonite mappers returned to where they found the dragonkin ((by dragonkin I mean miniature dragons, that are 5-6 feet tall)) eager to return to mapping the region. As they flew above they noticed some encampments. They sat in the little brush near the camp and watched through the night. In the morning the party, led by Geld a member of the Guild of Air, approached the camp.

10/13/2009 #9

The guards from the watchtower blew the horn when the saw strange foreigners approaching.

Quickly, a group of warriors armed themselves and stood at the edge of Galandal, while one of the chieftain's most trusted warriors rushed to the front, to meet the Neonites, his badger companion by his side.

"Halt!" he shouted in the native Eerethea tongue, looking up at the towering strangers. "Who are you?" He awaited an answer, a hand tightly gripping his battle-hardened spear, while his badger companion growled softly.

10/13/2009 . Edited 10/13/2009 #10

"We are represent the Neonites to the East of here. We wish to acknowledge your presence and pursue economic and diplomatic relations."

10/16/2009 #11

The warrior's grip on his spear loosened, and he stood straight.

"Of course," he said. "Men!" he shouted.

The warriors standing ready at the edge lowered their weapons and stood down.

"Follow me, please," the head warrior said, walking back into Galandal.

10/16/2009 #12

They walked into the village and Geld took in the sights around him. "I see you have great reverence of Nature and the world around you, we too share this reverence of the Earth."

10/16/2009 #13

"That is wonderful to hear," the warrior said. "The Earth deserves our praise and devotion, for she gives us all that we need and lets us survive off of her bounty."

Soon, Geld was led to a large rotund hide-canvas building. The halfling warrior held the flap door aside, letting Geld pass first. Luckily, the building was just tall enough to allow Geld and his men entrance, since this was the council building, and as such was built with a higher ceiling.

10/16/2009 #14

"Perhaps we should begin. It looks like you do not have much to trade but obviously you have much reverence for the land you walk upon. Maybe an alliance would be more beneficial."

10/16/2009 #15

"Sit," the warrior said. "I must fetch the chieftain." The warrior bowed before Geld before clicking his tongue. His badger companion followed him to the back of the tent to retrieve the head chieftain.

Soon, the Eerethea head chieftain appeared, dressed regally in tribal headdress and fine animal furs.

"Hail," he said to the taller Geld. "I am Cyrroyon Honorheart. My most trusted warrior tells me you've come from the east with talks of diplomacy and trade."

10/16/2009 #16

"Yes we do. We respect your reverence of mother earth, but I do not see many stores of things to trade around your... village. Have you much to trade?"

10/16/2009 #17

"Ah, but therein lies the beauty, my friend," Cyrroyon said. "On the outside, we appear as no more but a smattering of huts. But in the burrows beneath, we thrive. But alas, we have not much to trade with outsiders. Other than bison hide and field grains, we have nothing you wouldn't be able to gather from your homes in the east."

10/16/2009 #18

"Well our food is plentiful, and we do not ingest the mighty animals; but perhaps we could ally? Many do not care for the earth as we do, and we must band together less we be persecuted and pushed into the background."

10/16/2009 #19

"I agree," Cyrroyon said. "I hear talk from the winds of peoples across the lands to the far east, nations who disgrace Mother Earth without care. If these people ever were to step foot in our territory, I would like to know I have you as an ally. We do not have much to offer in terms of trade or technology, but we are strong in spirit, and we offer you our solemn vow of friendship."

10/16/2009 #20

"We accept and offer our own vow of friendship. We would like you to know that we have a settlement on the eastern border of the Great Forest to the East, please fell free to come to us if you are in any trouble."

10/16/2009 #21

"And if your people are ever in need of supplies in this area, you are always welcome in Galandal," Cyrroyon said. "Praise Yondalla."

"Praise Yondalla," the halfling guards surrounding the room echoed.

"The Eerethea welcome you, the Neonites, as allies of the tribe," Cyrroyon said.

10/16/2009 #22

"And may Ferocitas be with you. Is there any other business you wish to discuss?"

10/16/2009 #23

"Not at this moment," Cyrroyon said. "If we require your counsel in the future, we shall send a runner to your eastern outpost and request a meeting."

10/16/2009 #24

"Very Well, than we shall take our leave, and please do not be alerted if you see us in the region for we are mapping the plains here."

10/16/2009 #25

"Very well," Cyrroyon said. "Spirits be with you, friend."

10/17/2009 #26

The Neonites then took their leave.

10/17/2009 #27

Cyrroyon watched Geld and his men leave the vicinity of Galandal. He turned to his people. "Children of Yondalla," he called. "The spirits have graced us this day, with not one but two precious resources. We have gained a new ally in the area, and our druids have found a large source of water to sustain the Burrowhome. Praise be to our gods!"

"Praise to the Gods!" the halflings cheered.

10/17/2009 #28

Count Nouau Decuv, his Kudaf guides Eron and Iren, and his ten hired soldiers had set off in their latest exploratory trek, this time exploring the plains past the forests Southwest of Onparle.

As the party advanced, the count stopped briefly to survey the horizon with his spyglass. He caught sight of several wooden towers in the distance.

"Behold, men!" he shouted. "There are towers ahead, and they are certainly not our own! Eron, do you have your potion of tongues on you?"

"Yes, of course," Eron replied, the elder and more experienced in potionry of the two Kudaf brothers. While Iren was more the brave hunter and scout, Eron was of the Iquo intelligentsia, apprentice to a shaman.

"Very good. Now soldiers," Decuv continued, "ready your guns and fix bayonets. We do not know nothing of the temperament of the people we are to meet." The soldiers wordlessly obeyed. "Now, for better or worse, let us be off to discovery!"

Many in the party felt like shaking their heads at the count's words, but they realized that his enthusiasm, however unnecessary, exaggerated, blind, or misguided, was a useful boost to their collective morale. Decuv himself led the party from thr front, waving his nation's flag with the devotion of a staunch patriot.

10/18/2009 #29

"More outsiders," a watchtower guard called. "And they bear a flag."

"Alert the high chieftain," another guard said, and the runner quickly sped off.

Meanwhile, one of the Eerethea's brightest shamanka, Brenopee, rushed forth to Galandal's border, ready to greet the strangers if they were peaceful.

"Hail!" she called.

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