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"I've heard much of this iron material," Honorheart said. "Though we prefer to use the traditional naturalness of stone, we could stand to use new material in this new land. As for your requests, we have great stores of food, many grains and nuts, and meats and spices. We understand the importance of preservation of food."

Numerous tribesmen had emerged from their dwellings to take a view of the taller foreigners who were having an audience with their leader.

12/17/2009 #121

"How much do you have available to trade?" asked the hussar commander. "Our supplies are quite valuable, and will not be sold cheaply, especially our iron tools."

12/17/2009 #122

"We have numerous stores of grains and nuts," Honorheart said. "As for our meats, we only carry enough to feed and sustain ourselves, but you may take from what we have, and we can easily hunt for more, with proper ritual and penance to the Earth."

12/18/2009 #123

"In that case," the hussar lieutenaint replied "please do state which of our supplies you would like to purchase. Then, I will name their prices."

12/19/2009 #124

"Of your iron tools," Honorheart said, "I am most interested in the shovels, hoes, scythes, hammers, nails, and pickaxes, the tools we need most for farming and burrowing and carpentry."

12/21/2009 #125

"We are carrying one fifty of each of the following: shovels, hoes, scythes, and pickaxes," stated the hussar lieutenaint. "We carry seventy hammers and one thousand nails. For this altogether we will need ten tonnes in weight of foodstuffs. Can you manage that?"

12/21/2009 #126

Honorheart took a moment to think about that. "We do have enough to meet those demands," he finally answered. "Though that will leave our food reserves greatly diminished. However, if your iron tools are more efficient than our stone and wood tools, I suppose we could reharvest enough foodstuffs to keep our tribe thriving."

12/23/2009 #127

"Indeed," the lieutenaint agreed. "You speak wisely. So do we have a deal then, sir Chief Honorheart?"

12/23/2009 #128

The various tribesmen who were watching their high chieftain negotiate with this outlander whispered amongst themselves. Words of deceit. How these men wanted to trade the tribe's food for their useless tools and leave them starved for a future attack.

Honorheart, however, didn't seem to think so. "We have a deal, my friend," he said, lifting his hand to shake with the lieutenant's.

12/28/2009 #129

"Excellent. A scribe within this caravan is writing a treaty as we speak." After a few moments, the scribe mentioned descended from a wagon, walked over to the hussar commander, and handed him a document and a pen. The lieutenaint promtply signed the document, and then extended it and the pen to Honorheart.

"You must add your signature. If your people do not use writing and you are thus unfamiliar to the concept, simply know that it is a way to keep a record of agreements and that you must place a mark to serve as your sign on the line at the bottom of the parchment."

12/28/2009 . Edited 12/28/2009 #130

"My people know of writing," Honorheart said, as he took the pen and scribbled his name in the Eerethean script.

12/29/2009 #131

((When and from whom did the Eretheans learn writing? Without cities, extensive centralization, or large-scale commerce, they would have no reason to develop a unique writing system on their own.))

"Thank you, sir Chief Honorheart," spoke the hussar. "Now, may you bring your foodstuffs out for us to see? Or else, if you plan to bring them to use at a later time, when would this be?"

12/31/2009 #132

((I have no answer for that. Sorry. I assume the Eerethea have a pictograph-based writing system like most Native American tribes.))

"Due to the vast quantity of foodstuffs you have requested," Honorheart said, "it will take us a while to bring them out for you to take back to your people." He raised his hand, causing the surrounding tribesmen to salute and hurry to retrieve the various fruits, grains, and meats the Indroie hussar requested.

1/1/2010 #133

"Then let us have it be that you provide us with half of the food here and now, while we provide you with half of the tools," the lieutenaint proposed. "By noon the day after tomorrow, we will expect you to arrive with the second half of the food at our defenses, where we will provide you with the tools."

1/2/2010 #134

"Agreed," Honorheart said. "My people will have half of the food ready for you shortly."

1/2/2010 #135

"Good." With a sharp swing of his hand, the hussar ordered the merchants to unload the needed materials. They complied and had the tools together within fifteen minutes.

1/2/2010 #136

Some time after the merchants unloaded their wares, the tribesmen tasked with retrieving the foodstuffs returned, the 5 tonnes of meats, grains, and fruits piled on a series of primitive deer-pulled wooden long wagons.

1/2/2010 #137

The merchants wordlessly took the food and loaded them onto their carts. The unloaded tools were left on the ground before the Eretheans.

"Thank you, sir Chief Honorheart, and farewell," the hussar lieutenaint spoke before turning his horse away and leading the caravan back towards the Indroien lines.

1/3/2010 #138
Sarah Crowning

It started with a single halfling coughing mercilessly, a horrid hacking sound that would be all too common soon enough. Unbeknownst to its victim the disease had lurked within for three weeks, and was only now beginning to show itself. Many others were already exposed to the hidden sickness. They worked on, seemingly healthy, but growing the illness within. This first victim gasped for air and coughed, catched red blood and black, scarred tissue in his hand. Working inside the halfling's body the disease had coated and scarred his lungs and throat, nearly incapacitating the halfling with pain. Even if the victim survived, one might never totally recover.

A plague had come to Galandal.

((Here we have the results of the disaster. As you can see, the result of the randomization was a rather nasty plague which will probably haunt the forum for a long time. Erethea now has to deal with the plague, and any colony that has had contact with Erethea in the last map period or so should consider the chances that the dormant disease was passed on. The results were randomized through die-rolls to keep them fair. If you're interested in the specifics, the randomization results to specify the plague's characteristics were as follows:

Vector: Droplet contact- meaning the disease is spread through coughing, sneezing, breathing on someone, wiping your nose and shaking someone's hand, etc.

Contagiousness was a 5/6, which is why the disease has a three week incubation period. It's very easy to spread before people even know its around.

Severity is 4/6. The disease is incapacitating for at least a week if not more, and has a lethality of about twenty percent. Oh, and even if someone survives, it can permanently damage their lungs.

Difficulty to cure is also 4/6. There's no end-all cure or vaccine to the disease, but specialized medicines (which nations have to develop) can reduce the lethality and severity.

And the final double roll was to determine where the disease appeared. Erethea got very unlucky there, but everyone was on the list and with SilverBlue's luck I was fully expecting the Whitefoot to get it. Once the disease is named and starts to spread I'll add this info to the NS Guidebook, and since the disease starts here Bibliomancer gets the dubious honor of naming this horrible pestilence.

Have fun.))

1/7/2010 #139

((ooh this sounds like fun, my disease starting will be posted in the Neonite section right now.))

1/8/2010 #140

((Oh, great. Alright, give me a while to work this over. I haven't been on the forum for a week or so, and now I need to try and not only think of a name for this disease, but also try and think of a way to keep the tribe from completely succumbing to it.))

1/9/2010 #141

A few hundred yards outside of Galandal, a series of burrows had been dug and lodges erected.

The recently-affected of the mysterious disease that was running rampant through the tribe had been moved to these quarantined grounds. The priests had tried abolishing the disease from the infected, but to no avail. This was no ordinary infection. They were able to stave off some of the most debilitating aspects of the disease, for now. But even now, a dozen or more had already perished due to this fatal plague.

Whispers echoed through the tribe, hushed and frightened. Some people claimed this disease had been thrust upon them by the Indroie, the iron tools carrying this foreign affliction. Others claimed the spirits of the plains were punishing the Eeretheans for doing trade with the nature-hating Indroie, giving rise to the name the tribe gave to this plague: The Reprisal.

1/13/2010 #142

A lone Neonite medic, Yelp, flew into the Eerethea tribal areas, was quickly saddened by the visibility of the disease here as well. Yelp was glad he had eaten an herb that helped stop people from acquiring disease in the past, but he didn't know it would do little good with this disease. "Let me speak to your highest medic, I may have information that can aid you in the controlling of this disease."

1/13/2010 #143

((By the way, given this new development, will the Eretheans still make their second food trade to the Indroiens? It was decided to be due two days after the initial meeting.))

1/13/2010 #144

((By the way, given this new development, will the Eretheans still make their second food trade to the Indroiens? It was decided to be due two days after the initial meeting.))

((They will, but they'll send their [for all they know] healthiest runners to deliver it.))

A lone Neonite medic, Yelp, flew into the Eerethea tribal areas, was quickly saddened by the visibility of the disease here as well. Yelp was glad he had eaten an herb that helped stop people from acquiring disease in the past, but he didn't know it would do little good with this disease. "Let me speak to your highest medic, I may have information that can aid you in the controlling of this disease."

A guard nodded, stepping aside to let Yelp into the quarantine zone. "She resides in the largest lodge in the center of the zone," he told the medic.

1/13/2010 #145

"Thank you." Yelp walked into the tent and greeted the medic, wishing to aid her in the fight against this disease.

1/14/2010 #146

The high priestess saw Yelp and smiled softly. "Hail, friend," she said. "What brings you here in these dark times?"


The caravan containing the second half of the various foodstuffs the Indroie had requested, being transported by a group of deer-mounted warriors and a runner, were making their way north to the Indroie encampment.

1/17/2010 #147

The Indroien defensive positions was growing more extensive every day. What had begun as a simple line had now been transformed into an earthen fort, with four short walls containing raised firing positions, a trench before each wall, and wooden stakes protruding from the walls themselves as well as the ground before the trenches. This redoubt, to which the volley guns had now been moved, was named Fort Rouk, after the Colonel.

The caravan was spotted by a watchman on a small tower contructed not far from Fort Rouk, and the hussar group was again sent out to meet the Eretheans. The lieutenaint briefly explained that he was there to escort the caravn safely to the fort and then proceeded to have his cavalrymen flank the Eretheans and keep a close eye on them.

1/17/2010 #148

"Here are the foodstuffs, brought to you as you asked," the runner told the lieutenant. "May your people appreciate them, and may we both continue to amicably do trade with each other."

1/18/2010 #149

"Thank you," the lieutenaint replied. "Now, let us have the caravan come to the fort, you drop of the food, and we load our tools onto your then-empty carts. Does this sound acceptable?"

1/18/2010 #150
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