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Name of Colony: Ashvinau

Name of Founding City (if different):Marutah

Location of Founding Colony (Latitude by Longitude and description): 4 across, 9 down. The main city is caste divided by inner walls, and protected by outer walls. Both are currently unfinished

Administration (how its run, what kind of government): Empress and lower council of highly ranked officials. Monarchy and Religion rules government, with no seperation of church and state.

History of Expedition (how it got started): Following a deadly war with neighboring states, Ashvinau was almost completely obliterated, leaving only a fraction of it's population left to migrate north from their original state "around 20-8", using flying ships known as galleons to sail north and settle.

Population (remember that a food icon supplies enough food for 7500 people):15000 "just about"

Composition of Expedition (What kinds of people were sent, How prepared are they?):Empress Andhaka Ila, Six members of the governmental council, 3000 high and low ranking nobles, 5000 astisans and craftsmen, 6507 warriors and commoners.

Equipment Upon Arrival (Anything out of the ordinary like ships, weapons, machinery): Ten "transport only, badly damaged" Galleons

primitive farming equipment,

blacksmithing materials and tools,

ten pounds of gold and silver

Iron, steel, and other forging type metals

A moderate amount of stone and lumber

Crop seeds "wheat, rice, garlic, ginger, cotton,dye plant ect.."

570 silkworms

50 breeding chickens, 35 non-breeding chickens

20 pigs

40 salt rocks

80 Nala "horse like farming and mounting animals"

Mining equipment

Technology Level: Moderate

-Important Technologies: Galleons "Lightweight "about the size of a small airplane" ships, powered by thick sails and propellers, driven by coal. These galleons can serve as warships, but since the voyagehad badly damaged them, each one will need a whole lumber resource to rebuild "about 7000 units worth". They are also very expensive to make, since the drainage in resources has adverse affects on the economy.

Short swords like weapons and arrows

Farming equipments

Magic System: Moderate

-Capabilities: Mild manipulation of outside world "telekinetic moving a boulder, knocking down something light, like a brick or small tree" moderate weapon use magicks "fire, ice, lightning, ect..."

-Weaknesses: Drainage of energy and shortened life expectancy.

-Effects on user: Shortened life expectancy.

Basic Info: Very strict and divided caste system, with limited rights to those living in the lower classes. The absolute highest caste in the nation "known as the Authority" is the Empress, who is given 70% of control over the civilization. The remaining 30% is controlled by the Superior caste of council members and authority advisers. The third is the caste of religious leaders, the ascension, who monitor the religious houses, known as Deva, and the use of occultism and religious rebellion. The fourth caste is the visionary or artisan caste, which includes artists and craftsmen. The fifth and final caste is of the underlings, commoners who are the main breding population and oversee the food production. Slaves are not included into this system, since they are routinely dehumanized and barred of citizenship.

Their attitude to foreigners is an open one, encouraging trade and cultural exchange, while discouraging war "for obvious reasons". Despite this, most commoners are trained in combat and called to arms in case they are needed in military efforts. Each family in Ashvinau society is inferior to their community, which is therefore inferior to their representative regions, made up of several interacting communities at once.

These people are about 98% human, with the blood of a gryphon-like species mixed in. Therefore, most Ashvin grow colorful feathers around their ears of hair, whose color reflects their caste, " Red for Authority, Blue for Superior, Gold for ascension, Purple for Visionary, and Grey for Underlings. Clothing varies as well, with more elaboration as the ranks ascend. A headress called a Kieyo-Sei or a hanging Diadem is very common among the upper classes.On another topic, discrimination against different genders is virtually nonexistent, while racism and religious intolerance is common, although ageism is very taboo. Elders are almost treated as if they have skipped to a higher caste at times.

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Sarah Crowning

Seems quite good overall, but tell me a little more about these galleons. How are they made, how do they fly, and most importantly, what would they need if they wanted to build more of them? How far does "mild manipulation of outside world" go?

And I assume you missed a zero in population, since the total of the composition is about 15,000.

10/11/2009 #2

The Galleons are lightweight flying vessels, with massive thick cloth sails and inner machinery, "". They require much coal to fuel them, but can fly over lign distances if handled correctly. These Galleons were very badly damaged during their flight "think bad weather, mountains, ect..." and require 7000 units of wood to repair one. The magick system is relaitvely weak, only being able to move objects or damage them lightly. "Like snap a twig, move a rock". It can become more powerful with use.

10/11/2009 #3
Sarah Crowning

Alright. Approved. I was wondering how long it would take before we started seeing flying ships.

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Empress Andhaka Ila watched from the balcony of her palace, looking over the repairing efforts of the massive crimson winged galleons that stood out before her. The supplies of stone had been mainly used to construct the houses and walls, with dirt packed roads trodden down by Nandin. There was a large marble Deva in the Northeastern part of town, half completed. The uses of the underlings swarmed around the fields of grain and rice, while the Ascension and Superiors classes huddled close to the place. This palace was the second largest building in the city, besides the Deva. It was two and a half stories, with over ten rooms, all made of marble. Below the balcony, Empress Andhaka could gaze over all of Marutah, from the rice fields to the mansions of Arictiocrats.

The villagers were laboring away, from Visionaries to Underlings, even an Ascension or two pulled their weight. Marutah was labored on even more so, with thousands of workers laboring to build up the inner separation and outer protection walls with the stone that they had brought with. "Ma'am?" A voice echoed out from behind the curtain, which revealed itself to be Andhaka's servant, Petra, who approached her with a worried look. Petra kowtowed before the Authority, before delivering her news. "Empress, there seems to be a shortage of lumber in the repair of the galleons." Petra's grey feathers goring in soft tufts behind her ears showed her underling status, as did her coarse cotton Aodai, compared to Andhaka's flowing silk one, bright crimson and embroidered with gold threads. Andhaka nodded, beckoning her servant to rise again. "Thank you, Petra. Order the Superiors to send a scouting party to search for more while we still have some wood left." "Yes, Empress." Pretra replied, hurrying out of the room to give the news.

10/11/2009 . Edited 10/12/2009 #6

At the command of Empress Andhaka Ila, a group of twenty scouts men were gathered at the gates of the city. Their leader, Nyos Jat, brought with him a band of twenty mounts and a few rations of food to last four weeks. Their mission was simple, to explore the surrounding lands in search of more resources, mostly stone and lumber for the construction of Marutah. They set out the next morning, riding out swiftly through the wilderness, southward into the outlying forest.

10/11/2009 . Edited 10/12/2009 #7

The Ashvin scouting party has made camp next to a tributary of a swelling river after a three day travel "4 across, ten down. The forest here was unimaginably thick with high quality lumber, the tree reaching out to a hundred feet high. Nyos Jat was busy writing a letter back to the empress in Marutah, explaining the good timber quality here and proposing that woodsmen be sent to begin collecting it.

10/12/2009 . Edited 10/13/2009 #8

Back at Marutah construction had slowed down quite a bit. Without the proper materials, the majority of project could not be completed at this time. Despite this, the city was buzzing with life. Blacksmiths had began pounding out weapons, Nandin shoe, metal locks, and the like. The rice pattys and wheat fields were growing greener by the day, tiny stems pushing their way into the air. The marketplace wa filled with several Ashvin quarreling and haggling, Visionaries weaving tapestries and Aodai from the breeding silk worms, The meager crops being sold. Marutah's culture had blossomed as well. White clothed Aira, their faces white and lips crimson emerged again from the visionary ranks, ready to dance again in the Deva and performance arena.It seemed that for now at least, Marutah had a bright future.

10/12/2009 . Edited 10/12/2009 #9

At the request of Nyos Jat, thirty more scouts were sent out to the forest camp, equipped with all the necessary deforestation equipment. Immediately upon their arrival, the massive trees began to tumble to the forest floor, before being used to construct a settlement and sent back to Marutah for more necessary use.

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((Hold on, I'm a little confused where you are on the map because there is no coal near 4,9 or 9,4))

10/13/2009 #11

(( Kross, my main city is at 4 across, 9 down. There is a very distant village by the coal deposit around six-across, ten-down. There is also a growing lumber camp at four across, ten down, to help with the limited resources.))

10/13/2009 . Edited 10/13/2009 #12
Sarah Crowning

((I believe AspenIvan has already claimed the coal-deposit hill. I'll check the post dates and verify who get there first. Seeing as we now have a ton of new powers expanding I will make updating the map a priority to reduce the confusion.))

10/13/2009 #13

((If that happens I'll just change it into a second lumber village.))

10/13/2009 #14

((I don't even see in what post you claimed the coal deposit. If you claimed it in your intro, do know that initial outposts have to be adjacent to your main city square.))

10/13/2009 #15
Sarah Crowning

((I have to take blame for this one. Silver claimed the coal depot in her initial application, but I should have caught that, since I don't allow starting outposts that aren't adjacent to the starting city. My apologies, but it goes to Aspen. Now I might work on the map ASAP.))

10/13/2009 #16

((That's fine, two lumber outposts is as good as a coal and lumber pair.))

10/13/2009 #17

There had been a slight boost of activity with the construction of Marutah, mainly from the wood imports from the two outposts, now named Vayu and Nidra. With curiosity, Empress Andhaka Ila sent out another scouting party to map the forest along the river, hoping to harvest as much timber as needed to repair and build their city.

10/13/2009 #18

((Wait so is this on the island?))

10/13/2009 #19

((No, it's 4 across the top and 9 down the side, you must have been thinking of 9 across, 4 down.))

10/13/2009 #20

((alright, but from now on you should just call it 9,4 coordinates are just the number on the side followed by the corresponding number on the top of the map. And the closest coal deposit I can see there is at 10,7 is that the one you mean?))

10/13/2009 #21

Yeah, but MindWarp gave it to Aspen. I know, it's confusing.

10/13/2009 #22

In their Northwestward procession to the mountains, one thousand serfs and one thousand soldiers of Indroie unknowingly approached Marutah en masse, their collective footsteps booming through the plains. The leader of the massive expedition, Colonel Vinn Rouk, surveying the horizon with a telescope from the top of a low slope, spotted the foreign city on the horizon.

"Look, gentlemen!" he exclaimed to his surrounding officers. "It seems we are not alone in these lands! Quickly, send up a flare! We best prove that we come in peace, rather than foolhardily march in and possibly press these people by fear into attacking us!"

A flare was indeed shot up, as if two-thousand marching feet, several military drums, and dozens of bright, high-flying flags were insufficient to announce the presence of the Indroien procession.

10/13/2009 #23

The flare sputtered in the sky over the heads of the crowd gathering in the marketplace. Shocked and puzzled expressions covered the face of every Ashvin, some screamed. Immediately the empress was alerted, who in turn took on her own estranged expression. After staring at the glow for a few seconds, the empress began barking at the Superiors, ordering that their own flare be sent up in response, and a band of warriors sent out to investigate.

10/13/2009 #24

Once the flare was up, Colonel Rouk again surveyed the horizon for a good while and spotted the approaching band of warriors. Immediately, he ordered the procession to reorganize itself: soldiers in four ranks in front, with serfs behind. Vinn Rouk and his subordinate officers positioned themselves several yards in front of the formation, acting as a delegation to meet the incoming foreigners.

"Brigade! Ready muskets and fix bayonets!" the colonel barked. The soldiers immediately moved their muskets' flintlock mechanisms from half to full c*** and fixed on socket bayonets. If anything went awry in negotiations, Rouk wanted his entire brigade of soldiers ready behind him.

10/13/2009 #25

The band of warriors, lead by captain Kyhan Noore, approached the opposing party with caution, there raised weapons couldn't have meant anything good, at all. "I am Captain Kyahn Noore, we come in peace. All we want is to learn of the origin of the flare."

10/13/2009 . Edited 10/13/2009 #26

Colonel Rouk raised his eyebrow in confusion at the strange tongue of the foreigners.

"We come from the colony of New Indroie," he attempted to explain, "of the great Kingdom of Indroie. We approach in peace, and simply seek safe passage through your lands to the mountains to the Northwest, which are our destination. Do you understand?"

The contrast between the two groups could not have been starker. On one side was a band of a few dozen warriors with simple arms and clad in dark, ancient-looking armor. This was dwarfed by the entire one-thousand man brigade of bright white-clad musketeers, in four tight ranks almost a quarter-mile across, facing it.

10/13/2009 #27

The Ashvin band mumbled to each other softly, nodding. Understanding, the Captain offered an apology. "Welcome to the city of Marutah, foreign Indroiens."

10/13/2009 #28

"Aha! It is good to meet a foreigner who can speak the Indroien tongue," the colonel commented. "Thank you for your welcome. Now, we must proceed past your city, but will take a course around the settlement so as not to crowd it. Will you allow us to safely proceed so?"

10/14/2009 #29

"Of course, sir. You mean us no harm."

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