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Lead a colony as it struggles for its place among others in a virgin world.
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"Then, if he agrees, which I assure you he most likely will, Miyah will travel back to your capital along with your party."

12/7/2009 #151
Del Vento

Lercet nodded. "My men and I would be most interested in visiting your capital whenever you deem an appropriate time, Your Majesty." Chaenaw rustled next to him, the young man's pains seemed to be coming back again. He hoped that his aide would be able to see the capitol. He was normally ill to some degree, but it was usually more of Evening Sickness than anything else. For it to strike him at morning was rather odd, but it might have been something else. Hard telling.

He resolved that he would speak to Chaenaw after they left, from the way that the fellow was moving he sounded fairly uncomfortable. Perhaps, he mused, we'll be able to get something for him when we go to Marutah; the west has better herbs for medicine, or so I would assume.

12/7/2009 #152

Andhaka squinted in puzzlement for a split second. "I am not sure if you are aware of this, but you are currently in our capitol. It is my flaw for not mentioning it earlier."

12/7/2009 #153
Del Vento

Lercet nodded. He had been aware that he was in the capitol, however, had wanted to wait and confirm that he was visiting before he went into the city to explore (or at least explore to the best of his ability, without having a sense of sight or smell at the moment.) He dipped his head in her general area before getting up, flanked by the 13th seat. "We will be going about the city, to get a better sense of things. However, I must ask you--does your nation accept gold peices as currency?"

Lercet found himself almost amused at the idea of finding himself in a situation in which he could not pay afterwards. However, there was no problem with finding out that he was wrong right now, if he was, as then he would not be embarrassed.

12/7/2009 #154

"Gold pieces are very valuable in Ashvinau worth 200 bronze and 50 silver." Andhaka returned. "Though I suggest that you keep it hidden while in the marketplace, those who are rich here often get a storm of offers from farmers and artisans" She chuckled afterward.

12/7/2009 #155
Del Vento

Such a center of will be enjoyable, heading about the town. "Thank you, your majesty," he said, bowing slightly before leaving the room, Chaenaw flanking him. As the two headed down the steps, Lercet turned his head to look at the Seated Officer. "Are your pains coming back?" He asked, a keen expression hidden only by the carbon mask and blinders.

Chaenaw took a few silent steps before Lercet heard him look up. "Yes sir. I'll be fine." Lercet nodded vaguely as they entered the marketplace, stopping for a moment when he heard footsteps in front of him. "Excuse me? Do you know where we can find a doctor?" Chaenaw translated apprehensively, sounding a little embarrassed.

12/7/2009 #156

A mother of two, one child 12 and the other 5, carefully looked over both Chaenaw and Lercet, recognizing them as the foreigners that had been rumored to her. "There are a few down south" She pointed towards a less busy section of the market. "You should go to Maya Ney, the one farthest down the medicinal district." The woman left at the tug on her hand by one of her children towards a passing vendor that carries the food the family needed.

12/7/2009 #157
Del Vento

Lercet would have thanked them for being helpful, but he heard them realized and decided that they would head on. Although, he realized ruefully, there was no way to really tell where they were going...Chaenaw's embarrassed hesitance as he walked alongside the captain didn't truly help the matter, either, and it took about thirty minutes before they arrived.

Lercet turned in the approximate direction of the heartbeat and spoke. "Do you have a moment? We would like to purchase some medicine."

12/7/2009 #158

And elderly Ashvin recognized the common call for medicine, but was slightly shocked by the strange appearance of the strangers. "For what?"

12/7/2009 #159
Del Vento

"Muscle cramps, overall pain, and weakness; sometimes he tends to have abnormal respiratory upsets," Lercet explained. Chaenaw folded his arms in discomfort an embarrassment, leaning away slightly like a small child about to be immunized. Lercet, able to tell this much by his hearing, sighed inwardly; Chaenaw was a good young man but wasn't really of much use for very much of anything, besides aides' work and translation.

12/7/2009 #160

The Ashvin, owning simply a small stall, had stored almost all of her herbs up front. She took a motar and pestle, and two sweet scented dried blossoms that highly resembled lavender. After crushing them and generating a strong, sickly sweet scent much like honey, she added bits of mushroom, leaves, and roots to create a bitter mixture. It was wrapped up within parchment, and handed to Lercet without a word. "Take a sniff every half hour, a swallow if the pain worsens or remains." The herbalist then held out a deeply creased hand. "Ten bronze pieces for that, please."

12/7/2009 . Edited 12/7/2009 #161
Del Vento

Lercet debated for a moment before he set 100 small copper colored pieces in her hand, taking the herbs before she had the chance to say anything. He had heard the echoes of footsteps off of her stall and had rapidly determined that it was small, and from the sounds of it the bronze would do her much more good than it would him. He stopped for a moment and handed it to the Seated Officer, who he heard look away sheepishly.


"Take it, Chaenaw," he said gently, taking the young man's hand and pouring a bit into it. Reluctantly the Seated Officer moved the hand to his nose and mouth under the carbon mask and inhaled before they continued on.

12/7/2009 #162

In the main market, seven highly trained dancers and acrobats were performing in front of a crowd, while loud calls of certain crafts erupted as the artisans struggled to lift their pitch enough to surpass the loud cheering of the group. While many of the crafts involved metal, such as horseshoes and jewelry, a wide variety of trades such as glass blowing, weaving, candle-making, cartography, and pottery populated the square in great numbers.

In the distance was the main transport lane, where the galleons rested while not in flight, easily visible from a long way back. A newly completed Deva was also nearby, although not as prominent as the shipyard was.

12/7/2009 #163
Del Vento

Lercet stopped for a moment, listening to the vibrant sounds that echoed through the areas the dancers and singers performed. Cheering and sales pitches were everywhere around them, and Lercet wished strongly that he could have removed his blinders to see the area, just once. However, that probably wouldn't be a very likely happening, judging by the climate and sunlight.

12/8/2009 #164

Heavy rumbling erupted from the nearby shipyard as pounds upon pounds of stone were piled into the main trade ship. The sound was loud enough for even the most badly-eared Ashvin in the market to hear.

12/8/2009 #165
Del Vento

Lercet and Chaenaw both froze, listening. Loud sounds could throw off their reflective hearing, as the technique was called, so it was important that they waited for the noise to stop before they kept walking. Lercet heard the aide shift with dicomfort again, apparently the medication wasn't working yet. "Chaenaw, eat it. It's no good for me to force you around the city if your sickness is coming back, and I don't intend to take a sick man on a forced march..."

Chaenaw vaguely nodded, too tired to put up a complaint, and swallowed a bit of the perscribed powder, grimacing. It was quite bitter.

12/14/2009 #166

After the sound had subsided, the skydocks were quiet again. Loud mentions of the northeast colony of New Indroie echoed across the stone walkway.

12/14/2009 #167
Del Vento

Lercet, although unable to speak the native language, did pick up on the mention of the other colony. All of the Carbon Regiment spoke Indroien, as it was one of the basic languages that they had all been taught as cadets. At this thought Ilecke came to mind, the young man had gotten very high marks in Indroien and Operating Blindness as well; thus he had been chosen as lieutenant upon graduation.

Lercet allowed a small, hoarse laugh to rise in his throat and a smile came on his face as he remembered the cadet's facial expression when he had been told this, compared to his cool confidence as he gave his graduation speech. Ilecke had come far.

He had noticed that Chaenaw had stopped shifting in discomfort a few moments back, and gave an inward sigh of relief. Chaenaw's sickness and pains worried him at times, they came on abruptly and often left him unable to continue his work. He was not an uncommon face on the sick call.

12/14/2009 #168

((Well, I don't really know what to do now, I wasn't planning on just having the two tormented by just wandering around the main market... ))

12/16/2009 #169
Del Vento

Back at the camp, the fifth seat of the regiment, Sohn Sineer, got up from where she had been sitting and stretched for a moment, putting her left hand on her right wrist and cracking it. The female, although still thickly jointed, had a lithe, fragile appearance, the typical phenotype of most of the others of her gender, although she was considered plain, in retrospect.

A stirring behind her from one of the guards brought her attention to her surroundings; she nodded once towards the Ashvin. "Hello." She spoke the native language to the degree of fair, although she did not excel as Chaenaw did (thus, why the lower ranking officer had been designated as the translator).

12/18/2009 . Edited 12/18/2009 #170

((This is pretty vague. Mind sort of linking this post to the rest of the story? What, is the guard a Sesaban, an Ashvin?))

12/18/2009 #171
Del Vento

{ { There. Sorry about the inconvienience. =) } }

12/18/2009 . Edited 12/18/2009 #172

((It's fine. Your posts are normally very detailed anyway.))

The guard was watching over the plains that spanned uninterrupted for miles and miles. Only the nearly-impenetrable forest cut the view from racing halfway across the world. "Hello." He responded, keeping eyes on the surrounding area, but still catching a glimpse at the Sesaban. Most Ashvin were still unused to the foreigner's exotic appearance. Sesabans contrasted very sharply with dark tones and charcoal-peppered skin than the guards native peoples, who hailed from a canyon and were used to bright weather.

12/18/2009 #173
Del Vento

Sohn nodded. A calm, quiet woman, she was often the scapegoat for the regiment's troubles due to her personality traits, and bore that responsibility with as much strength as was contained within her. For Sohn was plain, and neither strong in body nor spirit, but her heart, it was said sometimes, could acheive what these could not; as the bearer of the regiment's suffering she had learned so much, and had a certain worldly, tired sense about her wherever she went although she was fairly young.

"I am Fifth Seat Sohn Sineer, of the Carbon Regiment." Her tone of voice was calm, like the cool waters that had once run though the uncut lands...the uncut lands of which she often dreamed, in a time when her people had not been as destructive as they were now.

12/18/2009 #174

The guard, by military law, was forbidden from sharing any personal information with outsiders and the population. This often lead to humanization, which made the guards more approachable, and overall less effective. "Are you looking for an audience with a Superior, or perhaps passing into Marutah?"

12/18/2009 #175
Del Vento

Sohn was quiet before she answered. "No; I thought that, seeing as we have been here together for the good of a few hours, I should have at least introduced myself to you." She closed her eyes under the blinders as she spoke; they were blue in color. Although to some humans blue eyes were attractive, to Sesabans they were of equal weight with gray, although an individual tended more often than not to have a preference.

Her hair fell to about six centimetres below shoulder level, and was light gray, with a few darker parts in it, once more, fair; she had very normal featuress: in reality, she was not interesting and was, as she had previously thought, plain.

12/18/2009 #176

"Alright then" The guard answered, hoping that he wasn't caught by an officer, and potentially forced into a lesser task for the month. Rank was very important to all those living in Ashvin society, but particularly this citizen and his caste. Most of those in the visionary caste were highly paid and hard at work with creating a artistic overlay for the city, writing, and generally enriching Ashvin culture. His family had not been so lucky, with pottery on an economic slope.

12/18/2009 #177
Del Vento

Sohn, not wanting to force him into a situation he did not want to be in, was quiet, closing her eyes under the blinders again and taking a few steps to the side before bending over and removing both of her boots to reveal black coverings on her feet as well. The earth felt wonderful underneath her feet, better than anything she had ever felt...

She settled onto the ground, sitting on the grass and taking a deep breath, although it felt as if there was a lead weight on her chest. What it would be like to be free of that. However, her form would not allow her--no matter how she was in mind--to leave the nation to reside elsewhere; let alone, her ties were too strong.

12/18/2009 #178

The guard may not have heard much of Sesaban history and culture, but the news had that had been spread described them as a heavily industrialized civilization, so much so that they were unable to function within natural conditions. Strange, that Sohn seemed to share such a strong connection with the planet.

12/18/2009 #179
Del Vento

Sohn turned her head in his approximate direction but remained sitting on the ground as she spoke. "You are very fortunate to have this land," she said, moving her hair back behind her shoulders with one hand. "Although I have only seen it in the dark...I am assured that it is beautiful," she finished after a moment. Mild envy rested in her as she said this, although it was not jealousy but a wishful, intangible longing.

12/18/2009 #180
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