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Name of Colony: Rusecto

Name of Founding City: Fort Inoto

Location of Founding Colony: They have a mountain fort being built at 14,20 along with the large Iron mines there, but as of yet only the royal and soldiers quarters are complete, with temporary shelters for laborers to mine the iron. They also have an established Iron mine at 13,20. They have also begun work on a farming city at 13,18 in order to grow crops, which they are starting to build a steel wall around. Also, a few Mortals have been sent with a large number of undead to 12,22 in order to hunt game to feed the undead as well as to have the game still in good shape for mortals and those with no flaws to be fed to the immortals; they also attempt to tame the wild horses that run through the plains there.

((I put this caste system first in order to make the description read better))

Within the Rusectos are three distinct castes, they are in order lowest to highest:

The Undead: As the Rusecto can reanimate certain corpses, these ‘thinkers’ as they are called by the other castes due to their swelled heads ((This is barely noticeable unless you are very close to them))

Are immune to pain and intimidation, though they can be killed as well. These thinkers are used mainly as a labor force though they also will be used as a fighting force. These corpses cannot learn or think for themselves though, and will only follow orders, even if it means marching straight into death.

The Mortals: These are the mortal men that make up the bulk of the true Rusecto society. They are the inventors and high-class warriors of this society and are respected as such. They look much like normal humans but are on average 7 feet tall and built thickly.

The Immortal: These are the eternally youthful elite. They do not age and will live forever, unless killed, and they rule and never do they fight or attempt dangerous activities as their lives are the most valuable of anyone’s. They appear elfish in appearance, tall and thin with pointed ears, as well as a dull tint to their skin.

Administration: The ruling class are the immortals, they often assign mortals to be regional governors but

History of Expedition: The Rusecto once lived peacefully beside another group of people, but soon these people’s unholy demon summoning became too much, and they were pushed out of their home to the east. They came here in hopes of finding acceptance, but they also need to fuel conflict in order to grow their labor force.


Immortals: 90

Mortals: 4600

Undead: Variable (current~9000)

Composition of Expedition: The Rusecto escaped with many undead in order to build their structures and labor for them. They gathered their supplies, including many mining and building equipment and set out. When they discovered large quantities of steel but no stone they made a critical decision, to build a fortress out of Steel and some Iron; being master Iron and Steel Workers it was possible, they had built buildings like so, but never had they attempted an entire fortress so it is taking a little while. They brought many steel weapons and armor and are building many defenses as well.

Equipment Upon Arrival: They brought many horses, as the Rusecto are excellent horseman as many of the Mortals fight as cavalrymen, and they also brought some plow animals such as oxen, and they are experimenting with buffalo as work animals, though they are very hard to tame. They also brought very large wooden carts to hold bodies and corpses as an easy food source for the undead, these are too hard to replicate with Iron as they would be too hard to pull.

Technology Level: There technology level varies, in metal working and melee combat they are fairly advanced, but they lack gunpowder weapons and such.

-Important Technologies:

Steel Buildings: They have become so good at working with Iron and Steel that they have been able to build buildings out of steel.

Steel Cables: They have invented primitive cables out of steel, which allows their siege weapons to fire much, much farther than normal siege weapons.

Magic System; Undead:

-Capabilities: The Undead are alive again because of magic, and it fuels part of their life cycle. They are resistant to pain and will follow exact orders at all costs.

-Weaknesses: They have no free will, and they cannot learn, they do what they are told and nothing else.

-Effects on user: They are literally walking corpses used mainly as a labor force and sometimes as soldiers.

Magic System; Mortal:

-Capabilities: These are the ones who resurrect the certain corpses of mortal men. They do this by selecting their corpse, placing their hand on the face and placing a small chant. They also never resurrect their own kind, but instead give them proper burials, often on the battlefield if killed in battle.

-Weaknesses: They are not miracle workers, they cant resurrect people with limited blood within their body or a crushed head or one who is missing a torso; they have to be viable in order to be resurrected. Also, they cannot resurrect Undead that have been killed.

-Effects on user: It drains their energy partially, and many have reported to be thirsty afterward.

Magic System; Immortal: ((I will NOT do something like have them manifest doomsday powers, normally it will be very simple and I will always mention notable weaknesses per individual))

-Capabilities: This magic is very complicated, and may manifest differently at different times for each individual. Some are born with their magic, while for others it manifests 400 years later, and some don’t have magic at all. Normally these powers are weak, the most powerful was able to summon fire temporarily, though he died through overexertion by using his power.

-Weaknesses: Variable

-Effects on user: Variable

Basic Info:

Undead Soldiers (as of now 1700 undead are permanent soldiers): When used as soldiers, the Undead’s armor and weapons are extremely variable. They have knowledge of their past life to an extent, but they cannot share it. So if they knew how to use a sword or knife effectively in life, they would know how to use it in death, but would not be able to show others how. Many wear the battle garb they were killed in and wield that same weapon. Some even attacked with just their hands and teeth, which with their pain immunity can actually be effective in combat.

Mortal Soldiers (Right now 3200 are permanent soldiers): These are almost always cavalry. With their advanced horsemanship and limited supply they normally prefer to fight on horseback, and they are extremely skilled. From when they were small children they rode horses, and ever since they could hold a pike or sword they were trained to use it. By the time they are sixteen they are trained killing machines, both on horseback and on foot, and they hone their skills still.

10/13/2009 . Edited 10/17/2009 #1

Undead having swelled heads, remind me of Silent Hill a little O_o

10/13/2009 #2

A little, but really I mean there brain swells, they appear completely normal unless you look for the swelling; well normal except for the thirst for blood and corpse like appearance in many...

10/13/2009 #3

Still creepy, about time someone got a semi-creepy nation in the mix.

10/13/2009 #4

Thank you, but they are normally harmless, normally.

10/13/2009 #5
Sarah Crowning

First off, any starting outposts have to be in adjacent squares to the initial city.

The idea of Iron or steel walls made me a bit hesitant at first, but it is feasible given the huge amount of iron in the mountain. Just remember that they still have to build this wall (you don't get to start with a massive steel wall), and that iron or steel walls have their own disadvantages. For one, they'd be thinner and thus more vulnerable to battering.

Steel wires, while they would be far more durable and reliable than animal skins and other torsion devices, are inferior in terms of power stored and released.

However, my only real concern is the undead. They have the potential to be a very powerful factor in your advantage. They never get discontent with abuse, never disobey, require no food, clothing, housing or whatever, and their numbers will only increase when others die. There needs to be some weakness to the undead. It could be something traditional; perhaps they decay over time and thus have to be replenished, or perhaps they lose the enchantment when the creator of the spell dies. Alternatively you could come up with something else, just make sure they have some kind of weakness.

10/13/2009 #6

How can they make steel in the first place without coal or other sources of carbon?

10/13/2009 #7

Well the city is just being established, I thought that would be alright, and as for the game they have temporary houses as they follow herds so it's not really a settled outpost. As for the undead they still can be killed and must be fed and kept warm, although they need less and can eat nearly any and all meat they find thus the hunting parties to the east. Also they can't learn or think for themselves, so If you kill all the mortals the Undead will not change orders, so if they haven't been ordered to attack or defend themselves they will literally stand there as you slaughter them. And I did not know that steel wires would have less energy, I just thought it would take longer to wind up and I pictured large ballistas and trebuchet being wound by large animals, and I was wondering if for my nation we can just say they are more powerful than normal wires. And the walls aren't going to start out built, but still has it's advantages as well because unlike stone it bends and is punctured instead of being toppled like stone walls. And Aspen to quote the steel article on wikipedia: "When iron is smelted from its ore by commercial processes, it contains more carbon than is desirable. To become steel, it must be melted and reprocessed to reduce the carbon to the correct amount" Smelting Iron doesn't need carbon, and in my history class my teacher told us they created steel by blowing air into molten Iron, though I think this is an extremely simplified explanation.

10/13/2009 #8
Sarah Crowning

Your undead still need to eat and be sustained? That's an interesting weakness, but acceptable. I'll approve it.

steel wires don't stretch as much as other torsion devices, which is why they're not as good. Not to mention trebuchets are counterweight engines.

And Kross is right, the Bessemer process doesn't require coal and it is a pre-civil war tech. I'm not sure this counts, however, as it does require extremely high temperatures, so they've got to burn something to run the process.

10/13/2009 #9

If they only they could burn Iron! No, let's say that we have a fair amount of reserves of coal and we are looking for more, because our stores are running low. And the undead still need to eat and be sustained, but they need to eat less and can eat virtually anything, they often eat corpses and rotting flesh un-edible to the mortals; and they can also live and survive in much worse conditions than people could and still function exceptionally. And I'll accept the cables and use mainly trebuchets, when shooting down from atop a mountain they would easily reach the range of a cannon firing up it. But I would also like to request that there is a large chasm between the mountain path and the mountain fortress which shall be supported by the steel cables.

10/13/2009 #10
Sarah Crowning

well is it a weakness or isn't it? I'm interested in feeding undead relative to food resources.

A chasm... I'm unsure about this, but it is a volcano. I'll let you have your chasm, but it only covers one approach, so an enemy could theoretically scale the other side of the mountain and come down from behind or the flank. Not easy at all, but doable.

10/13/2009 #11

Oh wait, it's a volcano? That could be an excellent heat source, I'll discover thermal vents later on, and how about the other approaches are possible but extremely hard to traverse and the possibility to get lost is very real. And as for the undead it is a weakness, it's just that they don't need to be taken care of as much as normal people, I'd say they need just 3/4 as much food as a normal person, and they also eat corpses and food not suitable for normal people.

10/13/2009 #12
Sarah Crowning

Alright, Approved. I should warn you that as it is a volcano, you would be at the epicenter of any explosion. I'll say that you can feed 10,000 undead with a food resource, instead of the usual 7500.

I don't have a problem with other difficult approaches, but the city needs to have vulnerabilities other than the chasm road.

10/13/2009 #13

Alright, but you know that volcanoes almost never explode without some sort of noticeable increase of volcanic activity, and most volcanic eruptions are mostly smoke with slow flowing lava, not the big booms you see on TV and the undead shouldn't be a problem, and can the undead food be variable if large amounts of corpses are available to feed them?

10/13/2009 #14

Geld was honored to be leading this expedition to the West. He and 6 other horseman rode out in the early morning towards the west. They rode through the plains easily, by noon of the second day they had come to the edge of a great forest. "We cannot go farther without losing ourselves in this expanse, we must follow the forest north and see where it leads."

10/13/2009 . Edited 10/14/2009 #15
Sarah Crowning

Of course, if you're willing to feed your current undead rather than raise more of them.

10/13/2009 #16

Well remember that not all corpses are suitable for resurrection, those are then used as a food source.

10/13/2009 #17

Geld and his party of Mortals had reached the sea and begun to follow it east. They were making a rough sketch of a map, but at the great time they were making the map was in no way exact. As they were heading along the shore they noticed smoke in the distance, "I do not believe that is our camp, come let us investigate."

10/14/2009 . Edited 10/14/2009 #18

((I don't think anyone is immediately or even closely West of the Rusecto. The Survaekom, the only adjacent power to the Rusecto, are to the East.))

10/14/2009 #19

((Sorry, meant to say east, corrected it))

10/14/2009 #20

A Mortal Surveyor by the name of Reldon was out looking for more deposits of metal, particularly coal, to the immediate west of the iron mines. Within a mile, and still within sight of the mine he discovered something even better, a large gathering of heat where there was not snow and instead there was miraculous heat. How this happened he did not know, but he picked a unique looking plant to bring back to prove that this area existed.

10/15/2009 #21
Sarah Crowning

((Just so you know, Kross, I will not be adding any of your outposts, as they are not adjacent to your starting city. You have to go colonize them. If you want any starting outposts that are in squares adjacent the city, claim them now before I update the map.))

10/16/2009 #22

((Fine, than they have another Iron mine on the adjacent square))

The assembled party of some mortal leaders and many undead in tact enough to hunt out to the plains, where scouts had reported of large game such as buffalo and even horses they could tame and bring back. The party left to (12,22) with only enough supplies to give shelter to the mortals, while the undead were expected to build either sod huts or makeshift tents out of animal skins.


As food stores began running out, the Immortals decided they needed a food source besides animals. They decided to send out a large group of mortals as well as many undead for labor to the neighboring plains (13,18) to grow crops. When they got there they spent all of their small lumber supplies building a small town center, while many mortals were forced to build their houses out of sod.

10/17/2009 #23
Sarah Crowning

((Since "dragon's blood" poison is a map resource I need to coordinates and basic information to put in the encyclopedia.))

10/27/2009 #24

A single cartographer and four Survaekom soldiers proceeded into Rusecto territory. The cartographer jotted down notes and made sketches in his journal obsessively as the group traveled. Upon sighting a Rusecto patrol, a soldier fired a flare into the sky.

10/29/2009 #25

"Those must be the cartographers, alerted the governor." Soon a band of soldiers went out to escort the cartographers as well as Yeldon around Rusecto territory.

10/30/2009 #26

The Survaekom party allowed the foreigners to approach without incident, and although neither party knew the other's language, the Survaekom assumed that they would do best simply to follow the soldiers while the cartographer made his recordings.

10/30/2009 #27
awilla the hun

((Hello, Kross. Just so you know; another nation has just been formed to your immediate west. Mine.))

A party of Revantine horsemen spurred themselves forward, unknowingly travelling into Russecto territory. With them was Pontifex Metellos, a Priest of Rymontos, who stronly believed in enlightening the mere mortal about Rymonotos' creation.

10/31/2009 #28

Yeldon was preparing to leave for the party of Survaekom cartographers when a party of Rusecto scouts arrived stating that a small band of foreigners had been spotted, though there were not enough of them to be an attack party. "Ready my horse good sir, I will go out to meet these foreigners." Yeldon arrived outside of the Rusecto city to meet the party, with him were forty cavalrymen who were Yeldon's personal bodyguards. He approached them cautiously, not wanting to incite attack in any way.

10/31/2009 #29
awilla the hun

((These are my people? This will be an interesting meeting.))

The Revantines saw that the foreigners significantly outnumbered them, and were dressed extremely oddly. It was debatable which startled them more.

Pontifex Metellos dismounted, and slowly made his way towards his opposite number, who appeared to have done the same. He offered his hand, and touched the other to his forehead.

10/31/2009 #30
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