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The Rusecto men could see that these men approached them with a peaceful gesture. The head bodyguard mimicked the gesture and took the outstretched hand. They then waited for the men to speak so that Yeldon, a master of tongues, could speak to them in their language.

10/31/2009 #31
awilla the hun

((This must be some Master of Tongues. I should have had a translation spell.))

Pontifex Metellos shook the hand firmly, and then attempted to extricate his own. "May Rymontos smile upon you," he said, tentatively.

10/31/2009 #32

((Yes, my immortal people have different unique powers, Yeldon's is mastery of language))

At this point Yeldon stepped forward, "Do not be alarmed that I have mastery of your language, I am Yeldon, master of all languages both spoken and written. Why have you come into our lands?"

11/3/2009 #33

((Okay, let's just assume that my mapper did his mapping and he and his party all got back home safely.))

Several days after the Survaekom government received Yeldon's message, a reply arrived, carried to the Rusecton border by a messenger. The message read, in the Rusecton language (albeit in Survaekom letters),

From Governor Haerk of New Survaek to the Noble Yeldon of Rusecto,

I, on behalf of the government and people of New Survaek, give you great thanks for providing us with a dictionary between our two languages. It will surely come to good use in future relations, as we will provide copies to our diplomats as soon as possible. As a small token of thanks, I have sent within this letter a silver ring with the face of our benevolent Emperor Yvor engraved upon a disc on it. It is meant as a message of friendship and trust between our nations.

11/4/2009 #34
awilla the hun

((Would these be magical powers? If so, the Pontifex could detect them.))

"I am Pontifex Metellos, a priest of Great Rymontos. Our people are fleeing from a vile and disgusting mutation of the Faith, and have settled once more in those lands yonder." The Pontifex pointed vaguely over his shoulder.

11/6/2009 #35

((Yes, it is a magical power))

"Very well, we carry no grudge against you or your faith, if you would wish to accompany us to our city we may discuss trade and commerce." Yeldon stated

"But you must relinquish all weapons before entering the city." added his bodyguard.

11/6/2009 #36
awilla the hun

Metellos eagerly surrendered his sword (but kept his baton of office), and his men handed over crossbow and spear.

"Let us go, then," he said, before casting a discreet little spell. "Your magic does you credit, Master Yeldon," he said, before spurring his horse forward to follow them to the city.

11/10/2009 #37

Yeldon showed him through the town, which had much construction going on with the recent shipment of Survaekom lumber, as he led them towards the town hall. Once they arrived Yeldon offered them food and drink.

11/11/2009 #38

Cartographer Maepek of Survaek, escorted by a squad of ten Survaekom riflemen, entered Rusecto territory after announcing his entry with a flare.

12/20/2009 #39

A squad of 20 mortal men came to the location of the flare with a Survaekom dictionary in hand. "Hello fellow Survaekoms," stated the captain in rough Survaekom, "Why have you come to us?"

1/8/2010 #40

Maepek bowed to the Rusecton who seemed to be in charge of the group and replied, "Hail to you, good Rusecton friends. We come for the purpose of dicsussing revisions to our trade treaty, for the greater benefit of both parties involved. I seek an audience with the representative of highest authority available."

1/8/2010 #41

"You are in luck, an immortal is here in the city as we speak, Julio who has a mastery of ice, but before you meet with him you must relinquish all of your weapons, it is protocol for all who meet with an immortal."

1/8/2010 #42

Cartographer-Diplomat Maepek grew uneasy with this request, but decided that it was in the best interests of diplomacy not to complain.

"Very well," he stated, withdrawing a revolver from his great coat, unsheathing his sword, and laying the weapons on the ground. The ten riflemen also layed down their weapons. "Now, may we proceed?"

1/8/2010 #43

"Yes let us go." As they neared the building they went through a small wooden gate, this small wooden wall was acting as a temporary defense until a steel one was completed. The Royal Guards at the gate requested the weapons from even the captain that had met with the Survaekom initially. "You may enter." The Guard Captain ordered the Survaekom to stay outside the small steel building as he entered the doorway.

Once inside the guard captain explained the situation to Julio, "Well don't let them just stand out there please invite them in," The captain left to fetch the Survaekom as Julio ordered his chefs to bring out food and tea.

1/9/2010 #44

Maepek bowed to the Immortal and spoke,

"Greetings to you, good and noble Immortal Julio of Rusecto. I am Cartographer-Diplomat Maepek of New Survaek. Thank you for your kind and hospitable reception. Now, let us waste none of your valuable time. I have come for the purpose of proposing an amendment to our current trade treaty. We will request no more horses from you, and in return we ask that the ratio of iron given to lumber be raised to 500 pounds per tonne. Secondly, we propose that we give ten such trades per month instead of just one."

1/9/2010 #45

"Well well that seems quite hefty," Julio chuckled, he was known for being quite an eccentric, "perhaps 350 per tonne would be better, but before we agree formally perhaps you would enjoy a drink of water?" JUlio flung a goblet of water at the Survaekoms face only to freeze it in air seconds before it him. Julio laughed hysterically, "Oh you should have seen the look on our face! Take a bit of wisdom from a man who has seen over 2000 years on this earth, find joy in the things you can while you can."

1/9/2010 #46

The Rusecton's had progressed much with the Survaekom's lumber, including the expansion and building of a palisade reinforced with steel around their farming city.

1/9/2010 #47

Maepek tried to hide his discomfort, coughing politely and maintaining a calm and polite tone.

"Ehr...yes...wise words." He cleared his throat and continued, "Now, let us bring the ratio to 400 per tonne, and we will find the deal agreeable. Is this acceptable to you?"

1/10/2010 #48

((Note: that last post was me on Kross's computer.))

1/10/2010 #49

"Well it does seem acceptable yes, and we do need the extra shipments to build more crossbows for our archers. Would you like to write the deal on parchment or should I?"

1/10/2010 #50

"We should each write the a copy of the treaty and sign both," Maepek suggested. "Thus, each of our nations may have a record of the agreement."

1/10/2010 #51

"Very well, let it be done."

1/10/2010 #52

"Excellent." The diplomat then withdrew some paper from his coat and proceeded to write the ammendment down, with spaces at the bottom of the sheet for signatures.

1/10/2010 #53

Julio signed the document, though he gave the Survaekom a pen with an icy tip and laughed when he realized it and finally gave him the correct.

1/10/2010 #54

Mapek had already begun with his own pen, but he took Julio's offer until he realized that the pen was tipped with ice. Again spooked by the man's excessive eccentricity, the diplomat averted his eyes from the immortal and concentrated on writing the document. He had the treaty done and his composure reformed within five minutes, and after signing the treaty he passed it to Julio.

"And, do you have your copy ready for me to sign?" he asked.

1/11/2010 #55

"Oh yes, yes here you are." Julio handed the obviously uncomfortable man the document to sign.

1/11/2010 #56

Maepek signed the document and then handed it back to Julio.

"Thank you, good and noble immortal Julio, for your kind agreement to our proposal. Now, do you have any proposals of your own to bring up?"

1/12/2010 #57

"Well... All I can think of at the moment is that if you have any fresh dead bodies you could sell to us, we could buy them for you, not for much of course but you were just going to throw them away anyways right?"

1/13/2010 #58

Maepek raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Good and noble sir, frankly, that would be most disrespectful to our dead. Furthermore, I have no authority to make deals involving our wounded or dead: this only administrators, Senators, and the Governor can do."

1/13/2010 #59

"Very well, I will accept just our original terms for now, but perhaps if you inform your administrators of my request you could send another party with some sort of deal?"

1/13/2010 #60
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