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awilla the hun

((This looks detailed! I'm up for it.

Anyway, this colony revolves around the question that only I'm insane enough to ask: what would the ancient world have looked like if Archimedes, Heron, and other such philosophers, made all their stuff work? And work well? Along with various Chinese people?))

Name of Colony: Novos Revantos

Name of Founding City: Novos Revantos Primos

Location of Founding Colony: 15 across, 12 down. (As I know little about map reading, I would like some info on what that smudge by the river actually means.)

Administration: By the democratic vote of all free male citizens, who are literally "roped in" by officials with painted rope, who theoretically pick them at random. The government is very small, consisting of a handful of Konsuls-men voted in for their knowledge about various issues (e.g. the Konsul Sarrissos, literally "Konsul of Spears", is the Commander in Chief of the land army.) They are entirely their own masters, being from a religious sect at odds with normal Revantine polytheism.

History: The Revantine have always been great sea farers. Their ancestors, led by the great Eugenios of Revant, founded their ancient city of Revantos at the point of a Trireme's ram. The first democratic vote took place on a small island, so as to decide the next course of a Revantine fleet. And, despite them supposedly settling down in their City State, the desire for the ocean wave has never left them.

Neither, of course, has their politcal dynamism, and love of art. Some say that the sun has literally gone to their heads, inspiring them on to ever further feats of genius. The Konsul Pistis raised a tremendous row when he revealed that Great Rymontos, Father of the Revantine people, had revealed to him in a vision that he was the only true God, and that all others were subservient to him. Furthermore, he alleged that he had a following of "most of the thinking people of this City", and that he wished to stand for the ancient post of Konsul Magnus: Great Konsul, a first among equals. He believed that he would succeed, owing to divine favour.

The referendum proved that the Gods had other ideas. The Konsul was beheaded, and his followers-some ten thousand people, of all orders of society-were given six months to finish their affairs and leave the city, on pain of divine judgement. They followed their ancient maritime longing, and set forth.

Population: 10,000 people. (40 elected Konsuls, one thousand five hundred citizens of varying wealth, rank and expertise, bringing with them 8460 slaves-both household and "field slaves"-slaves used to hard labour, although they are often called upon to do both.)

Composition of Expedition: They spent five months acquiring various supplies for the expedition, as well as much which was not.

-450 adult male citizens (all can be called up in the militia), of whom:

-15 are ship's captains (their crews being slaves), and 45 are ships' officers.

-150 are artisans of various types.

-30 are blacksmiths.

-5 are Priests of Great Rymontos.

-1 is an architect.

-5 are poets, philosophers, and writers. (The disciplines in Revantos are much the same.)

-20 are "Equitos", rich men.

-25 are professional military officers.

-10 are jewelers and lens makers.

-60 are engineers.

-50 look after horses.

-1 shipwright (leads labourers.)

-((Must I go on? Can't I say that the rest are just farm owners?))

-500 female citizens, many of whom are every bit as practical as their husbands.

-500 children, old people, lunatics, and cripples.

-40 Konsuls.

-8460 slaves, capable of all forms of labour. This includes war; the bulk of all Revantine armies, this included, are slave levy crossbowmen and spearmen.

Equipment upon arrival:

-1 Ferros Trireme Magnus (armoured ship of war, ran by a Captain of The Faith.)

-4 Trireme Magnus (unarmoured, more old fashioned warships-driven by steam engine, but light enough to use sail and even oar if neccessary.)

-10 Merchant Ships (driven by steam, oar and sail.)

-Many spears, suits of armour, shields, swords, pots of Phrygian Fire. (Infantry gear.)

-2000 Chieroancyretes ("hand anchor bow"-powerful metal crossbows) and Pavises.

-50 Polyboi (repeating crossbows, machine gun sized.)

-30 Carriage Ballistae (horse drawn, extremely powerful ballistae.)

-30 Phrygian Fire projectors (Greek Fire throwers.)

-10 Rocket Batteries.

-3 Divine Mirrors. (Attracts the divine attention of the Great Rymontos.)

-A large quantity of machine tools.

-Many seeds.

-Powder mill for rocket batteries. (Making powder is more difficult.)

-Anthicyros Mekanos (A large mechanical computer.)

-2500 horses

-A surprisingly large amount of marble.

Tech Level: Late Roman Empire with added steampunk. (Oh yes.)

-Steam engines (see Heron of Alexandria x 10.)

-Steam pump for mining.

-Small factories.

-Blackpowder exists, HOWEVER actual handguns (Fire Lances" are extremely expensive.)

((more to come. Part II written after MW's look at it.))

-(If we are to use a real world analogy for technology, I would say early industrial- early 19th century-with bits of both earlier and later periods added on. On the one hand, you have mechanical computers and an iron ship. On the other, crossbows, swords, spears.)

Magic system: In Revantos proper, it is customary to have priests sit in on all public debates. This is for two reasons. The first is so as divine favour is insured, and to read any portents. (If it rains, for example, the debate is almost always cancelled-even though it is in an indoor chamber.) The second is to make sure no one is mis using divine favour to read the minds of the speakers, or even to curse them with stuttering, or shortness of breath. (Or worse. After all, no one can ever forget the court case of Konsul Phillopos's tenure when Julia, a woman of at least fourty years, and therefore far beyond the prime of life, managed to convince the jury that she was blessed by Appolina, the Goddess of Love, with a strange charm upon her own phsyical appearance done by a Priestess of Appolina. The Priest of Konlolos, the God of Law, who was presiding over the trial, removed the curse; he apparently knew that Julia was anything but blessed in this regard. Konlolos let his displeasure on her be known by having her crushed by a rampaging Elephant as she left the court house.)

Priests, who know best of how to obtain divine favour, may be classified as "Magic Users" by other civilizations. Becoming one requires many years of intensive study.


-All Priests are Priests of Rymontos. As a result, they are expected to know a little of everything, and be masters of nothing in particular.

-They can detect the presence of magic. (Important to make sure no one is cheating in debates, or sporting contests.)

-They can call upon the mighty power of the Sun (light) so as to illuminate their path, or to chastise their enemies.

-They can heal people, to an extent.

Strengths: Can be bestowed onto objects, and someone who properly knows about the correct forms of ritual scarring does not often live less years than a normal human being. (i.e. about 60 years, if they pass 25 or so.)

Weaknesses: Often requires blood sacrifices. Sadly, as slaves are now illegal sacrifice "victims" (as ignorant civilizations call them),

Effects on user: In absence of anything else, Priests often have to ritually scar themselves so as to demonstrate their devotion to Rymontos. This often goes wrong. Many plays have been written about the consequences (not just cutting oneself in a vital blood vessel, but often includes the victim being badly burned.)

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Sarah Crowning

This looks interesting. I don't see anything wrong with it at the moment, although I'll have to hold off on approval until its finished. The smudges by the river are are two lumber resources and one gold. One of only two gold resources on the map, I would mention, use it wisely. Note that the second link on the map page is a key for the different resource tiles.

And no, you don't have to detail every single member of your expedition. I just need to know the general layout.

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Sarah Crowning

Looks acceptable, as long as "calling upon the mighty sun" doesn't involve decimating ranks of soldiers or blowing through ship's hulls. Approved.

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awilla the hun

((It varies in intensity from "giant flash bang grenade" to a small but laser. Of course, when you add those mirror arrays, you get more impressive results.))

Konsul Agrarios Kato the Younger was, all in all, pleased with his efforts.

The settlement of Novos Revantos had been set up, and built to the highest standard (including an appropriately impressive Temple to Rymonotos, which had used most of their marble supplies.) The slaves had been set to work on farming the impressive amount of corn which grew nearby, and to cutting down trees. ((Squares 15 along, 12 downwards; 16 along, 12 downwards; 16 along, 13 downwards; 15 along, 13 downwards; and 13 along, 13 downwards.)) Three fishing ships-adapted freighters-had been sent to ((13 along, 13 downwards.)) And the miners had set to work on the gold at ((14 along, bottom downwards.)) Wooden forts were being constructed, so as to ensure that no one attempted to escape. The people were eating extremely well, and now-at last-the settlement could be said to be reasonably secure. And Kato, as the elected Konsul Agrarios, was the one to be thanked for it. Had he not worked day and night, barking out his instructions whilst his short hand using clerk copied them down? Had he not ridden up and down the fields, constantly insuring that everything was in order?

"Gentlemen," he said, before making the traditional look at the traditonal empty seat of the Konsul Magnus (reserved for the enlightened Konsul Pistis Pliny, when he eventually returned)), "our affairs are at order. Our people are no longer starving. The great Eugenios is smiling down at us, in the knowledge that his people, even after long millenia of slumber and luxury, can still work like their forefathers when need is at hand. The worms of sloth and corruption have been purged from us. And now, gentlemen, we must forge ahead once more."

His speech went on for some hours in this fashion; but the heart of it was that, now that the Revantines were established as a power, they could start to link up with other nations in the area, if any existed.

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