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Sarah Crowning

This one might be a little late, since I have finals coming up, but it will be done consistently, not half a month later. Hooray for improvement, huh? I just need an ordered explanation of everyone's colony expansion for the next update.

12/3/2009 #1

New Survaek's going to keep expanding along the peninsula, New Indroie further into the fertile lands South and East of Onparle.

However, if you don't mind me straying slightly off-topic, I have a question. What season is it, exactly? What season did we start in? Given whatever answers you give to the aforementioned questions, how long will it be until our first harvests?

12/3/2009 #2

The Whitefoot have set up a new village, Mey'at, slightly northeast of kintep.

12/3/2009 #3

Oh yes, and I think it would be interesting if roads could be marked out on the map. That would apply to all of Survaek's settlements (I mentioned the sappers paving rough dirt roads) plus the one road from Audejjai, East through the mountains and out to the plains, North to the level of Northpost, and with branches out to each of the Survaekom mountain outposts.

For New Indroie, although no roads have been made yet, expect one from its mines to Onparle and, even more importantly, the road connecting Ashvin Marutah to Indroien Onparle.

12/4/2009 #4
Sarah Crowning

I'm only going to mark significant, well-paved and laid-out highways on the map- the kind of roads which would significantly affect trade and military movement and aren't that easy to build. Also please note that constructing roads through mountains is a serious difficulty, something that takes a lot of manpower and time to do.

12/15/2009 #5

The mountains road is just a dirt path, hardly fit for extensive travel. There is a wider and more proper, but still dirt, road that cuts through the mountains, then turns North in the plains, branching off back into the mountains at outpost points. Thus, the majority of the road is on the plains.

12/15/2009 #6
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