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Del Vento

One Week After Sentencing of E3, Name Confidential By Military Law

Kain Sena led the man through the dark hall, his footsteps echoing. It was a cement tunnel underground, not elaborate, rough on the sides. The E3's breathing was measured, knowing what was ahead.

They stopped in the tunnel and the prisoner turned to face the wall silently. Kain's hand tightened around his revolver as he withdrew it from the holster under his black uniform, clicking it into place. "E3, found guilty as charged. Desertion."

A loud crack echoed through the tunnel followed by a sickening thud. Kain turned and started towards the exit. The funeral would be held later, without the officiality of a military man's funeral. His work was done, but would linger in his mind for a few days.

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(( 8[ creepy... ))

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Del Vento

{ { That's awesome, as it was totally my intent. The Confederacy's military punishment system is unique in some of their punishments. } }

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Del Vento

Ignore post.

1/25/2010 . Edited 2/5/2010 #34
Del Vento

5,000 Sesabans arrived at the port city of Seret to the greeting of the newly returned members of the Carbon Regiment, Sohn among them. They had returned about a week ago in standard time, more or less, and thus, those that did not already know of Chaenaw's death had been informed. Of the 5,000, 2,500 were members of the military, with 500 being in the Carbon Regiment and another 1900 being in the Whitemask Corps. One-hundred were with the Kiffir Division.

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Del Vento
The ironclad ship and its crew landed in the Port of Seret to a group of about three-hundred black-clad officers talking amongst theirselves in the Sesaban language, which to others sounded like a series of strong vowels often combined with th, ck, and other rather rasping combinations of consonants adapted to their vocal structure.

Ilecke moved off of the ship with the small party of Survaekom behind him, smiled at his men. Immediately, the about-three-hundres Sesabans bowed at the waist to the visitors, falling silent. Ilecke, now clad much more naturally only for the assistive equiptment to be transferred to the other species, smiled. "Hello. These are--as you may have been informed--the vistors from New Survaekom." After a brief explanation he said, "Break," and they resumed their normal stances, getting back to what they had been doing. He watched the near-humans' reactions to the city, was interested in their thoughts.

3/2/2010 #36
((Remember that this is the January update -further explanation in Survaek thread-. Also remember that your new soldiers, the ones who just immigrated, are all green recruits, as MW stated that immigrant soldiers must be.))_____Major Keneujjen, temporarily assigned diplomatic powers, and Captain Wenukhei Haie of the Sapper Battalion, accompanied by an eleven-man squad of sappers, formed an unusual delegation. Keneujjen squinted through his gas mask and the dirty air to distinguish the figures before him, then smiled at solemn, respectful reception from the Sesaban personnel, and returned with a bow of his own. For a moment, all was silent, until Captain Haie, grinning widely, burst out, "Well lo and behold! I'm a sapper captain, and I don't get THIS kind of a reception even back home!" He gave a deep chuckle and turned to Ilecke and put his massive hand in a firm but friendly grip on the Carbon Regiment Lieutenaint's shoulder. "Already, I really do respect ya Sesabans!"
3/2/2010 #37
Del Vento
Ilecke shurred with laughter, shrugging. The sharply boned points of his shoulders rose dramatically as he mae the gesture. "It's ritual, for the most part," he explained, nodding. "The prime minister and parliament have stated that they have no disagreement with your visit; you may visit them when you wish."

A white clad figure moved his way through the crowd, his motions fairly fluid considering the way that he, and all Sesabans, were built. Closer inspection revealed that he was handsome in Sesaban standards, with sharp facial features and gray eyes, paired with pencil straight white hair that fell to the tops of his shoulders. He held no markings to determine rank. Nalene bowed at the waist, smiling at the group and extending a hand. "Good morning to you. I'm Nalene Tirnett--Captain of the Whitemask Corps."

3/3/2010 #38

"We'll certainly be interested in that, but you might want to just let Keneujjen here into that Parliament, lest I pester them too much with do you say it, my friend?"

"Your casual joviality, good Haie," Keneujjen answered, smiling. "Yes indeed, if your Parliament is strict as to codes of etiquette, know that Haie would be the first one to break them, if for no other reason than that he sees no sense behind codes of etiquette."

When Nalene approached and greeted the Survaekom, Keneujjen was the first to reply. "Likewise, good morning to you. I am Major Keneujjen of the New Survaekom Army, most honored to meet you."

"And I'm Captain Wenukhei Haie of the Sapper Battalion," Haie added, giving a short salute.

3/4/2010 . Edited 3/4/2010 #39
Del Vento
Ilecke smiled at Haie's comment. Nalene returned the salute, smiled at both of them. After a moment he looked over at Ilecke. "I'm suprised that Ilecke hasn't shown you his little monsters yet. They're his heart and soul you know." Ilecke churred with laughter. "Would you fellows be interested in seeing the academy first, or would you like to head straight to the parliament?"
3/6/2010 #40
"What on Earth do you expect me to do in a Parliament building, Lieutenaint KInore my friend?" Haie asked jokingly to Ilecke, with another deep chuckle. "At least let me those monsters of yours first, see if they match up to that over-bloated reputation you give them at every turn."
3/6/2010 #41
Del Vento
Ilecke and Nalene exchanged glances, both smiling and churring with laughter. "You'll get quite a kick out of them, they're interesting." Nalene said with a laugh, flicking a few white strands out of his eyes, "They are indeed little monsters, believe me when I say it."

When they arrived at the Military Academy of Seret, it was evident that huge amounts of effort had gone into its construction. Yells and orders in Sesaban could be heard through the walls; Ilecke opened the door and held it out for them.

Ilecke had already informed the instructors ahead of time that they would be visited and thus he was able to quickly put the students in line. He moved back and forth in front of them, making gestures and speaking in his native language. They all stiffened, standing as straight as iron poles and yelling, as one, a response in Sesaban before saluting and snapping down to low bows.

3/6/2010 #42

Major Keneujjen, Captain Haie, and the soldiers responded immediately with their own respectful bows. The two officers followed with salutes.

"Impressive. Now let's see if those students of yours can do anything off the parade-ground," said Haie to Ilecke with a closed smile. The sappers around him smiled and shook their heads; they knew their captain well enough to understand that such words were regular for Haie. He was not unknown even to go so far as to be truly demeaning to challenge someone into a good show.

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Del Vento
Ilecke grinned, Nalene laughed. "You've thrilled him." He remarked with a small wave of his hand. He was obviously amused. Ilecke lead them to a room where gunshots could be heard, they sounded like they were coming from pistols. About fifteen students at a time were lined up, wearing heavy blinders as they tried to make the targets. Ilecke stopped about ten feet back, knowing the regulations for safety purposes. "This is Operating Blindness IB--they're trying to locate their individual targets and shoot them down wearing blinders. It's difficult." He nodded towards the numerous marks in the wall behind the targets.

He turned to watch when he heard the voice of Kain--the second seat- voice shouting in Sesaban. His face was about ten inches away from the student's ear as he went on: "And if I see you distracted by the female next to you again I will insure that you are up to your neck in Kiffir leavings for a week! Do you understand me?" Nalene churred with laughter. "Kain is trying to make the point that distractions aare not a part of the course. This is one of the few co-ed classes though, I can't exactly blame the kid..." He grimaced, Ilecke smiled, found himself laughing as well. He and Sohn had almost always found a way to talk without getting into any serious trouble, but it had taken a little effort.

3/10/2010 #44

"Amazing," commented Major Keneujjen, raising his voice to be heard above the gunshots. "You did mention this training to me, Ilecke. Now that I have seen it in person, I must commend you and your military."

"Commendations already?" Haie interjected. "What I see is impressive, but you know as well as I, Keneujjen, that you can't have a good idea of a fighting force until you've seen the aggregate of their drills and maneuvers and whatnot. But again, I must say that I like what I see. I especially like that drill officer: I'd like to shake his hand." As with before, Wenukhei Haie's characteristic wide grin was effectively undetectable under his mask, but it persisted nonetheless.

3/12/2010 #45
SnowClaw of Windclan
"Thank you, both of you." Ilecke smiled faintly and looked over at them as he continued. "The instructor over there is Kain Sena; he works around here a lot when he's unoccupied. He tends to stay back for MP work, things such as that." He made a gesture to the students as they worked. "This is one of the more interesting class, as is diversified combat next door."

Diversified Combat was, for lack of a better word, quite loud. Several were shouting; some who weren't in combat were talking. The black clad cadets were sparring with cadets of the Whitemask Corps, the latter trying to force a mask onto them and the previous trying to knock them to the ground. "This is a very educational class, is it not?" There was good humor in Nalene's tone, his small laugh afterwards.

3/13/2010 #46

Haie and Keneujjen both chuckled at Nalene's remark, although the former's deep and powerful tone was the more dominating of the two.

"If that's not education, I don't know what is!" the Sapper Captain replied earnestly. "I for one learned every useful thing I know from dirty work in the field. By the way, what are those strange-looking devices the ones in white are bashing in faces with?"

3/15/2010 #47
Del Vento

NAlene threw back his head and laughed heavily, a barking, raw sound that rose from his chest. Ilecke joined him as well, and could tell that Nalene was quite fond of Haie. "It's a Carbon Gun. They're loaded with gases that harm most sentients--but not us. They're biological warfare devices; they force toxic gas into the victim's lungs; they are a suffocation, poisoning type weapon. Aren't they simply adorable with our boys?" His remark was met with a grin from Ilecke, used to his friend's humor.

Abruptly there was a yell of frustration or who-knows-what and a black clad cadet took off both gloves and tossed them onto the ground, scratching straight across his partner's face with a loud burst of profanity in Sesaban. The Whitemask Cadet his him across the face with the back of his hand; the powerful blow landed on his nose and dark blood began to trickle from it.

"Hey!" Within seconds Kain delivered a hard blow to the chests of each; then a kick was delivered that sent each in turn to the ground. "You do not, do not, break the rules when you're under my eye! So help me, I will have you both put on indefinite suspension! In front of foreign visitors and diplomats! You should be ashamed!" The wiry, lean but well muscled Sesaban forced them both up, his lower lip curling in anger, and led both bleeding cadets to the direction of the infirmary.

"Pardon. Things like that hardly ever happen." Ilecke shook his head slightly, mortified. To have his regiment represented like that---the degradation of it---Nalene huffed. "Neither side of this batch seems to be too bright." He stated in Sesaban, before returning to the other language. "Shall we move onto our next class?" He laughed.

3/24/2010 #48

Propriety be d*mned thought Haie as he heard Nalene and then Ilecke laughing in full and let his own chuckle grow into a laugh, letting the force of his monstrous lungs send echoes through the room. Even Keneujjen couldn't keep himself from joining in, although his restrained laugh through the teeth hardly made a sound above the powerful barks of Haie and Nalene.

After this momentary outburst, Haie supremely enjoyed watching Nalene beat two misbehaving cadets to the ground. While Keneujjen smiled in remembrance his own days of training, the huge, muscular sapper captain gave a wide grin and, disregarding the obvious language barrier before him, approached the students.

"Come on, lad!" he spoke in Indroien, a language he knew well from his long service in the territory of Survaek's arch-enemy, "If you plan to make a move like that on the battlefield, you might as well cleave that hand off with a hatchet now while you have an infirmary nearby!" Looking down on the rather forlorn-looking cadets like a castle tower to a pair of mice, Haie grabbed both of the students and lifted them up. Even as a human, the giant Survaekom could face each Sesaban about eye-to-eye. He looked at the Whitemask cadet. "And while you're there, get your face fixed; those scratches look brutal."

The captain then turned away and returned to his own party, chuckling along the way. Whether the students had understood him or not, he had managed to deliver a triple-shame to the students: receiving unwanted help, being patronized, and having these done by a foreigner.

"Yes, let us move on," spoke Keneujjen, smiling and shaking his head half-jokingly at Haie.

3/25/2010 . Edited 3/26/2010 #49
Del Vento

Nalene laughed at this, grinning. It was evident that he was having a good time and even Ilecke laughed a bit more at Haie's actions. A gray haired female approached, now, and Ilecke found himself smiling quietly, giving a brief nod. She bowed at the waist. "I am Sohn Sineer, fifth seat of the Carbon Regiment." There was dignity and confidence in her tone as she greeted the foreigners, and it was evident in her posture as well.

3/26/2010 #50

"It is an honor to meet you," spoke Major Keneujjen, giving a bow to the Fifth Seat. "Your regiment's drills have been most impressive."

Meanwhile, Captain Haie gave Sohn a somewhat quizzical look. After Keneujjen had spoken, he added, "I am honored as well, although I would like to know what rank exactly 'Fifth Seat' corresponds to, if you wouldn't mind. You see, we Survaekom come from a long tradition of excessive concern with intricate hierarchies of military ranks, so the amount of honor I receive from meeting you will of course depend on what exact rank you hold." Haie grinned widely; although his mask hid his teeth, the joyful squinting of his eyes suggested his joking attitude.

3/26/2010 #51
Del Vento

Sohn smiled back. "Of course. Our military is organized with a Captain as the head of each branch of the military, and then a lieutenant, his second in command. After them are thirteen seated officers, with the first being highest in rank of the seats and so forth. Our officers don't have named ranks. They're O1, O2, and on like that. There aren't any enlisted men in our regiment because of the time taken for training, but in the other branches of the military, they're ranked E1, E2, E3... They don't correlate closely with the ranks associated in standard form--an O1 isn't a lieutenant, an O2 isn't a captain. It's a bit complicated." She blinked, shrugging slightly. The gesture was dramatic, showing how far the Sesaban's joints jutted out. "But for the time being, I'm closest connected to a colonel, in the standard military."

3/27/2010 #52

"In that case, it is indeed a fairly sizeable honor to meet you," Haie replied. "So, if you wouldn't mind me asking you all," he added, addressing the group of Sesaban officers as a whole, "what eactly does your Carbon Regiment do? And what about your other divisions?"

3/27/2010 #53
Del Vento

"Of course not." Ilecke smiled, nodding. "The Carbon Regiment deals with Foreign Affairs and Warfare, and serves as the Military Police. The Kiffir Division serves as a cavaly, and the Whitemasks work in close-range biological warfare." Seeing Kain approaching, he nodded. Kain wasn't fond of Lieutenant Kinore, but didn't ever voice it, for he was respectful of the rank if nothing else.

Sena bowed at the waist before looking at them with stern, rather cold eyes. "Hello. It is an honor to meet you. I am second seat Kain Sena."

3/27/2010 . Edited 3/27/2010 #54

((Earlier you said Kain was second seat, so is he really third seat or second?))

"The honor is ours. I am Major Keneujjen of the New Survaekom Army, Overseer in Chief of Fort Midpost," the Major spoke, bowing to Kain.

"And I am Captain Haie of the New Survaekom Army's Sapper Battalion," Haie added. "If I'm not mistaken, you're the one who was giving a good shouting-to to those students a room or so back. Good show! I wouldn't have officers drill students any other way." He knew well that this Sesaban was a stern type, not like the more jovial others, but this only emboldened his determination to joke and grin at every opportunity.

3/27/2010 #55
Del Vento

(Second. Little error there.)

Kain nodded once, stiffly. "Thank you. A high amount of discipline must be displayed. They are not officers unless they have been taught to hold a high amount of respect to their superiors." There was the look about him of a stiff, stony physical power, despite his lean form he was built very wirily, like a condensed, coiled spring, cable-like tendons visible near his ankles and the inside of his concealed elbows. Matter of factly, the black uniform covered every part of him up to his neck, but was adjusted at the moment so that his hands and lower arms were half-exposed.

3/27/2010 #56

"Exactly," Haie agreed. "Everyone has their place and ought to know it. Mine tends to be in a trench surrounded by the bayonets of a charging enemy regiment." He and Keneujjen both chuckled at the joke.

As opposed to Kain's strictly formal dress, Haie's full combat attire seemed casual on the giant of a man. His hard-leather helmet was tipped slightly to the right, leaving his cloth head-dress mostly on his left shoulder. Although his camouflage military robes and solid-black boots were nothing less than serious, the way Haie let his rifle and axe lay slack on their slings and the way his vast armory of knives, pistols, and munitions adorned the uniform unceremoniously seemed to turn the formality of the Survaekom sapper intended by the state on its head.

3/27/2010 . Edited 3/27/2010 #57
Del Vento

Kain nodded once, stiffly. He wasn't necessarily disagreeable; merely, he preffered a high level of order. Ilecke had the feeling that the Sesaban wasn't having a good day, after the misbehavior of the cadets. As a rule, he tended to be more lenient and friendly, if only slightly.

They entered the Foreign Ettiquette and Language classroom and were seated in the back. The students, trained to pay high levels of attention to one thing, didn't so much as look at them as they passed. They were all male, as the classes were separated by gender and currently the female classes were being held on the other wing--they would switch after all of the students had been through all three classes.

"At the moment, Whitefoot is being taught." Ilecke said, "They're up north--have your people ever encountered them?"

3/28/2010 #58

"The mean the primitives up North?" asked Haie, using the derogatory term unabashedly. "We've encountered them all right: they attacked one of our ships!" For the first time that day, the captain's tone was entirely serious. "We lost some good sailors, men I knew." He shook his head solemnly. "But then, we came back in force and showed them a lesson. Pointed our twenty-four pounder long guns at 'em made them move off the coast. There hasn't been another attack since."

3/29/2010 #59
Del Vento

Kain nodded solemnly, seeming to respond well to the change in tone. "My sincere apologies for your loss." He stated. Sohn's expression was indeterminable and she looked away, having friends that were with the Whitefoot tribe and having considered leaving to join them. Ilecke nodded. Although his opinion was different he was trained to do everything in his power to avoid disagreements with foreigners. "My apologies as well."

Nalene nodded. However, the seriousness seemed only a dent in his mood. "You've a navy, you say? We've got a few ships, ironclads---but they're floating rubbish." He grinned.

3/30/2010 #60
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