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Del Vento

I created this thread as a reference for anybody that is wondering about characters; feel free to post yours. =)

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Del Vento

Name: Ilecke Kinore

Age: 21

Rank: Lieutenant. He is the youngest of any of the Lieutenants that the Carbon Regiment has ever seen, and was chosen because of his high marks in Operating Blindness in the Academy.

Branch of Military: Carbon Regiment

Physical Appearance: Ilecke stands at 6' 5", and has narrow, sharp shoulders and a lean, wiry frame. To those that thought he was a human, he would appear rather underweight, and gaunt in appearance. However, this is natural for his species. He has thin, long fingers and toes, and very coarse, thick joints that are an adaptation for bearing the weight of the density of his bones, and additional weight while he is working. His knees are a centimeter thicker than the bones on either end, on both sides. His skin is smooth and paper white, although it is usually covered with ash. His personal hyegeine is fairly good, and he is cleaner than most are, although ash and charcoal tend to accumulate on his skin rapidly. His hair is coarse in texture and solid black, falling to chin level. His eyes are blue in color, and he has fine, attractive features that appear almost delicate.

Personality: An intelligent, sociable man, Ilecke tends to be open to the ideas of others and is known for his loyalty to his friends. He is good at foreign relations, not only because of his skills in diplomacy, but also because of his enjoyment of new situations and travel. He is afraid of Alkaline bullets and materials after he had a severe chemical burn in his fifth year of training, and is not fond of them. He tends to think a lot, and carries on fairly consistent internal dialogue.

History: Ilecke was admitted into the Carbon Regiment Candidate school at the age of nine, which is, for the school, not at all uncommon. In his fifth year, while the students were constructing single Alkaline bullets as to get a grasp on the mechanics of the ammunition they worked with, he picked up the bullet before it had become stable. This gave him a severe chemical burn on the side of his left hand. He graduated when he was nineteen, and was elected the Lieutenant of the Regiment, something that thrilled both him and his friends and family.

Other Information: ...

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Del Vento

Name: Nalene Tirnett

Age: 27

Rank: Captain

Branch of Military: Whitemask Corps

Physical Appearance: Nalene is average height for a Sesaban male, standing at 6' 6", and is about average shouldered for his species, but narrow shouldered, was a human to gauge his physical appearance. He has paper white skin and sharp features, with thick joints and heavy bones. However, despite his weight due to skeletal density, Nalene is extremely stealthy and quiet when he moves, and is known for jumping out at his men and startling them into being alert. His hair is near white, and is straight and coarse, falling seven inches below shoulder level. He has blue eyes, and thin black eyebrows.

Personality: Nalene is intelligent and clever, and is known for his quick wits. He gets enjoyment out of startling others and remaining hidden until it is time, and tends to create mock battles with his men to keep them in tune if a real battle was ever to come. He enjoys literature greatly and tends to be amused by trivial things, including himself and the things that he does.

History: ...

Other Information: ...

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((Hey, why not make this a section for everyone's character profiles? It would certainly be more convenient than making a seperate section for each. Therefore, Ashes, would you mind editing the topic title, after which I may add some of my own character profiles?))

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((Yes, that would be nice.))

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Del Vento

There we go.

12/7/2009 #6

Name: Zire-Te "full name Zire-Te N'ta kudteh kalut "Zire-daughter of Kalut"

Age: 47

Clan: A'owa

Rank: Leader of tribal council

Physical Appearance: Zire is a very tall, tough, and regal woman who stands 5'9", and is very tall for human standards. Her eyes are bright and yellow, being very intimidating when widened, or narrowed into slits. Her Maku is a faded swirl on her chin, while she also carries a scar on her face from a past battle.

Personality: Zire is traditional and strict, adhering to the past Whitefoot customs more so than most other leaders have, earning her a reputation. Despite this, she can be a kind and motherly presence, which was one of the factors that brought her to leadership. Zire is known to make great sacrifices for the good of her people, along with taking over the government at times from the other council members, who would regularly have more say. She has a very dry sense of humor, making ZIre unpopular with the apprentices, and is sometimes considered to cautious, despite having lead several migrations to new land.

History: Zire was born to a small fishing village on the old land, and was adopted by a family friend after a disease made her home village uninhabitable. This family friend was a Whitefoot leader at the time, and took her as an apprentice, despite the other's rejections. After the old leader died, and the next, Zire-Te became matriarch a few years before the famine.

Name: Tamu-Sae "full name Tamu-Sae N'ta kudteh La "Tamu-daughter of La"

Age: 23

Clan: Ika

Rank" Warrior

Physical appearance: Tamu is average height for a human, with slightly redder skin/fur/hair than the rest of the tribe. She is stocky and tough looking, with claw-like hands. Very long limbs and with a sharp V-shaped tear on her left ear.

Personality: Tamu is a short-tempered, anarchist, who has always been a fighter in life. She is very aggressive, but can in rare cases be kind and has a very strong moral compass, which is often shown during battles. She is very stubborn and will not hesitate to take drastic action of the good of the tribe. Tamu is also wary of outsiders, who she sees as a huge threat, and once attempted to organize a rebellion against what she saw as "soft" government. She often instills her values into the Kya who come under her wing, and is an unpopular mentor.

History: Tamu was born in the main city during Autumn, accepted into the smokehouse at age twelve. She was dissatisfied with the leaders of her tribe, due to their slow reaction during the famine, resulting in the loss of many close friends and relatives.

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Sarah Crowning

Good idea, Ashes.

Name: Unaram Adred Amith

Rank: Arun (High Noble)

Office: Governor of the Colony of Imeren

Physical Appearance: Tall for an Ivisk, standing just above 5 feet eleven. Often seems even taller due to his habit of standing or sitting straight. His cleft ears are a bit short for an Ivisk, but he shares his race's grey skin and metallic complexion. He always dresses regally in fine linnen and wears his mark of nobility: an embroidered red glove on his right hand. The Governor manages to be quite subtle in his expressions, yet maintains a quiet forcefulness to his demeanor.

Personality: Amith is a very ambitious Ivisk, of the kind that the council generally dislikes. He commands easily and has acquired the prized subtlety of his class that lets him turn a metaphorical knife in the most civil and subtle of ways.

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SnowClaw of Windclan

Thank you. =)

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Name: Cyrroyon Honorheart

Age: 49

Rank: High Chieftain of the Eerethea Tribe

Branch of Military: Eerethean Honor Guard (de facto commander)

Physical Appearance: Cyrroyon stands slightly taller than his fellow halflings, at 3' 2". Years of fighting in the blazing sun and heat of the old Eerethean homelands have made his skin tanned and sun-reddened. His long black hair is usually hidden beneath the chieftain's headdress he wears as a mark of his high status as leader of the tribe. His build is lean and muscular, a testament to his past devotion to constant physical training as a warrior and defender of the tribe. He dresses in the fine furs of bison, deer, and lions and the vibrant plumage of eagles and hawks. Around his neck is an ancient aged necklace, passed down from the one high chieftain to the next, since the Eerethea tribe first formed.

Personality: Cyrroyon's first and primary concern is to his tribe and his people, as he would do anything, even sacrifice himself in battle, to keep his tribe thriving and well. Closely tied to his devotion to his people is his respect for Nature and the spirits of the ancestors and the elements, after having protected him and the Eerethea for all these years. He is a caring and just leader, a father and brother to every tribesman in need. He is faithful to his family's name, being an honorable man, never lying, cheating, or striking a weaker or impaired foe. To the Eerethea, he is a god among men, and to the gods, he is a deity awaiting ascension.

History: Born to a simple farming family, Cyrroyon was raised from birth to respect the Earth and the ancestors who lived before to give him a better life. When he came of age, he became a warrior to defend his home from enemy tribes who plagued the Eerethea in their ancient homelands of Yondallan. After years of fighting, the Eerethea became the sole tribe in Yondallan, mostly due to Cyrroyon's strategies and bravery, and he became the new high chieftain of the tribe. However, years after his appointment to the role of high chieftain, the old enemy tribes re-emerged, all working together to run the Eerethea from Yondallan. Despite the valiant efforts of Cyrroyon and the deaths of hundreds of warriors, the Eerethea lost and were forced out of the homeland, into the vast expanse of plains to the northwest, where the eventually settled and formed their new home, Galandal. now, Cyrroyon works to create a better home for his people, and prays to the gods that his tribe doesn't suffer the same fate in this land as they did before.

Other Information: ...

12/7/2009 #10

Name: Jiien Haerk

Rank: Grand Archduke

Office: Governor of the Colony of New Survaek

Physical Appearance: Standing at six foot one, Haerk quite appropriately rises slightly above most of his fellow noblemen with the help of his ever-rigid posture. His dark tan skin is characteristic of ehtnic Survaekom, but his curled, burnt-red hair is not. Not one to stray from the accepted norm of noble culture, however, Haerk cuts his hair short and wears the full but finely-trimmed beard of any and every Survaekom nobleman.

Personality: Jiien Haerk is neither ambitious nor idle, neither fiery nor dispassionate, neither brilliant nor obtuse, and thus neither a very good nor very bad governor. However, among the nobles who agreed to travel abroad for the glory of Survaek, each known well to the emperor, he was the only one Yvor was confident not to have a plot for personal gain in the expedition. Although he is a rather ordinary man among Survaekom men, he is rather extraordinary among nobles, one of few loyalists in a growing band of capitalists. Yet, in all other ways, Haerk is indistinguishable from the majority of nobles, excessively attentive to posture, cleanliness, and popular custom in matters public and private.


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Name: Pekhai Sujjid

Rank: High Duke

Office: Senator of the Colony of New Survaek

Physical Appearance: Relatively short at 5'8" and with otherwise very normal features: dark tan skin, dark brow hair, and hazel eyes, Sujjid's physique helped to allow him to acquire a massive fortune unnoticed until the very magnitude of his wealth made this impossible.

Personality: Pekhai Sujjid is a merchant at heart. With neither good nor ill intentions, he would purchase another man's soul to sell for a profit, so long as the initial deal had been "honest" by Sujjid's loose definition of the term. If anything good can be said of him, it is that he is diligent- Sujjid is so much a merchant, in fact, that he takes more time away from personal leisure and luxury than almost any other noble for his capitalist exploits.

Name: Jheut Klau

Rank: General (not a noble)

Office: Grand General of the Army of New Survaek

Physical Appearance: Stands at 6'0" and has a thin frame, very dark skin, dark eyes, scant black hair, and no facial hair His face is less angular than most Survaekom, but less round than that of a far-Northern Byrnian.

Personality: General Klau is a quiet and somewhat reserved man, although he is extremely loyal to those few whom he calls friends and very dutiful in carrying out his obligations as General. To the dismay of many high-ranking Survaekom, Klau harbors a particularly sharp distrust of nobles and is particularly reserved when among them. He is much more comfortable among commoners and fellow military types, although he is hardly an extravert even among them. He does enjoy meeting new people, but unabashedly refuses to speak when in large social groups unless compelled to. Yet, despite his withdrawal from large social environments, Klau can be very perceptive of others. These qualities together made Jheut Klau the Emperor's prime choice as one to keep the colonial nobles in check.

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Del Vento

Allegiances-The Confederacy of Sesaba

A brief listing of mentioned characters for reference.

Carbon Regiment

Captain: Lercet Enlowi, male. Black hair and blue eyes.

Lieutenant: Ilecke Kinore, male. Black hair and pale blue eyes.

5th Seat: Sohn Sineer, female. Mottled gray hair, gray eyes.

13th Seat: Chaenaw Isinna, male. Pale gray hair, blue eyes.

Whitemask Corps

Captain: Nalene Tirnett, male. Long white hair and blue eyes.

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Del Vento

Name: Sohn Sineer (Sown Sie-near)

Age: 21

Rank: 5th Seat

Branch of Military: Carbon Regiment

Physical Appearance: Sohn stands at 5' 10", average height for a female, and is not particularly attractive to her species' standards. She has high cheekbones and gentle, almond shaped gray eyes, with coarse, mid-length hair that is a mottled black-and-gray. She's an unremarkable woman in appearance, lacking much of a figure, and has smoother joints than the average male.

Personality: Officer Sineer is unlike most of the others in that she wishes for the simpler, cleaner time when there were plants and animals. She is friendly but not tremendously smart, and relies on her feelings and intuition versus her knowledge. She is social and understanding, although she tends not to always think before she acts, and isn't good at masking her emotions.

History: ...

Other Information: Graduated in the same class as Ilecke Kinore; Skilled in foreign language and culture; made an attempt at joining Ashvin society; friend of Kaul, a city guard.

1/11/2010 #14
Huai Xin

Name: Aemon Tahril

Position: Prince

Appearance: Tahril is 6" tall, dull green eyes and black hair. He is a thinly set man possessing the features that mark out people with an aristocratic background. The clothes he wears are modest and 'simple' only when compared to other princes and of finest quality.

Personality: Prince Tahril is a determined and ambitious man, brought up in an aristocratic enviroment he can seem hedonistic at times but will never simply whine when things don't suit him. Introverted he tends to keep his feelings and emotions bottled inside. However most of this stems his struggle to keep his place as prince and rebuild his principality, he is capable of being open and relaxed in a safe enviroment.

Weapons: Tahril is more comfortable leading his troops rather than fighting, however if forced he will fall back to using the 2 dueling pistols he keeps in his belt and a calvary saber.

1/30/2010 #15

Name: Pontus

Purpose: Ambassador/Free-spirit

Description: Pontus is a slim, gaunt man; his greasy dark hair and violet eyes make him seem somewhat scandalous. They compliment his leather outfit and hand-crafted boots which are surprisingly well kept. The tattoos all over his body are somewhat unnerving (Flame, Assassin, Deceiver,). He is a legend of sorts; once he conned a captain into giving him an entire galley and all contents for an "enchanted" sword. Quick-witted and sarcastic Pontus is not easily dealt with. He is truly one of a kind, though he typically acts only according to his own desires. He occasionally works for rich bureaucrats who always get screwed in the end; he is the model of what a West Plainsman aspires to be.

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