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I still need to fill in a few details, but the basics are here, and the map is crowded, so it will probably take a while to figure out a starting location.

Name of Colony: Nox Eumestine

Location of Founding Colony (Latitude by Longitude and description): 6:8 near both arable land, and mountains we hope will yield the raw materials we need to create a prosperous fiefdom. The island will hopefully be defensible against any native inhabatents of the mainland.

Administration (how its run, what kind of government): A Noble by birth leads the colony, but with a cabinet from all castes. There are also several priests with the colony, and they have little to do with day-to-day operations, wield considerable clout (see magic system for details)

History of Expedition (how it got started):

Twin sons of Ramos and Uthos of Lord Eumes of the Uthenites were both considered worthy to inherit. Rather than risk a civil war, their father had them draw lots. With the permission of King Formes, he sent the Uthos, the (winner/loser) of the draw, with a charter to form a colony across the ocean.

Population (remember that a food icon supplies enough food for 7500 people): 6500

Composition of Expedition (What kinds of people were sent, How prepared are they?):

See details of caste system below.

5500 Uktar: 1000 military, 4500 workers. The military can help with basic setup of the colony, and are used to working half-days on farms, but are a too proud to power machinery, or work in a smithy unless things get *really* desperate.

700 Ganmouth comprised of everything from smiths, machinists, to entertainers, and of course the poet who wants to write about it.

200 Farnu mostly military officers, but also a small ruling bureaucracy, diplomats, and of course Uthos, Lord of Nox Eumes

100 Calthu: Priests. Includes one bishop that can make pro tempore decisions about any new technology encountered.

Equipment Upon Arrival (Anything out of the ordinary like ships, weapons, machinery):

This is a planned colony, so will arrive with all the equipment needed to set up a colony with a farm and mine. They expect to find lumber at their colony so do not bring a huge amount of wood, but will bring metal weapons for all Uktar. The ships are armed with traction Trebucets, and powered primarily by sail, but also by Uktar (oars in all cases, except the one fighting ship they brought, which has screws).

[edit]Forgot to mention arrowheads are included with metal weapons I don't know if that was assumed.

Technology Level: Mechanically 19th century, but steam engines & gunpowder are banned by religion

-Important Technologies:

Magic System:

All Uthenites are a spring of magical energy. However, only a few are born with the ability to manipulate it. These are all brought into the priesthood of Calthus and called Calthu. The Calthu visit each Uthenite at birth and form their energies to enhance them according to their caste (and increasing their loyalty to the god Calthus). This is probably a good time to discuss the castes:

Uktar: Big, strong. From this caste is drawn both workers and warriors. They are enhanced for great strength and stamina. All workers are considered part of the militia, but a fraction of those are used as army regulars. The militia can effectively send an arrow in a general direction with great force, or swing a heavy (and possibly sharp) object at an enemy. The army regulars fight with skill, and practice marksmanship as well as formation fighting. The weakest is capable of using a 300lb bow for massed fire, which makes up the bulk of the ranged attack force

Ganmouth: Crafstsmen. This includes both those who direct the Uktar in labor, and those who come up with new ways to use the Uktar's labor. They are enhanced for creativity. They may work in smithies telling the Uktar what to do, or plan out crop rotations and tilling techniques for the farmland. This caste also includes poets and entertainers.

Farnu: Leaders. The oldest surviving heir of a noble will inherit, other sons go on to other leadership roles. They are enhanced for charisma and "big picture" thinking. The traditional role for 2nd and later sons is to serve as commissioned military officers, but with newer machinery allowing greater productivity from each Uktar, they may be found as leaders of businesses.

Calthu: Not really a caste, the priesthood of Calthus is comprised of those born into any caste that show the ability to manipulate the magical energies inside each Uthenite. The priesthod is ruled by an Archbishop who is elected from a council of bishops. The religion enforces the caste distinction to the point of forbidding any technology that would subvert it. Levers, gears, and pulleys are fine, since it magnifies an Uktars strength, but rifles and steam engines are anathema since they would allow a Ganmouth or Farnu to fight/work as well as an Uktar.


The only capability is to form channels in an Uthenite at a young age that affect how the internal magical energy of a Uthenite flows. The magic is then seen in the superhuman feats capable of other Uthenites. This ability is also used to ehance loyalty to the religion followed by all Uthenites.


Much technology is anathema due to the religious beliefs of the people. They are fine with non-Uthenites using it, since those people have not been dedicated to Calthus. However, they will not use it. If they were to capture a steam ship, the only advantage they could get from it would be to either gut it, or sell it. They will not even willingly (and knowingly) accept a ride on a steam ship operated by somone else. To them a rifle with a bayonet might as well be a poorly designed spear. The Urtaks will consume as much food as 1.5 ordinary persons.

Basic Info:

The Kingdom of the Uthenites is a kingdom devoted to the worship of the god Calthus. The priests officially hold no temporal power, but to defy their teaching would rob any ruler of the support of the entire population. All Uthenites are magically altered to be particularly fervent in their worship of Calthus. This has on occasion caused problems within the scholars and inventors among the Ganmouth; the devotion to their creativity and their religion can clash. For a scholar to have their life's work declared anathema is a crushing blow that typically results in suicide.

The Lords of the Uthenites have had their squabbles in the past, but will unite quickly, if not happily, against attacks on the Kingdom by non-believers.

Not counting the complete lack of steam power, the technology is not all that different from any early-to-mid 19th century european power, with automated machinery powered by Urtak strength. They have discovered electromagnetism, but have not yet put it to any practical use (and any such use would be subject to intense scrutiny by the Calthu).

12/22/2009 . Edited 12/22/2009 #1
Sarah Crowning

This looks very good. Just a simple question for clarification- your magic system provides 1. Improved loyalty, and 2. makes Uktar extremely strong, correct? And as a tradeoff for being massively strong, the Uktar consume 1.5 times as much food as normal?

The player on the island hasn't posted in months, so I'm going to grant you your first choice if you like.

Anyway, assuming I inferred the above correctly, this looks very interesting. Approved.

Welcome to the forum, and what color would you like?

12/22/2009 #2

((The leaders are more charismatic, and the craftsmen are more creative, but unlike the Uktar, it's within human norms. Flavor reason is that those things are harder to improve; real reason is that I think it would unbalance things to have hundreds of geniuses in my colony.))

12/22/2009 . Edited 12/23/2009 #3
Sarah Crowning

I see. Approved then.

12/22/2009 #4

((With regards to the color, I'm not picky. Orange and purple are the only two that look like they haven't been taken. Orange is probably better, as it is less likely to be confused with the magenta that was previously on the island.))

12/23/2009 . Edited 12/23/2009 #5
Sarah Crowning

((Hrm. Orange would be hard to distinguish between yellow and the brownish-orange of the Erethea tribe. I can get you a lighter shade of purple, since the prior player is no longer with us, or brown, which has been strangely avoided.))

12/23/2009 #6

((Brown it is))

12/23/2009 #7
Del Vento

{ { Greetings, there. } }

12/23/2009 #8
Sarah Crowning

Alright, I'll include you in the next map update. Feel free to make an intro post, or just start RPing.

12/23/2009 #9

The journey was long, but at last Uthos looks over his new dominion. Even if all goes well, he is unlikely to see the land of his birth again. If all does not go well, he is unlikely to stay alive to see this new home for very long.

There is much work to be done. The ships land in a bay ((7,8)) and scouts exploring find secure ground away from the ocean to build the first residences ((6,8). All of the cargo ships can be dismantled to build the first residences, leaving the one warship and a few smaller vessels that should be safe to use in the channel here.

The most important thing is to ensure a harvest for the next season, so a farming community is set up. Only slightly less important is harvesting lumber for longbows and more permanent structures ((The army regulars have their composite bows, but the militia use cheaper longbows which are quick to fashion, but take a month to dry)).

Despite not wanting to spread his forces too thin, Lord Uthos sees no choice but to send a small expadition to harvest some lumber to the East, while keeping the bulk of his forces within range to protect the vital food to the West. The scouts did not encounter any natives yet, and the wildlife has not been too much of a threat, but this luck can't hold out forever...

12/23/2009 #10

((A minor note: It is generally accepted here to write in the past tense. You don't have to, but it might be best for the sake of tense agreement among all players.))

12/23/2009 #11

The INS Frontier, on exploration duty, sailed into what was becoming Umenite territory. The watchman of the ship, scanning the horizon with a telescope, noticed sails and unknown flags. He gave this news to his captain, who ordered that the ship sail back to Audejjai and return later with a proper diplomat, preferably a Byrnian.


The next day, the Frontier returned, carrying Imperial Ambassador Nadai Seldu, a newly arrived Byrnian with prior experience in several foreign nations. A flare rose from the vessel with a screech as it approached.

12/24/2009 . Edited 12/24/2009 #12

The Warship Calanthumnus while on a mission mapping the coastline of their new island home, spotted the flare, and made best speed towards the INS Frontier. The trebuchet on deck is loaded with one of only a few remaining loads of naptha. On deck observing is the Farnu ambassador Ingmar Eument, who was placed on the ship to negotiate with any natives that might be found. A flag of truce was raised, and tensions were high as the need for new allies was weighed against the need to protect the lone warship the Umenites would have for the year it takes to build even a small one.

12/24/2009 . Edited 12/24/2009 #13

Unfortunately, Nadai Seldu did not recognize these foriegners, but he was impressed with the warship sailing to meet the Frontier, it's quick response to the flare, and the foresight of its commander in raising what seemed to be a flag of truce.

The Frontier pulled alongside the foriegn ship, and a crewman set a ladder against its side for Seldu to mount. After a short climb, the ambassador was up, followed by two sailors assigned as guards.

"Greetings," he tried in Byrnian. Seldu would have to rely on the languages he knew, hoping that whatever representative he met would know at least one of them. He would follow with Survaekom, then Indroien, several Islander tongues, Raethonte, Sevian, Laodicean, Zerbian, and any languages he could draw from schooling in his own nation.

12/24/2009 #14

((Ingmar has not encountered The Indroie or Survaek countries directly so he can't speak Byrnian, Survaekom or Indroien.))

Ingmar stepped to the front flanked by two uniformed army regulars, bows strung, but not in hand. After not recognizing a number of tongues, he quickly recognized a formal greeting in Sevian, and responded in kind:

"I am Ambassador Eument, and I wish to extend greetings from my Lord Nox Eume. He has established a claim in the name of our King on this island. We hope to get to know our new neighbors better."

12/24/2009 . Edited 12/25/2009 #15

"It is an honor to meet you," the Byrnian replied, relieved that he could communicate with this Ambassador Eument. "I am Ambassador Seldu of New Survaek, colony of the Grand Survaek Empire, and I return your greetings on behalf of Emperor Yvor the Reformer. We share your desire to gain understanding of our neighbors, so let us take the first steps towards this goal at this most opportune moment, if such is acceptable."

12/25/2009 #16

"There is a shady copse on shore near here." Responded Eument. "It would, perhaps, be a more comfortable place for us to get to know each other then the decks of our ships. Our town is farther inland, so may wait for another day to show it to you. Unless your colony is nearby?"

12/25/2009 #17

"Our colony is some distance from here, so I believe it would be best for us to negotiate at the copse," Seldu replied. "Shall we proceed thereto?"

12/25/2009 #18

"Indeed" The two groups proceed to land. ((I'm assuming in our separate ships, but it's up to Ivan)). The Urtak quickly setup a pavillion, refreshments are offered, and talks begin with Ingmar opening a chart showing the entire coastline of the island, and bits of the mainland across the channel.

"As you can see we have just recently arrived, and these creating these charts is one reason for us being out on the water." stated the ambassador. "Our work crews have likely explored inland from here already, but we won't be able to add those to our maps until we return. This island appears sufficient to Lord Nox Eume's ambitions, so if you are as distant as you indicate, there seems certainly no need for hostilities, and perhaps many reasons for collaberation. We plan on mining the mountains here, and our experience shows that those who do not follow Calthus have a large appetite for coal, that we Uthenites require only to fuel our forges"

12/25/2009 #19

((You assume correctly.))

"So, am I correct in gathering that you wish to enter a trade agreement in which you good Uthenites would supply coal?" Ambassador Sledu asked. "And what, then, would you require in return?"

12/25/2009 #20

Ingmar wanted to secure textiles at a reasonable bargain, so did not want to reveal that the group of weaver Ganmouth took ill and perished on the voyage to this new land. "We have yet to strike coal in our explorations, but have high hopes for finding it. If we do, we should have a small mining operation up and running in a few seasons. More quickly we will have lumber, and hopefully a mill. If we focus on these things, we can be prosperous faster if by not wasting resources or cropland on creating textiles that we can trade for. If you could provide us with fabric, that would likely be of the most benefit to us. Of course if that is something that you do not have in surplus I'm sure we could strike a bargain for something else. Textiles would be the simplest, since we do not have an immediate need for them and also do not have significant resources for immediate trade, other than our Uktar labor, which currently, could be more profitably used at home"

12/26/2009 #21

"We will soon have textiles available, for our cotton crop is nearly ready for harvest, after which it will be transported to our textile mills," Seldu explained. "However, we have no need for lumber. Coal would be most beneficial to us, and if you could begin, at the very least, rudimentary surface mining by next month, I am certain that we could arrange for a reasonable trade. Labor would also be useful, but it would be best for us not to deprive you of it as you build your first settlements in this new land. Thus, the most viable option seems to be a trade of processed cotton for coal. Would this be acceptable?"

12/26/2009 #22

"We can certainly move up our explorations for coal, if we have a known trading partner" agreed Ingmar. "Since it appears we are going to be neighbors, perhaps you would like to share a bit about your culture with us? As I mentioned, our nation is dedicated to the worship of the Almighty Calthus, and our King rules over Uthen with is blessing. As the teachings of Calthus dictate, our labor is divided according to our inherited ability: the Uktar to work, the Ganmouth to create, and the Farnu to lead."

12/26/2009 #23

"Indeed, such a cultural exchange would be most beneficial," Seldu agreed. "Our nation is led by an Emperor, currently the good and noble Emperor Yvor the Reformer. We do not know much of gods, but it is certain to us that the Emperor has a divine mandate, or is perhaps even a demi-god himself. Under his authority, we have established a colony.

We do not have a strict caste system, but we do have classes: slaves work the most grueling tasks, peasants farm and do much unskilled manual labor, craftsmen create high-quality goods, scientists invent and discover, soldiers protect our lands, nobles manage the land, the bureaucrats keep the nobles in contact and in check, and the Emperor rules over all. We Survaekom also have three ethnicities among us: the Survaekom, the original founder, the Byrnians, as I am myself, and the Islanders, rebellious belligerents who have been enslaved for lack of any other, viable option. The Survaekom, or Survaekom 'Pure' as some more arrogant ones call themselves, are notable for their strict system of duty, honesty, and loyalty for leaders and followers alike at the family, community, and national level. We Byrnians are less hierarchal; we live in more egailtarian communities, but also understand the importance of duty, and thus submit to the Emperor and his representatives dutifully. The Islanders, as I stated before, are almost all unmanageable, warlike brutes, most unfortunately fit for nothing other than convict labor." Seldu knew well that his description was somewhat over-simplified and inaccurate in some points, but it was the best he could do without either drawing out his speech excessively or shedding his nation in an unfavorable light.

12/26/2009 #24

"I'm sure we will get to know each other more as we trade with each other. I do have one question: what territory does your colony claim? We seem to be making a good start, and I wouldn't want any unfortunate misunderstandings as we expand to hurt our nascent relationship" The exploration sofar had indicated that the entire foothills of the mountains contained valuable resources, so Ingmar wanted to be sure that these potential allies did not have designs on them.

12/29/2009 #25

Ambassador Seldu withdrew a map from his overcoat pocket and set it down before Ingmar. "This is our territory," he stated, pointing to a red-shaded section of the map. He then moved his finger to the island, which had been mapped by a naval exploratory force before the Survaekom expedition. "That puts us some distance East of your land. In fact, with these maps before us, this may be an opportune moment to draw out our respective borders and recognize them by treaty."

12/31/2009 #26

Ingmar was nodding as he studied the map. "It looks from this map like we are unlikely to contest any territory. As we are just starting to subdue this land, it might be early for us to draw borders. We would be happy, though, with a formal understanding that we Umenites have no desire for territory off of the island, so long as you Survaek similarly have no desire to lay claim to territory on this island"

1/2/2010 #27

"This is most acceptable," the Byrnian ambassador affirmed. "I have paper and pen with me: shall we draw up a concise treaty along these lines?"

1/2/2010 #28

"Indeed. We should probably draw up a copy in each of our native tongues, though the official one is best in the language we share in common" Ingmar replied. For a treaty this simple, he was comfortable using a language that was just usable for him. Someone would have to master the language of the Survaekom if they are as eager to sign treaties as this first impression implied.

1/2/2010 . Edited 1/2/2010 #29

"I agree," Seldu stated. He withdrew from his handbag three sheets of paper and two pens. He gave one pen and one sheet of paper to Ingmar to write the treaty in Umenite. The Byrnian proceeded to write the other two versions of the treaty himself with swift but precise hand.

1/3/2010 #30
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