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The Umenite ambassador dictated the document to a Ganmouth scribe who made two copies in well-crafted Umeni round-hand. Ingmar never trusted treaties with complete strangers but, if they have no other value, they might as well be pleasing to look at. Once the ink was sufficiently dry, he handed a copy to the Byrnian ambassador and inspected the official copy for errors or ambiguities.

"This looks correct," commented Ingmar as je signed the treaty and marked it with his ambassadorial seal. "It seems an auspicious beginning for a mutually beneficial relationship between our peoples."

1/4/2010 #31

"Yes indeed it does," Ambassador Seldu agreed. "I do anticipate the furthering of relations with your great nation." Seldu noted to himself Ambassador Ingmar's use of a royal seal on only one document; under Survaekom diplomatic doctrine, any number of copies of a treaty written in any number of languages by ambassadors at a meeting were considered official. In the rare case that the different texts disagreed, all would be rendered void until correction. "Excuse me, good sir Ingmar: Would you mind providing your seal on the other two copies of the treaty as well? It would be best if we could each return to our respective authorities with an officialized document."

1/6/2010 #32

"Hmm. It is customary among my people to only mark as official a single translation," remarked Ingmar. "There are often subtleties of language that can come up at a later time. This is a fairly simple document, so I would be happy to sign all translations. As you can see, I've provided a second copy for you in our language, if you could do the same for us, it would be much appreciated". Ingmar signed and sealed all copies of the treaty.

1/11/2010 #33

Seldu willingly complied and wrote out a second copy of the document in Survaekom before signing all copies of the treaty.

"Thank you, good ambassador, for your acceptance of this agreement," he spoke. "Now, if all is in order, are there any other proposals or issues you would like to address?"

1/11/2010 #34

"I think it best we start slow," replied Ingmar. "I'm sure that more agreements will follow, but they can wait for a time in which we have gotten to know each other better, and perhaps speak one another's tongues."

1/12/2010 #35

"This seems a wise decision," Seldu acquiesced. "In that case, I will likely return to you again within the next few weeks, perhaps with a Survaekom-Sevian dictionary. Farewell, good and noble Ambassador Ingmar."

1/12/2010 #36

After seeing the Survaek ambassador off, Ingmar quickly drafted up a report to send to his lord. This was all-in-all a successful meeting, but it was worrying to see what appeared to be an established naval power so close to his new home. Hopefully that lumber camp is well established, thought Ingmar, we're going to need a bigger boat.

1/13/2010 . Edited 1/13/2010 #37

Lord Uthos Nox Eume read over ambassador Ingmar's report. It was clear that the mainland had more advanced people than expected. Land exploration had turned up plentiful resources though, stone and iron to the north, and reports of a coal vein also in the east. Normally quarrying the stone for a palace would be the first thing to do, but since Ingmar had secured necessary textiles, perhaps mining a few hundred pounds of coal should happen first. The croplands to the west had been more fertile than initially expected, so food supplies would be sufficient even without fishing.

The lumber now steadily streaming in from the East had allowed a civilized town to be built,

Construction of an earthen road through the forest was the first priority, as the Uktar could build such a thing quickly and with a minimum of resources. Paving could wait until a surplus of stone was on hand. Once this was done, establishing a small mining camp to the West would be simple.

Uthos also ordered Ingmar to proceed with exploring the mainland coast across the channel. These Survaekom were far away and it was time to determine if there were threats nearer home.

1/13/2010 . Edited 1/13/2010 #38

Little over a week after the first round of negotiations, Ambassador Seldu returned to Umenite territory on the INS Frontier, which shot the same flare as before to announce its arrival. The Byrnian stood on deck, looking out towards the island, its coastline girded with green forests. Under his left arm he carried a large, heavy tome, a Survaekom-Sevian/Sevian-Survaekom dictionary.

1/24/2010 . Edited 1/24/2010 #39

((Sorry for the late reply, I don't know how I missed seeing your post))

The closest vessel to the INS Frontier was a 3 masted cargo ship, currently carrying only ballast, that was patrolling the waters on the south side of the island (the Calanthumnus was due back from its explorations and Ingmar along with it, but had not arrived yet). The captain, regognizing the red X of the Survaek flag from his most recent communications, approached the Frontier at a moderate speed.

1/29/2010 . Edited 1/29/2010 #40

((No worries. I've made the same mistake myself, multiple times.))

The Frontier cautiously approached the freighter, and as it drew near, Seldu lifted a open-conical device to his mouth. Speaking through a primitive megaphone, the Byrnian shouted out to the Umenites,

"Greetings, good and noble friends! We Survaekom humbly ask that you direct us to the location of the nearest official with whom we may enter diplomatic negotiations with!"

1/30/2010 . Edited 1/30/2010 #41
The captain, not able to understand Seldu, made several gestures trying to indicate the lack of comprehension.
2/3/2010 #42

Ambassador Seldu quickly got the message and then made his own series of hand-motions indicating that he needed a place to land the steamer.

2/3/2010 #43

As the captain was trying to decipher these gestures, the lookout shouted down "sail on the horizon" and the captain immediately turned his attention in the opposite direction of the Frontier.

2/4/2010 #44

The Survaekom watchman of the INS Frontier had also noticed the incoming ship, and shouted down to alert the captain and crew. Seldu's eyes turned hopefully towards the Southern horizon. The success of his diplomatic mission depended on meeting someone he could actually speak to, and perhaps this coming vessel was carrying such a person.

2/4/2010 #45

As the ship on the horizon approached, it was quickly recognized by the Umenite sailors as their warship, Calanthumnus. The Captain was relieved, as that should allow communication with the Survaek. Semaphores were used to communicate the situation with the Calanthumnus and she changed course to head for the nearby safe mooring point. Hand signals were sent to the Frontier to indicate the landing point.

2/9/2010 . Edited 2/9/2010 #46

After a few moments, the Survaekom were able to decipher the basic meaning of the hand signals and followed the Umenite warship to the mooring point. There, Seldu and three sailors, acting as guards, promptly disembarked and waited for the same from the docked Umenite ship.

2/9/2010 #47

Ingmar disembarked with 2 Uktar guards. He was surprised to see Seldu back so soon, but greeted him amiably: "Ambassador Seldu, what a pleasure it is to see you again."

2/9/2010 #48

"Likewise, it is a great pleasure to see you, good an noble Ambassador Ingmar," Seldu replied cordially, extending his arm for a handshake. "I have come for a follow-up diplomatic discussion, would you allow us the honor of your audience." He smiled.

Meanwhile, the guards beside Seldu tried to remain as cold-faced as possible, although they occasionally exchanged a few words with one another. Each of the soldiers wore the dull grey robes and grey overcoat of the Imperial Navy, given a little character only by their steel helmets and mail head-dresses. Resting in each sailor's right hand was a carbine suspended from a shoulder-strap and fitted with a socket bayonet, justification enough for their left hands to remain safely and comfortably loose at their sides.

2/9/2010 . Edited 2/12/2010 #49

"I don't know how long you were planning on staying," began Ingamr, "but we now have the barest excuse for a settlement a half-days journey inland. The accommodations are a still a bit rough, but certainly nicer than what is available aboard a ship, and you are welcome to avail yourself of them."

2/12/2010 . Edited 2/12/2010 #50

"I believe I would be more of a burden than a help to you if I were to stay," Seldu explained, "for I do not expect that these negotiations should last any longer than a few hours. However, I would be most honored to visit your town at a later date, perhaps for a future, more major summit."

2/12/2010 #51
"That would be good," replied Ingmar. "Consider the invitation open. Now, what brings you here on this fine day?"
2/16/2010 #52

"I have come here for a customary follow-up session after our last negotiations," Seldu explained. "I can now offer more specifics as to what my nation can offer in trade and treaties. Have you yourself come with more specifics as well?"

2/16/2010 #53

"Indeed I do," replied Ingmar. "Shall we begin?"

The two guards behind Ingmar, dressed in the brown and burgundy Umenite marine uniform relaxed a bit as they saw their Survaek counterparts do the same. They were wary of the firearms, having seen muskets before, but recognizing the refinement of the Survaek rifles as being greater than anything in their experience. Still, they preferred the protection of their strength and their bows to the unholy firearms used by those not blessed with revelation from Calthus.

2/17/2010 . Edited 2/17/2010 #54

"Of course. Now, my superiors have informed me that they are ready to supply you with one tonne of iron for three tonnes of coal as a preliminary trade," the ambassador explained. "They have requested that this arrangement come as part of a free trade agreement, with the only restrictions being proper licensing of our respective merchants and state agents. Would you find such an agreement acceptable?"

2/17/2010 #55
"At a 3:1 ratio, I feel that mild steel would be a more equitable trade than iron," replied Ingmar. It would be a while before the Umenites could set up mass-manufacturing of steel, and plates of mild steel could be easily worked by the smiths into many useful things.
2/23/2010 #56
"I find this reasonable," Seldu replied, "but I ask that the ratio then be increased to 3.5:1. Whether steel or iron, the metal must be seperated from its ore and refined to some degree, while this is not necessary for coal. Thus, iron is more costly in terms of labor and industry than coal, and this is even more so in the case of steel."
2/23/2010 #57
"3.5 ton of Coal for 1 ton of steel is agreeable," replied Ingmar. "Now, with respect to free trade, we are willing to allow an unimpeded exchange of goods from our merchants to yours, but our Lord is entitled to a percentage of any trades made outside of his jurisdiction. We do not consider this to be an impediment to free trade, since it applies equally to all our trading partners."
2/24/2010 #58
"By a percentage, do you mean to say that your lord imposes a tariff on incoming goods?" queried Seldu. "If so, my nation will be obligated to respond with its own tarrif wall."
2/26/2010 #59
"Our lord is entitled to 1 part in 100 (or equal value) of any goods imported. Compared to foreign nations we have encountered, rather than having a large demesne for income, our Lords demesne is instead in the traditional right to levy taxes. We are certainly willing to guarantee that you get tariffs no higher than any other of our trading partners, if you will reciprocate."
3/2/2010 #60
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