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Sarah Crowning

As per the new rules stated, I am administering the map update from this this thread. If you don't post your info for the next update in this thread, it will not be updated. Territory is given on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, once you post your expansions you cannot take them back, so be cautious before you post your decision immediately.

1/28/2010 #1

Indroie has expanded Westward through square 9-10 with new serf villages and another fortified coal mine, and Southward into the squares on each side of the first coal mine with only serf villages.

New Survaek, by now, has effectively settled the entire peninsula, albeit sparsely.

1/28/2010 #2
Sarah Crowning

Already did that update, Aspen. This will be the changes for the next one.

1/29/2010 #3

Whoops, I posted to the wrong thread. The Umenites have started a (small) coal mining operation at 6:10

1/29/2010 #4

Okay then. Thanks MW.

This next month's update will be

New Indroie: Iquo farms in lower half of 10-6, serf villages in upper half

New Survaek: Quarry in square 9-16; lumber operations expanding West to square 10-17; beginning of fortress around line between squares 10-20 and 10-21.

1/30/2010 #5
Huai Xin

Principalities of Rothe will atempt to settle farmers and very small outposts in:

upper part of square 10,12

upper right of square 9,12

(it is across then up for map references right?)

1/30/2010 #6
SnowClaw of Windclan

Settlements of The Confederacy of Sesaba:

8,20, on the point of the second mountain above Seret

On the line between 9, 20, and 9, 21, at the end of the side of the mountain that touches that line.

The bottom left corner of 10, 21.

1/30/2010 #7
Sarah Crowning

Imeren has ceased expanding geographically, and has spent this map update purely on constructing the two stone fortresses that guard its borders.

2/4/2010 #8
Sarah Crowning

New map's up. I was delayed a few days because I forgot how to work the spray paint tool. Enjoy your new expansions.

A side note for Aspen, the pollution around Sesaba is now bad enough that, on a day with a strong south wind, Audejjai might get a little soot, or more likely acid rain. It's not anything anyone would notice yet unless they're really looking for it.

2/10/2010 #9
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