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Huai Xin

((My first submission))

Name of Colony: United Principalties of Rothe

Name of Founding City (if different): The sublime Judan

Location of Founding Colony (Latitude by Longitude and description): 11,10 (I think the area is free, pls confirm), slightly south of the river delta, colony built on a cluster of 9 hills and being constantly fortified. Expanding south towards crops and coal. Region weather is temperate being about 35 Celsius in summer and about 10 in the winter.

Administration (how its run, what kind of government): The colony is run by 'princes' each acting as miniture fuedal leaders and rely on a combination noble blood, politics and behind the scenes deals to stay in power. However the princes are more or less united under the Archon, a pope-like who has extreme religious and political power, he also has a fanatical order of inquisitors continue an endless witchhunt in his name. The millitary is divided into miltia (controlled by the princes), highly trained mercenaries (form their own companies) and the Archon's faith militant.

History of Expedition (how it got started): The Archon and his princes broke from their parent civilisation The Empire of Rothe in a religious schism regarding the role of the First Emperor and the use of magic. The power struggle resulted in civil war as large sections of the imperial population rebelled however the Archon was defeated. Eventually the Archon and his followers were banished at the war's conclusion.

Population (remember that a food icon supplies enough food for 7500 people): about 17 000

Composition of Expedition (What kinds of people were sent, How prepared are they?):

There are 4 castes of people that arrived:

1. Princes and their family, numbering about 1000

2. Warrior caste (mercenary families), about 4000

3. Merchant/Middle tradesmen class, about 5000

4. Lower class (farmers, labourers, militiamen), 7000

Equipment Upon Arrival (Anything out of the ordinary like ships, weapons, machinery):

10 almost derilect hulk (huge cargo boats used to carry the population to the continent.)

basic farming tools

the small fortunes of the noble class (jewelry, trinkets, etc.)

blacksmith and stone mason tools

lumber and stone (enough to build the colony)

crop seeds (mostly a rice like grain along with cotton,etc.)

weapons and armour

1000 barrels of gunpowder, fire oil and ammo

50 000 cannonballs

literature and cultural artefacts

Technology Level: 17th century

-Important Technologies: weapon inventions such as fire oil, shrapnel cannonballs and primitive rocket technology. Many nobles have also studied advanced technologies like machinery and steam technology but have no material to capitalize on them yet.

Magic System: subdued by the inquisition as dangerous

-Capabilities: largely unknown, draws destructive power from strong emotion

-Weaknesses: almost uncontrollable and invites possession from ‘daemons’

-Effects on user: mood swings, possessions

Basic Info:

The principalities work on a feudal system however tensions are reaching the point where there is tension between the classes. The princes hold on to their power through favours with the mercenary families and religious authority.

Inquisitors are feared throughout the society and answer only to the Archon, they have the authority to execute anyone accused of heresy or magic use. Inquisitors also use a kind of magic however it is based more on the mind which they use to create illusions and read thoughts.

1/29/2010 . Edited 2/1/2010 #1
Sarah Crowning

This looks quite good. I don't see anything I can seriously object to. Just remember that the materials brought along won't do much more than get the city started; fortifications and the like will require resources like stone. Anyway, approved! Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately we're running low on map colors. Dark green may be an option, or perhaps pink, violet or cyan. I'll leave that up to you. Do you want your starting city on the south side of the delta, or on the largest island within the delta itself (which would provide the city with some great natural defenses, but also turn the foundations to silt).

1/29/2010 #2
Huai Xin

The main city will be a little south of the delta close enough to divert water for irrigation later. the hills are where the nobles and higher classes will start to build, the lower classes will start to settle down closer to the river. a few mercenary families will move on to the island in the delta. the only stone building right now is the house of the archon, everyone else is using wood. Do you need to use the map colour in the colony's flag? If not I'll use violet.

1/29/2010 . Edited 1/30/2010 #3
Sarah Crowning

Sounds good. Just remember that they won't be very big hills, since the larger ones are marked on the map. You can use your colony flag, and I'll use violet for the details like villages.

Anyway, you're approved, so feel free to post wherever. I look forward to it.

1/30/2010 #4
Huai Xin

((Is there a way to post a flag on the forum))

Prince Tahril trudged down the road scowling. "We followed the Archon's mad dream to a new land and now what?" He missed the cities, music, all the small amenities that made a prince's life possible. He reached the chesthigh earthworks that marked out the border of his 'principality' "Barely a large farm" he thought bitterly. He was only a prince in name it seemed, unlike the others that fled over the sea with the Archon he didn't have time to amass enough resources to rebuild his principality in the new world.

He glared bitterly at the growing capitol on the 9 hills to the north. Soon he would have to start raiding other princes to improve his fortunes and he knew the other multitudes of princes were planning the same thing. "Sir!" a guardsmen officer called out as he reach the gates, "we're ready to move out."

"Good," Tahril said, he knew the only thing going in his favour is that he had 150 guardsmen veterans to make up for the manpower he couldn't mass becuase of his meagre amount of workmen,"prepare to march, we'll see what this land has and if we can take it."

Westwards they marched, into a new land...

1/30/2010 . Edited 2/1/2010 #5
Sarah Crowning

((Well if you want a nice big picture you can always give us a link to photobucket, deviantart or whatever you use. If you want to put your flags on the map the way Survaek has them... Well, here's the post where I gave the option:

Secondly, We're running out of colors on the map, so I have come up with a new and glorious opportunity for those interested. You can now custom make your nation's indicators! If you want to do this, you'll need to make different indicators for: 1. Your Colony's Capital City, 2. Colony Towns, 3. Colony Villages, and 4. Colony Forts (military bases). You can do your icons in Microsoft Paint relatively easily. The Capital City Icon should be 60 pixels by 40, towns and fortresses should be 40x30, and the village icon should be 30x25 pixels. If you want to make custom Icons, just open up Microsoft Paint, shift the screen size to the right dimensions (you can see the pixel dimensions in the bottom right corner), decorate it however you want, and send it to my email address at , and make sure to tell me which nation its for.

So that's always an option if you'd like.)) 1/30/2010 #6
Huai Xin

Prince Tahril had marched for 3 days with his guardsmen, "Sir, what exactly are we looking for." the officer asked.

"For something valuable to claim or sell, so i can rebuild the principality."

"What of natives?"

"Oh, i'm sure we can reason and trade with them, and maybe befriend them... yes, that would be a good advantage." Tahril replied, "but keep your powder dry just in case."

After 2 weeks they reached the forest.

2/1/2010 #7
Huai Xin

The city of Sublime Judan is now of a city that can support most of the population, the growing stone cathedral of the Archon is starting to rise, makeshift houses and manors dot the nine hills. Earthworks and low walls mark out the territory of the various princes. Personal colours of the various princes fly over their marked out territories.

2/6/2010 #8
Huai Xin

principalities start to spread and settle around the capital and surrounding lands.

2/13/2010 #9
Huai Xin
The city of Sublime Judan is now a respectable capital with nearly all the main structures set up in some form the foundations of a great wall around the nine hills are being marked out and planned, irrigation channels are inching their way from the river banks to the fields. Flimsy docks thrust their way into the current of the river, the fort of the warrior families stands out on the delta looking towards the holy 'cathedral' of the Great Archon. Banners fly over the well settled land around the heart of the Principalities and Princes settle into their new surroundings start once more their political games of intrigue and scandal.
2/27/2010 #10
Huai Xin
The new docks ringing day and night with the riveting of bolts and the hammering of wooden boards, the cannabalised wrecks of the derelict transport hulks and unneeded fishing boats lay moored to the docks. The night sky was filled with the embers of the forges. The scramble for the new land had begun.
3/5/2010 #11
Huai Xin

The ribs of several warships lay beached and several small fishing vessels lined the docks built from the remains of the original transport hulks, troops of the principality assembled, settlers hunker down and set about their affairs in claiming this new land, the woods are disturbed as the greencoats venture forth.

((revised post))

3/17/2010 . Edited 3/18/2010 #12

((New ships already? I've been here since August and just now have a small wave of new merchant/fishing boats. I have one and only one warship under construction. Remember that colonies take a while to develop, and even then you are limited by your resources: you have no outposts by any lumber icons, nor by any iron icons. Wood is necessary for ships, and iron is necessary for pulleys, cannons, and shipbuilding tools. Given your location, you will need to either trade or fight for iron and establish some outposts to the West for lumber. Then, you will need to build foundries, sawmills, and workshops to put these materials to use.

I understand your want for your colony to expand, but this is acceptable only so long as you do so realistically and in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the forum. I myself had some problems early on with power-playing, so I know from experience what not to do. =) ))

3/17/2010 #13
Huai Xin

((revised earlier post))

3/21/2010 #14

((Thank you. =) ))

3/22/2010 #15
Huai Xin

Terror hung heavy in the main square of the Sublime Judan. 50 heretics lashed to stakes screamed in pain, for freedom, for justice or for pity. "Our eternal Emperor, hath watched from realms on high and gave us this new land, he hath delivered us from the storm, we who are unworthy of his favour. However these HERETICS dare rise against him and his vicar the holy Archon. You of little faith will not doom good and virtuous men-"


"SILENCE HERETIC, for your sins you will BURN!" and the shrieks and screams of the burning filled the air, the crowds shrank back in horror. The Archon looked down from atop his catherdral with cold merciless eyes, the order was sent by his hand, 'In the name of the Eternal Emperor, make clean these lands."

The purging of New Rothe has begun.

3/23/2010 #16

You and Del Vento write the most disturbing of posts O_o.

4/1/2010 #17
Huai Xin

((I'll take that as a complement))

The purge of new world continues.

4/4/2010 #18
Sarah Crowning

[Square 9, 13]

The small farming village had been spotted by a few scouts. It was more than the warriors had expected, but they rejoiced in the opportunity. Here was a place to raid and loot, to acquire slaves and goods to bring back to the Mound. A battle plan was quickly drawn: The mountrous Ghrux split into two parties of two hundred and fifty, approaching the small village from two sides.

At first they marched in silence, each four-legged creature carrying the weight of their own armor. Only when they drew near the village did the true raid begin. With a savage roar, the first Ghrux charged forward, followed by bellowing cries from her fellows as they charged forward in eagerness.

4/14/2010 #19
Huai Xin

As the raiders drew to sight range the watchmen stationed on the top of one of the cottages on the outskirts of the town sounded the warning bell. The town's populace fled to the small barricades in the centre square. The 60 militia took their place on the firing step and awaited the enemy.

4/19/2010 #20
Sarah Crowning

The Ghrux warriors were not far behind the fleeing populace as they charged forward recklessly. Great roars and bellows resounded as they approached at full speed: great four-legged monsters in iron armor, bearing scythe blades around tentacled faces. They assaulted the barricade without hesitation, running around it and bellowing, snapping up at the guards while others stood back and fired blowguns. However, these were not the tame blowguns of indiginous people, they were cannons to other's guns: thick, reinforced tubes loaded with heavy iron nails. Fired by a creature whose voice could carry for miles those darts could pass straight through a man's skull.

Several others, wearing strange iron "helmets," charged straight at the gate. Intent on using their heads as battering rams they hurled themselves at the doors with the speed and power of charging bulls.

4/28/2010 #21
Huai Xin

The gate half buckled at the force of the charge, the barricades splintered and heaved but held. several men dropped from the firing step shreiking and wounded or dead. The priest amoungst the populace started to pray beseeching the eternal emperor for deliverance. The militia men at the firing step began to fire into the raiders, townsmen ran to secure the barricades.

5/4/2010 #22
Sarah Crowning

Bellows of pain and anger rose from the attackers, along with the metal ting of lead impacting steel and the scent of blood. two dozen attackers fell dead at the feet of the barricade, or buckled under their injuries. Enraged by the sudden retaliation, the attackers redoubled their attempts. The fraction of those attackers armed appropriately retaliated with blowguns, while the others circled the barricade, snapping at their enemies and roaring their rage, prying at loose boards. Those by the gate continued to pound the barricade urgently in the hopes of rushing in and overwhelming the defenders.

5/8/2010 #23
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