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Sarah Crowning

Here's the update thread for March. Same rules apply, first come first serve, but once you make your decision it's done.

2/10/2010 #1
Del Vento

The Confederacy of Sesaba has set up a city, Nthailen Aier (EN-ai-len Ire), on the end of the mountains in 11, 21.

2/12/2010 . Edited 2/13/2010 #2

Survaek already controls that stone deposit, sorry.

2/12/2010 #3
Del Vento

Sorry. I edited to correct the previous post.

2/13/2010 #4

Is this the one for the new immigrants?

2/14/2010 #5
Sarah Crowning

Yes, you can bring a new wave of immigrants with this update if you like. The rules are as stated in OOC. I'll paste them here.

2/14/2010 #6

Ashvinau has some small villages forming around the crop icons.

2/15/2010 #7
Huai Xin

United Principalities have settled fishing villages along the river in 11,9 and are expanding into 13,10 and 13,11, a small mercenary fort has been built on the island in the delta.

2/15/2010 #8

Excellent. I'll have around 1640 immigrants coming in to New Survaek, 668 of them riflemen-cadets, 472 peasant-laborers, 500 slaves.

Indroie will get about 4500 migrants, 3000 serfs and 1500 "irregular" infantry (peasant-militia pressed into full service as skirmishers).

2/16/2010 #9

I think I posted this elsewhere, but I'd like 1200 immigrants for the Umenites, 300 as apprentice soldiers.

2/17/2010 #10

Also, I'm not sure how much time is going between updates, but if it is enough for the road to the coal-mine to be established, the next step will be to quarry stone from 5:8 (Calthu needs a temple, after all!)

2/17/2010 #11
Del Vento
A total of 5,000 immigrants have come to Seret, making it very densely populated at this point. Of them, 2,500 are in the military and 2,500 are civilians.
2/24/2010 #12
I think the rule is that 1/5 of your immigrants can be military, no more.
2/24/2010 #13
Del Vento
I never saw that...What page was it on? Also, 1,500 is more than one-fifth of the 4,500 Indroien immigrants...
2/24/2010 #14
Wait, you are right, I wasn't thinking. The rule was that the immigrating group could be no more than 1/5 the number of the current population, but I think your immigrants were an exception to that. But, what you should know is that MW said that all new military units must be raw recruits with no training.
2/24/2010 #15
Sarah Crowning
Just a warning for everyone. I'll be updating the map some time in the next week, so if you haven't posted your update requests yet you need to do so now.
3/4/2010 #16
By the way, did you get my Indroien flag icons?
3/4/2010 #17
Sarah Crowning
No I haven't, try resending it. If that doesn't work I'll check my post to make sure I got the address right.
3/4/2010 #18
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