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Name of Colony: Andalay

Name of Founding City (if different):Tannin (named for the current emperor)

Location of Founding Colony (Latitude by Longitude and description): Andalay is located on the mouth of the river at 13,14.

(if possible i would like to have small villages at the gold icon in 14,14. And also one in 13,13.)

Administration (how its run, what kind of government): High Lord Cypher rules as the Governor of Andalay at the behest of Emperor Tanis. To assist in his rule, he has formed a House of Lords consists of all the Lords that arrived with Cypher and also a House of Commons that was elected by the common folk. Both have little power but preform the vital function of conveying the wishes of the people to High Lord Cypher so that he may better his rule. Nobles and Commoners officially have equal rights, but money and political influence can cause laws to be bent in some cases.

History of Expedition (how it got started): High Lord Cypher was granted leave to lead a colonization attempt of the New World after many months of political maneuvering by the Emperor himself. He had been forced to make many concessions, including bringing along various nobles chosen by his rival in court, Lord Janister who would also be accompanying the effort.

Population (remember that a food icon supplies enough food for 7500 people): 7566

Composition of Expedition (What kinds of people were sent, How prepared are they?):

High Lord Cypher, his wife, Sophia, and his two children, Laine andĀ Liceille.

Lord Janister, his pregnant wife, Yalai.

10 nobles of various standings, generally low, including their families

300 sworn-swordsmen

1000 Soldiers

1578 woman andĀ children

3785 men of various professions and their families

987 Canar

Equipment Upon Arrival: ( assuming out of ordinary doesn't include wood axes, blacksmithing tools, farming tools, whitesmithing tools and such)

1500 Blades

1500 Suits of armor

500 Longbows

Dozens of large sack of Steel thistle seeds

1 merchant galleon armed with a few cannons

2 river boats

4 fishing boats

543 horses

458 Cunar, large reptilian creatures used by the Canar as mounts and draft animals

Technology Level: Medieval era

-Important Technologies: Advanced Alloys, Masonry, wood crafting, smithing, Cotton gin style device, windmills, and watermills.

Magic System:

-Capabilities: Internalized magic, can affect only self and things in direct contact. Can do many things with it like boil water, clean wounds, heal wounds, strengthen body, weapons, armor. Magic is also used to extend life and youthful appearance. Also is used to create anything from works of art to furniture and cooking implements.

-Weaknesses: can affect only self and things in direct contact, Applications of most forms of this magic takes time to achieve it's effect and requires contact until it is achieved. Most don't have the skill to do much with the magic that they are born with.

-Effects on user: has no known effect on the user.

Basic Info:

The people of Andalay are a beautiful people, bearing resemblance to their human ancestors in their basic features though their skin, hair, and eye color come in all colors and some have more exotic features such as thick coats of fur, fangs, abnormally long or short limbs, and great height. This makes them a very accepting as a people, as they deal with many peculiarities in appearance.

The so-called Canar are a race of reptilian creatures that most no magic of their own, but are naturally fast, strong and come with thick scales. They hold a special place in society because they are natural warriors and brilliant tacticians. Their scales come in many colors of black, red, gray, green, and brown. Originally the Canar had no magic of their own, but due to some crossbreeding, a small number are born with magic. Even now some of the Canar were not originally Canar, rather people how had changed themselves into Canar to join their society.

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Sarah Crowning

Okay, this looks mostly good. Just a few concerns.

First off, you have quite a few devoted warriors for a Medieval-tech society. Unless you have some means of boosting farm production, or your 2000 soldiers spend most of their time working farms, I don't see how you can support that many soldiers. The same issue could be said of the weapons: you have a very large amount of military equipment and mounts to start off with.

Secondly, what are steel thistles?

3/4/2010 #2

I can certainly lower the number of soldiers and weapons to be more in line with typical medieval society. What would you classify that as though?

and Steel thistles would be a fast growing plant that seed pods contain a very fine and strong fiber that can be woven into a fabric stronger than silk. They also contain tiny poisonous spines that make it very dangerous to gather by hand, and that is where the cotton gin would come in though it would need to be several degrees better than that used for just plain cotton.

3/4/2010 #3
Sarah Crowning

Steel thistles are good, then. Although remember that once you bring them, they're open for obtainment by anyone. If they reproduce in a way that lets them spread into the wild it's more difficult to control, but they can still be captured, smuggled or bought even if that's not the case.

As for military numbers, it depends upon the composition of your troops. Medieval knights were only about 5% of the population, but they were elite warriors trained from birth and required an entire retinue to maintain their equipment and animals. Professional soldiers are easier to replace, but they have less training and, most importantly, you need to be able to pay them. You can always use peasant or commoner levees in combat, in which case you aren't limited by the population problem because your soldiers are also productive members of society, but if you do have militia or levees you can only keep them in the field so long before your economy suffers.

I'll leave the exact composition up to you, but consider the types of warriors or soldiers, and how good their equipment is. The range can be anywhere from 5% (all your warriors are trained from birth and are analogous to medieval knights) to 50% (your soldiers are farmers who are called up and trained on short notice) of your total population.

3/4/2010 #4
((ok I have lowered the number of soldiers by half so they are about 17% of the population.))
3/5/2010 #5
Sarah Crowning
Alright then, Andalay is approved. I'll add it on the next map update. Welcome to the forum.
3/5/2010 #6
((thank you very much.))

High Lord Cypher silently gazed down at the small town that had arisen near the river Irindi. Named after the glorious Emperor, this town wasn't quite worthy of it's name, not yet at least. From where he stood on the balcony of his small manor, Cypher could easily take in the whole town and miss little. Many of the wooden buildings were depressingly plain, even his own manor had only a few elaborate desgins, but it was more important for the people to have a roof over their heads.

Sighing he turned back to the small table and took his seat at its head. To his left was closest advisor and confidant, Elias Quinn, his portly frame leaned back in his chair, his ears glazed over. To his right sat his military commander, Alistair, whos face was blank of all expression. And before him stood the man who had caused such distress, Captain Villers.

"So you are certain of this?" Cypher asked and frowned when the Captain nodded. "Then you must make it clear to your crew that none of this is to get out. It is imperitive that we have time to prepare for when it does."

"Yes, my Lord." Villers replied, and bowed before backing out of the room.

As soon as the door closed Alistair finally spoke. "My Lord, it might be best for me to emplace some more of my men near the port."

"Do that. Just make sure you don't tell them why."

3/9/2010 #7
On a clear day, the INS Frontier appeared several miles off the coast in the vicinity of Tannin, cutting the horizon with a trail of black smoke. Several green flares rose from the steamer as it took a turn and began to drift towards the land.
3/12/2010 #8

The Captain sifted through the papers that littered his desk in an effort to find something that could divert him from the situation that had engulfed him and his crew. Even with the fresh food and water, most of the crew was listless, unable to find the drive to do anything. It wouldn't be long before everyone just gave up in despair beca-.

The door flew open as the his lieutenant rushed into the room, "Captain, ship sighted to the northeast!"

Dropping the papers on the desk, Villers leap out of his seat and followed the lieutenant out the door and onto the deck. Several of the crew were pointing into the sky, so as he climbed the stairs onto the poop deck, he looked into the sky and saw several green stars slowly falling from the sky above a column of black smoke.

3/15/2010 #9

The Frontier continued to coast Southward, heading towards Andaylayan land. As it approached, onboard the captain looked intently ahead through a telescope.

"Ship ahead," he noted aloud to his crew. "Looks around the size of a large frigate or small ship of the line, wooden. Flying some colorful flags. It's probably aware we're coming, but it hasn't sent up any signals or changed flags. Keep proceeding, but cut the engine entirely. Maen, make sure guns are loaded, and Khoejei, get atop and man the machinegun in case something goes wrong. All the rest of you except Teinne and the Byrnian, get inside and man the cannons."

3/15/2010 . Edited 3/17/2010 #10
Sarah Crowning

((Lavie, which color do you want for Andalay?))

3/16/2010 #11

((A light blue will do. Also note that the so called small frigate is really a large galleon used for hauling freight.))

On deck, Villiers walked to the railing and looked for the ship at the bottom of the receding smoke column. Even from such a distance, he could easily make out the unelegant vessel that was heading almost directly towards him. Turning back to his crew he started bellowing orders, "Load the cannons and cut us from the dock!"

His crew jumped, their previous mood forgotten as they scurried to be about the captain's orders and in less than five minutes they were slowly pulling away from the port.


Laitan watched from shore as Villier's ship was readied, having already ordered one of his men to inform the Commander that an unknown ship had been spotted heading towards the port. There wasn't really much to do other than watch and wait to see what would happen.

3/17/2010 #12

As the foreign ship cut from its dock and began to approach the Frontier, the captain felt the hairs on the back of his neck raise. Lieutenaint Teinne and "the Byrnian" the captain had referenced to, Ambassador Seldu, grew tense as well but tried not to let it show. Seldu stepped to the bow of the ship, holding in his right hand a speaking trumpet, which he brought to his mouth as the foreign galleon drew near.

"Greetings to you, good people of this land!" he shouted out in Byrnian. "We are Survaekom, representing the colony of New Survaek and the Grand Survaek Empire! We come only with the most peaceful intentions of exploration and diplomacy! Would you most kindly allow us audience with an official representative of your own?" Seldu repeated this phrase in Survaekom, Indroien, several islander tongues, Ivisk, Raethonte, Sevian, Laodicean, and Zerbian among other languages until he received a reply from the foreigners.

3/17/2010 #13

((sorry for the wait, couldn't get myself to rewrite my post after someone was kind enough to refresh the page when I was almost done.))

When the strange sounds finally reached Villier's ears, he looked out across the sea once agian to gaze upon the distant vessel. It had now drawn close enough for him to make out the men on deck, specifically the one that held something up to his face. "Lieutenant!"

"Yes, sir?" The lieutenant responded instantly as he stepped up next to his Captain.

"Do you understand anything they are saying?"

"Some of it sounds familiar, sir," He started, just as the sounds changed, "But I do understand it now, that's Sevian and there's Zerbian."

Villiers nodded and took a minute to think of how to respond. "Tell them to head for the port, and that before we allow a representative aboard that we will need to inspect their ship."

"Yes, sir." He replied and opened his mouth to an incredible diameter of one foot an proceeded to bellow his Captain's words in Sevian followed by Zebian, "Proceed to the port and allow you ship and crew to be inspected while a representative of sufficient stature is found."

3/22/2010 #14

((I hate when that happens. All is understood and forgiven =). ))

"Thank you! This is most acceptable!" Seldu replied to the foreigners after they responded to his call in Sevian. He turned to his captain. "They have asked us to pull into port," he explained. "They also wish to inspect our ship."

"Inspect the ship?!" the captain replied, clearly annoyed. "Do they figure that we are smugglers or brigands?"

"It seems a reasonable concern for foreigners who may have never seen an ironclad, nor any Survaekom. And even if they recognize that we are civilized people, it seems a reasonable security measure to undertake a basic inspection."

"Well, I don't want foreigners on my ship, but I respect your authority as Ambassador, Byrnian," he used the last word almost like a pejorative, "so I will let them on. But if they get too nosy, we cut this off. I liked those Umenites better: at least they keep exchanges between diplomats and diplomats alone. Foreigners have no right to board a ship of the sovereign Survaek Empire, at least not without some sort of binding agreement."

3/22/2010 . Edited 3/22/2010 #15

"They have accepted our terms, Captain." The Lieutenant said, "Though there seems to be some sort of disagreement between those two."

"Put up the flags to inform the port guard." Villiers commanded before turning to head back to his cabin, "Inform me if they have anything more to say before we get back to the port."

The Lieutenant nodded and quickly went about getting the flags raised so that the guard would be ready for the newcomers. Soon four different flags were drifting in the wind just below the flag of Andalay.

3/23/2010 #16

The INS Frontier, its engines cut off, slowly coasted into the Andalayan port, dropped anchor, and came to rest. Although Ambassador Seldu was clearly optimistic about meeting these new foreigners, the captain and crew carried a nervous air of nationalist and xenohpobic thought combined with more general safety concerns.

3/23/2010 #17

"But, my lord," Alistair started as he followed High Lord Cypher to the port along with his large entourage of guards, "It might not be safe for you to meet with them, wouldn't it be better for one of your lesser Lords be sent instead?"

Cypher stopped and looked into his friends eyes and saw the genuine concern that was there, "I am sorry, Alistair, but you know I can't trust most of those that have come with us and I need the few who are actually loyal to where they are."

"Yes, Lord." He replied, with a low bow to hide the distress on his face and only stood back up when Cypher and his entourage had left him behind.


Laitan now stood on the temporary walls that seperated the port from the rest of the growing city of Tannin that lay behind them. Made of the stout trees of the forest that once stood here, they were nearly three spans tall (about seventeen feet) and were filed with dirt for defense agianst cannon shot. From here, he watched as the unkown vessel made it's way into the port and dropped it's anchor. Bringing his fingers to his mouth and he whistled three times in quick succession.

Below, gates opened wide and fifty guards marched forth in tight formation up the dock closest to the anchored ship.

3/24/2010 #18

"And am I to suppose that this is a mere investigation team" the captain asked Seldu snidely.

"It is probable that these people have reason for particular caution," Seldu pointed out. "They may have a long history of attacks, or may even be in the midst of a war now."

The captain's response was simply a momentary glare at Seldu before turning back towards the foreign soldiers as they drew near. At the same time, the Survaekom sailors began to take their carbines off their backs and into their hands, making their feelings of suspicion visible. Only the ambassador's gaze conveyed invitation; all others conveyed hostility.

3/25/2010 #19

Laitan waited for the guards to finally stop their march before he dropped down from the walls and walked casually through the gates. As he was walking up the docks he noticed his men showing off, their thick leather armor slowly changing from plain brown to black with red highlights before changing back when he got closer. On the ship, Laitan could see the crew had drawn what looked like the firearms that the Zerbians had supplied their troops with. "Until the inspection is completed all weapons must be turned over, all crew members must wait on deck, though the captain may incompany the inspection party, and lastly any magic users must be proclaimed so that the proper procuations can be taken."

3/26/2010 #20

((The Zerbians had breech-loading, sliding-block action carbines?))

Seldu's smile suddenly grew faint as he heard the foreign official's command. He translated this order hesitantly to his comrades, and the Survaekom captain exploded.

"So they expect us to just drop our weapons and wait beside an entire half-company of their soldiers?! Do they have the scantest idea of the principle of a nation's sovereignty over its own ship?!"

"It is our ship, but remember that this is their territory," Seldu countered. "However, I will ask them if they can modify this request." He turned to the foreigner and spoke, "Greetings, good official, I am Ambassador Seldu of the colony of New Survaek, of the Grand Survaek Empire. Unfortunately, the crew of this ship cannot comply with your mandate, for it violates our standard procedure for imperial sailors. Also remember that we know nothing of your people, and thus we are not predisposed to put ourselves entirely at your mercy. We will allow for your inspection, but our men must be allowed to remain armed and on the ship. Rest assured that we will take no hostile action unless attacked first."

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