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Sarah Crowning

Name of Colony: Hrakdr Clan

Name of Founding City (if different): Ghukh Mound

Location of Founding Colony (Latitude by Longitude and description): 8,17 within and atop the hill that has become Ghukh Mound

Administration (how its run, what kind of government): The Clan Elders, which is every Ghrux over 50 years of age, work as the administrators, teachers and bureaucrats of the clan. They also select the new King when the old one dies, and act as advisors to the current King Khurgx.

History of Expedition (how it got started): Near starvation and Clan strife drove the Hrakdr clan from their old home with great loss of life. In the aftermath of their defeat, Khurgx was chosen by the Elders to lead the Clan to a new home in a far land. After a long migration, they have reestablished themselves at Ghukh Mound and begun their lives anew.

Population (remember that a food icon supplies enough food for 7500 people): 6700 Ghrux Clan members, along with 300 bipedal slaves of various races.

Composition of Expedition (What kinds of people were sent, How prepared are they?):

1900 young Ghrux warriors

1600 Apprentice crafters and laborers

1200 Master crafters, smiths, workers and professionals

1000 Elders and administrators

1000 Ghrux children

300 slaves of all ages and conditions.

Equipment Upon Arrival (Anything out of the ordinary like ships, weapons, machinery): About half the warriors (900) have armor and weapons for combat. They also have a supply of tools and equipment such as axes, hammers, plows, etc. They also brought a herd of several hundred Xihg for sustenance.

Technology Level: Iron age. Iron tools and weapons are commonplace, and they have some knowledge of machinery, irrigation, and fortifications. Steel can be forged in small amounts, but the process is difficult and thus reserved for specialized equipment.

-Important Technologies:

Echo stations- large stone structures designed to spread a Ghrux's already loud calls over a wide area. A good Echo station situated in an elevated location can carry the messenger's voice for miles.

Masonry- Generally uncut stones stacked together, fused with mortar and plastered. Simple, but highly effective.


Magic System: N/A

-Capabilities: N/A

-Weaknesses: N/A

-Effects on user: N/A

Basic Info: Ghrux are a race of creatures that can best be compared to the bull-squids of half-life, except that they are quadrupedal, much larger, sapient and unable to spit acid. Their circular, tentacled maws are rowed with teeth and mobile enough to replace hands, and also strong enough to rip a man in half. A Ghrux's thick skin and dense bulk makes it extremely deadly to most races, who cannot rival the creature's enormous muscle mass. Because they use their tentacled mouths instead of hands, most Ghrux equipment and tools are totally foreign to their humanoid counterparts.

Ghrux society is polytheistic and based around age brackets. Every decade the brackets cycle up and the generations switch roles. Young adults serve as warriors for the clan, while their elders serve as apprentices and then crafters. The older Ghrux become elders, who administer the tribe and choose the King. They worship their own gods, but tend to adopt those of other peoples they respect.

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Sarah Crowning

Roars of farewell and cheer echoed from the northern end of Ghukh mound. Nearly every Ghrux in the clan had abandoned his post to see off the first raiding party from their new home. After a long trek and the exhausting labour of building their new home, the issuing out of the clan's young warriors was a sign of renewal. Now, finally, they were again sending their raiding parties out, rather then hiding in their fortress home. The Clan was reborn stronger than ever.

King Khurgx did the honors today, dragging a bleating Kamx before the altar and slitting its throat, letting the blood pour out on the flat stone alter. Passing the knife to one of the elders, he turned to address the five-hundred warriors in armor, ready to depart. "Today, at long last, the God of War has departed from our homes. Attend to him, young warriors, and lead him to another suitable lodging. Long you have fought in defense of our Clan, even to the brink of disaster, but our time of hospitality has ended!" his voice rose to a crescendo as he roared the last word, drawing a chorus of similar noises from the crowd. In cheer and defiance, the warriors departed.

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A woman of purple and gold official attire became visible on the horizon. She came with two others, a man and a woman covered in strange markings; the first had these but just on her face. Along side these came a hulking creature with a metal exoskeleton. They slowed as they gained sight of a colony of strange monsters with an alien appearance. (8, 17)

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Sarah Crowning

The stranger was spotted by the Mound's lookouts a ways out. Deeming the three strangers not terribly a threat, the King ventured out with six of his warriors, all armored in hammered steel, and a single elder to advise him. The Ghrux waited at the foot of the Mound, where the narrow path up the the top started. Other Ghrux watched the meeting from the slopes above.

"Who are you, and what is your purpose here?" The King demanded in his own savage language as the strangers approached.

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The woman of official appearance lurched back momentarily, taken aback by these disgusting creatures. She did not understand the words, but meaning came to her when she focused on the being attempting communication. "We seek to learn more about your culture and establish basic understanding, tell me do you eat flesh?" The ambassador attempted to push this thought into the creatures mind, preparing to run if anything violent were to occur.

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Sarah Crowning

The King found it strange that he could understand the strange woman, but more than being perplexed he found her question highly amusing. "Hahaha!" He laughed, a deep, repetative chugging sound that sounded nothing like a "ha" at all. "Of course, what else shall we eat? But who are you?"

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"I am Ambassador Dorsall from the Mutual Administration of the Western Plainsman; I have a gift for you" Dorsall then verbalized to her large companion, "Give them your arm, un-plated." The large creature sawed his arm off with a large axe, grasping the blade awkwardly. The arm dropped off with a heavy thud and clank. A few moments later it's shoulder started to violently bubble, rapidly forming a new monstrous arm. After this occurred, it tore the armor off the previous limb and tossed it in front of the foreigners. The ambassador continued, "I want you to know us, love us, taste us. We came from the west for political reasons seeking to live, and to prosper. We are a people of order, freedom, and power; together we can help each other achieve this goal. Please tell us of your culture."

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Sarah Crowning

Oh no, King Khurgx couldn't help thinking, It's like the Cult of Koshld all over again. They spoke in the same lucid, honeyed manner too, a little like a priest. "We are of the Hrakdr clan." He replied, watching the party intently. "And we have claimed this Mound to start our strength anew in these lands.

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Hearing these thoughts the Ambassador picked up on her mistake and chose her next words carefully, "I understand, hopefully we can increase each others strength. I want to prove to you that we are a people who are not afraid to suffer for the benefit of a respected ally; Please don't hesitate to visit our lands or communicate a need. After all, we have both been blesses with great strength and it is our responsibility, to reward, protect, punish, and prey upon the weaker races." She then added, "Is there anything you would like to discuss before we take our leave?"

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Sarah Crowning

"What gods do your people worship?" The king asked, fishing for more clues as to these strange and somewhat disturbing people. Whom a people worshipped said much about them.

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The woman took a breathe and thought momentarily, "We worship those of whom we can not speak; For they must not only be chosen, but accepted. They are spirits of great power, and spread chaos to those who are foolish enough to stomp on their image." she said this with great authority, straightening her back and waiting for response.

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Sarah Crowning

It had to be said that king Khrugx, while respectful of the gods in his own way, was no priest. Still, there were few enough gods whom "could not be spoken of." The god of war was one such, but these people obviously worshipped a whole collection of such beings. "I see. Then let your gods watch over you upon your return." They'd need it if they somehow ran across the small army of Ghrux warriors currently roaming the plains. The king didn't know what they were up to, but it would be interesting when they got back.

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With that the diplomat bowed and verbalized commands to her companions who turned their horses around into a wedge formation lead by the large infantryman. They raced leaving deep marks in the earth, hunched over the backs of their equine mounts. The sun eclipsed the armor of their guardian; and they gave not a single thought of stopping till they were inside friendly territory.

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Sarah Crowning

Khurgx watched the diplomat speed away. Such eloquence as she spoke with was always a sign of distrust for him, he preferred those who were frank about their opinions. Not that he didn't have warriors and elders who could wax a speech to shine like a star, but even among his own people he was careful with his replies.

"Call the other elders, I wish to have a council." He ordered as they returned to the Mound.

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