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Sarah Crowning

Here's the update thread for this month. Same protocol as always.

4/17/2010 #1
Del Vento

The Sesabans have sent a group of 100 trained to work with masks and blinders to 21, 18, and have begun to build a small colony on the iron deposit. Led by a nonseated member of the CR, construction is moderately slow for obvious reasons. They have taken measures to add levels of Carbon Monoxide and Dioxide to the air to make it breathable, using the same methods used in the Carbon Guns of the Whitemask Corps. The city has been called Trahl.

In other news, a revolutionary group is forming, although their motives are not yet known.

4/18/2010 #2

The Western Plainsmen have built two towns financed by the extraction of coal (3,15), and stone (6,18). A lookout will be built on the hill of (4,15).

The first generation of Ikarian soldiers have been trained; they are imbued with a recently discovered rune of effects that have yet to be released. Fifty of these soldiers have been released.

***DISCLAIMER: Obfuscation for the purpose of role-play, not military strategy.***

4/18/2010 #3

The B├╝geln Tribesmen have begun the drilling of second mountain fortress where surveyors have estimated large iron ore deposits (17,18).

4/18/2010 #4
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