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Here is where everyone who loves anime can rp! Yaoi and yuri allowed. also be sure to ask the person before u hit on their character.
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8/22/2009 . Edited 8/22/2009 #1

Name: Renji Vicculio

Age: 19

Appearance: Ankle length, black hair; Cat shaped green eyes. 5'10. Punk styled cloths. Black glasses. Tanned skin.

Personality: is usually calm. a very kind person. Loves animals. is very artistic. Is rarely hot headed when drunk or sober.

Sexuality: Bi

Family: mother, father twin-younger sister, and grand parents

Pets: 2 cats(muffins and snips), dog(Albert), hamster(phil), frog(kei), ferret(guu guu)

Occupation: amature writter

History: he wants to keep that secret

Apartment #: 1

8/22/2009 . Edited 8/23/2009 #2

Name: Rick

Age: 15

Apperance: neck length blond hair, has blue-green eyes, a fine figure, and white skin

Personality: he can be nice when he wants to be, but normally tries to shut people out, and doesn't have that many friends in school

Sexuality: he's bi but hides it from his family

Family: he has an older brother, and a father; his mom died when he was five, ever since his dad and bro have became distant to him, and blame rick for everything

Pets: he doesn't have any pets

Occupation: is still looking for a job

History: his mom died when he was five, that's why he shuts people out, he rarley has friends; he doesn't even try to make any new friends then the few he has, he tries to b out of the house as much as possible to avoid his dad, and bro; unfortuntaly his dad made rick have a curfew so that plan rarley works; he get's in trouble when he disobyes his dad, and older brother's order

8/24/2009 . Edited 8/25/2009 #3
Gin's lil Kitsune

may I join. if so, here are my char.

Name: Tsubasa Cho

Age: 18

Apperance: slightly pale skin, black hair, dark brown eyes. Wears band t-shirts, skinney jeans and Air kicks.

Personality: sweet, caring, has a slight low self-esteem.

Sexuality: bisexual

Family: adoptive family- mom, dad, and older brother

Pets: family dog[Makko], cat[Tiki][belongs to Tsubasa]

Occupation: works part-time at Hot Topic

History: parents were neglective to her when she was small, was sent to foster parents, was soon adopted by the foster parents.

Is this good?

11/16/2009 . Edited 11/16/2009 #4

May I join?

Name: Micheal Strand (I know it that's not how you spell 'Michael' but that's how his name is spelled.)

Age: 15

Appearance: Messy blonde hair, longish for a guys, kinda spikes on it's own. Dark blue eyes. Pale but not too much so. Wears whatever he can find that's clean; mainly a T-shirt, jeans and Converse. He is also very cute. He doesn't think so, but his sister, his female friends and pretty much every one he meets thinks so.

Personality: Is shy and social at the same time. (Don't know how that works but it does.) He's an optimist and freaks out when under stress. Doesn't care what others think about him and is a nice, sweet, and caring person. Also clumsy.

Sexuality: Gay (I love gay people so much. Their so nice. Well, most of them are anyway.)

Family: Older sister, Mabl who is 24. Parents died in a train wreck.

Pets: A German Shepard named Gale who thinks he's a cat.

Occupation: Works part time at a local bookstore after school and on Saturday afternoons.

History: Not much of one. His parents died in a train wreck when he was ten. Since Mabl was 19 and legally an adult she took custody of her brother. After their parents died they moved into an apartment.

12/6/2009 . Edited 2/14/2010 #5

If this is still alive.

Name: Andres Skilsy

Age: 19

Apperance: He dyes it bright orange except a blonde lock in the front. Stands about “5,6” with a medium to small built. Wears camo pants with spiked leather boots. For a shirt he wears a tight white long sleeve shirt with spiked bracelets. His left eyebrow is pierced with a silver stud.

Personality: Andres is shy and sarcastic at first, but once you get to now him he's pretty cool.

Sexuality: bi

Family: all live in another state besides his step brother, James who is very over protective

Pets: a dog named truffles

Occupation: cop

History: Andres lived a good life in Oklahoma, until his brother got into crime and drugs. With that his parents kicked out his brother at the age of 17. Andres felt so bad he decided to go with his brother to a new state but, his brother got worse so Andres saved enough money to move. 6 years later and Andres was now a police officer and his life was good until his brother showed up at his doorstep saying he had changed. Now he must decide if his brother is lying or if his changed for the better.

2/13/2010 . Edited 2/13/2010 #6

i know its a bit late. but u are accepted in the rp. srry for the wait. got to busy with school. ^.^'

2/20/2010 #7
Gin's lil Kitsune

Yay! Thank you.

2/20/2010 #8

srry if this a bit late. but if ur still interrested you are accepted. I was a bit busy with schoool. srry. ^.^'

2/20/2010 #9
Gin's lil Kitsune

Tis ok. I understand. I was down that road before.. but now I'm busy with work. hehehe...

2/20/2010 #10
Consulting Sorceress

Name: Adrienne 'Adie'

Age: 18

Apperance: Long black hair with hardly noticable red streaks in. Dark eyes and is a little smaller than average

Personality: Laid back, over confident, lippy

Family: Mum, dad, older brother

Pets: Dog

Occupation: None


Hey! If anyone is interested, do you wanna join my new RP????

3/27/2010 #11

new rp?

3/27/2010 #12

sorry about this. but Ill be deleting this rp, like, right now.

can't seem 2 keep it up. but ill be starting a new one soon.


3/27/2010 #13
Gin's lil Kitsune

ok.. *tears*

3/28/2010 #14

no tears...

3/29/2010 #15

i know that this forum is really old... but still...

Name:Megumi Haru

Age:16 years old

Apperance:short black hair with two small pigtails at each side, sleeveless jacket with collar and cape thing sticking out, tight shorts and black boots

Personality:angry most of the time...can fight on her own


Family: None (everyone killed and /or died)


Occupation: fighter and warrior

History: sent away from a dying kingdom when a few days old and soon after, her mom died. Is an orphan and lives by herself. Grew up to fight and be one of the best warriors

11/29/2011 #16
Tomboy Jace Forever
Name: Jace Harris Age: 16 Appearance: Short Blonde Hair with Red Tips and Crimson eyes. Usually wears t-shirts, jeans, converse, sweatbands on each wrist and a chain necklace. Personality: Calm and collected. Flirts a lot with girls, smart and sometimes lazy Sexuality: Lesbian Family: A 19 year-old brother, a 10 year-old brother, a 15 year-old sister that she sometimes flirts with and her parents Pets: A Golden Retriever Occupation: Pizza delivery guy but is too lazy to go to work everyday so only works sometimes History: Jace is a tomboy girl that looks like a guy. When she was younger, everyone treated her badly and gave her lots of responsibilities because she was girl so she cut her hair to look like a guy. She enjoyed acting like a guy so she started to flirt with other girls and practiced her flirting skills with her sister. Soon, she became playboy. Her parents were disappointed with her, turning lesbian and acting like a guy, and sent her to her uncle's who never paid much attention to her so she went anywhere at anytime.
1/10/2013 #17
I don't write anymore

the name's conor mcgregor

9/26/2016 #18
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