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Yeah, I'm sure y'all were just dying to know that I've spent this much time on background stuff for this story. Isn't that special? (Nee-sama, I'll edit Soren's story accordingly... if she was telling me a slightly different story than what she told you, let me know if you think it needs to be changed.) The Saviors: ----- Shawn Bennett Born: May 30, 1988 Age when gathered: 18 Birthplace: Charing Cross Hospital; London, England (United Kingdom) Current residence: London, England (") Family/Status before gathering: no existing family, both parents missing presumed dead / living out of a vacant house by himself Gathered by: Anne and Erin on Sept. 5 Shawn's parents disappeared when Shawn was eight. He spent ten years on his own in London living out of an abandoned house off of Baker Street (and was remarkably hygenic for having no consistent showering schedule). He took whatever he needed (mostly food, but never money) if he could get it, and on the days he couldn't he learned to go without. After his Gathering, he had the opportunity to go back to London and see what had changed, but he refused. He did not want to know anything but the life he had left behind, especially if it meant seeing his parents again. ----- Jack Lunday Born: March 23, 1987 Age when gathered: 19 Birthplace: Katherine Hospital; Katherine, North Territory (Australia) Current residence: Alice Springs, North Territory (") Family/Status before gathering: living with parents and two younger sisters / on a hunting trip Gathered by: Anne on Nov. 3 Jack was his family's main provider before his Gathering, and had been since he and his father had been in a car wreck that left his father paralyzed from the waist down (an accident that Jack always felt he "caused" by being in an argument with his father, who was distracted when a drunk driver ran a red light); he was hunting when Anne found him. When he was able to revisit Earth, he discovered that his father's crippling accident had never happened. ----- Anne Madison Born: July 20, 1988 Age when gathered: 18 Birthplace: UAB Hospital; Birmingham, Alabama (United States) Current residence: Prattville, Alabama (") Family/Status before gathering: Living at home with both parents and older sister / comfortably at home Gathered by: the elder of Ka'ta on Aug. 2 Anne was called through the first portal to Myrran in the summer before her first year of college. Of all the Saviors before their Gathering, she had the most "uneventful" life but was the most satisfied with her Earth life; the only stressor in her life had been the death of her best friend's mother a year prior to the Gathering, during which time she did all she could to help her friend through the grieving process. When on the mission to Gather Soren, she briefly stopped by her house only to be the first to find that not only did she no longer exist, but that her friend's mother had never passed away. ----- Soren McCain Born: August 27, 1987 Age when gathered: 19 Birthplace: Jackson Hospital; Montgomery, Alabama (United States) Current residence: Prattville, Alabama (") Family/Status before gathering: living with stepmother, both parents deceased / running away to live with her uncle Gathered by: Anne, Erin, and Shawn on Sept. 23 Soren's mother died when Soren was still very young, and her father grieved himself into alcoholism until he, as Soren puts it, "drank himself to death". She lived with her stepmother and all the stepchildren for six years, and her stepmother would refuse her any food if she did not help "take care of things" (trans: be her Cinderella to the household while stepmother took care of the five other children). The Saviors found her just as she was running away to her uncle's farm in Selma. After arriving in Myrran, she became close to and maternally protective of Anne. ----- Ryan O'Connor Born: October 9, 1986 Age when gathered: 20 Birthplace: Kindred Hospital; San Deigo, California (United States) Current residence: Oceanside, California (") Family/Status before gathering: living with his father, mother remarried out of state / running away from home Gathered by: Shawn and Soren on Oct. 14 Ryan's family moved to Oceanside following Mr. O'Connor's medical practice (an E.R. surgeon); Ryan was ten when his mother was discovered to be having an affair (with a lawyer named Joanna), and soon after Mrs. O'Connor left to live with Joanna in New York. Ryan, who blamed his mother's infidelity on his father's too-busy schedule, fought and argued with his father about everything. Ryan had stolen his father's car and was running away to Santa Fe when Shawn and Soren found him. ----- Erin Patrick Born: April 4, 1989 Age when gathered: 17 Birthplace: Durham Reigonal Hospital; Raleigh, North Carolina (United States) Current residence: Brevard, North Carolina (") Family/Status before gathering: living with her mother, parents divorced / comfortably at home Gathered by: Anne on Aug. 27 Erin and her mother moved to Brevard six months after a very messy divorce case, and they had lived there for two months before Erin was Gathered. Erin had ceased to feel wanted by anyone (her father did not fight for custody of her, she was dumped twice in less than two months, her mother was hardly at home...) before Anne came to get her. For a while after her arrival in Myrran she hated Anne for "tricking her" into going through the portal, but during the Gathering of the other Saviors she and Anne eventually became close friends. When she was able to visit home, she found that her parents had not only never divorced, but were without any children and living the "luxurious lifestyle" they had always talked about until the year before the divorce. ----- Kitterina "Kitt" Tannan Born: Sontun 7, 1379 (August 7, 1985) Age when gathered: 21 Birthplace: Nan Russo Honorarium; Jafaa, Chorias (Icorela) Current Residence: serving as Captain of the freelance starship Corucus Family/Status before gathering: no existing family, parents died in 1392 / on shore leave in Jafaa Gathered by: Anne, Shawn, and Ryan on (Oct. 31) Kitt was schooled by her mother and her father, an engineer for the leading manufacturer of starship engines, introduced her to the world of flight at a young age. She was sent away to an all-girls academy after her eleventh birthday; when she was thirteen, she received word that her parents had been killed when the public transport they took to work was hijacked by the neighboring continent's army and crashed into the Emperor's personal ship. In spite of this, Kitt went on to graduate at sixteen and go into flight school, where she set the record for the youngest graduating pilot at ninteen, and by the time she turned twenty-one she was the captain of her own ship. ----- Everything, in order... Anne was called by the Elder at Ka'ta, where she was told briefly of her part in the crisis of Myrran and instructed to find the six other Saviors. Each Savior in turn was briefly informed of the situation, convinced to leave their former lives behind, and brought to Myrran. The Saviors were gathered in order of Anne, Erin, Shawn, Soren, Ryan, Kitt, Jack.
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