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A strange place called Wyminstown, in the middle of the country. It may appear normal, but Wyminstown is anything but. It seems to have a strange habit of coughing up people who seem confused about what year it is. Private RP
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Aoide Mnemosyne

Here you can drop off your characters! Please wait for me or one of the moderators to approve your character before you start using him/her. In some places, there will be people marked as 'NPC's, non-player-characters, which can be used by the players at their disposal in their own area (meaning, say, Janine at the bookstore could be role-played by me, but I couldn't take her out of the bookstore).

Also, you can have creatures of any race in here, but please do not make them unbeatable. They must have at least one weakness. You must also have at least three personal belongings.

Fill out the character chart below, and have fun, be creative!



Physical Age:




Appearance (their body type, how they dress, etc.):





Personal Belongings (Notebooks, pictures, things that are dear to your character):

9/1/2009 #1
Aoide Mnemosyne

Name: Alastair Diovanni

Age: Nineteen

Physical Age: Nineteen

Race: Human

Eyes: A subdued, dark blue, almost cat like.

Hair: Dark blond, nearly brown, falls a couple inches above his shoulders.

Appearance (their body type, how they dress, etc.): Tall and wiry, with toned arms and a long face. Handsome, with high cheekbones and a dazzling smile. Sharper teeth than normal, and almost predetory features after attending his uncle's 'bootcamp' to make him a man.

Personality: Cheerful, charming, now a rather serious person, though he can't help but be rather ridiculous once in a while. Used to be quite frivolous, though now he isn't quite sure what to do in terms of love.

Strengths/Powers: Has an acute sense of what his sister and brother are both feeling, as they share the connection as triplets.

Weaknesses: Pretty girls (still).

Bio: Alastair was born the second-oldest of the triplets, his sister, Amalsuntha, is the oldest, and his brother Samuel is the youngest, obviously. Home-schooled by his parents, he and his siblings have finally moved to Wyminstown, to get used to their lives as adults.

Personal Belongings (Notebooks, pictures, things that are dear to your character): A violin, fresh red roses, pictures of his siblings, mother, father and extended family.

9/1/2009 . Edited 10/18/2009 #2
Aoide Mnemosyne

Name: Amalsuntha Diovanni (usually called 'Suntha')

Age: 20

Physical Age: 20

Race: Human

Eyes: Bright, stunning blue and almond shaped, like her father's.

Hair: Dark and wavy, extends all the way down her back.

Appearance (their body type, how they dress, etc.): Slightly plump, though tall, with a heart-shaped face and slender hands. A brilliant smile full of straight, white teeth and full lips. High cheekbones, with cream-colored skin. Usually dresses in darker colors, favors baggy clothing and hoodies to tight shirts and miniskirts, especially during her pregnancy.

Personality: Fairly serious, though she has a dry sense of humor. She stands up for what she believes in with a will, and is quite intelligent; a feminist. During her pregnancy, she can be very agressive, and easily fustrated with herself and others.

Strengths/Powers: Acute senses of hearing, touch, smell and taste; she has a strong connection with her brother Alastair and feels every living thing's energy, as well as seeing it's aura. Dark magic that even she cannot fully understand, not to mention tints of earth.

Weaknesses: Renny, when others don't understand what she's trying to say; she HATES being patronized.

Bio: Amalsuntha was raised with her two brothers, by her father, Bertram, and her mother, Kariisa. Having finished her college courses in less than two years, she has decided to move to Wyminstown with her brother, Alastair, as she was blind and could not live on her own. Later cured of her blindness, shortly after her father was killed, she became engaged to Renaldo Haydes and recently had their first child, Berria Haydes-Diovanni.

Personal Belongings (Notebooks, pictures, things that are dear to your character): Rose-colored glasses, all of Shakespeare's books in brail, a sketch book full of pastel drawings, art supplies.

9/1/2009 . Edited 4/3/2010 #3

Name: Lucida Haydes

Age: 19

Physical Age: 19

Race: Pyronite

Eyes: Red, almond-shaped.

Hair: Cyan-blue

Appearance (their body type, how they dress, etc.): Slim, though not very curvy; fair skin, wears a white hairband, pink turtleneck, white knee-length skirt and boots. Looks athletic, keeps her hair waist-length. Height is 5'10".

Personality: Studious, calm, collected, ladylike, doesn't care for romance and is usually distant, but she's also caring and loyal. Can be a bit mean.

Strengths/Powers: Excels in magic, especially Wind magic. Also has skill in strategy.

Weaknesses: Her reflexes aren't that fast so she can be caught off guard.

Bio: She is the oldest out of Lucian and Sofia's children. After being raised in the Underworld she was allowed to venture into the Upperworld with her siblings.

Personal Belongings (Notebooks, pictures, things that are dear to your character): Her spellbook and special pocketwatch she received from her father, as well as a mirror in which she keeps all her dark Pyronian instincts so that she won't go crazy.

9/1/2009 . Edited 10/18/2009 #4

Name: Renaldo (Renny) Haydes

Age: 19

Physical Age: 19

Race: Pyronite

Eyes: Bright green, sharp.

Hair: Dark bluish-black, short and spiky Anime-style

Appearance (their body type, how they dress, etc.): Has a lean build, very tall at 6'4", has the same smile as his dad and angular features, long face and strong jawline. His skin is lightly tanned, at a sub-golden shade. After his journey, he dresses more casually in T-shirts and jeans. His features are sharper and more pronounced, and his bearing is more domineering.

Personality: Energetic, sweet, usually cheerful and loves to make people laugh. Can be moody and reckless, and has strong focus and drive.

Strengths/Powers: Has a high stamina, speed, and determination. Excels at martial arts like kendo, judo and karate. He can also use some basic magic and has the amazing ability to perform pretty much any physical feat he can think of.

Weaknesses: Suntha, being insulted, too much drama.

Bio: He is the middle child and the only son in the family. He travels with his siblings and aspires to learn all kinds of combat techniques.

Personal Belongings (Notebooks, pictures, things that are dear to your character): His teddy bear named Waffles, a scrapbook full of pictures from the Underworld, and his katana that has the ability to cut through anything.

9/1/2009 . Edited 2/4/2010 #5
Aoide Mnemosyne

They are both approved :D

9/1/2009 #6

Name: Alexandra (Alex) Haydes

Age: 17

Physical Age: 17

Race: Pyronite

Eyes: Bright green, catlike

Hair: Bistre (very dark brown)

Appearance (their body type, how they dress, etc.): Has an hourglass figure, is a bit on the short side at 5'4", lightly tanned skin, shoulder-length hair that she keeps in a ponytail and silver hoop earrings. Usually wears green, white and black clothing that consists of jackets, crop tops, shorts and combat boots. Has a charming aura.

Personality: Playful, outgoing, always speaks her mind, stubborn, random.

Strengths/Powers: She has incredible strength almost equal to that of her mother. Is flexible and enduring.

Weaknesses: Isn't very fast, and gets scared easily.

Bio: She's the youngest of the family and craves independence, though the fact that she's scared of most things and has trouble controlling her strength forces her to stick with her brother and sister. One of her favorite hobbies was asking Hades random questions.

Personal Belongings (Notebooks, pictures, things that are dear to your character): The braces on her wrists help regulate her monstrous strength, so they're really important to her. Other than that she's not very materialistic.

9/1/2009 . Edited 9/1/2009 #7
Aoide Mnemosyne

Aaand approved :D You can now begin to rp!

9/1/2009 #8

Yay! XD

9/1/2009 #9
Aoide Mnemosyne

lol Al and Suntha are at the Ollison apt. I'll create the 3rd and 4th apts for your rps if you'd like :P

9/1/2009 #10

lol it's fine. It's not like anything too private is going on in there...XDD

9/1/2009 #11

Name: Samuel Diovanni

Age: nineteen

Physical Age: nineteen

Race: human

Eyes: bright blue

Hair: dark mahogany

Appearance (their body type, how they dress, etc.): Tall, muscular. High cheekbones, full lips. Looks ALOT like his mother, Kariisa.

Personality: Sarcastic, the 'semi-sane' one of his family. Book smart. Charming.

Strengths/Powers: Has an acute sense of what his sister and brother are both feeling, as they share the connection as triplets.

Weaknesses: his family and he's very ticklish :P

Bio: Samuel is the youngest of triplets. He has an older brother and sister. He was homeschooled by his parents Kariisa and Bertram and has moved out to Wyminstown with his brother and sister to get used to his life as an adult. Sam was his mothers favorite (Shh dont tell)

Personal Belongings (Notebooks, pictures, things that are dear to your character): Pictures of his mother fater, and siblings. whatever book he's reading at the moment. A special charm from his mother.

9/1/2009 . Edited 9/1/2009 #12
Aoide Mnemosyne

Approved! Just don't forget to put in at least one weakness ^.^

9/1/2009 #13

Lol, sorry! I blanked out. XD

9/1/2009 #14

[ mkay, heres the secondary character ]

Name: Ella Sourge

Age: 18 1/2

Physical Age: 18 1/2

Race: Half-witch

Eyes: brilliant green outiled with thick dark lashes

Hair: midnight balck, long (small of back), side bangs that swoop across her forehead.

Appearance (their body type, how they dress, etc.): small (5'5'') and slender, she dresses normally, but likes to wear bright colors most of the time.

Personality: Kind-hearted, cutsie, funny sometimes, shy at first then outgoing around ppl she knows.

Strengths/Powers: She's very strong willed.

Weaknesses: Love

Bio: All I can think of right now is that her and Samuel met a couple years back and thats how they know each other.

Personal Belongings (Notebooks, pictures, things that are dear to your character): Pride and Prejeduce (book), a picture of her dparted witch mother, A pair of rose pink gloves that were her mothers.

9/17/2009 #15
Aoide Mnemosyne

Approved, of course ;) hmm, interesting character... I suppose I'll have to think of one eventually.

9/17/2009 #16

sorry its kind of scarce, I was in a rush cause i had to leave for school.

9/17/2009 #17
Aoide Mnemosyne

Name: Mark Duelon

Age: 22

Physical Age: 22

Race: Human

Eyes: Darkest brown, nearly black

Hair: Black, loosely curly, down to his chin.

Appearance (their body type, how they dress, etc.): Beautiful olive-toned skin, with no blemishes. Average height, around 6'0", muscled body, though not overly. Powerful hands and strong arms. Usually dresses in reds and dark colors, all usually very nice, like a university student.

Personality: Intelligent, friendly and passionate about life, with a certain zest for living that is hard to find nowadays.

Strengths/Powers: Being able to deal with every sort of person with friendliness and ease, no matter how rude they are.

Weaknesses: Allergic to gerbils.

Bio: Mark was born to a middle-class latino family in the northeastern united states, and was brought up in Boston by his mother and father, along with five younger siblings. He has just completed college, with a major in child psychology. He moved to Wyminstown recently, working as the local thearapist.

Personal Belongings (Notebooks, pictures, things that are dear to your character): Pictures of all his family (which is quite extensive), a briefcase full of all of his client's cases.

9/22/2009 . Edited 9/26/2009 #18

LMFAO ! I was reading his bio and i read allergic to gerbils and i just imagined him in a fight and some dbag coming and going HEY SMEEL THIS GERBIL! And shoving it in his face ! XD

10/7/2009 #19
Aoide Mnemosyne

XD lol.

10/7/2009 #20

OMG if someone did that, it would be Lucian. XD

Lucian: *runs up to Mark* HEY SMELL THIS GERBIL! *shoves gerbil into Mark's face*

Me: O_O

10/7/2009 #21
Aoide Mnemosyne

Mark: *doesn't inhale* Weirdo. *walks away*

Me: XD

10/7/2009 #22

Me: lol niiiice. XD

Lucian: *blinks then stares at gerbil* Huh. Well that failed. *swallows gerbil whole*

Sapphire: EW! DX

10/7/2009 #23
Aoide Mnemosyne

Me: XD lol Mark's smart.


10/7/2009 #24

Lucian: *stares at Suntha* I was hungry. But you can have him if you want. *regurgitates gerbil and hands it to her*

Gerbil: *unconscious* ...

10/7/2009 #25
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha: o___o that's disgusting...*does gerbil CPR* LIIIVE! I COMMAND YOU TO LIIIIIIIVE!

Gerbil: *regains consciousness*


10/7/2009 #26

Lucian: And you think I'm disgusting! XD

Sapphire: *nearly keels over* Ugh. Malcolm, what're we doing watching this?

Malcolm: I'm not so sure anymore.

Lucian: *glances at them* Hey, you've changed ages again.

Malcolm: That's the magic of this dimension. :D We can assume any age we want. Right now I'm at 17 and Sapphire is 15.

10/7/2009 #27
Aoide Mnemosyne

Me: lol

Suntha: Thank god Renny isn't twelve again -_-'

10/7/2009 #28
Aoide Mnemosyne

Name: Callumnus Bridge (Callum)

Age: 1401 yrs.

Physical Age: Early twenties

Race: Fallen Angel

Eyes: Palest blue.

Hair: So pale blond that it's nearly white; now falls nearly down to his shoulders, unnaturally silky.

Appearance (their body type, how they dress, etc.): Tall and wiry, vaguely androgynous, though still quite handsome. Pale white skin, with no flaws except for two large scars between his shoulder blades, where his wings were burned from his body as he entered Earth's atmosphere.

Personality: Dry, sarcastic, cynical, with a soft spot for his protegee, Amalsuntha Diovanni.

Strengths/Powers: Able to see the future of everyone except himself (though he may see himself in other people's futures), stuff he hasn't yet revealed.

Weaknesses: Fire, Amalsuntha.

Bio: Callumnus is a fallen angel, sent to Earth for eternity because he made a quip about angel sexuality. He now resides all over the world, acting as a rather annoyed messenger from the Underworld, the middle world, and Heaven. He takes time off to spend with his favorite student, Suntha.

Personal Belongings (Notebooks, pictures, things that are dear to your character): Rose-tinted glasses.

10/17/2009 #29

Hey, should I put Malcolm and Sapphire in here, just for the heck of it? I feel like a new chapter is starting here. XD

10/18/2009 #30
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