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A strange place called Wyminstown, in the middle of the country. It may appear normal, but Wyminstown is anything but. It seems to have a strange habit of coughing up people who seem confused about what year it is. Private RP
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(Me: Smuuuuuut! XD

Lucian: Go for the kill, Al! But make it pleasurable!

Sofia: He's not a Pyronite! O_o And he's not a vampire, either!

Lucian: Oh. XD I forgot.

Sofia: Besides, that would be a horrible thing to do. The girl is heartbroken. She needs a healing hand.

Lucida: O_O Wow. Al looks pretty good...for eating, I mean.)

10/1/2009 #31
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Al: I don't need a peanut gallery! PERVERTS! I can't believe you guys are watching this -_-''' Especially you, Lucida.)

Alastair's lips traveled to the back of her neck. Then, he bit down on one of the haltertop strings, slowly pulling it out with his teeth.

10/2/2009 . Edited 10/2/2009 #32

(Lucida: XD It's not like you can kick me out.)

10/2/2009 #33
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Al: Shut up x_x

Me: LOL sorry Dega I can't stay on, I have chores to do :P)

10/2/2009 #34

(Me: lol okay. I've got school, too.)

10/2/2009 #35
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Byyyyez :D)

10/2/2009 #36

('Kay, bye.)

10/2/2009 #37
Aoide Mnemosyne

(I'm back XD Though you won't for at least, oh, four more hours. lol)

10/2/2009 #38

[ heey guys ! sorry, I was at a camp all week. OMG it was soo cold and my friend tackled me which caused me to sprain my finger and bruise about every part of my body WHOOT. XD but im back ! ]

Ella traced her hand along his chest slowly and lifted her hand to drop her halter top strings.

10/4/2009 #39
Aoide Mnemosyne

(lol I'm glad you're back. omg I'm soooo sorry chica but I can't stay on, my brother's being really nice already and letting me on the comp for a couple minutes before he gets on to do tons of work :P I'll be on later tonight, though!)

Alastair caught her smaller hands in one of his, pulling off the strings gently, and leaning down again to kiss her neck, then down farther, farther...

(lol next comment for you is 'one sex scene later'. Bye! D:)

10/4/2009 #40

[mkay, its alright. I have soccer and stuff tonight and I'm REALLY tired cause we were running around last night til like 1 30. So I'll talk to ya tomorrow ! ]

Ella shivered and let her dress fall, finally feeling that pain from Sam slip away from her with Alastairs kisses.

*One sex scene later*

Ella lay on the motel bed, asleep under the mountain of comforters. Her night (after running out of the Ollison Apts. ) had been amazing. She just wanted to sleep now. Sleep and capture that experience in her mind forever.

10/4/2009 #41
Aoide Mnemosyne

Alastair smiled slightly, gazing down at Ella. He was fully dressed and standing next to the bed, with a note in his hand, which he stuck on one of the small lamps in Ella's room: You know where to find me. The young man pulled on his coat, opening and closing the door without a sound.

10/4/2009 #42

About an hour later, Ella stirred and sat up slowly, rubbing her eyes. She looked around her motel room, wondering where Al had gone. Though she knew Al had only done what he'd done last night to stop her from hurting, she still wished he'd stayed til morning. But she kind of expeted it. So she was a little surprised when she noticed the note in the lamp while she was getting dressed. She stood in her bra and jeans as she lifted it out and read Al's note, smiling a little and setting it on the night stand and finished dressing, completely content.

10/4/2009 #43
Aoide Mnemosyne

(XD It's still the middle of the night. Four or so in the morning..)

10/4/2009 #44

[ oh XD ]

Ella sat down on her bed and looked at the clock. 4:32 AM... She really should be sleeping but this new good feeling inside her left her restless...

10/5/2009 #45
Aoide Mnemosyne

(XD Just thought I'd mention it.)

10/5/2009 #46

Ella stood off her bed and stretched. She had finally gone for a walk but ended up right back at her hotel. What she needed was a good book to read. Smoothing out her deep blue v-neck, good fitting jeans and blonde wispy hair, Ella pulled on her long elegant winter jacket and left her motel.

[To The bookstore to conventiently run into hot latino guy :D ]

10/7/2009 #47

[ From J.J's Coffee House. ]

Ella walked into her motel room, and ran a hand through her soaked black hair. She slid out of her snow-covered winter jacket and hung it up on the coat hanger. She really had to find a new place to stay, she couldnt keep paying the rent. Then again, she wasnt really planning on staying long anyways. She thought of Mark again and smacked her forehead, "Stupid," She muttered to herself and sat on the bed.

10/13/2009 #48
Aoide Mnemosyne


10/13/2009 #49

[ lol, poor Ella & Mark ]

Ella shook her head and pulled her knees to her chest hugging herself. she pulled out a book and began to try to read, giving up after a couple minutes. She got up and looked at herself in the mirror. She couldnt fall for another guy. It was too much pain. She needed a job. Ella looked at herselfhard and noticed the rings under her eyes from the sleepless night and strees. Her skin had gone slightly paler and her hair was slightly tangled. She groaned.

[sory gtg now, ill be on later ! byye ! ]

10/13/2009 #50
Aoide Mnemosyne

(omg they're both looking in their mirrors, glaring at themselves XD aw man, mkay, see ya later :P)

10/13/2009 #51

[ lol, creepy. ]

Ella ran a hand over her cheek. "I need some sun," She muttered, and walked over to the window, glancing out then wincing. There was no sun, only whiteness and tumbling snowflakes. Ella climbed into the window seat and layed her forehead against the window. The coolness felt good against her face. Looking out at the snow, a picture slid in front of her eyes...

[ WAIT can I make her psychic ? ]

10/13/2009 #52
Aoide Mnemosyne

(*shrugs* Sure, it's a supernatural rp.)

10/13/2009 #53

The picture slid in front of Ella's eyes, seeing it like a dream, like an onlooker. She saw herself, in an icerink, she struggled with her skates but got them on well enough. There were only a few other people around but one caught her eye. It was Mark. The her that she saw grinned as he walked over to her. Words were exchanged and he led her to the actual ice. Having only skated a few times in her life, Ella stumbled and slid, but Mark helped her through it, both laughing and enjoying themselves...

Ella snapped back into reality like she'd been snapped by a rubber band. Her heart beat quickly in her chest and she clutched it, trying to calm her breathing. After gaining control again, she stood and looked out the window once again. She'd never had d that happen to her, but before her parents had died, it had happened to her mother often.

Ella had just had a vision, and it included Mark.

10/14/2009 #54
Aoide Mnemosyne

(ooh, dun dun duuun!)

10/14/2009 #55

Ella's hands shook as she slipped on her winter jacket and grabbed for her keys. She knew she shouldn't do what she was about to, but she was freaking and he had said...

JUST GO. Ella screamed to herself mentally, and rushed through the door.

[ To Duelon Therapy Center. ]

10/14/2009 #56

[ From Ice Rink ]

Ella walked into the motel room, a smile touching her lips. Skating was great, but what was more, was that she never would have imagined that she would have been able to be this happy if she knew Sam would do what he did to her. But here she was, grinning like an idiot and thinking about what she was going to wear on her date with Mark tonight. She was excited and she would have never planned for something like this. She thought about the saying her mother used to say, as she sat on her motel bed : "Life throws at you what you least expect and it's our duty to deal with it the best we can."

At the thought of her mother, Ella felt tears on her cheeks. They weren't extremely sad tears, not even lonely tears, just tears that you cry when you miss a great memory which she quickly wiped away and walked into the small bathroom to take a shower.

11/19/2009 #57

((From Ollison Apt.))

Malcolm entered Sapphire's suite and stared at everything for a moment. "It looks just like your room back at the Graves Estate." He chuckled.

Sapphire shrugged. "It wouldn't be comfortable any other way. Sure, it may seem childish, but hey."

"No, it's fine." He instantaneously switched to a black polo shirt and a par of jeans, and curled up on the rug next to her bed. "It brings back memories..."

1/4/2010 #58
Aoide Mnemosyne

(lol he reminds me of my dog)

1/5/2010 #59

(lol well he is half werewolf, after all.^^)

Sapphire floated over to the bed and sat down. "You always do that. I mean, you always curl up next to my bed, like some sort of watchdog."

Malcolm grinned up at her. "Would you prefer I curled up next to you, then?" He suddenly appeared kneeling behind her.

The phantom smiled slightly and turned around to kiss him. Her legs hooked around his waist and he moved so that he was lying on top of her as he kissed her passionately back. “Are you…sure you won’t bite me?” Sapphire breathed, a faint blush spreading on her cheeks.

Malcolm growled softly in response, and lapped at her neck, savoring the taste. “Are you sure you wouldn’t enjoy it…?” He smirked and slowly unbuttoned her shirt, teasing her chest with his tongue.

*OSSL…’cause I don’t have anything else to add! XD*

1/5/2010 #60
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