Wyminstown RPG
A strange place called Wyminstown, in the middle of the country. It may appear normal, but Wyminstown is anything but. It seems to have a strange habit of coughing up people who seem confused about what year it is. Private RP
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Aoide Mnemosyne

The Ollison apartments are of a fair size, clean, with electricity and heat/hot water, all in one! There are five apartments inside the building, each of different size; a large white porch leads off the front, a goodly-sized lawn lies before it. A sign is stuck on the lawn: 1 apt. for rent.

Current Residents: (not NPCs)

Alastair Diovanni, apt. 1

Samuel Diovanni, apt. 1

Amalsuntha Diovanni apt. 1

Lucida Haydes, apt. 2

Renaldo Haydes, apt. 2

Alexandra Haydes, apt. 2

9/1/2009 . Edited 9/23/2009 #1
Aoide Mnemosyne

Amalsuntha walked out onto the porch, her brother close behind, guiding her into the sunlight. She smiled brightly. "Lovely day out."

"Yeah, sure," grumbled Alastair. "I wouldn't mind some snow, though."

Suntha laughed, gazing directly into the sun. "It's only November."

9/1/2009 . Edited 9/1/2009 #2

(These three are in Apt. 2, I guess.)

Alex watched the TV closely, her eyes wide. She was watching a horror movie. Renny came out of the shower, whistling. Lucida narrowed her eyes. "Renny, get some clothes on. None of us want to see that."

Renny rolled his eyes and ran back to his room to change, then returned to the living room. "Better?" Without waiting for an answer he burst out the door. "I need air!" He bellowed. "Sunshine!"

"Quiet, you're going to disturb the neighbors!" Lucida scolded, looking through her spellbook. "You want them finding out that they live next door to Pyronites?"

Alex shrieked when the ghouls attacked the young couple in the movie. "Damn, I hate this!"

"Then why are you watching it?" Her sister asked.

"I don't know!" Alex wailed. "The blood is so captivating!"

Renny spotted Amalsuntha and Alastair. "Oy! You two again? That's so random!"

9/1/2009 #3
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha blinked suddenly, spinning around toward Renny. "Renaldo? What are you doing here?" she smiled, a blush creeping onto her cheeks.

Alastair raised an eyebrow at the male Pyronite, who stood only an inch taller than himself. "Oh great."

9/1/2009 . Edited 9/1/2009 #4

"I'm traveling the world! But for now I'm staying with my sisters," Renny beamed. "I had no idea you were here! That's so awesome!"

"Who's out there?" Lucida poked her head out the door. "Oh, it's you guys. Salutations," she said dryly.

9/1/2009 #5
Aoide Mnemosyne

(lol Al knows that Suntha lurvs Renny, so he doesn't exactly get along with the Pyronite ^__^)

Suntha reached a hand forward until she felt Renny's chest. Her hand worked up to his face, which she felt softly. "You've gotten taller, and your face has gotten thinner," she chuckled. "You're getting old, Renny. I haven't seen you in what, a year?"

Alastair rolled his eyes. "Three months." He smiled when he saw Lucida. He bowed deeply. "Lucida, a pleasure to see you again."

9/1/2009 #6

(lol that and Renny's taller than him. XD Intimidation!)

Renny chuckled and held Suntha's hand, squeezing it gently. "A lot changes in three months. Dad's getting worried that I'm catching up to him."

Lucida stared passively at Alastair. "Well you haven't changed much. I'll leave the not-so-family reunion to you three." She withdrew herself back inside the building.

Alex heard Alastair and Suntha's voices and sped outside, skidding to a stop next to Renny. "Aha!" She pointed a finger at Alastair. "Still playing the gentleman!...By the way, did you know that our dads used to have a sexual relationship?" She added slyly.

Renny yelped. "What are you talking about?! That's disgusting! Why would you say something like that?"

"Because it's true!" Alex cackled. "But they got over it. A looooong time ago."

(*facepalm* Yeah, Alex is just random like that. XD)

9/1/2009 . Edited 9/1/2009 #7
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha laughed. "Alex, Alastair is anything but a gentleman!"

Alastair scowled at her, clutching at his heart. "That hurt, Sunny, that really did," he turned to Alex, grinning, and took her up in a huge hug, spinning her around, then giving her a noogie. "Though she's right."

Suntha made a face. "I can't believe you didn't know that, Renny. Have you, oh, ever talked to Callum?" she teased.

(XDDD She's so awesome!)

9/1/2009 #8

Renny grimaced. "I don't like asking too many questions...besides, I've been busy training."

Alex giggled and pulled out of Alastair's grasp. "I thought gentlemen just flirt and slap people in the face with their gloves as a way of challenging them. By the way, that sort of thing happened to Dad last week! He was arguing with this one guy, and suddenly the guy pulls off his glove and slaps him in the face! It was hilarious! The challenge was a wrestling match, but Dad kicked that guy's sorry a** all the way out of Hades!"

9/1/2009 #9
Aoide Mnemosyne

Amalsuntha chuckled. "That doesn't surprise me."

Al grinned mischievously. "Nice. I've been meaning to visit Lucian," he glanced at Renny. "Callum says I won't grow anymore so I need a spell to make me taller."

His sister raised an eyebrow, gazing at him with her misty eyes. "Why would you need to be taller?"

He frowned, muttering something about 'protecting Suntha's innocence'.

9/1/2009 #10

Alex tapped Al on the nose. "Even if you're a midget, it doesn't mean you can't be tough! Just look at me! I've got incredible strength!...Though," she whispered, "if Renny did try to do anything, you'd be helpless because the guy's a powerhouse. But it's not like he's that kind of guy. And if anyone else tried to mess with Suntha, he'd be one of the first to respond."

"I can hear everything you're saying, you know," Renny said loudly.

His sister rolled her eyes. "Whatever!"

9/1/2009 #11
Aoide Mnemosyne

The young man shrugged. "Alright, alright. Sheesh. Is it so wrong to want to protect my little sister?"

Suntha frowned. "What do you mean, little?"

Alastair laughed, patting his sister's head. She smacked his hand away. "But you are little, little sis. You may be fifteen minutes older, but you're ten inches shorter."

She sighed, shaking her head. "You sound like dad."

9/1/2009 . Edited 9/1/2009 #12

Alex sighed. "I actually am someone's little sister, it can be so troublesome."

"What do you mean? The only one who's troublesome is you," Renny bonked her on the head. "And anywho, it's not like you have room to complain. You're lucky you have a brother like me!"

"True," she nodded seriously. "If you weren't around for me to tease, Lucida would drive me nuts."

9/1/2009 #13
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha frowned. "Speaking of nuts, we're out of peanut butter. Would one of you mind going to the store with me?"

"Yes, we'd all mind terribly," said Alastair sarcastically.

9/1/2009 . Edited 9/1/2009 #14

"I'll go!" Renny leapt onto the fence, balancing precariously on the pointed tips. "I'm dying to get out of here."

Alex shrugged and slipped back inside. "I'm missing a movie. It's reaaaally gory, but I love it."

9/1/2009 #15
Aoide Mnemosyne

Alastair rolled his eyes. "You'll have to help her walk there, she's kinda blind, ya gimp. See ya, Alex." ((To the Park))

Suntha looked irritated. "Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I can't walk." She stepped down carefully from the porch, one hand extended carefully before her.

9/1/2009 #16

Renny jumped down, hoisted Suntha into his arms and grinned. "If you keep going like that, it'll take hours to get there." With that, he sprinted towards the store.

((To General Store-thing))

9/1/2009 #17
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha laughed. ((To SaveALot))

9/1/2009 #18

Lucida grew tired of Alex's infrequent screams whenever a scary part in the movie came on, so she sought out a quieter place, taking her books with her.

((To Park))

9/1/2009 #19

((From SaveALot))

Renny brought Suntha to the front porch and peeked inside his own apartment. Alex was munching on a bag of turkey legs. He grimaced. "Wow."

9/1/2009 #20
Aoide Mnemosyne

((From SaveALot))

Suntha raised an eyebrow. "What?"

(lol the question is: are they raw turkey legs XD?)

9/1/2009 #21

(lol they are)

"Alex is eating raw turkey legs while watching that horror movie. Is she trying to stain the carpet with her vomit?" Renny said with disdain.

9/1/2009 #22
Aoide Mnemosyne


Suntha made a face. "Oh, that's what that sickening crunching is. Silly me, thinking it was coming from the movie."

9/1/2009 #23

Alex heard them and threw a turkey leg at Renny's face. He caught it in midair and frowned. "That was mean, Alex. This thing is quite unappealing." He tossed it into a nearby trash can.

9/1/2009 #24
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha laughed, tapping Renny's chest. "Could you put me down? I hear Al cursing."

9/1/2009 #25

"Oh, right," Renny set her down and leaped onto the roof, taking a seat there. He closed his eyes as the breeze swept through his hair. "This feels nice."

9/1/2009 #26
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha marched from the porch, then glanced up at where she heard Renny, chuckling. "See? I can walk perfectly fast." She turned around, and took a step. She fell down with the next step, completely contradicting herself. "S***," she muttered.

(lol, triplet connection!)

9/1/2009 #27

(OMG that's scary! XD)

Renny made a face. "Maybe you should just stay inside. Al's counting on you to make dinner, remember?"

9/1/2009 #28
Aoide Mnemosyne

"Shut up, Renny," she grunted, hauling herself to her feet. She glared up at where she could feel his energy. "Al can go screw himself if he thinks a woman's place is still in the kitchen!"

9/1/2009 #29

"He never said that," Renny said incredulously. "I don't think anyone here thinks that, it's just that he's busy looking out for your well-being, so he expects you to at least make some food for him. But anyway, it's not like you'd be able to do it since you're blind. You'd probably end up stabbing yourself," he laughed.

9/1/2009 #30
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