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A strange place called Wyminstown, in the middle of the country. It may appear normal, but Wyminstown is anything but. It seems to have a strange habit of coughing up people who seem confused about what year it is. Private RP
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Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha laughed, burying her face in his chest. "I try."

9/18/2009 #301

Samuel smiled and set his sister down, patting her head. "Waht are you going to wear tonight?"

9/18/2009 #302
Aoide Mnemosyne

Amalsuntha frowned, then laughed. "Honestly, I have no idea! Is this going to be a fancy or casual dinner?"

9/18/2009 #303

"Fancy." Samuel answered.

9/18/2009 #304
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha nodded slowly. "I'll have to ask Lucida if she has anything I can wear, I only brought clothes I was comfortable in.."

(omfg I'm so sorry it took so long!! My effing power went out DX)

9/18/2009 #305

Samuel nodded and looked down at his sister. "And you're okay with going?"

[ its alright :] ]

9/18/2009 #306
Aoide Mnemosyne

"Of course. Why wouldn't I be?" she asked curiously.


9/18/2009 #307

[ lol ]

Samuel shrugged. "Just thought you had other plans." He held back a laugh and winked at his sister.

9/18/2009 #308

(I'm baaaaack! XD)

Alex bounced over to Renny, grinning. "We're going to a party!" She sang.

Renny blinked. "Party?"

"Well, it's a double date, to be exact," Alex added. "I'm going with Al and you're going with Suntha! So we have to get dressed!" She darted forward, stopped, then turned around and bellowed, "SUNTHA! I'LL GET YOU SOME OF LUCY'S CLOTHES, SO DON'T WORRY!" She seized Renny by the arm and dragged him into their apartment.

A few minutes later, they emerged fully dressed. Renny was wearing a crisp white polo shirt under a black waist-length blazer, and black trousers and shoes to match. Alex had on a fitting black tank top and khaki shorts, with her hair in two large pigtails on the sides of her head. She was carrying a bag filled with clothes for Suntha. "And...we're ready, I suppose," Renny grimaced. He disliked dressing up; if he had the choice he'd go barefoot.

Alex popped up next to Suntha, handing her the bag. "Here ya go! Oh, and Lucida managed to fix your glasses so they're in there, too. She's a genius!" The Pyronite said happily.

9/18/2009 #309
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank gods. Thanks, Alex. Will you help me pick out something?" she asked, putting on her glasses.

(omg I'm so sorry Dega, but I have to do dishes and my mom is being a b*** so I have to go. I WILL TRY TO BE BACK WITHIN THE NEXT HOUR!! DX Sorry!!)

9/18/2009 #310

Samuel looked over Renny and cocked an eyebrow, "You dont have to get that dressed up."

9/18/2009 #311

(lol I can wait, it's fine.)

Alex pulled out a white sleeveless shirt, a light pink knee-length skirt and black combat boots. "This seems like a good combo for you. You and Lucy are the, uh, conservative type, right?"

Renny fixed Samuel with an intense stare. "I'd wouldn't be talking, Mr. Slick. But whatever." He snapped his fingers, and he changed into a dark blue vest and black jeans. "I won't bother fixing the hair; it won't quit sticking up." He scowled.

9/18/2009 #312

Samuel put on a face of confusion then shook his head and sat down on the bed, waiting for his sister to finished getting ready.

[ should I have Ella come over? ]

9/18/2009 #313

(Sure, lol.)

Renny sat cross-legged on the floor, closing his eyes in meditation (lol he does that). He started humming to himself.

9/18/2009 #314

Samuels phone buzzed and he pulled it out of his pocket, reading the text then re=pocketing it. "Ella's on her way over. She'll be here soon." He said.


Ella walked up to the door and rang the doorbell, patting her bangs down and running a hand to smooth her dress. The door opened and Samuel was standing in the doorway with a grin on his face. "Hey!" He said and pulled her into a hug that she returned eagerly. He pulled her inside and shut the door, then gestured to those around him. "Everyone, this is Ella Scourge." She blushed slightly and waved. "Ella, this is Amalsuntha, my sister. Alastair is out, he'll be home soon. The one on the ground meditating is Renaldo or Renny, and that's Alex. Our parents were really close." He grinned down at her and she said a quiet, nervous hello., staying close to Samuels side.

9/18/2009 #315

Alex walked up to Ella, studying her closely. Then she sniffed her. "Mmm. Her blood is good quality, but I don't know about the flesh. It looks tangy.."

Renny's eyes snapped open and he glared at Alex. "You twit, that's not the first thing you say to a guest! Don't eat her!"

"I won't!" Alex said, offended. "I was just complimenting her! You know, good blood is the sign of a good person!"

9/18/2009 #316
Aoide Mnemosyne


Suntha smiled at Ella. "It's so nice to meet you, finally!"

The door opened and a windswept-looking Alastair entered, his blond hair in his bright blue eyes. He stopped, looking slightly surprised. "Er, hi."

9/18/2009 #317

"Um, hi." Ella said, smiling. "You must be Alastair."

Samuel nodded. "Yep, the one and only."

Ella looked around. "It's nice to meet all of you."

9/18/2009 #318
Aoide Mnemosyne

"And you must be Ella," he smiled. "Samuel talked about you non-stop." Three months ago.

Suntha looked around. "Shall we go?"

9/18/2009 #319

Renny repressed a chuckle. She hasn't really met us yet, at least not until she gets to know us. "Sammy, have you told her about us Pyronites? Our diets, our habits, our superior abilities? You should know that Alex shows no mercy to the clueless."

Alex kicked him in the head. "SHUT UP, RENALDO!" She thundered.

9/18/2009 #320
Aoide Mnemosyne

Alastair looked slightly amused. "Er, Alex and I will be at the resturaunt. See you guys there," he said, pulling Alex out the door hurriedly.

((To Sabina's))

9/18/2009 . Edited 9/18/2009 #321

Ella looked up at Samuel before starting to laugh. Samuel shook his head. "No, I havent told her yet. I was gunna wait for that. So we don't scare her but I see that inevitable with you two."

"no no It's okay. You guys are funny." Ella said grinning.

9/18/2009 #322

Alex whirled around, her eyes wide. A grin spread across her face. "Oh, great! Now you'll find out from my point of view!"

"Oh, God no!" Renny groaned, his voice muffled as he had been kicked facedown into the carpet. He got up, wincing. "Damn! You could've broken my nose!"

"Whatever! Dad hits you all the time!" Alex snorted as she was dragged out the door.

"But not as hard as you do," Renny grumbled.

9/18/2009 . Edited 9/18/2009 #323
Aoide Mnemosyne

(XD lol )

Suntha frowned, turning toward Renny. "Are you alright?"

9/18/2009 . Edited 9/18/2009 #324

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's not as bad as when Mom hits Dad. She sends him flying halfway across the Underworld with one slap," Renny laughed.

9/18/2009 #325
Aoide Mnemosyne

Amalsutha chuckled, taking his hand. "Let's go." She looked back at Samuel and Ella. "We'll meet you two there!"

9/18/2009 #326

(Gah, slow down I wanna watch some Michael Jackson. XD)

Renny whooped and sprinted out the door, dragging Suntha with him.

((To Sabina's))

9/18/2009 #327

Ella smiled and nodded. Samuel waved, and wrapped his arm around Ellas waist, gently pushing her into the living room. "They're really weird." He said.

She laughed and looked up at him. "I like them, way more interesting then my family."

[ i gtg camping now so byye, seey a sunday! ]

9/18/2009 #328
Aoide Mnemosyne

(lol byyyye!! XD omg I just got an idea. What if Sam and Ella totally missed the dinner cuz they were in the living room talking/snogging?)

9/18/2009 . Edited 9/18/2009 #329

(Le gasp! I've never been camping before. XD So, uh...good luck?)

9/18/2009 #330
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