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A strange place called Wyminstown, in the middle of the country. It may appear normal, but Wyminstown is anything but. It seems to have a strange habit of coughing up people who seem confused about what year it is. Private RP
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((From Ollison Apt.))

Renny strode into the park, hoping to catch some animals to calm his hunger, but came across a different scent: Suntha's. With a small smile, he followed the smell into the cabin and entered, closing the door behind him. "Hey," he said. "Did Al say something stupid again?"

12/16/2009 #121
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha looked up at her lover in suprise, then smiled. "Yes, but it's not really a surprise. I had to leave before we had some stupid fight," she shrugged slightly. "It's alright, though. He's under a lot of stress right now. He doesn't know what to do, since I'm no longer blind."

12/16/2009 . Edited 12/16/2009 #122

Renny nodded, his expression turning thoughtful, though his eyes were starting to take on a glint similar to that of his father. He inhaled her scent deeply as he slowly took a seat next to her; it seemed to set his insides ablaze, but in a pleasant way. "I don't know why he's so upset about it; it's obvious that Lucy isn't, not anymore. That kind of behavior is to be expected from someone who's just learning to control their instincts. At least, for a Pyronite, anyway." His smile turned into a sort of leer as he leaned closer to her. "Say, have you put on a new perfume or something?"

(Me: lol XD


Lucida: *snaps a pic* Ooh. He makes the same face you make when you're foreplaying with Mom. O_O)

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(Wah, Sophia, where'd you go? o.o)

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Aoide Mnemosyne

(DX Sorry! You weren't there so I got off -_-' Plus I'm doing dishes, so...)

"Um, no...I don't wear perfume," said Suntha slowly, looking slightly alarmed. "Why? Do I smell weird?" she brought her wrist up to her nose and inhaled, frowning. She looked back up at Renny in slight confusion.

12/16/2009 #125

Renny suddenly had her pinned underneath him, his eyes flashing scarlet. "You smell delicious," he said fervently, pressing his mouth to hers in a smoldering kiss, his hand f*** in her hair.

(lol random burst of randiness)

12/16/2009 #126
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha's blue eyes widened in surprise, and she was frozen for a second. But then she closed her eyes, and let herself enjoy the kiss, pressing closer to him, one hand on his shoulder. The other whipped off his shirt, and began exploring his torso with feather-light carresses.

12/16/2009 . Edited 12/16/2009 #127

Renny continued to kiss her as his hand drifted down her side, resting on her waist for a moment. He broke the kiss and licked a spot under her ear. "You even taste delicious. Are you sure you haven't put on anything?" He said breathlessly, his hand moving to hover over her stomach.

12/16/2009 #128
Aoide Mnemosyne

She laughed, looking into his eyes. "Positive." She brushed his cheek with the back of her hand, leaning up to kiss his collarbone softly. She let her tongue glide over the nape of his neck, tasting the saltiness of his sweat.

12/16/2009 #129

"That's strange," he grinned and nuzzled her neck. "It must be something, because I'm torn between the urge to take a bite out of you and the urge to make love to you. I think the latter is winning. What do you think?"

12/16/2009 #130
Aoide Mnemosyne

"I think I'd definitely prefer the latter," she said breathlessly, grinning. She half-pulled down her brown sweater, revealing a black bra and full bosom. Grasping one of his hands, she placed it on one of her b***, kissing him again, harder, this time.

12/16/2009 #131

Renny growled softly past the kiss. He brushed his thumb over the peak of her b*** before ripping the bra off completely. He pressed harder into her as the sparks of passion erupted into a blaze.

*OSSL because I'm lacking pervy imagination today! XD*

The Pyronite broke away to catch his breath. He licked the blood off his hand, since he had bitten into it several times to avoid harming Suntha. "Hm. That was interesting," he said half-jokingly. "I don't think I've ever seen that much of you before."

12/16/2009 #132
Aoide Mnemosyne


Suntha slumped back against the blankets, her breathing ragged, and her face rosy. "I should hope not," she chuckled. Her eyes traveled up and down his body admiringly. "And I certainly haven't seen you like this before." She licked the saltiness from her lips, expression teasing. "I hope you didn't hurt your hand to bad," there was a mild edge of concern in her voice.

12/16/2009 #133

"The hand's fine," Renny showed the wounds to her, which were already healing. "At least I didn't bite your hand." He glanced at the door. "Huh. Has it been unlocked this whole time?"

12/16/2009 #134
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha frowned, turning to the slightly ajar door as well. "No, but it's been closed. I think we may have knocked it open," she blushed slightly. She leaned across Renny to close it tightly. She looked into his eyes, and took his hand, kissing the palm gently, closing her eyes.

12/16/2009 #135

Renny smiled and caressed the side of her face. He chuckled. "We should cover you up before I lose it again." He tossed a blanket over her while pulling on his pants.

12/16/2009 #136
Aoide Mnemosyne

"Oh, er, good idea," chuckled Suntha, snapping on her bra and slipping into her jeans, grabbing her brown, fuzzy wool sweater and wrapping it around her. She let out a giggle. "I'll have to fix this later, I popped off half the buttons by accident."

12/16/2009 #137

"Here," Renny handed her his shirt. "I'm fine walking barechested, but you'll freeze to death."

12/16/2009 #138
Aoide Mnemosyne

"Thanks," she murmured, pulling it on over her hand. It was so long, it reached nearly down to her knees. She pulled herself to her feet, holding a hand out to Renny.

12/16/2009 #139

Renny laughed. "Aww, it's so big on you it looks adorable!" He took her by the hand, then thought better of it and carried her bridal-style through the door.

((To Ollison Apt.))

12/16/2009 #140
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha rolled her eyes good-naturedly. "Exactly what I was going for, I'm sure."

((To Ollison Apt.))

12/16/2009 #141
Aoide Mnemosyne

(lol, super long corniness!!)

Callum sat in one of the tallest trees, unaffected by the below-zero weather, even in just a white oxford and white jeans. His pale blond hair, damp from the snow, had frozen into spikes around his face. His eyelashes were frosted, as well. He was thinking back to that night...with Suntha...

They sat on his sofa, side by side, her head resting on his shoulder, both with their glasses off and eyes closed. Like Water for Chocolate flashed across the screen in front of them.

"Callum," said a then-eighteen-year-old Suntha, playing with one of his sleeves.


"How long have you been alive?"

The angel frowned. "A very, very long time."

"I know, but tell me," she pleaded, sliding her hands over one of his.

He sighed, half-relenting. "Longer than Lucian."


"As long as Saffron," he made a face, not that she could see with her eyes closed. She sat up straighter, still holding his hand, but now sitting Indian-style, facing him.

"Have you ever been in love?" her voice was quieter, now.

Callum opened his eyes slowly, turning his head to face her. He took several seconds to answer, looking slightly pained. "....Yes."

"Really? With who?" she cocked her head to one side, curiously. Still a child, really, he groaned inside.

"Several people."



"Don't make me smack you."

The man finally cracked a smile. "You asked me if I'd ever been in love, what did you expect."

"For you not to act like Dad whenever I ask him important things," she snorted. "Alright, alright. Um...are you in love now?"

He took even longer to answer her this time, his voice coming out in a croak. "Yes."

Her grey eyes lit up in interest. "With who?" she asked eagerly, bouncing next to him. He did not speak for many minutes, breaking free of her grasp and standing up, pacing the room, face drawn.

"Well?" she blinked expectantly up at him.

"I...I'm in love with you, Suntha," he blinked, not knowing what had made him finally admit it. He hadn't meant to, not this lifetime. She had known in all her past incarnations, from her very first, when he, her guardian angel, had fallen in love with her, and purposely went on a drunken tirade, to be able to be a man, and walk on earth with her. He had helped her, been her lover in her six lives before this, but he had promised himself never to tell her in this one, for when he had, whether it be days or nearly a hundred years after, she had been killed. Murdered, even r***. Never had she died naturally. Her last life, Raziya... like Suntha in almost every way, but had gone insane, killing everything in sight. He had no choice but to kill her.

Suntha sat completely still, her mouth open as if she was about to say something. The man stood still as well, arms folded resolutely, facing away from her. He jumped when he felt her arms wrap around him in a warm embrace, her head resting on his back. "I'm sorry, Callum." Her voice was soft.

"For what?" asked the angel hoarsely.

"For not realizing..."

He shook his head, turning, and placing his arms tentatively around her. She went up on tip-toe, and did something he would never have expected. She kissed him, gently. He tried to pull away. "N-no, Suntha, we-" The young woman quieted him with another kiss, pressing him against the wall and sliding one of her hands into his corn-silk hair. Something that had been gnawing away at him since Raziya had died seemed to calm as he scooped her carefully up into his arms, carrying her to his bed and laying her down gently.

He had kissed her lips, her eyelids, her nose and cheeks, even her arms, before beginning to undress her. Because, even without their glasses, the angel and the girl had always been able to see each other, solemn figures in the otherwise completely black world. He had taken off her shirt, unbuttoning it slowly, keeping eye contact with her all the while. Both were nervous, though Callum quickly quieted the feeling, realizing that it would just make Suntha feel more so.

Slowly their clothing was dropped onto the floor, until each was completely bare in the warm room, wrapped in each other's arms. They made love like flames, twisting and shaping, passionate and hot. Afterwards, they fell onto the bed, her legs still wrapped around him, him still in her, and drowsily smiled at each other, falling asleep.

He shifted his position in the tree, dusting snow off his arms. That was years ago, now. The past. She had someone who she deserved, and loved utterly. He did not. He was a cold angel in a cold tree, the fire that had burned in him that night sputtering pathetically in his chest. It doesn't matter, though. Amalsuntha is happy.

1/13/2010 #142

(Me: HOLY CRAP...lol how long did it take you to write that? Your hands must be cramping like hell!

Renny: TT_TT That...that was...um...

Lucian: So it's true! Suntha is, and has always been hornier than Renny! Naw, I used to be like him when I was his age...except a bit more moody and less childish. Just let Renny go on a spectacular journey alone for a while, and he'll come back nice and randy for ya! XD)

1/13/2010 #143
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Me: Forty-five minutes -__-'' Longest comment I've ever done. Now I realize that I shouldn't freak out when you disappear for an hour XD Comments can be hell.

Suntha: o_o Renny was not supposed to see that.

Alastair: God, woman! You're hornier than me!

Suntha: DX No I'm not! And I don't care that Renny's not h***! I love him and that's-

Alastair: Enough? God, you sound like you're in a mid-life crisis.

Suntha: Thanks a bunch -_-. And I was going to say that's what matters.

Bertram: *still totally shell-shocked* O_________O Egh....must.........kill....Callum....

Callum: Eh?! What'd I do?!

Bertram: You slept with my daughter! And fell in love with her first incarnation! And killed her in her last life! DIIIIIEEEEEEEEE-

Callum: Um...right. *taps Bertram on the forehead*

Bertram: *blinks* Oh. Um....sorry, Callum. *shakes head and disappears*

Suntha:......riiiiight. Anyway. If Renny doesn't want to have sex then we won't *shrugs* easy as that.

Alastair: *grave* Don't be so sure, Sunny. Sometimes the urge just becomes totally overpowering, and you have to do something with it, even if it isn't with Renny-


1/13/2010 #144

(Renny: O_O But, Sunny! It's perfectly fine if you go sleep with somebody else...I mean, as long as it's someone I'd respect. Besides, you probably deserve better than me, anyway...

Lucian: Pfft. Renny, with that attitude, she probably is better off with somebody else. That's why you have to make yourself the best there is! All your effort will be wasted if you don't believe in yourself!

Renny: Well that's just how I am! D: I don't have an ounce of lust in me!

Lucian: Then you really do need that journey. -_-

Renny: *sigh* I just have to know before I go... T_T Sunny, would you still want me after I came back? Even if you slept with 100 different people in my absence?

Lucian: *facepalm*)

1/14/2010 #145
Aoide Mnemosyne

Callum's pale eyes followed the snowflakes as they fell softly onto him, not even melting.

He was thinking back to the morning after, waking up in Suntha's arms while she dozed peacefully, head against his chest. He slid from her grasp, and out of her, slowly as to not wake the sleeping woman. He stood there, nude, gazing down at her completely bare body and smiling. He grabbed a blanket out of nowhere, covering her and tucking in the sides; once done, he grabbed a pair of his pants and a shirt pulling them on and walking into his kitchen.

Callum was happy for the first time in more than two hundred years. He didn't even think about what would happen, he had made the lifetime worth living. As far as he was concerned, he could die soon, anyway. But he couldn't, as angels, even ex-angels, don't die until either cut with a reaper's sythe or at age 100,000.

He was whisking batter in a small bowl when he heard someone clear their throat behind him. He turned to see Suntha, wearing her glasses and his oxford, which fell nearly to her knees, as almost every article of male clothing did. She smiled, walking toward him, looking at him through her lashes, unintentionally beautiful. "What are you making?" her voice was quiet, no longer that of a child's, but a woman, now.

"Crepes," he smiled slightly, pouring a minimal amount of batter onto a small pan, looking satisfied when it sizzled.

Suntha grinned, sliding her hand into his. "My favorite. You know me too well, Callum."

"Yes, well, I could say the same about you," he sighed, squeezing her hand before letting go, a grin stretching his handsome face. "Would you like to see my mad flipping skills?"

She laughed nodding, taking a seat at the table and resting her chin on one hand.

The angel cracked his knuckles, flashing another grin at her, then grabbed up the handle, flipping the crepe high into the air, where it landed squarely on top of his head. He frowned. "Damn."

Amalsuntha stood up from the table, picking the crepe off his head carefully, scolding him. "Now, now, Callum, you've got batter in your hair! Sheesh, are you a little kid?" she flicked pieces of the cooked crepe into the trash, up on tip-toe. He leaned down, and she smiled in relief, thinking he was bending down for her to have a better reach, but he grasped her legs, picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder, marching up the stairs and she let out a half-screech, half-laugh, pounding his back. "Let me DOWN! Callum!"

"As you wish," he chuckled, dropping her lightly on her feet. They stood in Callum's grand bathroom. In front of them was a huge bath, more a pool than anything else, steaming with hot water. She let out a muffled gasp of delight, glancing up at him with a question on her face.

"Go on."

Suntha walked to the pool's edge, stepping carefully down the stairs into the water, the shirt floating around her. When she was up to her waist, she ducked under, swimming until she was up to her chest, white shirt stuck tightly, and nearly see-through, to her chest, her dark hair dripping water. "Come in, Callum, it's lovely!" The man hesitated, and she laughed, covering her eyes. "I promise I won't look."

Callum had to smile, pulling off his shirt and jeans, pretending not to notice her peeking, and dived with a swimmer's accuracy into the water, not disturbing a single drop of water. Suntha uncovered her eyes, looking around for him. "Cal?" She let out another shriek when a hand pulled her under. She went under the water, opening her eyes. Callum floated before her, hazy, and took off her glasses, so the only thing she could see was him, as he kissed her softly. They resurfaced for air, and Suntha pushed him away with a chuckle. "Did you bring me here just to seduce me?"

He winked at her, grabbing a comb. "Perhaps. But I know you'll go insane if you don't get the batter out of my hair," he handed the comb to her, resting against the edge of the pool, steam rising up around him. He had a good body, well-built and attractive, and Suntha shivered slightly. For the first time in months she was not thinking about Renny. He was gone for two more months anyhow, and hadn't even said goodbye to her.

As she combed the bits from his hair, he kissed her collarbone gently, massaging her back with the palms of her hands. When she was done, she brought his chin up so he was kissing her lips. Suntha unbuttoned the shirt, letting it float away on the water, rippling farther toward the other side of the pool as the two lovers rocked against each other, making love fiercely, like wild creatures, sweating into the water.

Nearly two hours later they finally broke apart, both their breathing labored. "I love you so much," she sighed into his ear, lying next to him on a pile of towels.

"I love you too," came his fervent reply as he kissed her forehead.

(Suntha: o___o Of course, Renny! I love you more than anything!

Alastair: *snickers* And just think, they do it once more before she left.

Suntha: SHUT UP, AL. *shoves him*

Me: LOL. I ended up making Suntha a lot randier than I meant to. Oh well. This is what I think of in the morning when I'm bored XDD)

1/14/2010 . Edited 1/14/2010 #146
Aoide Mnemosyne

The angel's thoughts were interuppted by the sound of footsteps. He turned, snow falling from his body onto the ground, and saw Suntha ((From Ollison Apt.)). She was striding angrily through the three inches of snow, kicking rocks out of the way, clearly out of sorts. He slid silently down from the tree in front of her. She didn't even realize it, as she was glaring at the ground, until she bumped into his chest; Callum caught her before she fell backwards onto the snow, his body probably colder than the air.

She gazed up at him in surprise. "Callum! What are you doing here?"

He raised a blond brow at her. "I was...thinking. Why are you here? It's two AM."

She blushed. "I...um...I..."

He narrowed his eyes understandingly. "Ah. You're having troubles with Renaldo." The young woman cringed slightly, nodding. "Well, yes..." she frowneds suddenly. "Aren't you cold?"

The angel shook his head, the icicles in his hair shattering to the ground in a beautiful dust, and color returned to his body immediately, a huge wool blanket appearing around him, which he enveloped Suntha in. "You are, though. Come on, let's go somewhere warm," he marched her through the park to the small heated cabin, sitting her down in it and closing the door after him.

She sat on a pile of blankets, blushing when she remembered the last time she had been here. "I don't understand it, Callum. He just, he just doesn't seem to want me," she looked miserable.

Callum raised his eyebrows. "He wants you, Suntha, believe me."

"I mean intimately," she snorted, rubbing her nose. "Am I so repulsive to him that he can hardly bear to kiss me, much less make love to me?" her voice was raising in anxiety.

He made a face. "You know that is perfectly untrue, Amalsuntha Diovanni. Come here," he stretched out his arms to her, like he had when she was a child, and she pulled herself into his arms, resting her head against his chest. He stroked her hair, rocking her back and forth as tears fell silently down her cheeks.

(Suntha: Why am I so emotional?!

Me: You're pregnant. You have a ton of hormones coursing through your veins.

Suntha: Oh. Damn hormones.

Me: LOL.)

1/14/2010 #147

(Renny: SUNTHAAA!! TT_TT It's not that I don't want you! I just can't get into it, you know? I...I...*tears up*

Lucian: *hugs Renny* Suntha, shame on you! Do you really think he needs more guilt than he already has?!

Me: O_o

Sofia: Honestly, just let things be and let them develop naturally. There's no point in trying to rush it, 'cause then you'll just screw it up.)

1/14/2010 . Edited 1/16/2010 #148
Aoide Mnemosyne


Bertram: *walks over* Lucian! What the hell have you done?!

Alastair: *growls* Don't blame Suntha for this, Lucian.

Me: XD You guys are acting like fricken teenagers. Bertram, chill. You don't have to be quite so much the agressive father *poofs him away*. lol it's a total war here! Al, you too. Go. *poofs him out*)

After a while, Suntha stopped crying, roughly wiping the tears from her cheeks with her sleeve, sitting up. "Ugh, that was so idiotic. I can't believe I actually did that."

Callum tilted his head to one side, frowning deeply. "I believe it's the first time I've ever seen you throw, well, almost a temper tantrum," his voice carried a slight edge to her, a scolding tone. His voice softened slightly. "But don't worry about it. You overthink things. There was no actual bad thought there, just blind emotion-"

She nodded, biting her lip and closing her eyes, steadying her breathing. "You're right. It was stupid. Relaxiiing," she breathed out, opening her eyes.

The angel's face was rather grimly set. "-and it isn't like you. It's odd, but you're...glowing. Not like you're posessed," he said quickly when she opened her mouth. "But, more like...like..." he trailed off, eyes narrowed.

She frowned, back to her usual, gruff, calm self. "Like what?" she hiccuped with a grimace.

"Well," he sighed, rubbing his temples. "I could be wrong, Suntha, but... I think you're pregnant."

The young woman's big blue eyes widened, her mouth hanging open until she closed it forcefully. She looked down, trying to process it. This wasn't unusual. It made sense. She and Renny hadn't used a condom. But...pregnant? She couldn't be ready to be a mother, could she? At twenty? "Oh," was the only thing she could say. Though now she was more confused than ever, especially whether she should tell Renny, but handled it like she usually handled information that was difficult to think about: she kept it to herself, for now, at least. She stood up, hugged Callum, quietly said goodbye, and walked back to her apartment, lost in thought.

((To Ollison Apt.))

1/14/2010 . Edited 1/14/2010 #149
Aoide Mnemosyne

Callum reclined on the blankets, turning off the light in the cabin and thinking...Suntha...pregnant with Renny's baby. He sniffed the air. It smelled odd, like... "Sex," he growled, bolting from the room. It smelled of sex, of Suntha and Renny. He made a face, the wool blanket trailing in the snow as he walked.

They lay on the blankets together for the longest time, gaining back their energy. They made love one last time, their gasps and m*** echoing around the large room, Callum's body pounding into Suntha's. When they finished, both were slick with sweat, and the young woman simply rolled herself to the edge of the pool, lowering herself carefully in and grabbing the soap, lathering her plump body quickly, then swimming the course of the bath several times to wash it all off. She did the same with her hair, looking rosy and refreshed when she pulled herself out of the water, squeezing her hair out and wrapping a towel around her.

Callum watched her the whole time, reveling in the feeling, for he knew that it wouldn't last. He was right. As Suntha walked toward the door, he heard a ring, and her cellphone flash up to her ear. "Hello?"

He shifted, gathering his clothes and tugging them on over his still sweaty body, running a hand through his hair.

"Renny? I didn't expect to hear from you so soon-" her voice was that of a child being caught in the act of stealing from the cookie jar.

The angel stood up, bitterness and jealousy sweeping through him like a tidal wave. He knew Suntha would never belong to him, that she belonged to Renny, who deserved her far more than the older man.

"No, um, it's great to hear from you. What's up?"

Callum disappeared the sweat-soaked blankets to be washed, padding over to the pool and splashing water on his face.

"You're back? Already? Th-that's wonderful! You want to meet? Um, alright. Where? When?....Today, five o' clock, at the Tim Hortons? Okay, see you then; bye," she flipped her phone shut, heart beating hard in her chest. A wave of guilt swept through her. Guilt for sleeping with Callum, and guilt for making plans with Renny, hurting Callum so much, when he could have none of it. She hurried from the hall to the room he had made specially for her as a little girl, though, luckily, the style had changed considerably, not that she could see it. She pulled on her t-shirt and jeans, brushing her hair and putting it up into a horsetail on the back of her head, then trotting back downstairs.

"Here are your glasses," came the angel's quiet voice, handing Suntha's glasses back to her.

Suntha took them, storing them in her pocket, then hesitating. "Callum...I...I-"

He shook his head, lifting a hand. "It's alright, Suntha. You're not mine."

She looked down, then back up at him, feeling like a s***. "I'm sorry, Callum. I'm sorry I used you like that," her voice was getting rough with oncoming tears.

He pulled her into his arms, wiping at her eyes quickly. "I'm serious. I know you love Renny. Go be with him, now. You miss him more than anything," he kissed the top of her damp head, then let go. His face was solemn.

The young woman nodded, smiling. "I'm sorry for being like this, though. I hardly ever cry and now I seem to do it all the time."

He gave a pained smile. "Yes, but if you keep apologizing for all your faults, you will never get to Renaldo. Go," he pushed her to the door. She waved once more, putting on her glasses, and leaving his home, nervous about her upcoming reunion with the boy she loved.

Callum accepted that he did not own her, and nor did he want to. He loved her more than anyone he had ever met, but, because of that, he would let her love whoever she loved. It wasn't his decision, even as an angel. Her angel.

The man closed his eyes. Pregnant. He knew that the Haydes boy would go on a pilgrimage. He would be there for Amalsuntha as well as he could while Renny was absent. With that, he disappeared into the night, leaving behind only a thick wool blanket coiled on the ground.

1/15/2010 #150
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