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A strange place called Wyminstown, in the middle of the country. It may appear normal, but Wyminstown is anything but. It seems to have a strange habit of coughing up people who seem confused about what year it is. Private RP
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Aoide Mnemosyne

Me: XD Cute friends' friends are always good. Urgh, I'm still sick -_- Oh well, the season premiere of House is on tonight :DDD

9/21/2009 . Edited 9/21/2009 #61

Me: True dat. Oh no, I really hope you feel better! OMG I saw the commercial for that and i was like 'imma watch it just caue it looks good.' XD. FlashFoward is on tonight!!

9/21/2009 #62
Aoide Mnemosyne

Me: XDDD MWA HAHAHAHA I get to watch it before you lolz I g2g in twenty minutes, that's when it's on ^-^ lol by the time it's done it'll be time for it to come on where you are XD FlashForward? Whazzit about?

9/21/2009 #63
Aoide Mnemosyne

Actually chica, I g2g right now, I reallyreallyreally want a shower, lol. Sorryz. See ya!

9/21/2009 #64

Lol, fine! Flash forward is about this lady who has crazy premonitions about the future. I dont even really know, I jsut saw a scene from it on Ellen Degeneres. :]

AWWW. Kay. Well I have to go soon for dinner and wont be on after, and probably wont be on tomorrow.

9/21/2009 #65

Me: Okay, uh...debut? lol random.

Alex: I KNEW IT!!

Renny: Knew what?

Alex: Sam likes me. A lot. Then what's the point of Ella?!

Lucida: For plot development.

Renny: Yeah, development like that new latino guy who's gonna be moving in next to us.

Lucida: What's he got to do with this?

Renny: He's gonna be here until you decide to go out with Al.

Lucida: Right. To be honest, I'd sooner eat Alastair than go on a date with him. He's just not my type.


Lucian: YES! Kari's a vampire now! I don't have to worry about slaughtering her anymore! XDD

Lucida: Oh, joy. Another life spared.

Renny: Speaking of eating, if we all go crazy and turn against each other, I'm eating the latino guy first. Hot guys are yummy. X3

Lucian: So true! But that's also why you must avoid them. See, I had problems with Bertie that he had NO IDEA about. Like his alluring scent, and the wonderful sound of that blood pumping through his veins whenever we--


Lucida: ...I think those stories are interesting...

Renny: O_o

Lucida: Well, I like romance. Not the stupid young romance where it's all kisses and h*** and crap, but the more psychological and spiritual part of love. Like the kind of love that Malcolm and Sapphire have--I've never seen such a connection like that. Bonds that go beyond love, you know?

Sofia: That does sound nice. XD Is that why you're rejecting Alastair?

Lucida: Al just doesn't captivate me. So there's no point in that.

Lucian: Hmm...girlfriends are for guys who can't make up their minds. And opposites attract. Careful, Lucy, Alastair might pull a trick out of his sleeve.

Alex: *whispers to Alastair* In her diary, she says that she'd go for a guy who's nice and quiet, and enjoys trading philosophy. He can't be too randy or too rude. Flattering just enough to please, but not so much that he seems like a playboy. XD

9/21/2009 . Edited 9/21/2009 #66
Aoide Mnemosyne


Suntha: No.

Al: DX I'm not in love with her!

Suntha: Right.


Suntha: Uh-huh.

Al: You're mean X_X

Suntha: *blinks, takes cell away from ear* What? I'm talking on the phone, idiot XD

Al: *sigh* Sorry Lucy, but I honestly am not in lurv with chu :P

Suntha: *snorts* And you say I'M mean.

Me: lol I didn't know Bert had an alluring scent XD


Me: I was responding to Lu -_-'

Al: Anyhow. I'm not in love with Lucy. Or even in lust. It's just something fun, pretending to try to flirt with her o.o

Me: Hmm. So I should bring the latino guy in today? He'll have been living in the top floor of Ollison Apts. for a couple years now.

Suntha: How did we miss the fact that we have an upstairs neighbor?

Me: Alastair was too busy paying attention to Lucida-

Al: Hey!

Me: -Sam was too busy paying attention to Alex and the 'awful truth' of being a virgin, and you're blind, Suntha XD

Suntha: True. So how did Renny, Lucida and Alex miss it?

Me: They're un-observant XD You know, if you guys all got married to each other, Ren to Suntha, Sam to Alex, and Lucida to Al-

Al: Why was I second?

Me: What o.O?

Al: You listed the guy's names first, then when you got to Lucy and I you listed her name first.

Suntha: *snicker*

Me: *eyeroll* ANYHOW. If you did get all married, Al, since Suntha would get married to Renny, then that would mean Lucy would be your sister-in-law, and then you'd be marrying her, making you two married siblings XD


Suntha: XD

9/22/2009 . Edited 9/22/2009 #67
Aoide Mnemosyne

Me: Okay! Hot latino guy, check! Dega, Sydney, you guys should both make more buildings, places in Wyminstown :P It's all our forum, not just mine ^-^

And, um, a question. How would you guys feel about retiring our characters at the Club? It feels like we've done all we can with them, and it's time to move onto rping their kids' lives :P

9/22/2009 . Edited 9/22/2009 #68

Lucida: *smiles* Great. That makes things much easier. Though I'll probably get to the latino guy first. *evil grin*

Lucian: Yeah, Bertie smelled so good I had to resist biting into his head on more than one occasion. XD Then it would've been no more Bertie, and no more triplets, lol.

Renny: O_O That would've been awful.

Me: I'll get to making new topics soon enough!...Er, yeah, it is kinda difficult having my characters in three RPs at once. But I'm fine with posting on the Club once in a while, too. XD Just in case I get bored, you know?

Alex: Wonderful. Just fantastic. -_- I end up with the baby. I'd rather stick to Al since Lucy's not interested, and Sam can have Ella if he wants. That way we won't get all screwed up with the whole sibling-marriage thing. XD

9/22/2009 #69

Sam: BUT I LOVE YOU ALEX. Please love me. *puppy dog eyes*

Me: So cuute. XD. Chyea we can reitre our charries there. :] and I'll brainstorm some ideas for places too. :]

9/22/2009 #70
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha: XD Al there are three chicks that you might have sex with!

Al: o-o''''

Me: Plus a hot latino, but I'm thinking I'll leave him to Lucida ^-^

Al: -_- How kind. *shrugs* I'm all for getting together with Alex, Sam's too much of a git for her :P

Bert: Be nice to your brother.

Al: X_X But it's the truth!

Suntha: You know, I actually agree with Al for once.

Me: XD Wow, you've got quite a force against ya, Sammy-boy.

9/22/2009 . Edited 9/22/2009 #71

Alex: *stares at Sammy* Er, I don't know...I prefer blondes. XD

Lucian: O_O Okay, we haven't been raising you right!

Renny: lol

Lucida: What's wrong with blondes?

Me: Yeah, what's the matter? I was considering making Lu a blond.

Lucian: ?!!!!!

Sofia: DX OMG he would look soooo UGLY!!

9/22/2009 #72
Aoide Mnemosyne

Al: Woot! Point for me.

Suntha: XD


9/22/2009 . Edited 9/22/2009 #73

Me: You're very welcome. lol the whole "blue hair" idea came randomly to me. I was watching Naruto and I there was this one part where Mizuki returns, and the parts where he was in his prison outfit inspired an image of what Lucian would look like with blue hair and PJs. And then it started this whole madness. XDD I still enjoy imagining Lu in his PJs, because it looks like a prison uniform, which also makes him look a bit scarier.

Lucian: So...I look scarier in my Jammies?!

Alex: Oh, totally, Dad! DX That's why I keep telling you to put a bathrobe on whenever you go out for a midnight snack! You're scaring the s*** outta everyone!

Sofia: I always found Lu's Jammies to be sexy. XD Like, beastly sexy.

Lucian: XD So should I wear them more often?

Renny, Lucida and Alex: NO!

Sofia: Yes.

Lucian: Alright, then! It's not like the kiddies are around to be scared anymore. XD

9/22/2009 . Edited 9/22/2009 #74
Aoide Mnemosyne


Bert: *frowns* I could never decide if you scared me or turned me on when you wore your pajamas. *shrugs*

Suntha: Dad! Ew!

Al: DX No kidding.

Me: Answer me in Ollison Apt, Deeegaaaa :D lol

9/22/2009 . Edited 9/22/2009 #75

Me and Sofia: Lu's da BEAST of Jammies! XD

Malcolm: *pops in with Sapphire on his shoulders* Did someone say beast? I'm up for some wildebeeste.

Lucian: No, they said beast as in me.

Malcolm: Ah.

Sapphire: *ruffles his hair* Don't worry! We'll go hunting later.

Lucida: OMG it's our cousins! XD


Renny: Whoop-de-do.

Lucian: O_o Oh God.

9/22/2009 #76
Aoide Mnemosyne

Me: XD you don't sound very enthused, Renny.

Suntha: Sapphire! :DDD

9/22/2009 #77

Renny: It's because she's creepy...

Sapphire: :D Hello, people. I was bored so I came in here.

Renny: Why's Malcolm here?

Sapphire: Why do you ask?

Renny: He seems to be everywhere you are. Why is that?

Malcolm: I'm her slave...

Renny: Seriously?! O_O

Malcolm: No. I'm also a comedian. XP

Lucian: lol! XD

Sapphire: Oh, yeah. Malcolm's a real Joker. XD It's easy for him to lie and kid around because his face looks naturally serious.

Renny: He creeps me out, too...O_o Those soulless green eyes will haunt me!

Malcolm: Whatever...

Lucian: Malcolm is half werewolf, half vampire. So, uh, Bertie should be able to get along with him.

9/22/2009 #78
Aoide Mnemosyne

Bert: *blinks* Not all vampires get along with each other. I always loathed my aunt Rylor while growing up because she was constantly trying to seduce me *sighs*

Suntha: *snicker*

Bert: It wasn't funny. She nearly killed my rabbit when I was fifteen.

Al: Why o.o?

Bert: She tried to feed him sausages -_-

9/22/2009 #79

Lucian: Aww! So you must've really been suffering whenever I made you wear bunny suits! XD *glomps Bert*

Sofia: HEY! *pulls Lu off of Bert* You're MY husband now, okay?!

Malcolm: o_O

Lucian: Fine. Hey, Malcolm! Did you know that your dad's first kiss was with me? XD

Malcolm: -_- Please shut up, Uncle Lu.

Sapphire: Ooh! Can you tell me stories about my dad?

Lucian: Your dad was a nerd. And I was his bodyguard half the time. So he was the brains and I was the brawn.^^

Sapphire: Oh...

Lucian: And I was the one who set him up with your mom, too. XD I'm a natural born matchmaker!

9/22/2009 #80
Aoide Mnemosyne

Me: Lu, and you called Bert a playboy XD

Suntha: *sarcastic* Wow, you're so kind, Uncle Lu. 'Your dad was a nerd'.

9/22/2009 #81

Lucian: Well that kiss was an accident! It freaked Malcolm's mother out, too! Of course, that was way before she became Malcolm's mother. BTW, I named Alex after her because they have the same crazy personality. XD And Viktor was, and still is, a nerd. But he's a cool nerd. A mad scientist whom I relied on quite a bit.

Sapphire: Dad is pretty cool. But tell us more about the whole thing with Malcolm's dad. XD

Malcolm: O_O

Lucian: Like I said, the kiss was an accident, sort of. Because Aaron was going through one of his vampire phases and craved more blood than usual, and he found my blood to be very delectable. He just came at me when we were alone and...crap happened. XD Then Alexandra came in, saw us, and ran away screaming bloody murder. She assumed that I was trying to r*** him. XDD

Alex: OMG She's awesome!

Malcolm: Dear Lord...

9/22/2009 #82
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha: LOL

Bert: o.o My mother's ex-best friend, who eventually ended up murdering my father, was named Viktor. Scottish prat. Ah well. He's dead so everything's good XD

Me: lol poor Lu. People always seem to assume the worst about you.

9/22/2009 #83

Me: Is it just me, or are there are lot of villains named Viktor?

Sapphire: So much discrimination...XD

Lucian: *sigh* Alex wouldn't go near me for days, and she was convinced that Aaron and I were gay. Then Viktor managed to knock some sense into her. XD Or rather, he slipped her a potion making her forget seeing the incident.

Malcolm: Wow.

Me: Yeah, lol. Anyway, me gots to go now. Byez!

9/22/2009 #84
Aoide Mnemosyne

Me: Well, my brother wanted to have him named Oliver, but it didn't seem to fit :P

Al: Duuude XD

9/23/2009 #85

Me: Omg im gunna pass out like any minute. It's flipping 33 degrees here. (celsius, I dont know what it is in farenheit.) I am so tired, we ran freaking cross country in this. Holy mother of god. OH and Dega remember how I told you that I flipped s*** at that guy, hate mailed him? He messaged me back with some f** response. :]

9/23/2009 #86

Me: lol! A villain named Oliver would be funny.

Lucian: OMG! A library just popped out of nowhere!

Me: Yup, I gave birth to a library. XD

Malcolm: O_o Um, that's an anatomical impossibility.

Sapphire: She was joking, Soundwire.

Malcolm: Ah.

Renny: "Soundwire"?

Sapphire: It's his nickname. Because his magical area of expertise is Restraint and Diversion. His Aura is the Metal type, so he uses weapons and steel wires to manipulate metal. And since his Yin animal is a bat and he's part vampire, he can manipulate sound. Plus he does explosives, technology, scouting, research, and has a perfect memory.

Alex: He's like a computer-thing!

Lucida: A robot. XD

Me: lol It's been hot here, too. Like, 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is about 27 degrees Celsius. So it's around the same. XD

Lucian: Who the hell is that guy?! O_O He sounds like a person I'd eat for torture.^^

9/23/2009 . Edited 9/23/2009 #87

Me: Lol just this guy, Lu XD.

9/23/2009 #88
Aoide Mnemosyne

Me: Farhenheit is twenty-one degrees hotter than celcius :P It's been really humid today, too :P In the seventies DX But it'll get cold tomorrow! YAAAAY!

9/23/2009 #89

Me: lol I was using this conversion thing in my school's planner. But, no matter how you say it, today was HOT! DX

Lucian: I loved it! XD

Me: Why?!

Lucian: Come on, people! Summer in this dimension is how winter is in Tartarus! Why else do you think Pyronites worship the sun?

Alex: We do? O_O

Lucida: Duh. You haven't been paying attention in Religion class, have you?

Alex: Not really. XD

9/23/2009 #90
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