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A strange place called Wyminstown, in the middle of the country. It may appear normal, but Wyminstown is anything but. It seems to have a strange habit of coughing up people who seem confused about what year it is. Private RP
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A spanky little night club with live bands and bright coloured flashing lights. Limited alcohol assumption rule so everyone can have fun and not the bad kind of fun. The floors are checkered black and white and the linoleum walls are a bright blue. There's a tall bar on the opposite side of the gigantic stage. Most of the bands are local or small bands but once in a while they get the treat of a famous band.


9/18/2009 #1
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Very nice, chica :D Er, *raises hand* I do have one question. What does 'spanky' mean? XD Some people might take that the wrong way.)

9/18/2009 #2

[ LMFAO, like modern ]

9/18/2009 #3
Aoide Mnemosyne

(OOOH I see XDD)

9/18/2009 #4

[ From ollison Apartments. ]

Samuel led Ella into the club, the hectic beat bouncing off the walls. Ella looked down at herself and bit her bottom lip. "I feel so overdressed." She said over the music.

Sam laughed. "You're gorgeous." He commented and leaned down to peck her on the cheek, "Now, let's see how well you dance." He winked and Ella grinned as Samuel pulled her towards the dance floor. He stopped her and she felt her body start swaying to the music and soon they were pressed against each other, dancing hypnotically.

9/21/2009 #5
Aoide Mnemosyne

(How cuuuuuuuute X3)

9/21/2009 #6

((From Ollison Apt.))

Alex stared at the two in amusement. "I can never get why people dance like that...I don't know if I should be laughing or pulling a prank." Shaking her head and smiling, she walked over to a music booth, shoved the DJ out, put a Silencing Spell on the band that was singing and switched the song to "I Love You" from Barney. It was loud and booming:

I love you, you love me, we're a happy family!

With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you!

Won't you say you love me, too?

(lol randomness)

9/21/2009 . Edited 9/21/2009 #7

[ lol! ]

Sam and Ella stopped dancing and looked up at the DJ booth in confusion. The instant Samuel saw Alex, he had to hold the smile off his lips as he and Ella walked over to her. "Barney fan, are we?" Samuel asked Alex casually, not letting his annoyance show.

9/22/2009 #8

"That purple dino is the best!" Alex gushed. Then she burst out laughing. "Sorry, I just had to do that. I already got Al, so I had to get you too, you know? Now why don't you go back to your dancing and leave the music to me."

9/22/2009 #9

Samuel grinned and shook his head. He held Ella close to him with his arm around her waist. "Alright, but no more childrens cartoon songs." Ella giggled beside Samuel.

9/22/2009 #10

"Sure, sure," Alex said dismissively. She switched the song to Getting Away With Murder by Papa Roach. "There. Is that good enough for ya?"

9/22/2009 #11

Samuel sighed. "Not really dancing music, but it'll do."

Ella smiled at Alex then turned to Sam. "Let's get some drinks." Samuel nodded and looked over at Alex once more before walking in the opposite direction of her, over to the bar to order them some drinks.

[ OMG i love that song. :] ]

9/22/2009 #12

(Me too! XD lol though lately I've been imagining Lucian singing that song. O_o)

Alex shrugged and started twirling around on her own.

9/22/2009 #13

[ lol, oddly enough i can imagine that too. ]

Samuel ordered a beer for himself and a dainty margarita for Ella. Once they had their drinks, Sam took a couple sips and smiled down at Ella. Soon enough, he had gone through 4 beers and while Ella had drank only 2 margarita's in the midst of dancing and laughing. Samuel, swaying slightly, leaned against the counter and pulled Ella to him, pressing his lips to her neck, peering up at her through his thick lashes. Even when he was drunk, he was irresistibly handsome, Ella thought as his lips traced her jawline.

9/22/2009 #14

The Pyronite came to a stop when the song finished, and switched to Because The Night by Cascada with a snicker. She glanced at Samuel and Ella, resisted the urge to shoot a fireball at them, and instead walked up to the two. Alex tapped Sam on the shoulder and whispered, "I don't think she'd enjoy drunken sex. But if you gotta do it, take it to the bathroom or something. And don't forget the condoms or you'll get her pregnant with triplets like your dad!"

(lol she's actually supporting them. XD)

9/22/2009 #15

[ lol! I can just picture that. ]

Ella smiled tersely. "It's okay, Alex. I'm not drunk so I'll make sure nothing happens."

Samuel looked over at Alex. "Thanks, Mom!" He said sarcastically, pretty drunk. "Jealous, are we?" He grinned at Alex, tauntingly.

[ he's so mean when he's drunk. XD ]

9/22/2009 #16

(XD The only thing Alex would be jealous of is that she can't get drunk and she's unaffected by drugs. lol she's curious to the point of being crazy.)

Alex jabbed Sam in the forehead. "No. Virgins, especially drunk ones, are no fun at all. If I had a boyfriend he'd have to have experience. So don't go around making assumptions like that, 'kay?" She said, slightly irritated. "God, your blood stinks when it's clouded with stupidity."

(...Or perhaps she is jealous? lol XD)

9/22/2009 #17

[ Lol, jeez. Finally, he just wants her to love him. XD ]

Sam stuck his tongue out at her. Ella touched his arm gently. "Maybe we should go, Sam. I'll walk you home, then head back to the motel." Sam looked at her with big eyes, then, thinking about what Alex said and the way Ella was looking at him, slouched and pouted.

"Fine, but I'll see you tomorrow?" He asked Ella.

"If you're up to it." She smiled at him then turned to Alex. "Would you mind, helping get him home?" She asked politely.

[ this song just came on and its like a song for how Sam feels... kinda. :] ]

9/22/2009 . Edited 9/22/2009 #18

(Yayz.^^ But I have a feeling it's gonna take forever till they come to terms...maybe something crazy and random should happen so they end up together? Something dramatic, with life-or-death action and stuff like that. XD)

Alex nodded, and promptly gathered Samuel into her arms, carrying him bridal-style. "You really are a baby," she teased him.

(lol I have So What by Pink playing right now. What's your song called?)

9/22/2009 . Edited 9/22/2009 #19

[ lol, it was called Cross My Heart by Marianas Trench and right now Celebrity Status by the same people ( MY FAVORITE SONG) is playing XD and chyea something life changing that they have to handle together should happen :] ]

Samuel narrowed his eyes at Alex. "You're younger than me so wouldnt that make you the baby?" He reached out and grabbed Ella's hand in his and kissed her fingertips as she walked beside them silently.

9/22/2009 . Edited 9/22/2009 #20

(Cool. Mine just switched to In The End by Linkin Park. XD)

Alex snorted as she headed out the door. "Pyronites mature faster than humans, twit. And I can send you flying into outer space in a heartbeat."

(I'm thinking that maybe they could get attacked by this genie or something that wants to steal Sam's soul. XD Then when Sam refuses, he kidnaps Ella and they both have to rescue her. How about it?)

9/22/2009 #21

[ sorry had to write a hate email to this guy XD and yea that sounds good! But why dont we let Alex get a BIT more jealous ...? :] ]

Samuel pouted and swung his and Ellas hand by his side. "Ella! Do you think I'm manly?" He whined.

Ella laughed. "Very manly." She winked at him and grinned. Samuel beckoned for her to lean in and she did. Sam planted a big kiss on her mouth as they walked.

9/22/2009 #22

(Certainly! Aaaaand...action! XD Uh, maybe you should do the genie...)

Alex bristled, and purposefully dropped Samuel on the hard concrete. "Whoops," she said, sneering. "If you've got enough wits to kiss a girl, then you're fine walking home on your own, aren't you? No need to be carried around like a sack of crap." She stomped on his foot and turned around.

(lol she's piiiiiissed. Uh...what was that hate mail about? O_O BTW, I'm gonna be gone for a while, I have to do homework. DX)

9/22/2009 . Edited 9/22/2009 #23

[ lol, she is. Okay. I'll try. ]

Samuel cursed and rubbed his a**, glowering up at Alex. "What the-"

Ella intervened and helped him up. "Alex, I'm sorry. I..." She trailed off and they stood there until something emerged from the crowd. He was dressed in bright colors, and stepped towards them. "Why hello. Sam." He nodded in Samuels direction. "Ella, Alex." He nodded to each of them in turn. "Good to see you." He walked over and grabbed Samuels shoulder.

Ella looked at his hand placed on Samuel's shoulder. "Can we help you?"

The genie smiled. "All I need is something to quench my thirst."

Ella smiled nervously and pointed to the bar. "Drinks are over there, and if you're already smashed, I'd recommend slowing it down a tad." She tried to pull Samuel away from him.

"I dont think you understand, sweetie, to quench my thirst, I need a soul." He tilted his head at Ella. "I was going to go for a challenge tonight and thought Sam would be the best bet, but you look like fun." His hand left Sams arm and slid over Ella's cheek. She froze in fear. Samuel sputtered and reached for her, though no use in his drunken state. Besides Ella and the genie were gone, leaving nothing but a patch of smoke.

[ how was that? I gtg for like 20 minutes I think for homework :[ And it was just to this guy whos being an a** to me, so i like messaged him making him feel bad XD ]

9/22/2009 . Edited 9/22/2009 #24
Aoide Mnemosyne

(XD High excitement while I'm gone. :P And Alex should be with Al for at least a night if she wants someone with experience XD)

9/22/2009 #25

(I'm baaaaack! XD For now, anyway. lol you did a great job on the genie. I was just gonna make him all psychotic and crap. :P)

Alex gasped, and whirled around, searching the crowds. "Dammit, where'd they go?!" She sniffed the air. "They're gone! I can't even smell them! This isn't good..." She bit her bottom lip and started pacing. "Okay, maybe we can get Lucida to help, she's good at stuff like this." Alex glanced down at Samuel. "Nice going, Mr. Manly. Your girlfriend's been kidnapped by a genie!"

(XD I LOLed at that last line.)

9/22/2009 #26
Aoide Mnemosyne

(XD nice.)

9/22/2009 #27

[ LMAO. nicce ]

Samuel looked around worriedly then over to Alex, ignoring her last comment. "We need to find her! Before he takes her soul." He grabbed Alex's shoulders and shook her. "Please Alex, this is all my fault." It wasnt so much that he needed Ella to live, it was the fact that it was his fault that she had been taken. And it was asll his fault.

9/23/2009 #28
Aoide Mnemosyne

(dun dun duuun!)

9/23/2009 #29

(Drama! XD)

Alex hesitated, then smacked him. "That's for being a j***. Now that that's out of the way...call it gut instinct, but I think he might've taken her to the Library or something. He looks like a Type 7 genie, and they're the genies of history. The only way to summon them is either through an enchanted hourglass, or the old book in which they had been sealed. So if he's here then he probably came from the nearest library." She pulled at her ear as she made her calculations. "But you'll have to lead, because I have no idea where the Library is."

(lol I need to make a Library...)

9/23/2009 . Edited 9/23/2009 #30
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