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A strange place called Wyminstown, in the middle of the country. It may appear normal, but Wyminstown is anything but. It seems to have a strange habit of coughing up people who seem confused about what year it is. Private RP
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Aoide Mnemosyne

(Al: *shrugs* You're the one who must have, like, zero respect for her. I respect Alex and tell her outright that I'd like to sleep with her, while you fritter away on the edges, trying to make her jealous by using a girl who's clearly in love with you. *annoyed*

Bertram: Now, now, be nice, boys XD.

Me: lol. I do have to point out something, erm, Alex already picked up Ella XD Sam doesn't have to do it.)

9/26/2009 . Edited 9/26/2009 #31

[ Me: oops XD sorry.

Sam: *ashamed* ]

9/26/2009 #32

(Lucian: Wow. O_o Alex definitely got that from Sofia.)

Alex scowled. "Well, jeez. I'm just irritated because you could've told me sooner instead of pussyfooting around like that. You used Ella, and she nearly got killed. That was just stupid and you know it." She narrowed her eyes and stomped past him.

((To Ollison Apt))

(Alex: Sam, you've got a lot of apologizing to do! *hiss*

Lucian: O_O Calm down, girl. He's just a boy.

Alex: He's 19 years old!

Lucian: Exactly. XD He's the age where he should be attending college, and college boys are always like that. Hell, that's how they are until they're 30 and they've tasted life.)

9/26/2009 #33

[ Sam: *crys* ]

Samuel limped after her. "Alex, wait." He called after her.

[ To Ollison Apartments. ]

9/26/2009 #34
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Suntha: *blinks* Renny isn't like that.)

9/26/2009 #35

(Lucian: That's because Renny was bred properly, in the Underworld. So you could say he's got the wisdom of a 30-year-old. XD Plus, Pyronites grow fast, so they've got an edge.)

9/27/2009 #36
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Me: XD Sweet.)

9/27/2009 #37

(Lucian: Seriously, it was kind of scary. Once a Pyronite is 15, he's a man! I'm worried that Renny's gonna outgrow me! DX

Renny: Me outgrow you?! NEVER! O_O)

9/27/2009 #38
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Me: Lol we should probably move this to teh free chat dimension ^-^)

9/28/2009 #39

((From...Somewhere XD))

Malcolm silently browsed the shelves, his feet not making a sound on the hardwood floor. He seemed to be gliding in a way. His eyes scanned the titles until he finally found what he was looking for: Theory of Darkness by Levitha Graves. He took the book, checked it out at the front desk and carefully stowed it away in his bag. This should be what she wanted, he thought, stifling a yawn. The mage headed out. Time to pay someone a visit.

((To Ollison Apt.))

11/11/2009 #40
Aoide Mnemosyne

((From Ollison Apt.))

Amalsuntha walked into the library interestedly, gazing around her. An owl nodded to her as it passed, wearing small, moon-shaped spectacles. She smiled slightly, purusing the shelves until she found the brail section, and was gratified to find her favorite, Like Water for Chocolate. She sat down on an armchair, shedding her coat and letting her hair fall, taking her glasses off and closing her eyes as her fingers began tracing the pages.

11/15/2009 #41
Aoide Mnemosyne

Soon enough, her fingers came to a halt, and she dozed off in the armchair, dark hair falling over her face. The book fell onto the floor with a quiet thump as she slumped slightly in the chair. Suddenly, her eyes snapped open, and she stood erect, gazing around her calculatingly. A quiet smirk fell on her lips, and she moved with surprising agility through the library, her glasses forgotten on the floor. She walked all the way to the highest tower of the library, hand shooting out to slam open the door, breaking the deadbolt in the process.

She strode into the room, and smiled maliciously, opening one of the cabinets and riffling through the papers in it, cursing as she worked her way through every cabinet in the room to no avail. The tongue she spoke was odd, no human language, and her grey eyes were stony and cold, no longer misty. Then, her eyes fell upon the rug. She wrenched it away from the floor, and wrenched open the trap door, throwing it to the side and disappearing into the room within.

The not-Suntha clicked her tongue as she read through a large book, muttering something incomprehensible to herself.

(Yay! I've meant to give her a double personality for a while... though this is a possession, oh well.)

11/16/2009 #42


((From Ollison Apt.))

Renny walked into the library, following Suntha's scent. He spotted her glasses on the floor, paused, and picked them up. What happened? He wondered, an anxious feeling settling into his stomach. He placed the glasses into his pocket and walked up the flight of stairs and into the tower, passing through the damaged door, and slipping into the room under the trapdoor. Renny's breath caught in his chest when he saw Suntha. "Sunny..." he said cautiously. "What are you doing here?"


11/16/2009 #43
Aoide Mnemosyne


The creature using Suntha's body whipped around to face Renny, letting out an ear-piercing shriek, and she leapt forward, knocking him to the ground, nails digging into his skin and teeth seeking his throat.

11/17/2009 #44

Renny instinctively flipped the non-Suntha over and slammed her into the floor, pinning her there by the throat. His hand held a tight and firm, but not fatal, grip. He made sure his knees blocked her legs and used his other hand to pin her wrists above her head. "That's really unusual for Suntha to try and kill me like that," the Pyronite said calmly. "So I'm going to assume that you aren't Suntha. What did you do to her?"

(lol ACTION)

11/17/2009 . Edited 11/17/2009 #45
Aoide Mnemosyne

The non-Suntha shrieked when his hands touched her throat, and almost as a defense tactic, it fell limp and unconcious. A few minutes past, then her misty grey eyes opened wide with terror, unable to see who was holding her captive. "W-who are you?" she whispered hoarsely.

11/17/2009 #46

Renny's grip relaxed. "Suntha. It's me. You were momentarily possessed." He moved off her and slid her glasses onto her nose. "Are you all right? I was trying not to hurt you."

11/17/2009 #47
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha sat up, coughing a couple times. "I'm fine," she answered surprisingly evenly. No need to tell him that her hands were burning like hell because there were several splinters in them. "What do you mean by momentarily possessed? Are we still in the library?" she stood up, wobbling slightly.

11/18/2009 #48

"Well, we are in the library," Renny shrugged. "And you were acting really freaky. You dropped your glasses and ran up here, so when I followed, you attacked me." He paused, then suddenly grabbed her hands and started pulling splinters out of them. "It was quite disturbing."

11/18/2009 #49
Aoide Mnemosyne

Amalsuntha winced as he pulled the splinters out. "Ow, Renny, that hurts. They'll come out on their own," she said stubbornly, pulling her hands away. "Anyway, did I say anything while this happened?"

11/18/2009 #50

Renny grinned. "You were muttering something I couldn't understand. I could hear your voice as I approached this room. Then you turned around, made a crazy noise like this--" he let out a brief, high-pitched screech, "and tried to kill me."

11/18/2009 #51
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha sighed. "Sorry about that. Sheesh, I come here to read quietly for a little while and I end up getting possessed!" she frowned slightly. "Why did you follow me to the library, anyway."

11/18/2009 #52

"Because I didn't want you to get lonely." Renny wrapped an arm around her shoulder and squeezed her slightly. "It's your birthday. Dad says that on my woman's birthday, I completely surrender my will to her and become her slave for the day. Your wish is my command." He grinned and nuzzled into her neck.

11/18/2009 #53
Aoide Mnemosyne

Suntha blushed perfusely. "I'm not really into the whole 'slave and master' thing, but..." she leaned up and kissed him.

11/18/2009 #54

Renny deepened the kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist. After a while he pulled away. "We should probably do this somewhere else," he suggested with a small smile. "This place smells weird."

11/18/2009 #55
Aoide Mnemosyne

She chuckled, breaking away from him and grasping the sides of the trapdoor, hauling herself up into the room above. She winced when she saw the wrecked door. "S***. I'll have to apologize for wrecking the door..."

11/19/2009 #56

"I can fix that," Renny offered. He sprung out of the room below and assembled all the pieces of the door. With a few murmured words, the door repaired itself. "Ha!" The Pyronite laughed, swept Suntha into his arms, and sprinted out of the library.

((To The Forest))

11/19/2009 #57
Aoide Mnemosyne

She let out a slight chuckle as she was whisked away from the Library.

((To the Forest))

11/19/2009 #58
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