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A strange place called Wyminstown, in the middle of the country. It may appear normal, but Wyminstown is anything but. It seems to have a strange habit of coughing up people who seem confused about what year it is. Private RP
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Aoide Mnemosyne

Um...yeah. RUASJQTP. Wherever it may take him!

1/16/2010 #1

(Okay, here we go! XD)

Renny paused after putting the final strokes on the parchment stretched in front of him. He sighed and put away his brush and ink. Lately he had been running out of ideas for what fighting style he should use for his match tomorrow. And why did it have to be against Nathan? The guy was tough, but Renny didn't want to hurt him in the slightest. They'd been travelling together for two months now and were close friends. Though, Renny had the nagging suspicion that he was hiding something from him.

Just as he was rolling up the parchment into a tight scroll, a young woman opened the door. There were loud noises coming from down the hall and her expression was worn. "Mind if I stay in here for a bit? It's pretty crazy out there." She grimaced.

Renny stood up. "What's going on?"

"A couple of guys are fighting over some game of cards they were playing. It's giving me a headache."

The Pyronite blinked and strode past her. Sure enough, the sounds of fighting were coming from the room two doors down. He took his time gazing at the cabin walls and pondering about nothing, then quickly burst through the door. Inside the room was a mess, and he wrinkled his nose at the smell of alcohol-plugged blood. A ring of six people surrounded the two fighting in the middle. To Renny's surprise, one of them was Nathan.

"All right, break it up!" Renny yanked the two apart with ease. He narrowed his eyes at Nathan. "You should know better."

"Oh, come on," the blond laughed, blood trickling out of the cut in his cheek. "What's a couple of blows between pals?"

"You ain't no pal of mine!" The other man yelled. "You no-good, cheatin' son of a--"

Renny cut him off. "Look, I don't care, okay? If you're smart, you'll stop what you're doing right now." Without another word, he dragged his friend out into the hall and shut the door behind him.

Nathan grinned. "Ehehe...you're no fun, Ren. We make a great team, though..."

"Shut up." He tugged him into their room and sighed. "Honestly, you and I have a match tomorrow. Against each other. Fighting with some stranger the night before you fight your best friend sounds pretty pointless if you ask me."

"Pfft. That guy was just a warm-up. It has nothing to do with you." Nathan flopped onto his bed, not bothering to put on pajamas. "How come you've always gotta be so serious? Relax. There are plenty of tournaments out there."

"I already told you. I need to make a good impression in this one, or Master Isobei won't accept me." Renny changed into his nightclothes, trying to ignore Nathan's eyes on him, and climbed into the bunk bed on top. "Just so you know, I won't go easy on you."

The blond snorted. "Back at ya. You still owe me for that time with the basilisk, remember? Even if I lose to you, I'll still find a way to make you pay me back." He grinned.

"Whatever. Just be quiet and go to sleep."

(Lucian: Watch out, Renny. Your little friend is showing some signs of attraction.

Renny: -_- I just hope I don't end up in a love square like you did.)

1/27/2010 . Edited 1/27/2010 #2
Aoide Mnemosyne

(lol. More! XD I wanna see Renny seduced! LOL

Suntha: And I wouldn't worry about it, Renny. I'm fine if you sleep with somebody else. Especially a guy :D

Alastair: Why?!

Suntha: Cuz if it was another woman I might be jealous ^_^

Alastair: I still don't get it o_o Why won't you be jealous if he sleeps with Nathan?

Suntha: Because two guys having sex is HOT.

Me: LOL! That's my girl XD)

1/27/2010 . Edited 1/27/2010 #3

(Renny: Nathan would have to force me into it. No way in hell am I doing this voluntarily!

Lucian: Why not?! The ladies want some action! Give 'em some eye candy! Show them how dirty you can be and give Malcolm a run for his money!! XDD

Renny: You're gonna enjoy watching it, aren't you?!! Doesn't it bother you that you like to watch your children having sex?!

Lucian: Pfft. No. Who do you think you're talking to, Renny?

Renny: *sigh* You've got a point...

Me: lol I need some time to come up with how it'll play out.)

1/27/2010 #4
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Me: Hmmm....maybe after their match, they could go off to bathe, and Nathan comes up behind Renny, and, like, slides his hands around Renny's waist, turns his head and kisses him. But then Renny would jump back and be like 'Ugh! No! I have an obligation to someone else!' and Nathan would be like 'But you know you want to, plus you owe me' and s***, and seduce him XD

Alastair: XD You haven't had enough sleep, have you?

Me: Nope ^_____^!

Suntha: *nods slowly* That idea sounds suitable to me. Let the seducing commence.)

1/28/2010 . Edited 1/28/2010 #5

(Me: lol that could work! XD Okay, Operation: Get Renny to Do It with Nathan is a-go!)

*a day later*

The crowd roared as Nathan was slammed into the ground. He gritted his teeth and swore. "That's not fair! You're stronger than I am!" He flipped over into a crouch with blinding speed and flicked a handful of shuriken at Renny. The Pyronite managed to dodge most of them, but two got lodged in his leg. He winced, and Nathan took the opportunity to land a powerful kick to the jaw that literally sent him flying.

Renny caught himself in midair just as Nathan appeared behind him, preparing to strike again. He whipped around, delivering a sharp blow to Nathan's face before hooking his arm around Nathan's neck and driving him into the ground. Nathan squirmed and thrashed under him, but he couldn't break free of Renny's grip in time. The referee counted to 20 seconds, and blew the whistle when Nathan didn't push out, declaring Renny as the winner.

Nathan gasped for air when Renny released him. "You...you...aw, dammit." He groaned. "I bet you enjoyed beating the snot outta me, didn't you?"

"Not really." Renny bent down and helped him to his feet. "You put up a good fight. I seriously thought I'd lose for a second, so I had to be rough to make sure that didn't happen." He pulled the shuriken out of his leg and frowned at the bloodstains on his trousers.

"Well thank God it's all over now." Nathan stretched and winced. "How about we hit the hot springs?"


*at the hot springs*

"Ahh..." Nathan sunk lower into the steamy water, his blond hair floating around him. "That's the stuff."

Renny shifted so that he was more comfortable. "I'm surprised you're not splashing the water at me, like last time."

"What, you wanna play games?" Nathan grinned and moved closer to him.

"No, no..." he moved away.

"I bet your shoulders are tense."


"Want me to give you a back rub?" He closed the gap between them and moved behind Renny, his fingers easing the tension out of his strong shoulders.

Renny rolled his eyes. "Yeah, 'cause there's nothing odd about a guy giving another guy a backrub." Nonetheless, he relaxed into his grip.

There was a momentary pause before Nathan spoke. "Your arms are so nice," he sighed wistfully.


"My old boyfriend's arms were great, but compared to your body, he's got nothing," Nathan continued, a small smile forming on his lips. "Seeing you like this...it's starting to turn me on..." he slid his hands around Renny's chest.

Renny's eyes widened. "Nathan," he said warningly, but there was a hint of nervousness.

Nathan gently caressed the side of Renny's face, turned his head slightly and pressed his lips to his.

The Pyronite felt a sharp jolt, and jumped back. "Dude! That's too far! I-I'm...I already have a girlfriend, and besides, I don't want you like that!" He stammered, his face turning deep crimson.

"Really?" Nathan chuckled darkly, striding towards him. He wrapped his arms around his shoulders, pressing their bodies together. Their heights were only an inch or two apart. "Something 'down there' is telling me otherwise. You don't have to be shy about it. You want me, and you owe me. Now's your time to pay me back."

"But I'm already--"

"Oh, who cares about her?" Nathan said irritably. "You already told me she slept with another man, didn't she? It's only fair." He brushed his thumb over Renny's lips briefly before kissing him again, this time with much more fervor.

Renny felt his pulse quicken, and he suddenly couldn't resist kissing him back. His hands became entangled in Nathan's golden tresses as they drifted off into a corner of the spacious pool. "I'm...not exactly 'experienced' at this, you know..." Renny panted as they momentarily broke apart.

"Oh, no worries," Nathan's eyes gleamed. "You'll get better at it with practice."

(Renny: *facepalm* OH. GOD.

Lucian: Awwww!! *takes photo* You look so cute in the 'submissive' position!!

Me: lol how was that, ladies n' gents? XD)

1/28/2010 . Edited 1/28/2010 #6
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Me: Lol! Brava! *claps*

Suntha: o_o Ow. Renny was right, that was extremely painful to watch TT_TT

Alastair: But I thought you said you were okay with it?

Suntha: Let's just say it would have been alot sexier if Nathan hadn't said 'she slept with someone else' -_-. Renny and I weren't even together until nearly two years after! That's hardly sleeping with someone 'else'.

Alastair: XD Sun, chill.

Suntha: *takes a deep breath* Right...calm. Collected. Is it alright if I kinda want to kill Nathan right now?

Alastair: As long as it's just in your head, go to it.

Suntha: Sweet.


1/28/2010 #7

(Renny: Oh, that was said in the heat of the moment. I would've enjoyed it more if a bunch of friends and relatives WEREN'T WATCHING THE WHOLE DAMN TIME. *glares at Lucian*

Lucian: *looks innocently at him* What? Y'know, I think I'm gonna really like this Nathan guy. XD Is it okay if I steal him from you?

Sofia and Renny: HELL NO.

Lucian: Why?

Sofia: You're married to ME!

Renny: And he's MY homosexual partner!! -_-

Lucian: Aww...

Renny: *glances at Suntha* XD It's quite...refreshing to see you jealous. But I'll always belong to you, even if Nathan does manage to get a few romps out of me.

Nathan: *pout* Aw, man. Without Renny, who do I end up with??

Me: I already decided that you'll be with Alex!! XDD

Nathan: Meh, fine...)

1/28/2010 #8
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Suntha: -_- Glad I could be so very helpful. *oozes sarcasm*

Alastair: Huh. Isn't Alex a tad young to have someone? She's only seventeen o_O

Suntha: When did you first 'have' someone?

Alastair: ...

Suntha: Yes, fourteen. Don't be a hypocrite. Sheesh.

Me: *nods* I agree. 'Nyways, should we start operation Kill Bert?)

1/29/2010 #9

(Me: Sure. One question, though; what's Ren and Sunny's daughter gonna look like? I was thinking she could have black hair and green eyes, or maybe red eyes or something like that.)

1/29/2010 #10
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Me: Mm, dark hair and green eyes works. And lightly tanned :D So, how 'bout 'OSSL'? I wanna see Renny's reaction after his first gay encounter XD)

1/30/2010 #11

(Me: Haiii...XD)


Renny collapsed on the tile floor, gasping and wincing slightly. On his shoulder and neck were fresh bite marks. "D...damn..."

Nathan chuckled, licking the blood off his hand. "Sorry. I can't help being a vampire. But now we're even. And that certainly was enjoyable, wasn't it?"

"I guess," Renny blushed and sat up. "But next time, try not to bite me so much."

"Aw, certainly." Nathan pulled out a sponge and towel. "Shall I clean you off?"

"Sure." The Pyronite slid back into the water and stretched. He yawned. "Suddenly I feel sleepy..."

(lol I'm lacking imagination today...XD

Lucian: Ooh. Nathan does it rough, eh? :D

Renny: Yes, unfortunately. -_-)

1/30/2010 #12
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Suntha: HE MADE RENNY BLEED *flames shoot out of eyes*

Me: lol XD

Alastair: *snark*)

1/30/2010 #13

(Renny: O_O Suntha, chill. It doesn't hurt too much.

Nathan: I just happen to find his blood to be very delicious. It's the same thing with Malcolm and Sapphire, yes?

Malcolm: You can hardly compare our relationship to you and Renny's. -_- You know, I used to have a vampire friend named Nathan who was also a blond, except that he had gray eyes.

Nathan: o.o Wow. Coincidence, much?)

1/31/2010 #14
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Suntha: *blood boils* *stalks away*

Me: lol. Wow, that is a coincidence. What d'you think of Suntha getting very, very angry at Renny when he tells her that he slept with someone else, especially if it was multible times?

Alastair: *nods* He could use a good thrashing.

Me: Aren't you a little biased?

Alastair: XD Of course!)

1/31/2010 #15

(Renny: *sigh* If Suntha really gets to the 'thrashing' point, I would of course let her do as she pleases. After all, I wouldn't expect anything less from a jealous, pregnant woman, and it would be better than bottling it up inside.

Lucian: lol XDD)

1/31/2010 #16
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Bertram: *nods* Smart boy. Though the most I think she'd do is push you around and slap you a couple times.

Me: lol. Sorry my comments are taking so long, my comp is sloooow tonight... So, 'nyway, you'd better start up Renny either sleeping with him again (the next day or something), or him preparing to leave, because I want him to get there a day or two after Bertram dies)

1/31/2010 #17

(Me: lol mkay)

*a day later*

Renny grunted as Nathan landed two blows to his stomach. The vampire flipped back. "Ha! You're getting slow, Haydes!" With a grin, he leapt forward and aimed a high kick to Renny's head.

The Pyronite smirked, caught Nathan's leg, and drove him into the ground so that he was pinned underneath him.

"Yow!" Nathan yelped. He sweat-dropped. "Jeez, y-you're scary when you do that..."

Renny chuckled. "Well now that I've caught you, I can force you to do my bidding." He brought Nathan's leg to his face, pushed back the sleeve of his pants and licked the bare skin playfully. "What shall I have you do, hmm?"

Nathan's eyes widened. "Whoa. This is unusual. You're actually initiating this time!"

Renny dropped his leg. "Is that a 'no'?"

"Actually, quite the opposite." Nathan seized the opportunity and flipped Renny over so that he was on top. He straddled the Pyronite's waist and ripped open his shirt.

"Hey," Renny frowned. "That's my uniform shirt. You'll have to pay for a new one."

"Oh I don't mind," Nathan bent over and kissed Renny deeply.

*OSSL, I guess! XD*

1/31/2010 #18
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Me: lol at least Renny's enjoying himself. Now, remember, you have to prep him to leave soon! Give 'im a reason!)

1/31/2010 #19

(Okeyyy...but after Bert's death operation. XD)

1/31/2010 #20
Aoide Mnemosyne

(XD lol)

1/31/2010 #21

*yet another day later*

Renny put the last item into his bag and zipped it closed, then took a moment to rest. He smiled. He was going home, back to his sisters and cousins and friends...and Suntha. And yet, there was one thing he was worried about...

Nathan appeared in the doorway, suitcase in hand. "Alright, I'm ready!"

Renny sighed. "Are you sure you want to come?"

"Why not? I'd be lonely as heck here." He grinned. "So are we goin' or not?"

"Yeah, yeah..." the Pyronite trudged out the door, his blond-haired vampire friend in tow.

((To Wyminstown!))

2/4/2010 . Edited 2/4/2010 #22
Aoide Mnemosyne

(lol I had a feeling that would happen XD)

2/4/2010 #23
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