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A strange place called Wyminstown, in the middle of the country. It may appear normal, but Wyminstown is anything but. It seems to have a strange habit of coughing up people who seem confused about what year it is. Private RP
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Aoide Mnemosyne

Jereth's home is ever-changing, and therefore the styles within cannot named until one enters the building. Indeed, even the exterior seems to change minutely every day. The house is surrounded on one side by woods, on the other the end of Wyminstown lake glitters in the moon and sunlight.

3/1/2010 #1
Aoide Mnemosyne

((From Wyminstown Lake))

The two angels appeared on the front porch of the currently deep red, airy-looking house, with huge, curving windows that overlooked the lake, as well as a widow's peek at the top. "Please do come in," called Jereth, having already opened the door.

Callum complied willingly enough, closing the door after himself. His pale eyes searched the rooms carefully as the other man led him up a winding staircase, and the ghost of a smile hovered on his face. "I like it."

Jereth nodded, unsurprised. "I thought you would," they reached a large, lounge-like room, with a beautifully carved coffee table next to several sofas. "The staircase never changes, as it leads up to this room, which in turn leads to my bedroom," explained Jereth, nodding toward another door as he and Callum sat down on a sofa.

"So how have you been?" asked Callum quietly.

"So-so. Tired. I'm feeling very old. Two bloody thousand and twenty," he sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose with thumb and forefinger. "And you know what happens when I'm tired," he grinned behind his hand.

"People start desperately making love to each other."

"Exactly. It gets inconvienient, when you're trying to get things done, and then your secretary is salivating and rubbing her b*** when you're around," his voice was dry.

Callum laughed. "It must be horrible," he said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

Jereth winked. "Well, she isn't half as pretty as you, darling angel."

There was a pause.

"So how is Amalsuntha, your pretty twin soul?"


Jereth raised one dark eyebrow. "Really? Are you the father?" Callum smiled wryly. "No. And before you can ask, we're not together. She is engaged to Renaldo Haydes."

"Reeeally," both eyebrows went up, and the man's voice was intensely curious. "A Pyronite...and not just any Pyronite, but someday the future King of Pyronia...intriguing..."

"You could call it that, yeah," his voice was dull.

Jereth paused to gaze, brows furrowed, at his younger friend. "I'm sorry if I've disturbed you, Cal."

Callum shrugged. "I'm fine. I just thought that..."

"You would spend her last life with her," finished Jereth sympathetically. "And you know that she will live longer with young Mister Haydes than with you, in any case."

"I just wish I could stop f*** moping about it!" he growled, intensely fustrated. Jereth flashed a smile. "Have I ever told you you're adorable when you're angry at yourself?"

Callum rolled his eyes again. "Yes. Many times, in fact.

"Well, you are."

"Thank you."

"You're welcome," Jereth blinked, then leaned forward, bringing Callum's lips to his with several long, pale fingers. The angel started with shock, breaking away from the other man. Jereth frowned. "I'm sorry. Would you prefer...this?" the air seemed to shift, and before Callum sat Suntha at her most sultry, dark hair falling into her face, with the wrong eyes; dark, oh-so-dark blue eyes.

"No," Callum ground out, glaring at his companion until the other man turned back into his normal self. "I'm leaving," he stood up, but was pulled back down by Jereth.

"No! Callum, please, I'm sorry. I just want you to be happy. It tears me up to see you like this! Look, how long have I known you? How long?" his voice was comforting and firm, and he still held on tight to the taller man's shirt.

Callum sighed. "Since I was kicked down to earth, 1201 years ago."

"Yes. Now, do you trust me?"

The answer was immediate. "Of course."

"Then trust me," Jereth laughed, letting go of Callum's shirt and kissing the man's pale, smooth neck. The blond angel's breath came out shakily as the older man kissed his throat, jaw and face tenderly, unzipping his jeans with a skilled hand. Jereth's long fingers found their way down, where they brushed tentatively, making Callum m*** softly.

(One Angel Sex Scene Later)

Clothes were strewn across the floor, and the blond angel lay, sweaty, panting and gloriously n*** on the sofa, Jereth lying comfortably on top of him, chin resting on the younger man's collarbone. He brushed a blond strand of hair from his new lover's face, and smiled sweetly, kissing his chest. "I've missed you, Callum."

Callum let out a breathless chuckle. "I've missed you too. But if we would've made love before this I would've missed you alot more." This caused Jereth to laugh, and he patted the damp hair from Callum's handsome face.

3/1/2010 #2
(Me: *applause* That was spendid!

Lucian: *snerk*

Me: What? O_O

Lucian: Oh, nothing, nothing. XD

Renny: Wait, this is gonna be Suntha's last life?!

Lucian: What's wrong with that?

Renny: Well, what if I outlive her or something? I don't wanna die alone!

Lucian: Then make sure you have a son, raise him well, then commit suicide once Suntha dies.

Renny: W**! You're my dad! You're not supposed to say that!

Lucian: Meh, so what? I'll probably be dead by then, anyway.

Renny: Aw, but I always thought that me and Suntha's love was special. You know, like with Malcolm and Sapphire; in all their past lives, they've been together, and they'll probably be together in their future lives as well.

Lucian: Yeah, but that's the point. They're SPECIAL. Don't worry, according to Phantom belief, once you're done reincarnating yourself you'll see Suntha again. XD But that's only if you're truly meant for each other. If not, there are plenty of fish in the sea.)

3/1/2010 #3
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Me: Thank you :D I rather liked it myself. Detailed, but not TOO pervy.

Suntha: Aww, they're so sweet together! *gushes*

Alastair: It doesn't really bother you that you just saw a guy you had sex with have sex with another guy o_O?

Suntha: No way XD It was HOT.

Callum: -_- *blushing* Must you all watch my sexual liasons?

Me: Yeah.

Callum: Damn you.

Jereth: Aw, you know you like iiiit X3

Callum: You know, I think you're far too much liked Lucian for my liking o.o

Jereth: Whatever ^-^

Suntha: *shakes head* I don't know about the afterlife. Neither does Callum, actually. He can only see the future life.

Callum: Oh, did I mention that Jereth can see the afterlife?

Suntha: ?!!)

3/1/2010 #4
Aoide Mnemosyne

The two angels lay together, slick with sweat and still breathless from their fun. "Callum," Jereth started, his face sweet and damp; "you'll stay with me, won't you?"

Callum stroked the raven-haired man's cheek with one long finger. "I don't think that will be a problem," he smiled, happier than he had been since he landed on Earth. "I feel...light. Like a weight's been lifted." He let out a huge sigh of relief, completely relaxed and looking the young lover he felt like.

Jereth smiled coyly. "You're cute after making love. Very innocent. I like it."

"Watch out, Jereth, your perverted old man tendancies are showing," teased Callum, grinning. "Mmm," agreed the angel, inching farther up on the younger man so they were face to face. "I am a very dirty old man. Care for a shower?" he asked, hopping to his feet with surprising energy. Callum nodded, standing as well; he was almost a head taller than Jereth.

Jereth took the younger man's hand in his own, pulling him through the door that led to his bedroom. Inside, there was a huge, velvety king size bed; in one corner, there was a green glass and cream-colored marble shower, which Jereth quickly turned on. The steam filled the room, and he pulled Callum into the shower with him, letting the hot water run down the tall angel's body appreciatively.

Within a minute, he began slowly washing Callum's chest, quite enjoying the groans of pleasure as he went farther down.

"Your turn," he grinned, handing Callum the bath sponge. The strokes were repeated until each was slick as dolphins with soap. This time, the blond angel pulled the dark one toward him, one hand knotting in his hair as he kissed him.

Eventually, they were both clean, and toweled each other off with the giddiness that comes of being new lovers.

3/1/2010 #5

(Lucian: Hey! I have my serious moments.

Renny: Well, jeez, Jereth! Why don't you come out with it, then? I'm dying to know! O_O

Me: lol Callum's shy...)

3/2/2010 #6
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Jereth: o.o Know what?

Me: Well, stuff.

Jereth: Hmm...stuff...okay...Hey Callum, did you know that not all of the information, the 'future' you see that's passed down to you from Upper Management is true?

Callum: WHAT O_O?!

Jereth: *nods* Yeah. They wanted to keep you happy. Suntha still has five more lives.

Callum: o____o'''....I need a drink.

Jereth: Angels can't drink ^-^!

Callum: I know -_-)

3/2/2010 #7

(Renny: Why would...nvm. XD Yay, Suntha has more lives! Now I don't have to kill myself!

Lucian: Hey, I've been wondering, Cal. What would've happened if I hadn't been born?

Sofia: The world would explode.

Lucian: ...Well, I guess there was that one mission where I had to stop the world from exploding, but still.

Sofia: It's obviously too long a story. How old are you now?

Lucian: Eh, 700-something, give or take a few years. :D)

3/2/2010 #8
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Callum: Oh god -_- Yes, it would take nearly seven days to tell you all the differences.

Me: XD lol)

3/2/2010 #9

(Lucian: Alright, I'll just assume that the world would've ended a long time ago. XD

Me: lol...)

3/2/2010 #10
Aoide Mnemosyne

Jereth shrugged on a vest and a pair of black jeans that seemed to match his hair, while Callum pulled on a white t-shirt and pale denim jeans. "Howzabout some coffee?" without waiting for an answer, Jereth was once again dragging the younger angel down the stairs and into a cozy, fifties-style kitchen.

Callum sat down at the small, bright red table and grabbed a paper, flipping through it while his lover prepared the coffee, whistling jovially.

(Me: Aw, look how cute they are together!)

3/2/2010 #11

(Me: Aww! *snaps photo*)

3/2/2010 #12
Aoide Mnemosyne

*Several weeks later*

"C'mooon pleeeease?" Jereth pleaded, his sapphire eyes wide and imploring. "Calluuuum you know you want tooooo..."

Callum glanced past his paper, raising one pale eyebrow at the older man. "Want to what?" he sounded highly disinterested and just a little bit disgruntled.

Jereth pouted. "I want to have a three-way! I think it would be fun, and improve our sex life!"

"Improve our sex life?" Callum laughed, folding the paper and putting it down on the table. "Jereth, we've made love twice today and it's only three PM!"

"Alright...um...add spice to our sex life?" the older angel guessed, fingering his young lover's belt and jeans zipper.

"I've told you. I'm just not comfortable with it," Callum sighed, as if trying to decide whether to let those wandering hands probe further.

"Then you could at least let me change into a different shape!"

"A different shape."

"Yes," beamed Jereth, seizing on this. "Here, I can change into whatever turns you on most, whether you realize it or not..." he closed his eyes, and slowly morphed into...

"Suntha?!" Callum's voice was high with disbelief. "But...I'm...I'm not..."

"Cal, Cal, calm down," murmured Jereth, still in the young woman's body. "It's okay. There are several reasons for this. One, even if you are over her for now, at least until her next life, it is not wrong to still be sexually attracted by her. If I wasn't gay I probably would be too," he laughed in Suntha's voice. "She's a very pretty girl, and these," he prodded at his larger-than-normal-size bosom, "-must not help the matter. Two, she is part of you, you will ALWAYS love her, even if it has quieted down somewhat in young mister Haydes' lifetime. Now, you must understand something, Callum," he pulled a chair over to him and sat intently in front of the angel, changing back into his own form. "Although Suntha is your twin soul, she has another, and that is Renaldo Haydes, because he is also part of you, the next feather over from Miss Diovanni," he chuckled at the angel's disbelieving face. "I know, I know. It's true, though.

"SO, point being: don't worry that you're still hardest for her; excuse my crude term," he waved one pale hand airily. "Sooo wanna do the sex?" he smiled brightly.

(lol raaandom. I nearly had him say 'sooo how 'bout we do the freaknasty' because 'freaknasty' is my new favorite term for sex XD But it just didn't sound like him.)

3/25/2010 #13

(Me: LOL "freaknasty." I'm gonna have to use that one some time.

Renny: So, uh...Suntha has TWO soul mates?! How did THAT happen?!

Lucian: 'Cause she's a PIMP! XDD lol

Renny: Jereth, can you please explain this? I'm so confused. T_T)

3/25/2010 #14
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Jereth: Okay, it's pretty simple. Callum dropped one of his feathers to Earth before he got chucked out, and created Suntha's soul, his soulmate. What he didn't realize, that at the same time, another of his feathers, the one right next to the 'suntha feather' fell as well, creating Renny; SO, Suntha has two soulmates. Since Suntha fell first, she is foremost Callum's. And since you were made after Suntha, albeit two seconds, and she was Callum's, you were made to be in opposition to Callum. Both Suntha's soulmates and both enemies to eachother for that simple fact.

Suntha: o_o Because we needed more drama.

Jereth: X3 Yep!)

3/25/2010 #15

(Renny: But I don't wanna be enemies with Callum! I don't hate him! -_- Can't we just take turns or something during her last few lives? During this life I get her, and during her next life, Callum can have her; something like that, y'know?

Lucian: You want to share her? XDD

Renny: Well, as long as Suntha's happy, I'm fine. There doesn't have to be any hostility, both Callum and I love Suntha. But Jereth made it sound like I'm a mistake or something. T_T

Lucian: DAWW~ X3 Don't be sad, Renaldo! We're all glad you exist either way. :D)

3/27/2010 #16
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Suntha: DX I'm not going to be traded off like some prize mule!

Jereth: *pats her on the back* Calm down, calm down. It also depends on if Renaldo ever meets any of your future lives. Callum can literally sense where you are, no matter what body you're in, so he'll always know where/who you are. And he and Renny don't have to be enemies, nothing says they HAVE to. It just says they are, doesn't mean they will be.

Suntha: o.o w**.)

3/27/2010 #17

(Renny: Suntha, it's not like I'm trading you off. Besides...you were never meant for me, anyway. -_- And I'm not enemies with Callum. But I have a question: since it was Callum's feather that created my soul, would I be able to fuse back with him? And wouldn't that make Callum sort of "incomplete" if part of him is stuck inside my body?)

3/27/2010 #18
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Jereth: Mmm, not until you've lived all your lives and learned all your lessons, which won't be for another, oh, five lives or so. *looks bored*)

3/27/2010 #19

(Renny: Right, then...*sulking*

Lucian: Oh, cheer up! At least you get some love from Suntha. In times like this you gotta man-up! Remember, "smile therapy."

Renny: I know, I know...it's just, well, bummer, y'know?

Lucian: Wanna race? Running should cheer you up.

Renny: Eh, no thanks...

Lucian: Fine, I'll just race myself! *runs off*

Renny: How can you race yourself?!! O_O

Malcolm: Hm. Just curious: would it be possible for Renaldo to have another soul mate?

Renny: Why do you ask that?

Malcolm: Because I pity you, of course. XD

Renny: I don't need your pity! Besides, I only want Suntha.

Malcolm: That's only because she's your current soul mate. But if you were to have another...it would be an interesting plot device, wouldn't it?)

4/1/2010 #20
Aoide Mnemosyne

(lol sorry I'll give this a full reply later, but I gotta do dishes right now XD)

4/1/2010 #21
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Jereth: *nods slowly* I suppose so... I mean, the only way of doing that is if Callum had dropped one other feather without realizing it. And I must point out something, Renaldo: no one is a soul mate for just one life; they are soul mates for every life, even if they never meet during that period of time. Suntha will always be yours, and you hers. Don't get depressed :D

Suntha: *frowns* Hm. Are we really sure we want to add in that plot bit, though? I mean, I thought we were going over to Al/Lucida plot. Should we just even it out to both?

Me: Sounds okay to me :P Dega?)

4/2/2010 #22

(Me: Eh, sure.^^ It was just a random thought is all.

Renny: Phew! That's a relief!! XD

Sapphire: Hey, what about me?

Me: What do you mean? O.o You're with Malcolm.

Sapphire: No, not THAT. I mean, like, can we have some sort of plot in which I actually serve a purpose?

Me: But you're already the star of my story!

Malcolm: By the way, WHEN are you going to update Zetriak? The one you have on FP right now is completely three versions behind on the one you have right now IN YOUR HEAD.

Me: T_T As soon as summer vacation starts...school is just taking up my life force right now...)

4/2/2010 #23
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Me: lolz.

Suntha: So, what kinda thing'll it be like? Will the chick come strolling into town and spot Renny, falling in love with him immediately, and trying to compete with Suntha for him o.o?

Me: *nods* Sure. She'll be a little unhinged, though XD

Suntha: Everyone in this story is XD

Me: Dega, do you want to rp the new character?)

4/3/2010 #24

(Me: Okey, I'll rp her. XD Her name is...no, wait! It should be a guy!

Renny: Why?!!

Me: 'Cause I like rping you being with guys. XD

Renny: *facepalm*

Lucian: His name will be Brock--

Renny: NO! It has to be a girl. -_-

Me: Whaddaya think, people? Guy or girl?)

4/3/2010 #25
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Jereth: *cough* While I normally wouldn't object to a little guy-on-guy, soulmates are always of the opposite gender. -_- boring, but true XP

Me: *nods* Alright, so a girl. Besides, I think Suntha would have a nervous breakdown if it was another guy XD She can deal with a chick.

Alastair: o_o Cat fight!

Suntha: NO, we will NOT end up kissing, so shut it, Al -_-.

Alastair: XD)

4/3/2010 #26

(Me: lol okay. It's a girl! Her name shall be Vanessa, she's a Pyronite, and to add a nice twist, she's descended from the same family that has opposed the Haydes family for centuries. She's got long red hair, amber eyes, and is about the same height as Renny.

Sapphire: o.o she's tall.

Lucian: Actually, female Pyronites are usually a bit taller than the regular human ones. Sofia is 6'4", but that's so she can balance out my own height. XD Besides, tall women are sexy.)

4/3/2010 #27
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Me: XD LOL Sofia is tall, when you first started rping her in the club, she was only five-ten!

Suntha: *nods* Alright. Tall chick. Decsended from opposing family. Gotcha.

Alastair: Sunny, how tall are you, again?

Suntha: .....five-six....-_-)

4/3/2010 #28

(Me: lol, I know. XD But that was an older version of Sofia. She is officially 6'4".

Lucian: I already can't wait till Suntha and Vanessa go one-on-one. XD Biff! Bam! Pow!)

4/3/2010 #29
Aoide Mnemosyne

(Me: XD B*** stares all around!)

4/3/2010 #30
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