Icy Lytherians RPG
An RPG created to help better develop the characters in a large collaborated fic. Not for the public, created solely for private use, sorry.
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It's very simple. This is a forum for the writers of NXYZ Community: A Community For OC Writers, a group of talented individuals who are planning a fantasy story including several magical characters. Hence, the RPG title. In an RPG, many things can become complicated and difficult. These are the guidelines if such things are to happen.

Our motto is REACH, hear our cry.

-Respect. Respect yourself, others, and this environment. If you can't understand that simple sentence, then you might as well close this window right now.

-Effort. It's not easy to be flawless. In fact, it's impossible. That should not, however, stop you from trying your best to acheive the best you can be. Our expectations of you are to have the standard spelling and grammar. Please, plz, dont typ lyk dis.

-Attitude. In this world that we have created, there are no differences between you or someone else. Forget race, religion, sexual preferences, and everything else that divides people into groups nowadays. Think of us not as a group, but as one. If you can't be nice, at least try to be civil. No one is perfect, but that gives you or anyone else any reason to be hateful. Failure to be civil may result in suspension and/or permanent ban from this forum.

-Contribution. Your contribution to this forum is important. We want to hear from you. We want to hear your praises and complaints. Speak up if there's something itching at you. We will listen with open ears.

-Honesty. In this day and age, it's hard to express your true feelings. Let's change that. Don't be afraid of saying the truth, even if it might sting a little. After all, even if feelings are hurt and broken, no forum can be built upon lies.

Respect our rules. Because, remember, it's really our way or the highway.

Now, on for the regular RP rules.

No God-modding

No Double posting

No Killing without the other's permission

No Disappearing without telling us first

No Badmouthing or in any way disrespecting any other members

And finally...

No Flooding in non-flooding areas

-Have you read this thoroughly? In your first post, please include your favourite PoT character. =D-

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