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An RPG created to help better develop the characters in a large collaborated fic. Not for the public, created solely for private use, sorry.
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Because Inui needs some more data in those little notebooks. Flaunt your OC's here.

Name: Hm... I wonder what you put here...

Partner: The canon character your OC is paired up with. Please state whether your partner is a Lytherian or a human.

Power/Element: Do I really need to explain this?

Weapon: HI-YAH!

Recoil: What happens after your Lytherian finishes battle.

Personality: Likes, Dislikes, whatever.

Other: ...Other facts?


If you still do not understand, please look to the demonstration below. XD

Name: Ichirou Rokurou (Last, First)

Partner: Akutsu Jin, Human

Power/Element: Sand

Weapon: A very large frying pan

Recoil: His body scatters into sand when he finishes battle, leaving Akutsu with no choice but to gather up the remains of his partner.

Personality: He's from a rich background, making him a bit stuck-up and cocky at times. Other times, he's grumpy, unsociable, and upset. He stopped smiling at age 8.

Other: He wears the most ridiculous clothing. He also knew Noriko a few years back, when they were children. Don't tell anyone, but he's a terrible cook too. Shhh!

((You do not have to elaborate on this topic, since we've seen each other's prologues. This just serves as a reminder. =D))

9/3/2009 . Edited 9/3/2009 #1

Name: Katou (There's a reason why she has only one name :D)

Partner:Tezuka Kunimitsu, Human

Power/Element: Wind

Weapon: Sword (Katana to be exact)

Recoil: If she uses her power and cuts the opponent with it, she will get the same wounds (Happens during battle)

Personality: Appears to be a bit naive, gullible, and cute when you first meet her but there's always something more...

Other: Loves to make friends and eat (A LOT!). She usually wears boys' clothing and calls Tezuka "Mitsu-chii". (Likes to give other people nicknames too sometimes)

Iie, data []-[]*

hehehe XD

9/3/2009 #2

Name: Sora

Partner: Atobe Keigo, human

Power/Element: Ice

Weapon: Lance (Similars to this one except the point is bigger and it doesn´t have those details, but it has those colours:

Recoil: Her body will freeze from the inside making her not able to move for the time that she used her element (It is amplified is she used Absolute zero)

Personality: Her personality is flaming hot just metamorphacly (spelling?) she gets out of pacient easily with Atobe and when she is mad she trys to rip his mole off. She is dead serious when is comes to battle.

Other: She comes from the Ice Region from Lytheria where she practices ice skating for 10 years (She practices since she was 5). She always mixes up Katou´s name with Kaito. She is deathly afraid of dogs, even the smallest ones

9/4/2009 . Edited 9/4/2009 #3

((Ooh. Fun~))

If you still do not understand, please look to the demonstration below. XD

Name: Shiori Noriko (Last, first)

Partner: Fuji Syusuke, human

Power/Element: gravity

Weapon: A very, very big scythe :)

Recoil: Her body goes into a state of a paralysis (her body becomes dead weight to her) for as long as she used her powers.

Personality: Noriko is from noble descent, 'heir to the throne of Illunia,' whatever that means. I was delusional when I wrote it XD She smiles a lot, even when she doesn't mean it--she is the type that will smile sweetly as she slits your throat. Enough Said.

Other: Her mind is going down a one-way track: Must win and conquer the world to show off that she is the best. :-D She knew Rokurou a few years down the road, too~ And she will kill you without a second thought, if you become a liability. Really. Unless it's Roku-nii. And in that case, she'll kill anyone else who so much as glares at him. :-D

9/8/2009 #4
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