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An RPG created to help better develop the characters in a large collaborated fic. Not for the public, created solely for private use, sorry.
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I know the lure of flooding. As such, I have created a topic for you all to abuse and flood to your heart's content. =D Might I remind you that if I catch you flooding in any other topic than this I will very nicely show you the new pitchfork that I bought last week. ^^

So... Let the flooding begin!

9/3/2009 #1

Eek! the pitchfork of doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom!

Well, going on will we be adding the battles to the um... what do you call it again, oh yeah, chapters?

9/4/2009 #2

Fear me. =D

I think we should. Since, the whole story is about a sort of battle-like tournament after all, yeah?

Any suggestions for new RP topics, Glacia? I'll make them all. =D

9/4/2009 #3

well, well, well you should make the bedroom or house so we can post what it happening there X3

I should make a post of Sora inside a doll house that she demanded from Atobe threatnening him with the ripping of mole part

9/4/2009 #4

I think we sould make as many battles as possible :D

and the best ones shall go into the story :3

9/4/2009 #5

So true, will our practice battle inbthe PMs go into the story since it´s so actiony?

9/4/2009 #6

Why don't we experiment more before deciding so early on? =D

9/4/2009 #7

Whatever so will there be a bedroom topic?

9/4/2009 #8

It's already created, Glacia. It's called 'The Homes'. =D

9/4/2009 #9

Really o.o

So I shall start there, while that why don´t we RP a battle between Sora and Rokuro?

9/4/2009 #10

So many battle going on :D

I need to think of more moves for Katou =.=

9/4/2009 #11

Use the site I gave you get the names and think of the action in them in anime formate like I do

9/4/2009 #12

Katou sings spells/chants/poems to use her powers. one or two words don't cut it. :/

9/4/2009 #13

get the name make a chant then put it in aime format or use the ten worded one

9/4/2009 #14

Why don't you imagine several different attacks that could harm your character, and come up with various counters to those attacks? Build on those counters until they become strong, and then you have an attack of your own. =D That's what I do.

Edit: Sorry, had to leave. =.= Be back soon?

9/4/2009 . Edited 9/4/2009 #15

Let's flood to our hearts content! :D

I love Tezuka! (and Byakuya :3)

9/4/2009 #16

=D Sorry about that disappearance. My mom pulled me away. =.=

And I love PoT. 'Nuff said. XD But, there will always be something I love more than PoT.

And that is, the lovely lovely Eyeshield 21. XD

9/4/2009 #17

It's okay, :)

Ooh, Eyeshield 21? I have to read that (some of my friends recommended it but I never read it.) What's it about? :3

9/4/2009 #18

Eyeshield 21 is pure win. Pure, epic win. It stands at a completed 333 chapters. =D And you must read it. Like, now. It's about football (the american kind), and this ragtag team of characters trying to make it to the top. The authors started out a long time ago, so the art in the beginning is not that great. But stick around, since the story's great, the characters are lovable, and the art becomes so so good. =D

I could rant for days about Eyeshield. I just love it to bits. XD

9/4/2009 #19

Some of the best works start off withnot the best art. (Like bleach). The writers just need more practice and everyone gradually improves that way :D

I must read it then :3 since it sounds so cool :D

9/4/2009 #20

Yeah. Well, I guess the art was good back when it started, but gradually, along with the times, the art changes and evolves with each passing chapter. =D Yeah, now that I look back, I can't believe the art was like that. But because I had been reading from the start and not looking back, I didn't even notice the changes until I did look back. =D

And yes, go read it right now. Go go go~ =D It's just amazing.

9/4/2009 #21

Okay! *opens a onemanga window* hey, didn't you get Rokurou from Eyeshield? Or was it a different anime? :3

9/4/2009 #22

Yes yes, go read it~

I got Rokurou's personality from a blend of Akutsu and Atobe, his looks from a guy from Eyeshield and his name from a website. XD

Going to the shower~ =D

9/4/2009 #23

I think he's cool :D very interesting too x3


9/4/2009 #24

I got Sora from a mix of Shana (Shakugan no Shana) and Sakurano (Ginban Kaleidoscope). her appearance was focused on Shana´s flowing hair like in my avatar.

I´m back and ready to RP

9/5/2009 #25

I'm waiting for Mercy to come back so Rokurou won't be 'frozen' when we're RPing. I wonder what's going to happen :3

9/5/2009 #26

Well, let´s wait then for Mercy-chan.

Aqua-chan did you see the RP in the RPG site that Fye-chan made?

9/5/2009 #27

I wonder where Mercy is anyway. (still sleeping...? I know I would if I didn't wake up so early =.=)

And no, I'll go check it out ^^

9/5/2009 #28

It seems that '=.=' is being passed around. XD

And I was eating and watching television. I have to go to flute lessons now, so don't bother waiting up for me. I'll make an excuse for Rokurou to escape the RP and then you two can freely chat. =D

9/5/2009 #29

Yep, let the '=.=' go around the world :D

Okay, see you later (or maybe not D:)

Glacia-chan, I replied~

9/5/2009 #30
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