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Wow. Long posts everyone~~

I finally trudged through the load of hw. :-D

Honestly, how much homework can teachers give after TWO DAYS of school??!?!?!

9/7/2009 #271

=O How could you openly mock Rokurou? XDD

He's wearing jeans, not sparkling tights, mind you. He only wears sparkling tights on special occasions. XD

How are you doing? I see your name changed back. =D

9/7/2009 #272

Did you know that another way of saying proud it puffed up?

9/7/2009 #273

Rokurou is still cool x3

Well Twin, that's high school. They never give you a break (except for holidays and even in those days, they'll give you homework) No one ever said high school would be easy whih is why I'm semi-scared of going D:

Ad the new pattern for the RP is me, Glacia, Mercy, and then coffee. Alright? :3

9/7/2009 #274

Still. :O And I'm seriously getting sick of this stalker guy at my new school. -,-

:-D Alrighty~~ I might have to leave soon, but I'll say so when I leave. :(

9/7/2009 #275

Anyone have any manga suggestions? Oh, and has everyone ever read Hana to Akuma? It looks cute but a little cliche. =.= I can't decide whether to read or not.

Stalker? Huh. =.= Get a restraining order~ XD

9/7/2009 #276

OMG. READ IT. ITS ADORABLE. :-D But Hana's character acts too immature to be fourteen, but...XD

I swear. I talked to him like once. And then he follows me around during break and lunch. T_T It's freakish.

9/7/2009 #277

Twin! You can leave *pout* the RP can't move on without you D: (Your character will be 'frozen' =.=) And like Mercy said, restraining orders! :D

I would recommend EyeShield 21 but you already read that XD

9/7/2009 #278

If it comes to that, then I guess Rokurou could lure her out of the RP and take her somewhere else. I don't know, they have a lot to catch up on. =.=

And we need to talk about what happened between them, Sakuno~ XD

Eyeshield is nothing but win win win.

9/7/2009 #279

Geez, creating all this mystery and not even knowing yourselves x3

What happened? I wanna know! XD

9/7/2009 #280

Sora is stuck up with her skating prowess like Atobe 'Be amazed at my skating prowess!'

9/7/2009 #281

That's why it's a mystery~ XD

And I didn't know that Sora was that kind of character. XD

9/7/2009 #282

No fair! XD

And everyone has a time when they have their 'proud' moments :3 I guess ice skating is Sora's :D

9/7/2009 #283

Mercy, indeed, we must talk about what happened. I just kept it vague cuz I didn't really know what to say. :-D

And Noriko's character is still...morphing. Its a blue blob of nothingness to me right now. It's jello. THE JIGGLE DANCE. :-D

9/7/2009 #284

JELLO DANCE. =D Ah, that sure brings back memories. XD

Are you using her for the same way as you use her in the NXYZ RP?

9/7/2009 #285

I love jello! XD

And Noriko is pretty scary (a scarier version of Fuji...and maybe Inui...with his creepy juices O.o) And I don't know Katou's character completely either. =.=

9/7/2009 #286

Mm, I think I will. And Mercy, I sent you a PM regarding the Noriko thing~

9/7/2009 . Edited 9/7/2009 #287

What do you guys think of Rokurou? I was just wondering, since I originally planned for him to 'mean' and 'scary', but it looks like he's lost that and become 'cool' and 'funny'. =.=

I didn't get to see the Higgins yesterday since it was raining. D= I'm very upset about that.

9/7/2009 #288

Well, Katou thinks he's cool and funny. I kind of like Rokurou even though he sometimes reminds me of Hiruma XD And I think he's mean and scary to poeple who are 'outsiders' in his mind. :3

9/7/2009 #289

I LOVE ROKUROU. XD Just saying. I'm on the brink of adoring him. :-D

9/7/2009 #290

Er... Yippee for me. XD I'm glad, Sakuno, I am. XD

And Jet, you sneaky little thing, you want in on our conversation. XD

9/7/2009 #291

Yep yep x3 I am a sneaky little uh...fly...? XD

Is Glacia-chan still there? O.o

9/7/2009 #292

I don't know. =.=

And coffee, did you get my PM? =D

9/7/2009 #293

Yup yup~ Though this site doesn't let you see PMS from your login page...I only saw it when I checked my email. :-D

9/7/2009 #294

If she is then our RP is frozen or we can work our way around =.=

You guys are hiding a lot! cheaters! X]

9/7/2009 #295

Well, if she doesn't show up in 15 minutes maybe we can continue since none of us have scenes with her? Although the best thing to do is freeze it. =.=

And maybe we should convert to the FF.Net PM since you can see earlier posts? =D

We're not cheating, we're thickening the plot! XD

9/7/2009 #296

:-D Mm, I don't mind...so do you want to? I already sent a PM on FP, but you can send the next on on FF. :-D

9/7/2009 #297

You're thickening the plot without the other writers knowing! That's cheating! XD

So after 15 minutes, should we go on wthout Glacia-chan? :/

9/7/2009 #298

Hasn't it already been 15 minutes? o.o XD

No, its not cheating~ We're pre-planning, and all shall be revealed soon enough. :-D

9/7/2009 #299

Yup yup. =D After all, you guys will learn before it appears published, so it's not technically like you guys won't know. XD

And you're just jealous Katou's not rich enough to be Rokurou's friend. XD Or something like that.

9/7/2009 #300
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