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An RPG created to help better develop the characters in a large collaborated fic. Not for the public, created solely for private use, sorry.
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I know, Don't leave us hanging! XD

How about starting tomorrow? (I need to finish my school work earlier....)

9/9/2009 #481

Mm...how about Katou says lets skirmish (XD SKIRMISH...not a word someone would usually SAY) later...and then maybe Noriko can learn to be nicer to Katou. :-D

9/9/2009 #482

Yay, skirmishing! I feel so smart when saying it though 8D

I thought Noriko's niceness was reserved only for Rokurou, am I wrong? XD

Is Glacia-chii still there? O.o

9/9/2009 #483

I think Glacia-chii's gone...XD

And naww, Noriko's niceness isn't reserved for Rokurou...if you'd met her OUTSIDE the tournament, she'd have been willing to be friends...

...probably. XD

So how will we continue to RP? Noriko bursts through the convo, or will you change your post to 'lets skirmish later'?

9/9/2009 #484

Okay then I'll god-mod Sora for a bit (So sorry, Glacia!) I'll change the post, just hold on a sec...

Edit: Post changed~ :D

9/9/2009 . Edited 9/9/2009 #485

Posted~ :-D

9/9/2009 #486

I see it Twin :3

Gosh, who's Dante and Jammy? (oh, I got the names wrong, I just know it XD) Seriously, the pasts are always so confusing until it's all down on the table, right? XD

9/9/2009 #487

Oh my god. I put it all down. XD And its the longest post EVER

9/9/2009 #488

It's easy to express oneself, ne? XD

Posting now :3

9/9/2009 #489

Sigh...Katou should tell about HER past now~ :-D

9/9/2009 #490

Gah~ Sneaky little twin XD

Alright I will, now to look for a good last name XD (gosh, I wasn't prepared for the last name. I had a few but they suck...so I'm searching again!).

9/9/2009 #491

XD How about...Astor? Well, what origin do you want? French, latin, German (bleh), Italian...?

9/9/2009 #492

Wouldn't it be japanese? XD

And I wanted something along the lines of divine wind or something...noble XD

9/9/2009 #493

...Ohh, okay...I'll help. :)

If you scroll down, there's a chart with noble last names. :)

9/9/2009 #494

I love you Twin! Thank you! ^^

But I'm going to torture you a bit and not say anything further until my next post x3

9/9/2009 #495

Gahh! You're making me curious! I've posted, so...POST AND TELL ALL!

9/9/2009 #496

Well, there it is :D

Gah, I'm not creative am I? =.=

9/9/2009 #497

No, no, it was very creative~ I shall go reply now! I just ate dinner. :)

9/9/2009 #498

Yay! I got the creative juices flowing :D (No, I can't send it to you. They haven't invented a teleporter yet XD)

9/9/2009 #499

Katou accidentally kissed Rokurou

O________O That's... quite the image. XD

9/9/2009 #500

Crazy dreaming XD

Hi Mercy, how was your day? :3

9/9/2009 #501

Well, I waited for two hours inside a stuffy car because of my dad's stupid dentist appointment (HE TOLD ME IT WAS A FREAKING CHECK UP, DAMNIT). But other than that, it went well. =D

And how are you? The drama's running high, I see. XD

And the thing about Jamie... I'm going to have to consult Sakuno later~ =D

9/9/2009 #502

How would Rokurou react if he kissed Katou and/or Noriko? XD

Aw that sucks. A cookie for you~ *gives Mercy a cookie*

I'm doing great (maybe my arms are jello...) but I'm fine :D

Drama! Emo! Angst! Tragedy! Pie! (cuz I is hungry!) XD

9/9/2009 #503


I don't know, I was sitting in Spanish class and utterly bored, then my mind wandered back here, and I went: Oh! I should create more drama, even if it doesn't necessarily go into the story! XD And here is the result.

And poor, poor Tomoka, in the dentist...

Well you can slip Rokurou in into the meadow--but you might want to make it seem as though he was there the whole time, listening to everything, because...that would make it easier on both of us. XD

And Mercy, can you read my latest post? I'm not quite sure if I should change it...

9/9/2009 #504

If Noriko and/or Katou would ever kiss Rokurou, I think he would lock himself up somewhere out of sheer embarassment. XD That, or fall into a stupor for a while. XD

And how did you read my mind, coffee? XD

Also, since I am an awesome mod (bow down and be awed be my modly prowess), I have created a topic named "The Realm of The Enchanted", because I don't want "The Meadows" getting out of control. XD Go and play there, children.

9/9/2009 #505

Yippee~ XD I love you, dear Tomoka~

And I have read your mind because we have twin souls and created the awesome dance of the Jello~

XD Well, hurry and post. I feel like taking Rokurou with me. :) Rokurou's always good for some hardcore fun. XD

9/9/2009 #506

Wow, where's the tough guy? XD he's so cute (if that ever happened and he'd lock himself up and all) XD

Wah~ Thank you Mercy-sama~ *bows* :3

9/9/2009 #507

The feeling's mutual, Sakuno dear~ =D


Well, I have to shower in 15 minutes, so I think I might just go along for the ride and then somehow Rokurou will get lost or something? XD

9/9/2009 #508

Ah, I suppose... (though if Rokurou visited Noriko as a child often it would be weird to get lost, but...It's been four years!) well, I need to shower soon too, so...

And maybe I'll come back after I shower, maybe not~ What about you, Mercy? :)

9/9/2009 #509

...Wow, I just had deja-vu. I have a feeling on what's going to happen next~

weird O.o

I'll temporarily be gone (need to print something~)

9/9/2009 #510
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