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Well, wouldn't it just be so much more interesting if Rokurou got arrested? XD

Actually, how about we freeze the RP since it's pretty near the time where we usually sleep, right? After I post, you guys can do whatever, but I'm probably not coming back after my shower. =.=

9/9/2009 #511

Yes, I agree.

So, Aqua, I'll make the first post in the realm, and I'm going to go shower...and then you can post, and after that, let's freeze the RP for a little while. Yeah?

9/9/2009 #512


We might have to continue tomorrow. oh noes! D:

Oh I wish Glacia-chii was here. Stupid time difference =.=

9/9/2009 #513

Posted teh longest post of the century. XD You still there, Aqua? I'm going to go take a shower~~

9/9/2009 #514

I'm gonna reply before I sleep. I'm just finding my book list like the little book worm I am. Since I must read. 8D

9/9/2009 #515

Hoi, hoi I am here.

Man, my one of my teammates is a sore loser it's like she only plays tennis to win, she even says it's not fun =.=

I'm back and ready to RP if anyone is online

E: Any idea on what profession would Yukimura have?

9/10/2009 . Edited 9/10/2009 #516

Hi, Glacia-chii :3

Wow, she shouldn't even play. I mean why do something if it isn't fun for you? But I am here (I'm probably going to be doing my homework) So I won't be able to RP until a little later.

And No, I don't have a clue, gomen.

9/10/2009 #517

Eh, no sweat!

I'm doing a Portugues project on the new writing form

9/10/2009 #518

Went to eat for a bit~ (I'm so hungry! I skipped lunch... worst thing to do ever TT~TT)

I have Spanish class. Yo no ablo mucho Espanol XD

9/10/2009 #519

Eat lasgna!

You should quit spanish and get online tutoring from me for portuguese. Well, it will be hard since my computor doesn't have the right accents for it including the special letter c with a squily line below it.

Olhe meu Portuguese de internete eu sou pessima em ortografia, mais sou otima na gramatica

So did you understand it?

9/10/2009 #520

Olhe meu Portuguese de internete eu sou pessima em ortografia, mais sou otima na gramatica

The only words I knew XD

9/10/2009 #521

Read it E-mail version.

Eu havia terminado meu dever de geometria na escola mais tenho meu projecto de portuguese sobre a nova ortographia a fazer.

I'll translate it.

I had finished my geometry in school, but I have my project about the new writing form in portuguese class I have to do

9/10/2009 . Edited 9/10/2009 #522

Of course not. I don't speak the language. I know a bit of spanish but that's it.

And you said something about a project in portuguese...that's about it =.=

9/10/2009 #523

Can I teach you Portuguese?

9/10/2009 #524

That would be cool :3

Really, I would like to but you would have to teach me in the summer. I'm already learning bit of spanish and then my huge amount of homework from other classes...I just don't have lots of free time, gomen :(

9/10/2009 #525

Relaxe, o VerĂ£o vem rapido mais passa rapido =/

9/10/2009 #526

...relax...? fast passing...?


9/10/2009 #527

Aqua-chan you have a talent for understanding portuguese cause what said was:

Relax, the summer comes fast but passes fast.

Aqua-chan you are an ESEPer!

9/10/2009 #528

No, I just follow the cognates. Its easy to understand if you know all the cognate words first :)

And I shall attempt to read your mind! *goes into a crazy psycho phase that all the other crazy 'psychics' do* You are thinking of...water...ice...cat... hehehe random things XD

9/10/2009 #529

Oh, then you analyze the words in Latin and think about it to translate?

So when are we going to RP? I have no idea how to get Sora there, and Sora's doesn't have relatives in the coucil of eight so she is like um..... not noble and not a strong canditate XDDD

9/10/2009 #530

Cognates are words that look the same like (Spanish word) Rocas = Rocks. That's a cognate, simple, ne?

I'm trying to finish up my HW. I have a Spanish poster to do, make a speech, ask my mom for more money for a uniform, and my English assignment. It's pretty easy stuff but I have to tackle them a a time.

Wen I'm done, I'll tell you so we can RP more freely. ^^

And Sora will get better. She will be rivals with Katou and they'll strive to be stronger! :D

9/10/2009 #531

Today I got a new nickname in the tennis court.


I feel like Sanada now except I don't have the Rai thingy mabober

9/10/2009 #532


At least you got a grand nickname, congratulations! :3

9/10/2009 #533

I have now 2 O.O

Amazon (Like in the Greek mythology of the tribe of woman warriors that killed and enslaved men)


I don't play even close to Sanada the only thing I know is to rally, volley and smash and the only thing I do is lame things, but it's fun.

I wonder how Terry-chan will react if in between my tennis practice teammates there is a king. There's a boy that has a nickname and it is King

9/10/2009 #534

If he looked like Atobe then I think she might consider a transfer...? IDK hehehe XD

Have you thought about the battle with Sora and Katou (I had another dream about that battle too XDDDD)

9/10/2009 #535

Well, he's 4 years younger than me, he's goes to max to my breasts or even shorter and his name is from a king in the Bible that's how he got his nickname XDDD

I thought about it while I was listening to meltdown it was actiony and I need to know about what would Atobe do to get Sora's respect and admiration which turns into love =/

9/10/2009 #536

It has to be something admirable of course XD

Let' start off easy~ Why is Sora joining the tournament?

9/10/2009 #537

She wants to become stronger, and to rule with just

9/10/2009 #538

That's pretty admirable. :D

How about her morals?

9/10/2009 #539

What do you mean morals?

I should make Sora somehow meet Rokurou and talk to him XDDDD

That would be hilarious

9/10/2009 #540
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