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Um...IDK. You don't really have a lot of chances to meet someone. Usually it's planned unless Sora's tailing him or it's coincidence

9/10/2009 #541

Well, Sora would proabably stalk Katou to see how see fights and try to find ways to counter it.

I wonder how it will turn out if Sora and Rokurou talk? Probably disaster XDDDDDDD

9/10/2009 #542

Oooh, Katou gaining a female stalker? Her own rival at that XD

And...Sora has to give Rokurou a new pair of shoes XD

9/10/2009 #543

Sora would probably try to use cold touch in a slap form each time Rokurou swears so it would like be about how many slaps? XDDDD

"You, Nosey Guy you will NEVER swear in front of me, got it?!" shouted Sora sending a nice cold slap.

9/10/2009 #544

I think Rokurouwould curse a lot regardless of Sora's presence.

I also don't think he would take that slap with a smile...and then there's Noriko O.O

9/10/2009 #545

Sora would slap Rokurou and run away from Noriko XDDDD

So it would be slap run slap run XDDDDD

If Noriko catches Sora she will just have to call on Katou for help.

9/10/2009 #546

Come on, relying on someone.

But that would be interesting. I think Noriko will hunt Sora down till the ends of the earth and won't stop even if Katou tries. Noriko seems like the type of girl who gets what she wants most of the time.

9/10/2009 #547

Sora would be fighting with Noriko most of the time right?

"You're a big spoiled bratling that doesn't know the worth of the friends and rivals!" shouted Sora sticking a tongue out.

9/10/2009 #548

Probably, most likely, yes XD

Yay~ I finished my GLOPED HW 8D

Off to spanish~

9/10/2009 #549

I can imagine the look on everyones face if Sora accidentaly kiss Rokurou later on. It would be like LOLZ

Sora would probably slap and punch Rokurou if that happen XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

9/10/2009 #550

Wow, Rokurou is a popular guy XDDD

I can't tell if Mercy will be proud or feel weird XD

9/10/2009 #551

Too bad that in the end Sora will be in love with Atobe, but they can't be together. But she can get together with his Lytherian counterpart right?

To Rokurou it will be like a harem to him right XDDDD

9/10/2009 #552

That sounds like a star-crossed romance XD except it would be like getting together with his brother XD

Harems! I hate harems but they're good for crack/humor right? x3

9/10/2009 #553

Well, it would kind of weird if in the end Sora decided to give up the title in the council of eight and die off as a Lytherian to become her human counterpart just to be with Atobe, right?

9/10/2009 #554

If she loved him enough, she would do that. But it's up to you since it's your character. I think it would give the story a nice twist but then again, it's all of our story right? :3

9/10/2009 #555

But would the people be expecting that? Will Katou, Noriko, and Rokurou accept that, like their memories of Sora will be wiped away if she does that.

9/10/2009 #556

Katou would respect Sora's decision even though inside, she knows she will miss Sora. I don't know about the other two though.

Besides, feelings are something that cannot be erased. Katou will always carry the memory of Sora even if her mind doesn't know who Sora is. :3

9/10/2009 #557

Dude, your character is as sweet as honey, they'll be besties X3

I'll cry when I write that it's like an emotional good bye no?

9/10/2009 #558

Yeah~ She's nice. I like her lots :D I so love everyone elses's characters. They're so unique. :3

Um, that depends on the character. Some might break down crying or calling the person an idiot (and everything in between.) For example, Katou would smile and say her heart will never forget (something corny XD).

9/10/2009 #559

Katou saying something corny.... Impossible she always makes thing that were corny very animated and original.

And before Sora goes away she will probably slap Rokurou for all the swearing he did in the tournament XDDD

9/10/2009 #560

Really? That means I'm doing my job right (getting the characterization of Katou down) :D

Wow, that's...a nice way of saying bye...? XD

Oh, I wonder what's Mercy's reaction on this? XD

9/10/2009 #561

Me too. I should post a reply in the RP but how in the world can I get into Illunia?

9/10/2009 #562

It's okay. That RP involves Katou, Rokurou, And Noriko (Sorry for leaving you out D:)

But there was a battle right between Katou and Sora, right? (If you look back, I shifted the post and temporary god-moded your character to delay the match till 'tomorrow')

9/10/2009 #563

You guys are mean~

Are you sure there isn't a freakish/non-Sue/scary/coincidencial way that Sora can go there?

9/10/2009 #564

You weren't on though.

And no, I can't think of any.

9/10/2009 #565

Hello, all~ I might not be able to RP today :(

I just got home, I have homework, and THREE TESTS TO STUDY FOR. T_T ALL IN MY FIRST WEEK. Ugh. XD And when I do RP, I'll find a way to get Sora in, Glacia~

9/10/2009 #566

Hola~ (brushing up on my spanish)

I know how you feel Coffee. High school is hard. I'm too lazy to do my HW and I'm still not finished after working on them for ...3 hours? XD

9/10/2009 #567

Well, I don't think I have to study too much, though--English test will be a breeze, so will Spanish (i just have to get my maps down), and then FoP (fundamentals of programming--for the kids who are in the IB program XD) test isn't even worthy of being CALLED a test, so...:-D

9/10/2009 #568

I had a math test. I forgot a couple of the questions but they eventually came back when I need them :3

I just know I got an A- (at worst)

9/10/2009 #569

:-D Yay~

Teehee~ I'm procrastinating and chatting on facebook...XD

9/10/2009 #570
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