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I don't have a facebook. And I can't procrastinate. School rules are pretty strict in my school.

So how was your day? :3

9/10/2009 #571

Hahaha, trust me...all throughout middle school and now high school, I'm in a top-notch academic program (middle school = top 60 in CA, high school = top 300 (but by the end of senior year, 60% is dropped)), and our SPECIALTY was procrastinating. XD I did a 126 pg. report in four days. :-D

9/10/2009 #572

In middle school, I think it was one of the top 10 middle schools I went to. As for High school, i think we're in the top...50s? But the percentage dropped (Stupid government. I'm watching you =.=) Now our high school is broke, oh noes! D:

9/10/2009 #573


I went to the top middle school in the state~ Dunno about the country, though. :-D

And now, for high school, we're wayyy up there. Somewhere. I never pay attention. But if I don't drop out and graduate as a full IB (thats the program name) student, then I can go to virtually any college I want. WHEE~ :-D


9/10/2009 #574

That's great, Twin :3

I can't wait for the electronic textbooks. My books (5 and they weren't small either) were so heavy when I carried them home. My arms hurt a lot, too sore :(

9/10/2009 #575

OMG I KNOW! I hate txtbooks...SO HEAVY! Well sometimes I force my guy friends to carry them for me, but...XD *I'm a weak delicate girl* *ahem* *ahem*

9/10/2009 #576

I do not have any guy friends. I think guys are afraid of me or something. IDK, I don't really talk or wear girly clothes and I'm technically a Nerd 8D

But I'm okay with that. :3

9/10/2009 #577

Ahahahahahaha, naw, that's not true! I talk a lot...and wear tons of girly clothes...and am technically a nerd too...but I like having guy friends. Sometimes, they're better than girl friends. And funnier. And don't get mad. I don't know, I just have a lot of guy friends~ :-D

9/10/2009 #578

Yeah, the key is talking here. I stay quiet but here on the internet, I always have to reply so I look like I talk more online. It's just because people ask me questions or make comments and I answer back. usually people don't talk to me, ask questions, or comments. I speak when I'm spoken to. simple :D

And I have some tomboy girl friends so it's okay for me. I would like to have one guy friend though.

9/10/2009 #579

Ahahaha, I see. A very straightforward girl, and a little shy, eh? XD

Mm...to make guy friends...lets see...sometimes, they'll talk to you. And other times, just introduce yourself to the boy you're sitting next to, if there's a seating chart--or just say hi and smile, and keep talking to him. Eventually, they'll be talking twice as much as you are. XD :-D

9/10/2009 #580

What? who? O.o

Wow, that's almost the same as making a girl friend. But I think I might get one friend in social studies class. he sits next to me and he's nice. then i remember what my best friend told me 'All guys are wolves.' I was like... 'Okay...? O.o' my best friend has more experience with dating guys but I just want to make friends. I'm the buddy :3

9/10/2009 #581

Hhahahaha...Well...most guys are wolves, I'd say...a lot of my guy friends advanced on me (some more literally than others...). When that happens...I just say I'd like to stay friends. Then it's all cool--that's what I like about guys. They're cool. :-D

But still. :-D I think guy friends are valuable. :-D

9/10/2009 #582

I don't know how to feel after coming back to see most of the subjects addressed in the flooding were about the slapping of Rokurou. XD I think I'm flattered that you guys would be talking about him? XD

And I'd just like to say, that Sora nor Katou would ever be able to even touch Rokurou. He can only be slapped by Noriko and thisotherpersonwhoI'mnotgoingtomention, and even then some of the times he knows he's going to be slapped. =D

9/10/2009 #583

That's because your wear girly clothes (so I'm assuming your pretty and I know you are :3) and I just don't wear make-up/girl stuff. Not my style. And I like guys, they're cool (I had a guy friend when I was younger)

But now, I have none :(

But the friends I have now are valuable to me so I don't mind.

Edit: Hi Mercy! :3

9/10/2009 . Edited 9/10/2009 #584

I have the same guy in 6 of my 8 classes. We were in the same elementary school, so I know him, but he's one of those superactive hyper little dudes that often are dubbed 'class clown'. =.=

I like being friends with guys, though. They have such interesting conversation. XD

9/10/2009 #585

No one's Rping today right?

Oh but tomorrow is Friday! Woo! ^^

9/10/2009 #586

I don't think so. =.= I've been coming on really late for the past few days. Blehh.

Yippee~ =D We should play something fun. Ooh, I know! Let's do some kind of game. =D See, I'll say someone in PoT's catchphrase, and you have to say the name of that person and then say a different catchphrase. =D I played this a while ago at another forum. Do you want to try?

9/10/2009 #587

I know, right? Guys are funny~ XD They're hilarious, really~

And I don't know...does anyone feel like RPing? I finished my hw, and I'm just reviewing for a test...three, actually. XD

9/10/2009 #588

I would like to RP~

How about you Mercy? (but at most, i can stay for 30 minutes =.=)

9/10/2009 #589

Well, I'm going to be up a long time studying, so...I don't mind RPing :-D

9/10/2009 #590

It's kind of pointless to do it for this short of a time considering how each one of us always types up these ridiculously long posts, but I'm fine with it. =D I think it's my turn, right?

9/10/2009 #591

Mah~ We need to get on earlier XD

but that aside, it is your turn, Mercy :D

9/10/2009 #592


Well...I think I'll keep Noriko miffed at Rokurou from earlier on. XD It's more fun that way~

And...don't worry, we'll get on early this weekend, I suppose...if I don't have more hw...ughhh

9/10/2009 #593

Ughh. Why do we all feel the need to submit endlessly long posts? XD Especially you, Sakuno. XD

9/10/2009 #594

XD Me too, Tomoka...XD

Well, I've posted.

And I'm planning something wacky for the woman's sickness. Like a wart. After all, in Illunia, they're all practically descendants of Narcissus. XD

9/10/2009 #595

Gomen gomen. Computer went haywire for a while. Is it my post?

9/10/2009 #596

Yup. =D

And I would laugh very hard if she was suffering from a pimple. On her back. XD

9/10/2009 #597

Yes, its your post!

Memorized entire chart for English.

On to Spanish 1 (I'm such a beginner XD)! Como te llamas? Me llamo Coffee. De dondes eres tu? Yo soy de California!


I'll still be online, though, no worries. :-D

9/10/2009 #598

Posted~ :3

I'm in spanish 1 too XD

Why are you talking about your name and where you live, twin? XD

9/10/2009 #599

Because that's what the test is on...and two maps. XD

Is Mercy still online? o.o

9/10/2009 #600
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