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What's better than having a relaxing day on a soft cloud?

Having an all-out war in the sky, of course!

9/3/2009 . Edited 9/3/2009 #1

Noriko swallowed thickly, keeping her expression smooth and rid of the disgusting metallic tang of blood she tasted. Damn; she'd bitten her tongue too hard.

She breathed lightly, clothes pristine and ironed, hair smooth and unruffled. One arm was extended to her side as she summoned her scythe, and her eyes--a brilliant, brilliant silver, glowing with a hint of pale gold--were concentrated on the cowering figure before her.

Noriko curved her lips into a small smirk. This was what happened when one defied her what she wished for. And what she wished for...was Jamie and Dante.


Noriko knelt down to face the teen. She traced lightly with her finger his neck, licking her lip slowly. He flinched, before letting out a whimper; his arms and legs were all broken, bones shattered; one collarbone was fractured, and the back of his head was bleeding profusely. The Princessa, she-

"One last chance; where is Dante?" she hissed, getting back up.

9/27/2009 #2

Laying on a cloud, staring up at the sky was what Katou was doing. She thought about the ally, Noriko, Helena, and Rokurou. She actually liked Noriko and Rokurou even though they weren't really the "nicest" people around. Helena disgusted Katou, oh the horrible air she had.

Then she thought about Noriko almost killing her.

'Why hadn't she destroyed my body completely?' Katou wondered. The things she said to Noriko. 'I almost died...I said stupid things...and I couldn't do anything for Noriko.' Katou frowned. She didn't feel so good the whole day. She imagined Noriko, bathed in blood, smiling sweetly after killing another person. And what she said...something about someone Jammie. Already, they way Noriko said that name...as if she completely cared about that person. Katou could understand a bit since she had Chiaki but there was still some things she didn't know.

Katou heard whimpering below her. She looked past the cloud to see Noriko and someone else, someone who was badly hurt. More images of blood, and her past, flooded into her head. Noriko looked like that one person, the one who set the building on fire and at the time, that woman was dyed red.

Now Noriko was talking about a different person, Dante. "What are you doing!?" Katou shouted as she soared down to help the other lytherian. Katou had set him down back on the ground. She flew all the way back up to Noriko, and with a stronger air than before, Katou stood in front of Noriko. "I know there's no point in asking yo anything because I know you, the princessa, will do what you like but..." Katou stared Noriko straight in the eye. She couldn't finish her sentence. She had a million things to say but not one word would come out so Katou just stared t Noriko, waiting for her response.

9/27/2009 #3

Noriko's gaze intensified as she watched Katou ramble on. Her eyes narrowed, glowing more intensely than before. They gleamed even in broad daylight, and she glared.

This girl...

"What the fuck," Noriko disappeared in a flash and re-appeared right beside Katou, the blade of her scythe held to her neck. "Do you think you're doing?"


And Noriko sent Katou crashing down to her knees.

"Are you going to find Dante and Jamie for me?" Noriko demanded.

"If not, just mind your own business, fool."

Noriko raised her head to meet Katou's gaze angrily. "Because someone as idiotic as you--someone who threw away what they had, someone who had never fully experienced something only to have it taken away--someone like you, shouldn't even think of getting in my way."

9/27/2009 #4

How many times had Noriko already slammed Katou's body towards the ground? How many times had she felt the pain go through her?

"What have you been doing?" Katou asked sharply. Her knees, somewhat bleeding, were lifted. She had gotten stronger in the course of a few days. "Looking everywhere for people who probably don't want to be found, hurting other people for answers, and worrying some people who care about you." Katou's gaze was intensified with anger. She had never felt so mad at someone before.

"You're 'Dante' and 'Jamie' might be trying to make a better life for themselves...maybe to make you proud when they go back to you."

Katou was tired of being happy when she wasn't. Noriko wasn't like other people, she was fire. So you have to fight fire with fire to convince her. "You could never kill me." Katou stuck out her tongue and muttered a small spell hidden in 'bleh' sounds. "Don't think you're the only one who has angst going on in your life."

Katou stuck out her tongue again. Katou had watched her stepmother, the sweet woman she loved so much, die in flames. How could she not know what Noriko was going through? Even Chiaki...Katou hadn't seen her in years. Hospitals wouldn't allow her to see Chiaki. Katou probably knew to an extent to what Noriko was feeling but these two were different.

'Please, if there is a god, please let me bring Noriko to smiling happily again.' Katou prayed.

9/27/2009 #5

"What have you been doing?" Katou asked sharply. Her knees, somewhat bleeding, were lifted. She had gotten stronger in the course of a few days. "Looking everywhere for people who probably don't want to be found, hurting other people for answers, and worrying some people who care about you." Katou's gaze was intensified with anger. She had never felt so mad at someone before.

"You're 'Dante' and 'Jamie' might be trying to make a better life for themselves...maybe to make you proud when they go back to you."

Yeah, that's what she'd been doing. But...

Noriko gave a small laugh. "Dont," she pulled back Katou's hair. "talk of them as if you know them. Alright?"

"You could never kill me." Katou stuck out her tongue and muttered a small spell hidden in 'bleh' sounds. "Don't think you're the only one who has angst going on in your life."

Noriko rolled her eyes. "Really. And you think that spell you just murmured will prevent me from killing you?" Noriko landed a kick, heavily armored by another 'Sepulchiria,' at Katou's stomach.

"And no, I'm not the only one. But I'm the one who's trying to get it out of my life. Unlike you, who ran away from the nobles with her tail between her legs."

Noriko smirked and with a "Grano Sepulchra," send Katou flying back to her knees.

"Yeah. That's right. I've been nice, and staying silent, but...you ran away, Katou. Don't fool yourself--you were thrown away. But you could've reclaimed the throne--its the law that the rightful heir gets a share of the inheritance. But no. You didn't want to deal with the nobles; you couldn't. So you ran."

9/27/2009 #6

Sora had begged, not wait, forced Atobe for him to let her go in the helicopter with him. She was looking down at the clouds happily like a small child with she saw Katou. She looked like she was talking to another Lytherian when the Lytherian attacked.

"Atobe I'm going out," said Sora opening the door to the helicopter and diving down.

She used cold gale and skated to where she was above the attacking Lytherian.

"Icicle Blast," said Sora launching a huge icicle from one of her sleeves.

9/27/2009 #7

"Coward?" Katou grinned. Oh how Noriko didn't know how she thought at all. Katou spit out the blood. "Why would I take a fake title that I didn't earn? They abandoned me so that title is worthless to take back." Katou stood back up.

"I don't want some people kissing up to me just cause I carry a noble title. I'll claim my title as an heir when I earn it back." Katou almost laughed. "Dealing with nobles..." Katou snorted. "You're a noble." Katou smiled. Her spell was taking more effect. They were really different, more so than what Katou had thought.

Then a sudden blast of ice was hurdling towards Noriko. Katou didn't bother to destroy it since Noriko would do it herself anyway and she would complain if Katou did it. But that ice...that air...Sora should be at home.

9/27/2009 #8

Noriko rolled her eyes in disgust at the feeble attempt at attack. With a casual wave of her hand, the icicle shattered in midair and fell down as rain. "Wingardia Sepulra," Noriko murmured, and everything in the sky came crashing down.

...Including one unknown Lytherian.

With a snort, Noriko sent a bout of gravity on the girl, causing her to go crashing to the floor. With contempt, Noriko put a foot down on the girl's back. "Who the hell are you?"

"And, gods, Katou. How naive are you going to be? I should've known; you really don't know too much about nobles, do you? You can't earn anything--not at the position you're at. Even on the current council, there are people who hold more power than others, even if they're weaker. Want to know why?"

Noriko smirked. "Because they stand at the pinnacle. They are the leaders of the most powerful noble families."

9/27/2009 #9

Sora felt much weight on her back. She couldn't believe that the Lytherian was this strong. No way she was going to let this Lytherian, that strong, defeat Katou, there was no way.

"My name is Sora, from the ice region," spat Sora "You're a noble? Hah, nobles aren't welcmoe in my village."

With that she made a sharp ice pillar come from underneath the Lytherian. She whispered arctic cage to trap the Lytherian and use glacial blizzard.

9/27/2009 #10

It was Sora. "Sora, get out of here!" Katou warned. She was worried about Sora. What if Noriko kills her? Noriko just stepped on Sora and continued to talk to Katou as if she was done killing a pest.

She was tired of Noriko and her selfishness. Sora was getting in the way. Katou destroyed Sora's cage then turned to her. "Sora, please don't interfere." Katou said. She was dead serious.

Katou flew to Noriko, she didn't even move from her spot. Katou knew that Noriko, as powerful as she is, already thought of a way to break the cage but Katou beat her to it. No words were said, Katou just walked over to Noriko and slapped her as hard as she could which sent Noriko to tumble on the ground.

Katou didn't speak, she just waited for Noriko's reaction.

9/27/2009 #11

Noriko spat out the excess blood that flowed out from her tongue. She held a hand to her cheek, glaring.

That damn girl; not even her parents had dared to slap her--the receiver of the power of Luna.

Noriko smirked. Not bad.


Noriko sent another bout of gravity at Katou's way, sending her reeling back. "Alright, girlie. I get it. Kay? But that was for slapping me."

Noriko turned to face Sora. She crossed her arms. "And who are you, loser?"

"Sepulchra," and she sent Sora kneeling again. "Answer carefully--your life depends on it, weakling."

9/27/2009 #12

"Answer carefully--your life depends on it, weakling."

"I said to already you idotic noble!" shouted Sora "My name is Sora!"

Sora spat on Noriko's face. She decided to use her ultimate attack even though she could die in the process.

"Katou go away!" shouted Sora.

She whispered absolute zero and all heat around was gone. She felt some on her blood cells freezing, but it was not even to bring her whole recoil out.

9/27/2009 #13

Katou smiled. It just wouldn't be Noriko if the girl didn't punch the person, who punched her, back. 'Talking to Noriko is useless...' Katou discovered. She carefully got back up on her feet and saw Noriko targetting Sora next. Sora, instead of leaving like Katou said, stayed and spit on Noriko.

Was Sora asking for a death sentence?

The rest happened quickly. Noriko had pushed her far away from the sub zero radius so Katou couldn't make it in time to stop Sora's attack. "I'm not letting you die, Sora!" Katou shouted. 'I'm the only one allowed to kill you.' she added.

9/27/2009 #14

Noriko scoffed as cold enveloped the area. "Are you kidding me? Even if I'm frozen..."

Noriko could feel her body going numb.

But this girl obviously didn't know the meaning of a 'wordless spell,' did she?

'Wingardia grandilaria Sepulchrum.'

Noriko watched with satisfaction as Sora went spinning higher into the sky before being sent hurtling down, one thousand tons of gravity on her back, bringing her down. "Fool."

9/27/2009 #15

Sora was falling to the ground. A wordless spell was launched. Death was certain, but Sora was going tp find a way to stop it. The Lytherians attitude disgusted Sora, it reminded her of Platinum. Is she was going to die she would at least she did try to protect, Katou, a friend, and ally.

9/27/2009 #16

No way, not again. She would not watch someone get hurt in front of her. She sang her spell - it would have a stronger effect - the gravity was lessened and then Katou dived for Sora. She caught her just in time, but her shirt was ruined. Sora was so heavy.

"Sora..." Katou complained. "I thought surprise attacks were something you don't do anymore." Katou smiled. Katou turned her attention to Noriko.

"Noooorrriiiikoooo!" Katou grinned. She was putting up the bubbly act so the atmosphere wouldn't be so tense. "I'm the only one who gets to kill Sora!"

She hoped Norik wouldn't continue to attack but..Noriko was always surprising.

9/27/2009 #17

Noriko slung her scythe over one shoulder and winked. "Then does that I mean I get to kill you?"

She opened one eye, keeping the other closed, and sniffed at the girl in Katou's arms. "Who's she, anyway? Don't tell me she's our ally--I don't kneed allies that weak." Noriko shrugged.

"You, though...you're okay."

9/27/2009 #18

Sora was saved again by Katou. She was mad at herself now, she hated herself. She just felt so weak, why couldn't she face Noriko decently? She could try any physical attack that it wouldn't work. Not eve absolute zero would work.

"Katou, you baka," said Sora gloomily "You should have let me die."

She hopped out and skated up in the sky. She looked down at Noriko and Katou. If she wasn't strong why participate in the tournament. She skated away, she knew what she had to do.

9/27/2009 #19

Rokurou was cruising the clouds, trying to gather some material on his enemies, when he felt large amounts of power being released under him. Cocking an eyebrow, he descended.

"Hn." He sat on a cloud above them, bored.

9/27/2009 #20

Katou watched as Sora left. Sora seemed really depressed, Katou would visit her later. She looked back at Noriko, listening to her speak.

She opened one eye, keeping the other closed, and sniffed at the girl in Katou's arms. "Who's she, anyway? Don't tell me she's our ally--I don't kneed allies that weak." Noriko shrugged.

"You, though...you're okay."

Katou's smile widen. She got up and hugged Noriko, warmly. It was the NICEST thing she ever heard Noriko say ever. Katou was bursting with joy. "You're just amazing, Noriko." Katou said, and she meant it. Katou had always felt outside of Noriko's circle, always left out. Now she felt a bit closer.

9/27/2009 #21

Noriko cringed when she was hugged.

Placing a hand atop Katou's head, she pushed her gently away. "Woah, there. You're okay. Not my idol."

Noriko smirked. "Wingardia Sepulchra," she murmured, hand extended to the clouds above her.

Whoever was spying should be dropped down in front of them now.

"And who the hell said you could eavesdrop on us?" Noriko called to the unknown intruder.

9/27/2009 #22

Rokurou landed on a soft puddle of sand as he felt himself being pulled down through the cloud.

Waving slightly, he remained in his sitting position, sucking back all of the sand that had been pooled out. "Yo."

9/27/2009 #23

Katou didn't notice Rokurou's presence. She was too engulfed with her happy moment of Noriko saying something nice but when Rokurou showed up she beamed at him. She hadn't seen him in a long while. "Hi." Katou smiled.

9/27/2009 #24

Noriko lidded her eyes and leaned back on her scythe. She pursed her lips, raising her brows languidly. "'Yo?'" she echoed.

How long had it been since the meadows? Five months? Six? Ten?

...Oh, right. It had been nine.

And six since she'd met that council bitch.

Oh, this would be sweet. "So, Roku-nii," Noriko gave a sweet smile. "Long time no see, huh? Say high to that bloody red girlfriend of yours for me, will you?"

9/27/2009 #25

Other than a small twitch in his face, Rokurou didn't react much to Noriko's threatening aura.

It was her fault he didn't see her. They had made a fucking promise, anyways.

But he did startle at the "bloody red girlfriend". It took him a while to make a connection.

"You met Helena?" He narrowed his eyes. "What did she do?" It had been two years since he had walked out on her. He didn't need her back, fuck it.

9/27/2009 #26

Katou almost threw up. Noriko's threatening aura was a bit nasty. She was a bit startled though at the sound of 'girlfriend'. She never thought that Rokurou would be a smooth operator but then she made the connection to Helena. Katou felt like barfing. Helena's aura...Katou felt sick thinking about it.

'Opposites attract?' Katou wondered. Rokurou's air...was really nice, very special. Katou was sort of addicted. Noriko had a similar one and Sora's was hidden pretty deep.

"Helena...she looked like she wanted to kill me..." Katou unconsciously muttered. Her face turned pale. Just thinking about the woman made her sick. she could just feel her aura again. Katou sucked it up and acted normal. She also felt like she should leave but didn't move. Just stood quiet and listened.

9/27/2009 #27

Noriko narrowed her eyes even further, smile growing sweeter. "Oh, I met her alright."

She stared at her nails casually. "Turned me into a 'puppet.' Then she left before I could slam her face," Noriko met Rokurou's gaze, "twelve feet under."

Noriko paused, remembering the voodoo doll. The two needles.

"Oh, and Roku-nii...I saw a very, very interesting thing. In fact, it was so peculiar that I took it."

Noriko reached into the folds of her coat and pulled something out.

The picture of the doll.

With her other hand, she reached into her pinned hair and took out two of them; two slender, silver needles--nails, really.

She looked up at Rokurou, waving them slightly in the air. "Know anything about these?"

If Helena was what Noriko thought she was...and the doll was what she believed it to be...then Roku-nii was in danger.

9/27/2009 . Edited 9/27/2009 #28

"Helena did what?" Rokurou's voice didn't waver, but his mind did. He didn't know what they would do... Do if Helena's collection grew.

Standing up angrily, he snatched the paper away and crumpled it into a little ball. His eyes glazed over with fury. Stomping the paper into the cloud with his foot, he cussed.

"Fuck, did she get you? Did she curse you?" He almost added too, but he knew that would only end up in chaos.

Hands trembling with anger, he knew that he would have to pay Helena a visit. hopefully, his last one. "She and I are in no way connected. The last time I've seen that bitch was two fucking years ago, alright?"

Running a hand through his hair, he wondered how he was going to explain the picture. "And that picture... has nothing to do with me. It's just a trick she came up with." He knew that Noriko wouldn't buy his lie, but maybe Katou would. He didn't need to go over such details with that innocent girl standing over there, naive as ever.

9/27/2009 #29

Katou sensed the distress and anger in Rokurou's aura then it changed to secretive. It was all too confusing; she couldn't follow but she knew Rokurou was trying to hide something especially that picture.

"Roku-n..." Katou paused. She heard Noriko say too so many times that she almost said it herself. Her face turned a bit red. saying 'Roku-nii' was probably only privileged to Noriko. She felt relieved that she didn't say it but she felt so far from the circle again. "Rokurou, if that's true, why are you getting really mad over it?" Katou asked, looking blank.

Helena...a strange woman indeed to make Rokurou so worked up.

9/27/2009 #30
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